Chapter 0067 – Entrusting

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0067 – Entrusting

Ning Cheng once again patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder, “Stone, you really should come to my hometown to have a look. You could learn a thing or two from how those dishonest traders operate their capital, they would only keep the bare minimum in their hands. As for high valued items, only when they are needed to be sent out, will they reflect their true value, once the value is reflected back, it would only lead to the driving their self-interests.”

“What you said about the Rainbow Light Grass is just secondary, although it’s just a stub of a best quality Spiritual Grass, but for me it only occupies some space, but for you this is different, this thing is something that can be turned into something we need immediately, and the thing that we require most urgently is the capital. Well, saying it in simple words, a person who sells the fruit, also knows that a good fruit will always be sold out, who would leave behind something like that to eat. Are the other people stupid? No they are not, it is just to maximize their own benefits that they sell their things.”

Ning Cheng talked for a long time, suddenly he thought about the Soul Wood Cores in his Storage Bag which were even more precious, and immediately his face became slightly red, and could not talk any further.

Tai Shu Shi seemed to have forgotten about the Rainbow Light Grass in his hands, and subconsciously asked, “Is this how people from the Ping Continent do business?”

“My home town is not in the Ping Continent, it’s a long story, maybe I tell you about it later.” Ning Cheng did not want to discuss this issue.

“OK.” Tai Shu Shi’s attention once again returned to the Rainbow Light Grass in his hands, and his face immediately became excited, “Big brother, this stub of the Rainbow Light Grass can be sold for more than 10,000 Low Grade Spirit Stones. Unfortunately, we are in the Yuan Continent, if we were in an Intermediate Class Continent, we can even sell this for more than 10,000 Medium Grade Spirit Stones.”

“How much would a High Grade Spirit Stone be exchanged for a Low Grade Spirit Stone?” Ning Cheng knew that Spirit Stones were also divided into three categories, High, Medium and Low Grade Spirit Stones, but he was not clear on the exchange rates.

Tai Shu Shi was actually more proficient in this than Ning Cheng, and immediately replied, “A High Grade Spirit Stone can be exchanged for about 10 Medium Grade Spirit Stones, and a Medium Grade Spirit Stone can be exchanged for about 10 Low Grade Spirit Stones. However, there is even a type of Spirit Stone called the Best Quality Spirit Stone, this is a precious and matchless thing, theoretically a Best Quality Spirit Stone can be exchanged for a 100 High Grade Spirit Stones. But the fact is someone would never exchange a Best Quality Spirit Stone for a High Grade Spirit Stone, not to say about a hundred, even if it was a thousand High Grade Spirit Stones no one would be willing to exchange it.”

Ning Cheng had not yet replied, when a black dressed man had rushed out from the Xi Jie Auction House, when he came out, he stared at the Jade Box in the hands of Tai Shu Shi and quickly said, “Does the box in your hand contain the Rainbow Light Grass?”

The tone of the man was as if he wanted to grab the box for himself.

Tai Shu Shi put the Rainbow Light Grass away, clasping his fist he said, “Yes, it is indeed the Rainbow Light Grass, do you know if I could catch up with the auction tomorrow evening?”

“You can, you can, please hurry up and come in.” The skinny black man’s face was flushed with excitement, he did not even look at the two people, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi with his eyes, and was just staring at the package that Tai Shu Shi put behind him.


After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi came out of the Xi Jie Auction House, Tai Shu Shi had an excited look in his eyes, but also had a bit of worry in them. Although they had just put forward a condition, that the Rainbow Light Grass was to be put in tomorrow’s auction. But the auction house demanded to split the price which made Ning Cheng’s heart to twitch uncontrollably, he had never seen anyone demanding 50 percent of the sales fee, this was what they meant by splitting it 50-50, it was indeed very vile.

For Tai Shu Shi too worry this much, this even Ning Cheng also understood, he was worried that the Rainbow Light Grass would not be auctioned off properly. In fact, if it was before then Ning Cheng would also have such worries, in this place, for strong people to rob others was way too normal. He perfectly knew that the auction house was very vile, but they had to agree to the conditions, since without strength they did not have the right to speak, after all this was not Earth.

