Chapter 0062 – Coming Out Of The Daan Forest

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Chapter 0062 – Coming Out Of The Daan Forest

Ning Cheng, because of his constant battles, also had a rich combat experience, he knew that Zhu Hong Wen’s cultivation was much better than his, so the longer the two men fought, the more unfavourable was it for him. The only reason why he and Zhu Hong Wen were evenly matched in this fight was because he had a stronger Spiritual Sense which was much more powerful than Zhu Hong Wen’s.

Thus, Ning Cheng was able to really force Zhu Hong Wen to take a step back, moreover he, without any delay, once again rushed up, while simultaneously bringing out 12 ice cold Spear Shadows from the Spear in his hands.

These 12 ice cold Spear Lights immediately formed into a Spear Net, the surrounding air immediately turned freezing cold and even seemed to have slowed down, this formidable ice cold Spear Net directly descended towards Zhu Hong Wen.

Zhu Hong Wen was completely shocked in his heart, this was definitely a Profound Grade Spear Technique, moreover it was even an ice attributed Profound Grade Technique. To be able to bring out such a formidable Ice Spear Technique and even wield it to such a degree, he immediately thought that this person not only had an Ice Spiritual Root, but it was highly likely that his Main Spiritual Root was an ice one. He did not believe that Ning Cheng was only a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator but a cultivator of the True Condensation Realm, when faced with the formidable Spear Technique of Ning Cheng, he who was without a defensive Type Artefact, other than trying to avoid it there was no other way, as he knew that there was no way for him to block his attacks.

Even if he was able to avoid it once, given the speed of this formidable Spear Light Net it would certainly be a close one, which meant that even if he was able to escape, he would also be seriously injured. Because he himself knew that in front of this formidable Ice Spear Technique, he could only give up on trying to avoid it as it would only make his speed slower.

With these thought flashing like lightning in the mind of Zhu Hong Wen, he promptly made the judgement to form a curtain of Sword Lights in front of him with the Flying Sword in his hands.

The Sword Light Curtain and the thick ice shadows collided together creating a continuous “Hum….” sound.

This humming sound was also mixed with some ‘ka ka’ sounds, it was as if ice was being broken.

“Puff, Puff, Puff….” the thick Ice Spear Shadows immediately blew open the Sword Light curtain, and a number of those Spear Shadows that passed through the Sword Light curtain immediately bombarded Zhu Hong Wen’s body, which immediately resulted in him shooting out 4-5 arrows of blood. Zhu Hong Wen who was fighting with Ning Cheng simultaneously flew out during that clash, but rather he breathed a sigh of relief, as he managed to protect his life in that exchange.

Ning Cheng was secretly surprised, although this Hong Wen’s cultivation level was not as good as that of Miao Li Hu from the Mingot City, but he was more formidable than that Miao Li Hu. The 36 Ice Spear Technique was already his most powerful Spear Technique, if this 36 Ice Spear Technique was not able to take down Zhu Hong Wen, then he would have no choice other than to use the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

Ning Cheng did not dare to use the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle at the moment as there was still the True Condensation 3rd Level woman by the side. The 7 Pleiades Ice Needle was best for a sneak attack, after it was shown, the effect would only worsen. After all, his proficiency with using the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle was far less when compared to his proficiency of using his Spear with the 36 Ice Spear Technique, this was because the current 7 Pleiades Ice Needle was completely dependent on his Spiritual Sense unlike his Spear Techniques.

Although he saw that Zhu Hong Wen was severely injured, with the Spear in the hands of Ning Cheng he did not even give him even half a moment to escape, once more releasing Spear Shadows, he turned it into a Spear Line as he continued to bombard Zhu Hong Wen, constantly targeting his head and other fatal areas. The Killing Intent that he was gathering in the Spear, even shredded the surrounding bamboo into a fine dust.

Striking when the iron was hot, Ning Cheng was very clear on this concept.

Under the threat of the fearful Killing Intent emanating from the Spear, that pale faced woman in green robe finally reacted. She immediately flew up into the sky, while simultaneously brought out a round shield in her hands. She had no idea how a cultivator like Ning Cheng who was just in the Qi Gathering Realm, would be so tough to deal with and unexpectedly lead to this kind of situation. A True Condensation Cultivator should be able to kill a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator easily, she had never heard of it being the other way around.


