Chapter 0064 – Wishing That They Had Met Earlier

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0064 – Wishing That They Had Met Earlier

When he heard those words, his heart immediately started surging. Only with a billionth of his original cultivation, but even the most formidable masters of the Yi Xing mainland could be regarded as ants in front of him, just what kind of concept was this? No wonder the other people were not able to cross the plane; just how much would one need to cultivate to reach such a terrifying level?

At this moment it was as if a fire was ignited in Ning Cheng’s heart, he wanted to train like a crazy person, even if he could not achieve the terrifying cultivation level of Tai Shu Yi, he must try hard to tear through this plane, and return back to Earth.

Tai Shu Shi seemed to have noted that he was speaking with some excitement, after moderating his tone a bit he once again said, “From my Tai Shu Clan’s records, this plane and the plane from where we came from are different. Even the Cultivation Methods in the different planes are not the same, even the levels among the different realms are not the same. However, all the different Daos lead to the same goal, any kind of cultivation, will transform the Spiritual Qi into one’s cultivation level, and is without exception.”

“The cultivation structure in any plane is something that took countless years to settle down, and is not without reason. The Cultivation Method that I use for cultivation, is something that my ancestor modified temporarily. Because my Tai Shu Clan had gone through several thousands of years of vicissitudes, it has now been passed down to me, but it can only help me to advance up to the Essence Building Realm, alas….”

Speaking about his Cultivation Method that would only help him advance to the Essence Building Realm, the despair and loneliness in Tai Shu Shi’s eyes was obvious.

Ning Cheng looked at Tai Shu Shi, although he looked like a young and handsome boy, his speech was direct, and he appreciated it very much. He immediately laughed and said, “Brother Tai Shu need not be worried, as long as your cultivation level is high in the future, you would be able to return back to Le Continent, perhaps you can even find the original Cultivation Method of your Tai Shu Clan. I and Brother Tai Shu feel like old friends even though we met for the first time, might as well find a place to drink while chatting, wouldn’t it be better?”

“Very well Brother Ning, I also had a similar intention. As for the Cultivation Method, I am not much worried about it, compared to a large number of people on this low class continent, I will always be walking in front of them.”

Tai Shu Shi was obviously not a shy person, quickly recovering his mood, he then changed the topic and said, “Let us go to the Xi Jia City, Xi Jia City is the Yuan Continent’s third largest city. There is even a famous Academy in the Xi Jia City, it is the Blue Flame 4 Star Academy.”

Speaking about this, Tai Shu Shi’s expression was somewhat shy, Ning Cheng did not notice the look on Tai Shu Shi’s face, what he was currently thinking was the Blue Flame 4 Star Academy. Initially he and An Yi had met a severely injured person on the beach of Mingot City, that person wanted to kill him and An Yi, but was finally killed by him instead. He remembered that that fellow was also from the Blue Flame 4 Star Academy, and was called Xue Tai Chu.

Seeing Ning Cheng not paying any attention to him, Tai Shu Shi once again reminded Ning Cheng and said, “From here to the Xi Jia City, if you ride a beast carriage it will take a few months, but if we use our own Flying Swords to fly, we can reach there in as short at two days if the weather is all right. From what Brother Ning said about Spiritual Sense, I think that you can also use the Flying Sword to fly. However, here Qi Gathering Cultivators that could use their Flying Sword to fly is something that absolutely should not be disclosed to the public. We will have to go through the remote areas as far as possible, one where only a few people know about.”

After the two people flew out on their Flying Sword, Tai Shu Shi really took them through the remote places as far as possible, along the way other than the mountains and barren hills, they did not see anyone at all.

Ning Cheng felt that Tai Shu Shi should be a credible person, and spoke plainly, “Brother Tai Shu, the reason I came to the Yuan Continent was to go to the Hua Continent. I also know that my cultivation is very poor, therefore after I advance to the True Condensation Realm, I will then proceed with my journey to the Hua Continent.”