But now that the Rainbow Light Grass has already been sent to the auction, moreover they even had to split the earnings 50-50, but contrary to what was expected, he felt relieved in his heart. If this this was still in their hands, and if the news of it was leaked, it would definitely be a bad thing. Now that it was not in their hands, on the contrary, they did not have to worry about it. The Xi Jia Auction House doesn’t seem to be small, so just for a single stub of a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass they would not do such a bad thing.

“You do not need to be worried about it, the Rainbow Light Grass is now not on our bodies, so you don’t have to worry about it. What you need to consider is, how to obtain the Blue Tea Grass, and then find someone to refine the True Condensation Pill.” This was what Ning Cheng was always thinking in his heart, on how to obtain a True Condensation Pill and then advance to the True Condensation Realm as soon as possible.

Tai Shu Shi on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, immediately felt his heart relaxed, “We can get the Blue Tea Grass at the auction, as long as we attend the various auctions in the Xi Jie City, we will definitely be able to get our hands on the Blue Tea Grass. Even if we are not able to get it, we can finally go look for Pill Master Mulberry for a high price.”

“Pill Master Mulberry?” Ning Cheng repeated the name again.

Tai Shu Shi nodded his head and said, “That’s right, Pill Master Mulberry, Pill Master Mulberry is one of the only two Tier 3 Pill Masters of the Xi Jia City. He has an excellent reputation, even if you take out an even more precious Spiritual Grass, as long as you can give him a satisfactory price, he will help you in refining it, moreover he will never reveal what Pill is he helping you refine to his other guests. He also keeps everything in the open, and will not seize things by force.”

Ning Cheng also had heard of such a person, and was very satisfied with what he said, “This is actually good, as soon as we are able to obtain the Blue Tea Grass we can go look for this Pill Master Mulberry.”

Tai Shu Shi said with a sigh, “Although this Pill Master Mulberry is very good, but the asking price for his help is very high, it is even higher than the Xi Jia Auction House. As long as you want him to refine a pill for you, and as long as he settles on the Pill that you want him to refine, he will make the pill for you but with only 60% strength, moreover he will also charge a large amount of Spirit Stones.”

60% strength Pill, and would still have to pay Spirit Stones? Ning Cheng thought to himself that his heart is not only black, but rather it was black to the degree of charcoal. Even if he was really capable of refining pills.


“After you save Lian’e, are you ready to undertake the heavy responsibility to be together? In the future when you go to the Hua Continent, will you also take her with you?” After reserving a private booth in the Xi Jiu Auction House, Ning Cheng carefully asked Tai Shu Shi.

He did not know what was the cultivation of Lian’e, if it was not bad in the Xi Jie City, then in the future they could go to the Hua Continent together, if Lian’e’s cultivation was too poor, then he would have to consider other things.

Tai Shu Shi shook his head and said, “I did not intend to take her to the Hua Continent, I also have no intention of marrying her. I am a descendant of the Tai Shu Clan, perhaps one day I may fall from the sky while going to the Le Continent. The path that I must take has long since been decided, the path that I chose is not smooth or safe and would not be peaceful for even a single day, it would not be appropriate to bring her with me.”

Ning Cheng did not ask again of this matter, the two people then began to discuss on how to obtain the True Condensation Pill, and how would they be able to advance to the True Condensation Realm, and then finally head to the Hua Continent. After exchanging their cultivation experiences with each other, Ning Cheng found that since the beginning, there were some things that he did not understand and as such had to ask Tai Shu Shi, it was only later that Tai Shu Shi started asking some questions to Ning Cheng.

As the night passed by the, two people were still discussing each other’s past, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi did not look tired, rather they were in high spirits. They knew that today was the day of the auction, the two people were eager to know how many Spirit Stones would the Rainbow Light Grass would sell for.


Ning Cheng had never been to an auction, but he had seen them on the television. But when he and Tai Shu Shi entered the Xi Jia Auction House, they were immediately shocked by the luxurious atmosphere in there.

