Chapter 0066 – I Have Not Been A Proper Big Brother For Many Years

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0066 – I Have Not Been A Proper Big Brother For Many Years

“Three days later 10 of our sisters from the Yi Shui Courtyard would be put up for auction, Sister Lian’e has already reached the upper age limit, and thus is also in that list. Sister Lian’e and three other sisters, were the most attractive women of Yi Shui Courtyard. There are already many influential young masters of the Xi Jie City waiting to grab them, not to mention even if Stone admires Elder Sister Lian’e, or even if she was admired by a few more people like him, once she was bought, her future would only be tragic. Alas, it is really regrettable, that even though Stone can go see her, he actually cannot help her……”

Liu Han Yu seemed to have remembered her own situation, and gave a sigh full of grief, while her expression was also extremely gloomy. Three years later, she would also end up with the same fate of being sold at an auction. She was a bit jealous of Lian’e that at least she had Stone to remember her, even if Stone could not help her much, he could always bring comfort to her in Lian’e’s heart, unlike her, she does not have any people in her life like Stone.

She subconsciously looked at Ning Cheng, she was very clear, that Ning Cheng really had no feelings for her. But even if it was like that, she would still cherish this moment of drinking tea together with Ning Cheng for many years, and was even feeling content in her heart. She also had a similar dream as a young girl, that was filled with happy expectations and yearnings.

Ning Cheng became silent, in this world even women were seen as goods for sale, and was completely viewed as a normal thing. He knew that he alone would not be able to help them, even if he had the help of other people, he would not be able to help the countless such women.

The atmosphere was awkward for a while, Liu Han Yu did not continue to tease Ning Cheng and let him be with his thoughts, while Ning Cheng was actually thinking how would he be able to help Tai Shu Shi.

With the kind of popularity that Sister Lian’e had, since she has already been put on the list, he would still need more than the 300 Spirit Stones that he had on him.

With all the things that he could put together, he only had a bit more than 300 Spirit Stones, once someone started to bid, he knew that the amount of Spirit Stones he had would not be sufficient. Apart from Spirit Stones, the only thing worth that he had of value was a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass. He did not know for what price would he be able to sell the Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, and moreover he was a bit reluctant to part with it. But then Ning Cheng shook his head, no matter what he had to help him immediately.

For other people more than 300 Spirit Stones was already a huge fortune, but to him it was utterly inadequate, and did not play a huge role for his cultivation.

It was at this time, that there was a hurried knocking on the door of Liu Han Yu’s room. Liu Han Yu quickly went forward to open the door, and saw an anxious looking Tai Shu Shi standing outside the room.

“Ning Cheng, quickly accompany me to the Xi Jie City’s Auction Hall. There is an auction there tomorrow, I want to auction off something of mine.” When Tai Shu Shi saw Ning Cheng, he anxiously blurted out.

Ning Cheng already understood Tai Shu Shi’s meaning, he stood up and faced Liu Han Yu with a smile and said, “Thank you for the tea, it was very good.”

“Thank You.” Liu Han Yu gave a bow and thanked him, and did not see Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi go out of her room.

At this point of time Tai Shu Shi calmed down from his previous anxious mood, he knew that the most pressing issue for him was to how would he be able to obtain sufficient Spirit Stones. He saw that Ning Cheng did not put anything on the tea table and followed him out of the Yi Shui Courtyard. and somewhat darkly sighed in his heart, he should not have brought Ning Cheng to this kind of place, he did not even know that he would have to shell out a Spirit Stone to even drink the tea here. These teas of the Yi Shui Courtyard were not something common, they were something that women took to increase their own cultivation level, if the guests visiting them wanted to drink it, then they themselves would have to take the initiative to produce a Spirit Stone for it.

As for the number of Spirit Stones, it was based on how rich the visiting guest was.

“Actually you should have left behind a Spirit Stone, those teas are not easy to make. We already had to give two Spirit Stones when we entered the Yi Shui Courtyard, there is no point in dividing them.” After coming out of the Yi Shui Courtyard and going far away, Tai Shu Shi said with a sigh.