Ning Cheng, who was not concealing the Killing Intent from the Spear Shadows, immediately clashed with the round shield in the hands of the green robed woman, which gave out a loud reverberating sound

A powerful force pushed Ning Cheng back and even the Killing Intent from the Spear Shadow was completely blocked and dispersed by the round shield, and diffused in a short moment.

Ning Cheng who was again pushed back several steps, was shocked in his heart. He did not think that this woman whose cultivation level was even lower than that of Zhu Hong Wen would actually be even more stronger than Zhu Hong Wen. Ning Cheng’s heart sank, as he slowly backed away towards the edge of the Array Formation. Continuing to fight against them was meaningless to him, if the two people in front of him decided to go all out, then he knew that he would not have any possibility to leave this place alive.

This woman seemed to know what Ning Cheng was thinking, and first sealed the path of Ning Cheng’s escape, while simultaneously bringing out 5 Flying Swords around her.

“Hong Wen, help me kill him.” The green robe wearing woman was absolutely not the same as before as she said those words in a calm and quiet manner, only her eyes betrayed the intention to kill.

There was no need for the woman to remind Zhu Hong Wen, he forcibly stopped the bleeding from his wounds, and was staring at Ning Cheng like a hungry wolf, watching him with crazed filled eyes, Ning Cheng knew that this person was prepared to go all out against him.

The ability to control five Flying Swords simultaneously, the Spiritual Sense of that woman was definitely stronger than him, Ning Cheng did not have any idea to continue to pester them. With the Spear in his hands, he said sarcastically, “Xiong Qi Hua, you really are like a Red Apricot Tree hanging over the garden wall behind your husband’s back, hiding in here you must be feeling really happy right? Poor Ji Xuan Zhang really must have been blind, to have actually married a woman like you. Perhaps he had already been killed by you and your lover, even though you have a similar face to Ji Luo Fei, I wouldn’t even care if you end up killing me today, since someone would definitely come to seek revenge from you.”

When the green robed woman heard Ning Cheng’s words, she was immediately dumbstruck again and looked like a wooden chicken, with her face like a piece of white paper, even the five Flying Swords revolving around her could not be maintained by her anymore and fell down. She had only heard one sentence, when she began to think how did this man knew who she really was, moreover how did he knew what she had done? Just what the hell was going on here?

It was no wonder that she was not able to understand, as she had been living here for more than 10 years already. But this Ning Cheng who seemed to be less than 20 years old, how was he able to know about the affairs of her family?

What made her even more shocked and stunned at the same time was that Ning Cheng had said that her face actually resembled Ji Luo Fei’s face, it was apparent that the relation of this young man in front of her and Ji Luo Fei was obviously not shallow.

While the green robed woman was still in the state of shock, Ning Cheng already increased his speed to his utmost and in a blur, crossed her, and instantly went far away.

In fact, when the green robed woman was staring blankly a moment ago, Ning Cheng already had the opportunity to kill her. But Ning Cheng saw the appearance of Ji Luo Fei on her face, and decided to spare Xiong Qi Hua’s life.

Although Zhu Hong Wen was also shocked by the words of Ning Cheng, but as his wounds were already serious, he could only stand and see Ning Cheng slip away, at the moment he knew that he did not have even a single shred of ability to stop Ning Cheng.

“Who is he, how does he know me? How does he know Luo Fei? Is Luo Fei OK?” Xiong Qi Hua was still muttering to herself, as her complexion became even more and more pale.

Zhu Hong Wen softly said from the side to comfort her, “From this conversation, Luo Fei is certainly well, Qi Hua, you do not have to worry about….”

Xiong Qi Hua seemed to have not heard the words spoken by Zhu Hong Wen, after muttering to herself for a while, she suddenly looked up and said, “I am going out, I’m going to go see Luo Fei.”

Then she said to herself, “If this man goes to Luo Fei and say those things about me, then I….”

Zhu Hong Wen sighed, he knew what was going on in Xiong Qi Hua’s mind. If her daughter found out that it was her own mother who had killed her father, and was even hiding in the Daan Forest with her lover, then what would her daughter think? Would she even acknowledge her as her mother? Wouldn’t she immediately draw her sword against her?

“I have a way to let Luo Fei not believe him.” Zhu Hong Wen said in a low voice.

“What way?” Xiong Qi Hua stared at Zhu Hong Wen, her tone of speech was somewhat urgent, even her pale face had a hint of redness to it.

