Chapter 0065 – Tai Shu Shi’s Girlfriend

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Edited and partially Checked By – CurlyAdi
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Chapter 0065 – Tai Shu Shi’s Girlfriend

Standing outside, the Xi Jie City, Ning Cheng could feel that this city was even inferior to the Nan Yuan City. Regardless of if it was the structure or the way it was laid out, it appeared to be somewhat low key.

After entering the Xi Jie City, one could immediately see that the main street was extremely spacious, which made Ning Cheng feel a little better when he compared the Xi Jie City to the Nan Yuan City.

“Brother Tai Shu, although the streets of the Xi Jie City are actually very wide, but it does not look very prosperous.” Ning Cheng saw that although the streets of the city were very wide there were not many shops around, with no shops around, the people who come and go through here would certainly be in a hurry, and would not stay here for much long.

Tai Shu Shi gave a laugh and said, “Brother Ning, all the people who know me call me as Stone, you can also call me as Stone. The reason why there are few people here, is because of the rule made by the Blue Flame 4 Star Academy, that this street cannot have any commercial stores. Because this is the road that leads directly to the Blue Flame 4 Star Academy, and the people from the Academy believe that if there were shops here then it would affect the students of the Blue Flame 4 Star Academy.”

“Why is it so bossy?” Ning Cheng subconsciously asked, because to get to the Academy they would have to pass through this road, doesn’t it mean that they control the main road?

Tai Shu Shi hurriedly pulled Ning Cheng and said, “Brother Ning, you should pay attention to what you speak, once what you spoke became known to the Blue Flame 4 Star Academy, then you would have to cut off your own tongue.”

Ning Cheng nodded, but he actually started to despise the Blue Flame 4 Star Academy in his heart. And said to Tai Shu Shi with a smile, “You also do not need to call me as Brother Ning, you can also directly call me by my name.”

“Good.” Tai Shu Shi said without hesitation, pulling Ning Cheng from the wide main road, he started to walk down, but after just walking about 10 meters down the road, he once again entered another street. This street was much livelier, and was surrounded by shops and people.

Tai Shu Shi brought Ning Cheng to the front of a red door of a big mansion and stopped.

“Stone, what are you doing here?” Ning Cheng asked with a bit of confusion when he saw the three characters on the red door saying ‘Yi Shui Courtyard’. There was even a pair of couplets on both sides of the red door, “To ask the gentlemen about their worries, for them to leave our Yi Shui pleased.’.

This one was clearly a couplet that meant that as long as there was someone in distress, they can always come to the Yi Shui Courtyard to experience pleasure. This was a place that relieves one’s sadness and elevates their mood slowly. Even in Cang Le City these types of places were quite numerous, and were the favourites of many of the adventurers and even a few occasional cultivators. To put it bluntly this place was a fancy brothel.

After waiting for a while, although Tai Shu Shi arrived at the door, did he really plan to go inside? This place was for adventurers, Tai Shu Shi was a cultivator, moreover was also a Tier 1 Ordinary Pill Master, it would not be difficult for him to find a woman, so why would he come to this Yi Shui Courtyard?

Seeing the doubt in Ning Cheng’s eyes, Tai Shu Shi knew that Ning Cheng had guessed his intentions, and said with a rare shyness in his voice, “Ning Cheng, you guessed right. There is a woman here that I like, each time I come back, I will always go look for her first.”

Ning Cheng looked at Tai Shu Shi in a puzzling way and asked, “Since you like this woman so much, then why don’t you take her away from here and settle down in another place? Why would you even keep the woman you love here?”

“Take her back?” Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng in surprise, “I am just Tier 1 Ordinary Pill Master, and only can come here occasionally to see her, where would I even get Spirit Stones to free her?”

This time it was Ning Cheng’s turn to be shocked, he had never heard a place that used Spirit Stones as payment, didn’t such places require only gold coins?

Tai Shu Shi saw the puzzled look on Ning Cheng, and explained, “This Yi Shui Courtyard was founded by a very mysterious character, the women who work here have one of the best cultivation levels you can find outside the Academy. And there are even a few who cultivate a special kind of Cultivation Method, and are thus extremely provocative and tender looking. However, the price for them is also very high, the women who cultivate these special Cultivation Methods usually receives guests for a minimum price of 10 Spirit Stones per guest.”

“Each time you have to spend 10 Spirit Stones just to see a woman, is that even necessary?” Ning Cheng asked in disbelief, 10 Spirit Stones in a Lower Class Continent was quite expensive.

Tai Shu Shi shook his head and spoke in a lonely voice, “My Lian’e does not cultivate this special Cultivation Method, thus the price of meeting her is also quite cheap, each time it only requires 2 Spirit Stones. However, since my level of my Alchemy is very low, so wanting to meet her is not easy. If I wanted to free her, then just a few Spirit Stones are not enough, you also require the approval of the managers of the Yi Shui Courtyard. Let’s go in together, I still have a few Spirit Stones with me, so I would be able to help you out a bit here.”

Ning Cheng silently patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulders and said, “You go in, I’ll go look for a place for us to rest. It is not easy to always carry this Spear on my back.”

He had been running through the Daan Forest for several months, although he was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 9th Level, but he still would feel tired after continuously using up his energy.