Ning Cheng certainly knew the meaning behind the words of Tai Shu Shi, these women in the Yi Shui Courtyard depended on the tips given by the guests in private to sustain their cultivation, if the guests were too stingy, then the women there could only live in vain.

Ning Cheng was silent, it was not that he did not want to give up a Spirit Stone, but he really was unaware of such a custom. Even if he did not come to this place, he had already seen a lot.

Moreover, one of the reasons why he did not leave behind Spirit Stones, was because he could feel that Liu Han Yu was somewhat artificial towards him. After entering her room, Liu Han Yu showed the kind of attitude that actually made him feel a bit emotional towards her. Moreover, the tea that he drank was definitely a top quality Spiritual Grass Tea, he did not know from where Liu Han Yu was able to procure this kind of Spiritual Grass Tea, however he affirmed that this kind of Spiritual Grass Tea was not something that Liu Han Yu had in bulk. For her to take out this kind of Spiritual Grass Tea, he felt that it wasn’t something in order to earn a bit of Spirit Stones. Even if she wanted to earn Spirit Stones, he knew that Liu Han Yu would also not ask of such a thing from a man like him.

Ning Cheng was a person who valued friendship heavily, so for him to be with Liu Han Yu was in no way possible. But he also did not want to give out a Spirit Stone so that Liu Han Yu would not feel sad of her identity, so when he left Liu Han Yu, he had already said what he wanted to express to her in a simple heartfelt thank you.

Even if she was a prostitute, she had her own pride and self-respect, so if he gave her a Spirit Stone it be the same as crushing her self-esteem, it would be nothing but a cruel thing.


Tai Shu Shi stopped along with Ning Cheng in front of a circular dome shaped building, on the top of the building was written in big bold words ‘Xi Jia Auction House’.

“What things do you want to sell?” Ning Cheng looked at Ta Shu Shi who was filled with determination and asked.

Tai Shu Si said with a resolute voice, “I must save Lian’e, so for that I am going to sell a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass.”

“An ordinary Rank 3 Spiritual Grass is not very difficult to obtain right? Can’t say for sure if we would be able to sell it for a good price.” Ning Cheng reminded Tai Shu Shi.

Tai Shu Shi bit his lips, obviously he knew about it, an ordinary Rank 3 Spirit Grass will absolutely not sell for a lot of Spirit Stones, so if he wanted to save Lian’e then he had to think of a different method.

“If there really is no other choice, then I still have the Tai Shu Clan’s Cultivation Method. Although this Cultivation Method is incomplete, but at least we can pass it off as a True Grade Cultivation Method right?” Tai Shu Shi’s eyes revealed the internal struggle that he was going through, the Cultivation Method of his Tai Shu Clan although was incomplete, but was something that he had inherited from his ancestors.

Tai Shu Shi also did not have it recorded on a Jade Piece, as it was rather passed down through the word of mouth, if he brought it out to sell, it would simply be disgraceful. Fortunately, he still remembered the Golden Cicada Fruit that he received from Ning Cheng, if not for such a situation he would never even think of taking out the Golden Cicada Fruit.

“Stone, in the Xi Jie City, what is the price of a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass? Moreover, how much would a Profound Grade Cultivation Method sell for?” Ning Cheng patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder and said.

In fact, Ning Cheng actually was able to tell what was going on in Tai Shu Shi’s head but did not think that it was wrong, if it was his lover who was in Yi Shui Courtyard, even if he had to remove his bones to sell, he would definitely try to find a way to get her out. He would absolutely not try to act like the bashful Tai Shu Shi, and try to think it over for an entire half a day.

Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng in a surprised way, “The price of a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass is just outrageous, as a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass is extremely valuable and precious, so for it to sell for tens of thousands of Spirit Stones is normal. As for a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, you must be kidding. Even in the entire Yuan Continent it is not easy to get a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, it would just overturn the entire Yuan Continent. A Profound Grade Cultivation Method had appeared once before, and it almost caused all the major forces to fight for it, you say if something like that could even be bought here?”

