Chapter 0060 – Gold Coins And Spirit Stones

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Chapter 0060 – Gold Coins and Spirit Stones

Ning Cheng then put away the Flying Sword, and at the same time used his fist to send out a punch while standing in the same place.

He came to realise that because of the residual traces of the Killing Intent of the Great Axe in the ravine, it made him want to urgently wanted to try out this power of axe that he acquired. However, because the Flying Sword in his hands was not very comfortable, he simply used his fists as a Great Axe.

“Bang….” Ning Cheng, using his fist as an axe directly blew away the Killing Intent in front of him as if it didn’t exist in the first place, as it made a dull sound.

Even the Killing Intent in the surroundings was also blasted away as if it was mud, and scattered in all directions. Although the Killing Intent still flocked back again, but it was not as sharp as before.

“Ha Ha….” Ning Cheng laughed, he took a step forward and raised his hand to grip the broken Spear, “So it’s like that.”

Although he had only comprehended a small hint of the Killing Intent of the Great Axe, but when he used his fist as an axe, he directly blew open the residual Killing Intent around him, and it even had a very smooth feel to it. He certainly knew that the Great Axe was also here, because of the residual Killing Intent, although the Great Axe’s aura was a million times weaker than before, but at least this time, the residual Killing Intent around him had already been blown away by a punch from his fist.

What’s more, he was able to wield his own fist like an axe. It was also because of his fist that he was able to blow away the residual Killing Intent, that was the reason why he said that to himself.

In Ning Cheng’s view, this person was a genuine extremely powerful master, even if one came here after countless years, the traces of the Killing Intent would not disappear completely. As for the two people that fought here, they had obviously not fought here for a long time, and as such the Killing Intent had already been 99% dissipated. But even after a long period of time, the Killing Intent around here although would have diminished by half, it would definitely not cease to exist.

Even if Ning Cheng knew more than others, since he was a being from a different world, he could comprehend from the two different types of Killing Intents present here that the fight had started between them because of a disagreement.

Laughing all the while, Ning Cheng had already stirred up his Qi, and drew out the broken Spear with his hands.

A powerful aura immediately penetrated Ning Cheng’s entire body through his senses, it felt as if just extending the Spear in his hand, he could blow up the entire surroundings around him. At this moment it felt that his hands were in control of whole world, Ning Cheng knew that it was just an illusion, but he was still rejoicing in his heart. This Spear that he was holding in his hand, had a heavy feeling to it, but when he compared it to the Flying Sword, but he could clearly feet that the Spear was more suitable for him.

The Spear was nearly eight feet long, but what made Ning Cheng feel a bit of regret was, not only the Spear had a broken grip, but even the Spear head had a broken tip. Even if that was the case, Ning Cheng still felt that this Spear was not as simple as it looked.

Ning Cheng did not move from his place, and remained in the same place where he was standing, after sitting he immediately began refining the Spear.

Ning Cheng set up a Restriction while he continued to refine it, and the powerful aura of the Spear that was lingering outside gradually began to weaken and dissipate. He also did not know how much time had passed, but Ning Cheng once again stood up holding the Spear in his hands, and immediately stabbed out with it.

In the surrounding air, a loud buzz could be heard from the Spear, the sound that it was producing was just like a thin wicker brush in the air. After his stabbed out with the Spear, at this moment the air in front of the Spear was completely split apart.

The next moment Ning Cheng shook the Spear a bit, just like a flick, and brought out 12 Spear Shadows, these Spear Shadows were like a sparse network of Spears, and the space in front of the net was entirely in his control. The surrounding air instantly turned ice cold in a twinkling of an eye, the icy cold made the air to feel like a dense liquid, which would make any person trapped in it to become stranded and unable to escape easily.