Tai Shu Shi was just about to speak, when suddenly a woman in a pink dress rushed out from the inside of the Yi Shui Courtyard. This woman was delicate and seductive, and needless to say was pleasing to the eye, as soon as she came out she pulled Tai Shu Shi and anxiously said, “Stone, how come you did not return till now, go and immediately attend to Sister Lian’e, she is already crying herself blind.”

Hearing that his Lian’e was crying herself blind, Tai Shu Shi immediately asked with anxiousness in his voice, “What’s wrong with her? What is the matter?”

He did not wait for the pink dressed lady to answer him, and hurriedly rushed in. While rushing inside he seemed to have remembered Ning Cheng, and hastily said to the pink dressed woman, “This young master is my friend Ning Cheng, please look after him, I’ll come back in a short while and settle the account.”

Watching Tai Shu Shi entering the Yi Shui Pleasure Courtyard, Ning Cheng had to put a stop to his idea of wanting to leave.

“Young Master Cheng, is it your first time to come to our Yi Shui Courtyard? You can come with me; I believe that I will definitely be able to satisfy you.” The beautiful and slender woman came near Ning Cheng and simultaneously reached out and pulled on Ning Cheng’s sleeves.

Ning Cheng grimaced, it was not that he did not like the woman, it was because the way that this woman in the pink dress spoke in an extremely coy tone with him, which made him a bit uncomfortable. This woman looked delicate and graceful, and to top it off she also had a voice that was pleasant to the ears, which made people who heard her coy tone to immediately develop a crush on her.

“All right, can you bring me to a clean room, and also bring me a pot of tea, I want to rest for a while.” Ning Cheng decided to wait there for a short while.

He understood the urgency of Tai Shu Shi, initially when he used to see Tian Mu Wan restless, even he would have an anxious and fretful mood. For such a thing to happen to the person they like, this kind of thing would definitely incite an anxious mood in them.

“My name is Liu Han Yu; Young Master Cheng can call me Han Yu right away.” The woman in pink dress showed a shy expression, as she brought Ning Cheng to a room on the second floor.

To Ning Cheng’s surprise, this room also contained a low level Spiritual Gathering Array, and as such the Spiritual Qi inside was a lot richer and concentrated when compared to the outside, it seems like spending 2 Spirit Stones here was actually not unjust.

The lights in the room were relatively dim, and the large queen sized bed was especially conspicuous. On the bedside, there was even a white jade tea table.

Ning Cheng had just glanced at the room once, when Liu Han Yu came close to him and stuck tightly to Ning Cheng, and called out in a low sensual voice, “Young Master, this is my room. Originally I was off today, but when I saw Young Master Cheng, my heart immediately started to flutter……”

Ning Cheng knew that Liu Han Yu was faking it, but as he was being squeezed by her soft mounds on her body, he could feel his mouth feel parched and tongue scorched. She was even more tempting and attractive than Su Zhu, coupled with the dim lighting in the room, Liu Han Yu unexpectedly aroused a fire in Ning Cheng’s heart.

Liu Han Yu was also just as excited, she had stayed in Yi Shui Courtyard for almost a year, what types of people did she not see? But with such a clean man like Ning Cheng, it was a first for her to encounter such a man. The Mysterious Yellow Origin had thoroughly washed his body down to the marrow, making him look and feel incomparably clean and fresh. It was also because of this, that Liu Han Yu could tell from just a glance that Ning Cheng had a body of a virgin. Such a man, even if he were to make her pay, she was absolutely willing to be his escort.

Liu Han Yu was well versed in the art of seduction, she felt that Ning Cheng should also have a pure heart. Her hand subconsciously moved towards Ning Cheng’s chest, while at the same time half of her chest was already sticking to Ning Cheng’s chest.

This kind of extremely soft sensation made Ning Cheng to lift his hand a bit, wanting to grab the softness in his hands, but he only raised his hand about halfway, before putting it down once again. The broken Spear that he kept on his back rapidly started to twinkle with a Spear Shadow before it gradually vanished, making him realise that he did not come here to have a good time. Even if he wanted to find a woman, he would not lose his first time in such a place.

He gently pushed away Liu Han Yu, and walked to the side of the Jade table and sat down on the bed, “Would you please sit down first, I want to ask you something.”

Liu Han Yu seeing that Ning Cheng had pushed her aside, also had a bit of disappointment in her heart, thinking that no wonder this man could still stay a virgin to this day. This kind of intellect is really astonishing, as she knew that she performed her act like a pro. She had cultivated her seduction technique continuously, using it for the first time, but actually not achieving any of the results that she hoped, this made her feel quite depressed. This time she had displayed her seduction technique to her fullest, and she absolutely did not have any other intentions, she only wanted to give herself completely to the man in front of her.

Liu Han Yu was also very good at controlling her emotions in front of other people, quickly sorting out her own mood, she picked up a tea pot from under the tea table, and actually helped Ning Cheng to pour out a cup of tea, and sat down after that, and said in a gentle voice, “Even if Young Master Cheng want to speak a few words, you can freely talk to me.”

Compared to the previous coy words, Ning Cheng thought that at this time Liu Han Yu was speaking more naturally. After taking a mouthful of tea, he could feel that his whole body was being nourished, this definitely was a tea made from Spiritual Grasses.

“Thank you.” Ning Cheng knew that Liu Han Yu was doing this out of goodwill towards him, after saying thank you once more he asked, “Is Lian’e and Stone lovers? What happened to her that made Stone to go into such a panic?”

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