When Ning Cheng listened to Tai Shu Shi’s words, he was covered in cold sweat, Fang Jiyan had casually pulled out a bunch of Profound Grade Cultivation Methods and given it to him, as a result he had thought of the Profound Grade Cultivation Methods as rotten cabbages, it was as if it was just ordinary stuff to him that he could take out anywhere he wanted. He had never thought that it was this precious.

Originally he wanted to take out a Profound Grade Cultivation Method for the auction, fortunately he had asked Tai Shu Shi before, otherwise once he took it out without thinking, it would be more than enough for him to end up dying.

So he quickly abandoned the idea of auctioning a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, Ning Cheng then laughed and said, “Stone you do not have to worry, although there are not a lot of good things in the depths of the Daan Forest, but it is not that they are non-existent. I had walked through the Daan Forest, and my luck was quite good, and was able to obtain a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, you can use this Rank 4 Spiritual Grass for yourself.”

A Rank 4 Spiritual Grass was extremely precious, when compared to a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, it can be said that it could only be obtained through luck. As Ning Cheng took out the Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, there was not a lot of pressure on his mind.

“You have a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass?” Tai Shu Shi was all of a suddenly very excited, “A Rank 4 Spiritual Grass can sell for several hundreds to even several thousands of Spirit Stones, it would be more than enough to save Lian’e….”

However Tai Shu Shi soon realised that this Rank 4 Spiritual Grass was not his, “But since this is your Spiritual Grass, I….”

Ning Cheng once again patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder and said, “You also said that we were like old friends when we first met, so you do not need to be so bashful about it.”

Tai Shu Shi said with a sigh, “Brother Ning, you have already said those words twice, and have even helped me twice. But even then, you still say the same sentence to me.”

“Ha Ha.” Ning Cheng laughed, “Don’t be a sissy, just call me by my actual name ‘Ning Cheng’, rather than calling me Brother Ning.”

“No, you are this Tai Shu Shi’s big brother, no matter what happens, I, Tai Shu Shi, will always look up to you.” Tai Shu Shi firmly said.

Seeing Ning Cheng looking a bit puzzled, Tai Shu Shi repeated it once again, “Big Brother, I mean it. The Spiritual Grass you have, let me first evaluate it once, then we can discuss about it together.”

Ning Cheng suddenly remembered a line that he often heard on Earth, he took out a Jade Box and handed it to Tai Shu Shi, and just smiled and said, “I have not been a proper big brother for many years.”

“Ah….” Tai Shu Shi could not completely understand the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words; can it be that his Big Brother Ning had a lot of sad events in his life before?

“What I meant by those words were, that you calling me like that puts a lot of pressure on me. I would also have to take care of you in the future, I was just thinking about it, and it does not seem to be worthwhile……” Ning Cheng said as he handed the Jade Box into the hands of Tai Shu Shi.

Tai Shu Shi knew that Ning Cheng was playing a trick on him, but still said very seriously, “Big brother rest assured, I will absolutely never ever hold you back.”

Ning Cheng just said, “I was just kidding, you don’t have to be so serious.”

Tai Shu Shi opened the Jade Box in his hands, and immediately his hands started to tremble, and almost threw the Jade Box to the ground, “This, This, isn’t this the Rainbow Light Grass? The Rank 4 Spiritual Grass that you said you obtained was the Rainbow Light Grass?”

“Yes, I only have this one stub.” Ning Cheng nodded and said, he knew that Rainbow Light Grass was very valuable, however he did not have any other Spiritual Grass of the same grade, if he did have it, he would not have taken out the Rainbow Light Grass. As for the Soul Wood Cores, those thing were even more precious than the Rainbow Light Grass, it wasn’t that Ning Cheng was not willing to take it out, it was because he did not dare to take it out in this kind of place.

Tai Shu Shi once again passed the Jade Box to Ning Cheng and said, “Big Brother, this thing is too precious, this kind of stuff is something that should be put in the auctions of an Intermediate Class Continent, or even High Class Continents. Even if is no use to you now, you could still take it with you to the Hua Continent. Even if you do not sell it, this kind of thing in your hands, would also give you a major insurance. This can even be used to restore and repair one’s Core Sea, if you take it out to sell, it would really, it would really……”

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