Tai Shu Shi did not know that what Ning Cheng really needed was the True Condensation Pill, after he heard the words of Ning Cheng, he hesitated a bit and said, “Brother Ning, it is not that I am against you, but even if Brother Ning has even better opportunities, and is able to advance to the True Condensation Realm in the Yuan Continent, you would be unable to reach the Hua Continent. The entrance to the Hua Continent is completely different from the Ping Continent or the Yuan Continent’s entrances, I do not know how Brother Ning managed to pass through the Daan Forest. Perhaps it is because of your good luck, or perhaps you have a good map.”

“But the Yuan Continent and the Hua Continent is separated by a boundless desert, even ordinary cultivators in the Essence Building Realm do not dare to pass through this type of terrible dessert, not say about a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm. In the middle of the desert, not only there are countless terrible sand beasts, there are even numerous myriads of desert storms, what is even more terrible than those are the lightning that falls from the sky unexpectedly, if one was not careful, they would be swallowed clean by the sands. Generally, the Hua Continent has a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm who uses a large airship Type Artefacts to fly across and ferry people.

And even in the Yuan Continent trying to advance from the True Condensation Realm to the Essence Building Realm is extremely hard, although the Spiritual Qi here is much richer than the Ping Continent, but it is still very limited. Plus, even the True Condensation Pill here, is very difficult to obtain.”

Ning Cheng just simply said, “It is only if I am able to advance to the True Condensation 1st Level, if I am not able to advance to the True Condensation Realm, then I do not plan to go to the Hua Continent. Once I advance to the True Condensation Realm, at least then I would have some confidence to go to the Hua Continent. Moreover, I already have a detailed map to the Hua Continent, and would be able to easily reach there even with my eyes closed.”

“You have the map of the Thunder Fall Desert?” Tai Shu Shi asked in a pleasantly surprised voice.

“So it is called as the Thunder Fall Desert? I do have a map of it but it is only a simple one.” Ning Cheng said as he took out the map and handed it to Tai Shu Shi.

After Tai Shu Shi saw the map, he was even more surprised and said, “That’s right, this really is a simple map of the thunder desert. Unexpectedly you also have a map of the Daan Forest, no wonder you were able to pass through the Daan Forest.”

After giving back the map to Ning Cheng, Tai Shu Shi hesitated a bit before saying, “This will be so much easier to carry out, I also want to go to the Hua Continent. After all it’s only a continent, from there I can look for an opportunity to go to the intermediate levelled Jia Continent. How about we travel together, the materials that I was collecting are similar to the materials required for a True Condensation Pill, now the only thing that I am missing is the Golden Cicada Fruit and a type of Spiritual Grass called the Blue Tea Grass, the Golden Cicada Fruit is a bit troublesome, but the Blue Tea Grass is rather easy to obtain……”

Ning Cheng opened his mouth to interrupt Tai Shu Shi and said, “I have the Golden Cicada Fruit.”

When Tai Shu Shi heard the words of Ning Cheng, he suddenly paused, it was as if he had forgotten his own words, and looked at Ning Cheng with a disbelieving look on his face: “Do you really have the Golden Cicada Fruit?”

Ning Cheng took out a wooden box and passing it to Tai Shu Shi said, “You can take a look.”

Tai Shu Shi grabbed the box in excitement, when he discovered that there was indeed a stub of Golden Cicada Fruits inside, he immediately burst into laughter and said, “We are saved from all the trouble to look for it, Brother Ning, we only need to find the Blue Tea Grass, then we can proceed to refine the True Condensation Pill. With the materials for the True Condensation Pill on me, I already have a way to find the Blue Tea Grass, plus we also have the means to ask someone to help us refine the Blue Tea Grass on a refining furnace. The Golden Cicada Fruit that you picked before, when it’s about time to refine the Pill, you can take it out again.”

Ning Cheng did not take the wooden box back from Tai Shu Shi when he was giving it back, rather he just smiled and said, “Brother Tai Shu, as you said it before, we feel like old friends. It would be better to keep the Golden Cicada Fruit on you, after you are able to refine the Pill, you can just give me one of the Pills OK.”

Ning Cheng was confident that he was not wrong, Tai Shu Shi was not a person who would disappear after obtaining a Golden Cicada Fruit. If he really misread him, then he could only blame his faulty eyes.

Tai Shu Shi also did not continue to decline, after he took back the wooden box, he said to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, for you to hand over such a thing to your friend. You can be assured that this Tai Shu Shi will not let you down.”

