Chapter 0061 – Red Apricot Tree Leaning Over The Garden Wall

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0061 – Red Apricot Tree Leaning Over The Garden Wall

Several roars of a Monstrous Beast could be heard and even a Sword Light could be seen in the sky, which made Ning Cheng who was hurrying through the Daan Forest to immediately stop, and carefully hide himself to the side.

The scene in front of him was that of fight between a human and a Monstrous Beast, Ning Cheng did not think that in the depths of the Daan Forest, he would be able to find other people besides him. This was the 12th day after he had obtained the broken Spear, according to what Ning Cheng thought, as long as the map which he was following was not wrong, he would be able to get out of the Daan Forest in about a month.

At this moment, he actually was able to meet another person who was fighting against a Monstrous Beast in the depths of the Daan Forest. Ning Cheng certainly did not think that that this person who was fighting against the Monstrous Beast would leave behind some remnants like the broken Spear that he had obtained in the beginning. But the people who are able to survive here, this deep in the Daan Forest, would definitely not be ordinary.

Although this person had the ability to come here and fight against the Monstrous Beasts, Ning Cheng no longer thought that it was remarkable, initially he himself was in the Middle Stages of the Qi Gathering Realm, didn’t he survive at the side of that fresh water lake for months? In the Daan Forest, as long as one had a certain amount of strength, and did not infringe upon the territory of other Monstrous Beasts, they can easily survive and take shelter.

In addition, there were more and more Sword Lights surging out with more intensity, some of the Qi fluctuations in the surroundings could be sensed by Ning Cheng, which made Ning Cheng understand that this person and the Monstrous Beast or at least one of them had stepped into the True Condensation Realm. In just a short amount of time, the Sword Light dissipated, even the cry of the Monstrous Beast disappeared, signalling that the battle should have ended.

“Qi Hua, why did you come?” A deep voice of a man reached Ning Cheng’s ears.

Immediately a clear and pleasant voice replied, “I was a little worried about you, so I came to see, well…….”

This was definitely a woman’s voice, but the woman had not yet finished, when it seemed that her mouth was immediately blocked by the other person, it seems that the two people were going to make out. Turned out that this was a couple who were living in this place, Ning Cheng thought as he shook his head, he did not want to continue to look at what the two people were going to do in the end.

The man was a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm, and so the woman must also be a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm. A man and a woman staying in the Daan Forest, regardless of whether they were lost or not, as to what they were doing here, Ning Cheng did not want to ask. He had just advanced to the Qi Gathering 9th Level, even if he was confident that he was not weaker than any other ordinary cultivators of the True Condensation Realm, but he was already close to the Yuan Continent, who knows if the opposite party was an ordinary True Condensation Cultivator or not? Besides there were actually two people.

These two people were also living in the Daan Forest, thus they definitely had an absolutely rich combat experience, he did not need to go join in the fun.

Just when Ning Cheng was leaving, he suddenly felt that something was not right. He was very familiar with the name of Qi Hua, Ning Cheng was sure that he had heard those two words before.

Ning Cheng immediately stopped and abandoned the idea of leaving, he waited for a short while, only after he was convinced that the two people had already walked far away, did he carefully hid himself before following them.

He arrived at the battle scene quickly, there were a number of blood stains and claw marks on the battlefield, even the traces of the Sword Light across the ground were clearly visible. Looking at the battlefield, it should have been a fight between a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm and a low levelled Monstrous Beast. Finally, the Monstrous Beast was killed, and was taken away by that person.

He clearly checked the traces nearby, from that Ning Cheng was able to find out the direction in which the two people left, and followed it with extreme discretion.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng found that the track marks abruptly disappeared, he could only see the common forest floor in front of him

Ning Cheng examined the surrounding scene carefully, and soon came to understand, that it was an Array Formation, it should be close to a Level 3 Concealment Array Formation. Ning Cheng was already a Level 2 Array Master by now, moreover he had studied this type of Array Formation before, so he was able to understand it immediately.