“If you see Luo Fei, regardless of if Luo Fei knows about this matter or not, you need to take the first step and tell her that this man had tried to take advantage of you….”


After Ning Cheng ran out of the Array Formation, he discovered that the two of them did not pursue him, and slowed down his pace. In the Daan Forest, he was not afraid of Xiong Qi Hua and Zhu Hong Wen collaborating together against him. He believed that the two people would not dare to pursue him, once he led them towards a high levelled Monstrous Beast’s area, he could just walk away, these two people can then stay here indefinitely.

After leaving that place, Ning Cheng once again increased his pace. He decided to go to the Yuan Continent to have a look to see if he could find a True Condensation Pill so that he could finally advance to the True Condensation Realm. When he advanced to the True Condensation Realm, he would then be able to freely use his Spiritual Sense without much burden, Ning Cheng estimated that even if he did not use the two ice spells together then, he would definitely not be beaten. Even if Xiong Qi Hua was a cultivator of the True Condensation Realm.

Although he was a Qi Gathering Cultivator with formidable strength, but him and a True Condensation Cultivator still had some fundamental differences. The True Condensate Cultivators were the ones who possessed True Essence, although Qi Gathering Cultivators also possess Qi which was similar to True Essence, which essentially was Qi compressed to an extreme level, but the strength of it was obvious.

Ning Cheng knew that the true bottleneck in one’s cultivation practice was not the Qi Gathering Realm or the True Condensation Realm, but the boundary to the Essence Building Realm. After advancing to the Essence Building Realm, one can then begin to cast their foundations, to finally becoming an actual fully fledged cultivator.

Ning Cheng picked up his speed once again, while simultaneously continued to cultivate his 36 Ice Spear Technique along the way. As he could not advance his cultivation level in a short time, he decided to make up for it with cultivating and getting more familiar with his techniques.

Originally the remaining distance would have been covered in a single month, but Ning Cheng was able to complete the journey in less than a month by rushing through the remaining distance. When Ning Cheng once again was able to see the blue sky above him, and the vast empty wilderness in front of him, he let out a long sigh of relief. After travelling through the Daan Forest for almost 2 months, he knew that at this moment he should be at the borders of the Yuan Continent.

Although he was still at the edges of the Daan Forest, but he was also at the edges of the Yuan Continent, and as a result Ning Cheng was able to feel that the Spiritual Qi around here was definitely much richer than that found in the Ping Continent.

Ning Cheng reorganised his things, and put the broken Spear on his back, after carefully wrapping it, he prepared to use the Flying Sword to leave the edges of the Daan Forest.

A grey figure immediately jumped out from the Daan Forest about 200 meters in front of Ning Cheng, this grey figure that who had just appeared was followed by a Grey Demon Wolf which Ning Cheng had killed a lot of them on his way. After the Grey Demon Wolf rushed out of the edges of the Daan Forest, it seemed to feel that it was very dangerous outside, giving up on killing the grey figure that it was chasing, it turned around and once again entered the Daan Forest.

This was a young cultivator wearing a grey robe, he seemed to know that the Demon Wolf would not continue to run after him, and after rushing out of the Daan Forest, did not continue to run, but instead moved towards Ning Cheng’s side.

Ning Cheng did not continue to wield the Flying Sword for flight, as he also wanted to ask for directions.

This teenager also looked to be of the same age as him, and even his cultivation level was also at the Qi Gathering 9th Level. But he wore a beard on his face, which made him look older, with a lot of experience behind him. This youth’s face was completely white, but had a faint scent of blood lingering on his body. There was a distinct scar on his face, which made him look fierce.

Ning Cheng had already spent almost 6 months in the Daan Forest, so he was able to clearly feel the Killing Intent along with the faint smell of blood that was coming from him. He affirmed that this boy in front of his did not spend a short amount of time in the Daan Forest, moreover he could decisively kill others in a moment.

“My name is Tai Shu Shi, I have been striving to live in this area surrounding the Daan Forest, friend you look a bit unfamiliar, is it possible that you have just arrived here?” This grey robed wearing youth seemed extremely friendly, he even came forward and greeted him with a smile on his face.


TL Note – If any of you want to know what Ning Cheng’s broken Spear look like, I found an image which really fits the broken Spear’s description here. Moreover if you want to picturise a Ning Cheng fighting with the broken Spear when he unleashes the Ice Spear Technique then go here.

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