The Auction stage was surrounded by lamps carved from pure white jades on all sides, the participants for the auction sat in a small row of private booths, and outside each of those private booth stood a beautiful woman. The first impression that Ning Cheng got, was that the auctions that were held on Earth could not even be remotely compared to this type of auction.

Tai Shu Shi said in a low voice, “The auctions at the Xi Jia City are usually small, and do not have such private booths, moreover they would not have so many women to service the patrons. It seems that this time it was because of the Rainbow Light Grass, that they improved the quality of the auction.”

Although Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi arrived early, but when the two people came inside, they saw that the gates of some of the booths were already shut, obviously some people had arrived even earlier than them.

Half an hour later, the stage lights suddenly focussed onto a middle aged man who had stepped onto the auction stage some time ago, he first cupped his fists to the audience in front of him and then said, “Today’s auction was supposed to be a small one, but because yesterday we received two precious items, we decided to upgrade the scale of the auction. Fortunately, by the end of this month we will still hold a large scale auction, were many distinguished guests from the Xi Jie City would be attending.”

“With less of this idle chit chat, we’ll begin today’s first auction. our first item is an extremely rare and precious Rank 2 Spiritual Grass called the Blue Tea Grass, I think that all our friends here are familiar with the importance of the Blue Tea Grass, it is one of the main Spiritual Grasses required for refining the True Condensation Pills. The base price for it is 30 Low Grade Spirit Stones, the bidding for it starts now.”



When the Blue Tea Grass came out, it immediately caused the people to call out various bids, the bidding continuously rose the price, and in just a few breaths time, the price of it rose to 100 Spirit Stones.

Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng with excitement in his eyes and said, “I have saved about 150 Spirit Stones till now, combined with the Spirit Stones we would earn, we should be able to purchase the Blue Tea Grass. Our luck really is good; I did not expect that the first item that they would take out would be the Blue Tea Grass.”

Ning Cheng lifted his hand to stop Tai Shu Shi from bidding and said, “Stone, I feel that we will not be able to purchase this Blue Tea Grass. If the Rainbow Light Grass is able to sell for the price we expect it to, we could then just spend those Spirit Stones on the Pill Master Mulberry to purchase this thing.”

“But why?” After Tai Shu Shi asked he immediately once again said, “Big brother, you are too careful, Blue Tea Grass is frequently sold here, there will not be any issues.”

Ning Cheng just smiled and said, “Stone, now that we have a much safer choice why not choose the safe way? The Blue Tea Grass is not truly valuable, but a True Condensation Pill is extremely precious. I feel that the people who want the Blue Tea Grass, should always be presumed to also have the Golden Cicada Fruit, I really think that it’s good to be careful.”

“It is not certain, some people purchase the Blue Tea Grass, just like me to collect the materials required for the True Condensation Pill. I don’t even have the Golden Cicada Fruit.” Tai Shu Shi said in a disagreeing tone.

Ning Cheng just shook his head and said, “The price of the blue Tea Grass has already risen to 200 Spirit Stones, I don’t believe that, a person who does not have the Golden Cicada Fruit, would just individually spend 200 Spirit Stones to just buy the Blue Tea Grass. The others who buy them may not be afraid, but we currently do not have the ability for not being afraid.”

It was then that Tai Shu Shi noted that the price of the Blue Tea Grass had already reached 210 Spirit Stones, this kind of price was seldom seen. He nodded his head and said, “Big brother, it seems what you said was indeed true, with such a high price, trying to buy it back would not be safe.”

Finally, the Blue Tea Grass was bought at the price of 220 Low Grade Spirit Stones by one of the owners of the private booth.

The manager of the auction who was on the stage, when he saw the first auction to sell at such a high price, the tone of his voice immediately became excited and said in high voice, “Congratulations to the friend who bought the Blue Tea Grass just now, but now the thing that we are going to bring up to the stage is something extremely precious. Even my Xi Jie Auction House has rarely seen a treasure of this level, it is one of the best quality Spear Artefact, the 7 Star Golden Spear…….”

Tai Shu Shi saw that there was an attractive golden long Spear in the hands of the manager, and hurriedly said, “Big brother, I saw that you have a Spear Type Artefact, but it seems to be of Ordinary Rank, so we might as well buy this long Spear for you.”

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