In just ten breaths of time, Ning Cheng was able to pass through the Array Formation, and a beautiful and lush green pasture greeted his eyes, it made Ning Cheng feel that he had come to paradise.

There was a beautiful log cabin built in the middle of the lush green pasture, in the front of the green pasture was a bamboo grove, a path could be seen going through the bamboo groove, and at the end of the path was a large lake, there were even several dozen wild cranes swimming in the lake.

Was this still the Daan Forest? This was obviously a different world, a paradise. For him who had always been living in tree holes that he had to dig up by himself, it was just like comparing heaven and hell.

There was woman wearing a green dress in front of the log cabin, and was carrying a bamboo basket in her hand, the bamboo basket seemed to be filled with some kind of blue coloured wild herbs. Ning Cheng immediately took a few steps forward, and hid himself along the edges of the bamboo forest. Seeing from the distance, the cultivation of the woman appeared to be at early True Condensation 3rd Level.

Ning Cheng only saw the woman from the side, but when the green dress wearing woman passed through the bamboo grove and arrived near the large lake, Ning Cheng was able to see how she looked like.

In that one moment, Ning Cheng came to know where he had heard the two characters ‘Qi Hua’. At the present looking at the woman in front of him, he could tell that her eyes and Ji Luo Fei’s eyes were similar to each other, not only that, even her face was somewhat similar, he was able to tell that even when Ji Luo Fei’s face was disfigured. Ning Cheng believed that, if Ji Luo Fei was not disfigured, then both of them would more or less look alike.

‘Qi Hua’ this name he had heard from the mouth of Ji Luo Fei, he remembered that Ji Luo Fei said that her father was called Ji Xuan Zhang and her mother was called Xiong Qi Hua.

Ning Cheng could almost affirm that this woman in front of him was definitely Xiong Qi Hua, and was Ji Luo Fei’s mother. Then was that man who had killed the Monstrous Beast Ji Luo Fei’s father, Ji Xuan Zhang? But Ning Cheng’s intuition told him that, that man was not Ji Xuan Zhang.

Ning Cheng was startled of his own idea, if that man was not Ji Xuan Zhang, then wouldn’t Xiang Qi Hua be having an affair with someone other than Ji Luo Fei’s father, Ji Xuan Zhang? Moreover, they were even living together in the Daan Forest.

He knew a bit about how Ji Luo Fei’s parents went missing, and about how her grandfather had taken her to the Cang Qin Province. If this woman was really Xiong Qi Hua, then Ji Luo Fei’s mother did not die at all. Since she had not died, why did she not leave this place and go to the Cang Qin Province to look for her daughter?

After the green robe wearing woman arrived at the side of the lake, she took out the wild blue herbs from the bamboo basket, and threw them into the lake. Those cranes swimming in the lake, immediately swam up and began snatching at those wild herbs.

“Qi Hua, the wild herbs for the cranes are running out, once I find another piece of land, we will plant them once again.” A man from the log cabin came out, having not yet come close to the green robe wearing woman, he yelled at her from a distance.

But his voice was a bit deep, which made Ning Cheng feel really uncomfortable when he heard it. However, when Ning Cheng saw the appearance of the person, he was secretly admiring him in his heart. He was confident that he himself was not ugly, and was even a bit cool looking. But when he compared himself to that man, he found that his appearance was very common. Ning Cheng had never seen this kind of person who would even put other good looking people to shame, having a straight nose, with bright eyes and delicate eyebrows that were even more delicate than that of a woman. If only his voice was not this coarse then this person would undoubtedly be perfect.

The green robed woman named Qi Hua showed a faint smile as she stood up, “Hong Wen, Thank you.”

He really was not Ji Luo Fei’s father, Ning Cheng thought darkly in his heart. He knew that Ji Luo Fei’s father was named Ji Xuan Zhang, it was definitely not Hong Wen.