The Profound Grade 36 Ice Spears technique, this was the genuine Profound Grade 36 Ice Spears Technique. Ning Cheng in his heart was pleasantly surprised, when he used the Spear to cast the 36 Ice Spear Technique, the imposing manner and the might was far beyond that of when he used it with his Flying Sword, it just was simply something that couldn’t be compared. At this moment in Ning Cheng’s heart, there were only a single word that could describe the Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Techniques, ‘formidable’.

Putting away the long Spear, Ning Cheng with its imposing manner and might, felt that at this moment if he were to face that True Condensation 4th Level Cultivator named Miao Li Hu, even without using the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle, he was sure that he could kill him.

Unfortunately, the Spear was broken, and thus he was unable to stabilize the quality. This Spear in Ning Cheng’s hands, felt just like a low grade Artefact. But when he thrusted out with the Spear, he could feel that the quality of the Artefact was raised to the high grade. And when he utilised it to perform the Profound Grade 36 Ice Technique, this Spear could then even be comparable to a best quality Artefact.

Ning Cheng did not have even the slightest doubt, that once he displayed a more fearful Spear Technique, then this broken Spear Artefact may very well turn into a low level Spiritual Grade Artefact.

From this Ning Cheng inferred, that this broken looking Spear was actually not broken, and was definitely a top level Artefact that was even above the Spiritual Grade. Moreover, the refining technique that was used to create it was definitely not ordinary, although the Spear was destroyed, the remnants of the Spear was still able to maintain itself as a Magical Artefact. Ning Cheng had not been in contact with many Magical Artefacts, he had only seen some records. He knew that after a common Artefact was broken, then it becomes almost impossible to use it, and one would have to restore it once again to use it again. Although this Spear was broken but he was still able to use it, it showed that the refining method that was used to craft it was definitely not ordinary.

Ning Cheng found a blue cloth among the possessions that he had and wrapped the broken Spear in it and tied it to his back, although this Spear was broken, and although it could still be upgraded through refining, but the fact was, his Flying Sword could not even be compared to it. Although the size of the Flying Sword could be changed by imbuing it with one’s Spiritual Sense, but the size of the broken Spear could not be changed.

Ning Cheng’s Storage Bag had only a single cubic meter of storage space, but this broken Spear had already surpassed two meters in length. Besides carrying it on his back, Ning Cheng could only carry it in his hands.

Now that he had already comprehended the two Killing Intents in these crisscrossing ravines, Ning Cheng crossed this place at his maximum speed. Looking back at the huge and terrible battleground, Ning Cheng understood in his heart that to raise one’s power, not only hard work was needed but it also relied heavily on luck.

While crossing the Daan Forest, he unexpectedly not only obtained a Spear, but was even able to comprehend two different types of Killing Intents. His battle efficiency had once again surged dramatically, if this was not good fortune then what was it.


“Auntie, I will not agree to it.” Ji Luo Fei faced Ji Yao He and replied without hesitation.

Not to say that Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei’s marriage has still not been annulled, but she had even vowed to herself that other than Ning Cheng, in this life she would not marry anyone else. Even without these, she did not intend to marry anyone else. At this moment in her heart, it was only filled with cultivation, and then even more cultivation. Once her cultivation level was high enough, she would take a trip to the Daan Forest to see why her parents were unable to get out of the Daan Forest.

Now that her paternal aunt wanted her to marry her off to the East Water Country’s Shui Clan’s Shui Yu, she did not even think about it and flatly refused.

Ji Yao He immediately frowned, and slowing down her tone as much as possible she said, “Luo Fei, the Shui Clan is one of the seven respected clans of the Hua Continent, they even have a mighty cultivator of the Profound Core Realm. That Shui Yu is also the genius of the Shui Clan, what more could my Ji Clan want? Now there are only the two of us. You even have a dual Main Spiritual Roots, if you could marry into the Shui Clan, you could certainly advance to a much higher level in the future. Otherwise, even if you stay in the Falling Star Academy, it would be difficult for you to advance further.”