The more the two people chatted with each other, the more they felt sorry for not have met earlier.

Ning Cheng was a novice when it came to cultivation, all of his theories were just a patchwork that he had put together himself, which he had inferred from the Jade Pieces that he had obtained from Fang Jiyan. There were still many small details missing and also a lot many mistakes, under the mutual discussion with Tai Shu Shi he was finally able to confirm his theories, and both were benefitted greatly. There were even some plain truths that he was not able to understand previously but was now able to suddenly understand.

Tai Shu Shi was completely shocked in his heart because of the genius like brain of Ning Cheng, he was completely opposite of Ning Cheng, as Ning Cheng did not understand some of the basic things regarding one’s cultivation. But what he does not understand was how was he able to understand the issues of extended Cultivation Methods, he had originally brought out a topic to discuss with Ning Cheng, and actually did not think that Ning Cheng would be able to find a correct direction for him in the Cultivation Method.

After chatting for a while, Tai Shu Shi ascertained that Ning Cheng’s accomplishments in the future would certainly would not be ordinary.

“Brother Tai Shu, you said that your ancestor Yi left behind some information while crossing through planes, can you show it to me?” Ning Cheng felt that now that he and Tai Shu Shi had talked to each other to this degree, he should be able to ask about some of the information regarding the planes without any issues.

Tai Shu Shi revealed an apologetic expression and said, “Brother Ning, I too have heard of this from the mouth of my uncle, there is no actual record left behind, if I really did have them I would have definitely taken it out for Brother Ning to see. It is also because it is passed down through the word of mouth, the Cultivation Method of my Tai Shu family is becoming increasingly scarce and weak.”

Ning Cheng gave a disappointed expression, he really had wanted to know what exactly was this plane, and to see if in the future would he be able to return to Earth.

Seeing Ning Cheng somewhat disappointed, Tai Shu Shi hesitated a bit and then said, “Brother Ning, I also know some bits and pieces of this plane. According to the inheritance of my Tai Shu Clan, the same plane can have innumerable stars and innumerable mainlands. This plane and the plane that we are from are inherently different, I heard that if you could cultivate to the extreme in the Yi Xing mainland, you would be able to fly to another mainland. But even if you were able to soar up to another mainland, you would still be amongst the same plane.”

“For a common cultivator, even if their cultivation level was very high, it would be very difficult to go from just one mainland to another mainland even within the same plane. Because my ancestor Tai Shu Yi faced a catastrophe and ended up injured, he arrived at Yi Mainland from another plane, which was a different plane from where he was. Moreover, when he arrived at the Yi Xing Mainland, his physical body was already almost completely destroyed, only a trace of his Essence Spirit existed. His physical body is still in the Yi Xing mainland and is remoulding itself as we speak.”

“That is not much different.” Ning Cheng muttered, he does not know if the Earth and the Yi Xing mainland were even in the same plane. According to what Tai Shu Shi said, this plane resembled quite a bit to the galaxy that Earth resides in. If Earth and the Yi Xing mainland were in the same galaxy, then if he was able to cultivate to a certain extent, then in the future maybe he would be able to go back.

If they were not in the same plane, then he estimated that he would forever not have the opportunity to go back.

Tai Shu Shi said, “Even the concept of time is completely different in different planes, we have been in this plane for several millennia, but if we were to go to some other plane then perhaps only a few days would have elapsed. Of course, this is just the information that has been passed down through my clan. After having been passed down for so many years, how much of it is true, or how much of it is false, even I do not know.”

Ning Cheng suddenly hoped that the Yi Xing Mainland and the Earth were in the same plane, even if they were not in the same plane, then he would definitely cultivate to his best in the Yi Xing Mainland no matter how long it takes to get back, it was uncertain that maybe just maybe only a short amount of time would have passed on Earth.

As the two of them spoke amongst each other, while flying, coupled with resting along the way, the two days flashed by without even noticing.

“Brother Ning, we are going to approach the city soon, we do not have to continue to fly. After walking for an hour or two, we can go to a Relay Station, at the Relay Station we can hire a Beast Carriage to go to the Xi Jie City.” Tai Shu Shi said as he got down from the mountain track and simultaneously put away his Flying Sword.

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