“Qi Hua, for you to stay in the Daan Forest for me, this Zhu Hong Wen will do anything for you. As long as you are happy, even if it is my life you want, I will gladly offer it.” This handsome man called Zhu Hong Wen said without hesitation.

The green robe wearing woman immediately reached out to stop Zhu Hong Wen, and stretched out her hands, it was as if she wanted to hug Zhu Hong Wen.

Seeing Zhu Hong Wen’s hands going under the robe of the green robed wearing woman, the green robed wearing woman immediately gasped and said, “Not here, it is still daytime….”

Zhu Hong Wen kissed the forehead of the green robed wearing woman and said softly, “There are only two of us here, even if we do something, it will not……”

“Who’s there?” Zhu Hong Wen immediately let go of the woman, while simultaneously took out a Flying Sword in his hands, and stared in the direction Ning Cheng was hiding.

Ning Cheng slowly stood up, while calling himself unlucky in his mind. Seeing his mother-in-law, at that time he had wanted to walk away, but now that he was found out, if this not him being unlucky then what was it.

He was sure that the woman in front of him was definitely Xiong Qi Hua, and as a result did not want to stay here. In the future if he could go to the Falling Star Academy to see Ji Luo Fei, he would definitely tell Ji Luo Fei, that her mother was in the Daan Forest. Regardless of whether Ji Luo Fei’s mother was having an affair or not, this was a matter of the Ji family, and it did not have anything to do with him.

Although he was discovered, but Ning Cheng did not have much fear. That person called Zhu Hong Wen was only at True Condensation 4th Level, he believed that even if he could not beat the opposite party, he could still definitely get away.

“How did you get in here?” When the green robed wearing woman saw that someone had come in, her face immediately became as white as a paper. Even her whole body began to tremble.

“Qi Hua, don’t be afraid, he is just a Qi Gathering kid, I will kill him.” Zhu Hong Wen comforted the green robed woman, as he threw the Flying Sword toward Ning Cheng intending to block his way.

At this point of time he did not speak any bullshit with Ning Cheng, with an overflowing Killing Intent emanating from him and even covering the two lovers, the Flying Sword in his hands was also completely covered with his Killing Intent as it headed towards Ning Cheng.

The Sword Light was several feet long, and he had even battled a Class 2 Monstrous Beast with a strong imposing manner with it.

However, in Ning Cheng’s view, this Sword Light was just flashy, it was lacking substance, although it looked nice, but it could only be used to frighten people who could not understand it.

While the Sword Light arrived at Ning Cheng, at the same time the broken Spear behind Ning Cheng also fell into his hands, and fired out a Spear Shadow from it.

When the Sword Light from the Flying Sword of Zhu Hong Wen and the murderous Spear Shadow from the broken Spear in Ning Cheng’s hand collided, the Sword Light was immediately torn apart and Spear Shadow directly arrived in front of Zhu Hong Wen.

“Spear Intent?” Zhu Hong Wen immediately went pale, he did not think that a cultivator at the Qi Gathering Realm would be so terrible, that he could even surprisingly comprehend something like a Spear Intent, just what was his family background to be able to cultivate such a fearful Spear Technique? Otherwise how could a mere Qi Gathering Cultivator be able to master the Spear?

This was not the original Killing Intent, but the Spear Intent, Ning Cheng at this time came to realise what the two Killing Intents that he had comprehended before were. Regardless of that, his hands were not even half a bit slow, and the Spear’s attack already arrived at Zhu Hong Wen’s chest and exploded.

Zhu Hong Wen’s chest suddenly sank, but just before the explosion, the Flying Sword in his hands unexpectedly arrived in front of the Spearhead of Ning Chen’s Spear.

“Ding” A resounding sound could be heard as Ning Cheng and Zhu Hong Wen immediately took a few steps back at the same time.

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