After a pause, Ji Yao He continued earnestly, “Besides, you are also disfigured, with the ability of the Shui Clan, you can definitely go to the intermediate class Jia Continent in the future. Once you are able to go to the Jia Continent, why would you be afraid to regain your appearance? Moreover, the Spiritual Roots of Shui Yu are even better than you, plus he is less than 30 years of age, and is already at the True Condensation 6th Level. This kind of person, even if it was the Falling Star Academy, there are not many like him. Why don’t you agree to this?”

“Paternal Aunt, I still have a husband, the possibility of Shui Yu and me being together is definitely not possible. What’s more, I’m disfigured, in addition to looking for my parents, I do not think of anything else, I ask auntie to go back and inform the Shui Clan.”

When Ji Yao He listened to Ji Luo Fei’s words, she immediately became angry and stood up, “Luo Fei, do you know what the consequences of rejecting the Shui Clan is? It will be impossible for us to remain in the Falling Star Academy. If we left the Falling Star Academy, do you think that we would have any place to go? That Ning Cheng absolutely does not have any Spiritual Roots, in a few decades he would end up in a grave, why must you defend that loser?”

Ji Luo Fei also slowly stood up, and said without even flinching or showing even the slightest emotion on her face, “Auntie, I lived together with Ning Cheng for ten years. At the beginning I perfectly knew that Ning Cheng would die in the prison, I carried him back without even being in grief for even half a minute. When he woke up on my back, I did not even have half a cent of joy. But now I understood that he and I are much closer that I thought.”

Ji Luo Fei finished speaking and without speaking another word, slowly walked out of the room. She was very upset in her heart, it was true that she did not even feel a thing for Ning Cheng before, but when he came out of the prison, he unexpectedly left a trace of himself in her heart.

If it was Ning Cheng, would he, by himself, allow her to marry into the Shui Clan?

Her aunt wanted to leave Ning Cheng back in the Cang Qin Province, how could she not know that she wanted to murder him with a borrowed knife? But at the moment she was incapable of changing anything, her cultivation was too poor, she could only wait for her cultivation to advance further, and then go look for Ning Cheng. If he died, she would wear mourning clothes for him once more to show her filial piety. If he was alive, then she would give him her blessings to live a better life and then she would continue on to go find her parents.

She did not hate Ji Yao He for using a borrowed knife to murder Ning Cheng, after all she was her paternal aunt, and had taken those actions for the sake of her.

But today, she discovered that she was very different than what she thought. In the face of the benefits, her paternal aunt would not even consider her own sole family’s feelings. Why would she even stay in the Falling Star Academy? Couldn’t she just leave the Falling Star Academy?

“Do not be nervous, come with me, listen to me.”

These words spoken by Ning Cheng, she could never forget them in her life, if Ji Yao He was not her paternal aunt, with the way she treated Ning Cheng, she would have already left the Falling Star Academy a long time ago.

“Luo Fei, you already know about my qualifications, remember that after you leave, when you are able to, please take revenge for me……” This was what Ning Cheng spoke to her before he helped her escape.

Ji Luo Fei seemed to be back at the Cang Qin Province, she suddenly felt that the feeling she felt for her paternal aunt Ji Yao He and the feelings she felt for Ning Cheng were simply not the same.

It was as if Ning Cheng had only a single gold coin, and her aunt had several Spirit Stones, and although her paternal aunt’s Spirit Stones were several times more expensive than the gold coins. But Ning Cheng gave her the only gold coin that he had.

If it just ended with this, then her heart would feel better, after all she was her paternal aunt. However, her own aunt, actually asked her to give up on this gold coin. It was in this moment, that she finally came to realise that she felt closer to Ning Cheng than to her own paternal aunt.

Once Ji Luo Fei came out of the room, she turned around the corner and went behind the room, immediately speeding up her pace. She was going to leave here, for her, even if she became more familiar with her paternal aunt, she already knew that she would not feel any reluctance to part from her.

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