Chapter 0069

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0069 – Successfully Obtaining The True Condensation Pill

“Oh, then you have to bring out the materials for refining the True Condensation Pill. Moreover, my True Condensation Pill will be of 60% strength, plus you also will have to shell out 1,000 Low Grade Spirit Stones.” Pill Master Mulberry casually said, as he put down the Spiritual Grass in his hand, it seemed that he had some sort of breakthrough in his research, and thus his mood was very good. Otherwise even if Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi wanted, he would not say those words this quickly.

Ning Cheng thought that this person’s heart was really black, not only would he only produce the pill with only 60% strength but he also demanded an extra 1,000 Low Grade Spirit Stones. Not only that, even his tone was also very casual, and it did not seem that he even liked refining pills, Ning Cheng just couldn’t help but think darkly in his heart, just what made these Pill Masters so amazing?

“Senior Mulberry, I have a request, if it is OK with Senior, I just want a Pill of 50% strength. If it is useless to Senior, then we will defer to what senior said.”

Ning Cheng had not yet finished, when he saw that the Pill Master Mulberry’s complexion sank, as till now no one had ever dared to bargain in front of him for a Pill. How could he even dare to ask him make a pill with 10% less strength? This guy simply did not know what was good or bad for him.

Pill Master Mulberry was just going to reprimand Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi when Ning Cheng spoke in a timely manner, “In today’s auction there was a Rank 4 Rainbow Light Grass, but I do not know if this Spiritual Grass would be valuable to senior or not. Personally, I definitely think that it is a good thing, and it would certainly be taken out by the auction house as their last act.”

Ning Cheng gambled that this Pill Master Mulberry did not know about the matter with the Rainbow Light Grass, if the Pill Master Mulberry knew about this matter, then he would definitely not give up the pursuit of the Rainbow Light Grass. When Ning Cheng saw him concentrate on studying a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass, he came to this conclusion that he really liked studying Spiritual Grasses.

Tai Shu Shi was incomparably anxious in his heart; he did not think that Ning Cheng would actually dare to bargain. However, he did not have the time to apologise to Pill Master Mulberry, when he saw that the Pill Master Mulberry had already stood up in shock. At this moment Tai Shu Shi knew that the words of Ning Cheng had a huge effect on him, and secretly admired him in his heart. Ning Cheng not only dared to bargain, but even dared to say the Rainbow Light Grass would be taken out by the auction house as its last act. But the fact was, that the Rainbow Light Grass was already sold out, he was very clear about this, after all the Rainbow Light Grass was theirs to begin with and had even sold it for 20,000 Spirit Stones.

Tai Shu Shi certainly understood the meaning of Ning Cheng, because almost everyone in the Xi Jia City knew that the auction house would still hold a grand auction at the end of the month. Once Pill Master Mulberry helped them in finishing the refining of the Pill, and then arrived at the auction, he would find that the Spiritual Grass that he was pursuing was already purchased by someone else.

Seeing the expression on Pill Master Mulberry’s face, Ning Cheng felt happy in his heart, this guy really did not know about the Rainbow Light Grass, it was no wonder that he was still staying in his home keenly observing the Spiritual Grass in his hands.

“Do you have the Spiritual Grasses required for refining the True Condensation Pill.” Pill Master Mulberry directly asked Tai Shu Shi.

Tai Shu Shi did not know whether the Pill Master Mulberry agreed with Ning Cheng’s request or not, but he immediately took out a cloth bag that he had hung on his back and started taking out Spiritual Grasses one at a time, and piling them on the floor in front of him.

Pill Master Mulberry just waved his hands, and the pile of Spiritual Grasses instantly vanished, while simultaneously took out a jade bottle and tossed it into the hands of Tai Shu Shi and said, “I have already refined a batch of 60% strength True Condensation Pills, there are three True Condensation Pills in that jade bottle, you can go now.”

Not to say about the 1000 Spirit Stones per pill, he did not even ask about a single Spirit Stone. They could guess that he wanted to hurry to the auction house to see if it was too late for him to obtain the Spiritual Grass.

“Many thanks to Pill Master Mulberry.” Ning Cheng quickly pulled at Tai Shu Shi who was still surprised, thanked the Pill Master once more, and hurried out of the narrow door.

“Big brother, you really are fantastic.” After they went far away from the place of residence of the Pill Master Mulberry, Tai Shu Shi gave a thumbs up and said in an appreciative tone.

“Don’t speak anything about this for now, and let’s hurry back. Once that Pill Master Mulberry found out that he had kicked the iron board, he will definitely hate us. Next time it would be better if we don’t go looking for him to refine pills, this was just a onetime business transaction.” Ning Cheng was also very pleased with the result. After going through so many hardships, he was finally able to obtain the True Condensation Pill.

With this True Condensation Pill and the Spirit Stones he had on him, he thought that advancing to the True Condensation Realm would not be much of a problem. As long as he was able to advance to the True Condensation Realm, then he would have a little more protection for himself as he entered the Hua Continent.

“Oh dear.” The two people were not happy for long, when Tai Shu Shi immediately stopped and called out.

“What’s the matter?” Ning Cheng asked Tai Shu Shi in a puzzled way.

Tai Shu Shi patted his head, “I just remembered that we still did not have a stalk of the Blue Tea Grass, when I was interrupted by you I ended up forgetting about it. Once this matter was discovered by the Pill Master Mulberry, we will definitely suffer.”

Ning Cheng also frowned a bit, but then said, “He should not have felt something amiss when he checked those Spiritual Grasses. Once he picked the pile up, it represented that he had already examined it. Besides, he would definitely go and try to rob the Rainbow Light Grass from who ever got it, and would not be able to go through the Spiritual Grass pile that we gave him for at least several days. Even if he was able to notice such a thing, the Blue Tea Grass is something that could be easily be bought for a few Spirit Stones, and thus is a small matter for him.”

When Tai Shu Shi heard the words of Ning Cheng, he felt relieved, and seemed to think that it really was a small matter.

“But I still think that after you save Lian’e, we should really immediately leave this Xi Jia City.” Ning Cheng said carefully.

“I already understood this even if you did not say it.” Tai Shu Shi said while nodding his head.


The two people hurriedly found a place a place to rest, as Tai Shu Shi took out the jade bottle, he poured out one of the three True Condensation Pills for him and gave the other two pills to Ning Cheng and said, “Big brother, just one is enough for me, you can have the rest. With the Spirit Stones on you, we can then go to the Yi Shui Courtyard in a few days. In these few days I am going to tidy up our gains, and then start to prepare to advance to the True Condensation Realm.”

Ning Cheng also did not refuse, he took the Jade Bottle and said, “All right, I am also ready to tidy up my own gains, we will meet again 2 days later.”

The amount of cultivation resources that he required were very terrifying, even with a True Condensation Pill it was uncertain if he would be able to advance or not, but at the moment it was fortunate that he had obtained 2 out of the 3 of True Condensation Pills.


Two days later, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi entered the Yi Shui Courtyard. A few days ago when Tai Shu Shi left the Yi Shui Courtyard he was very anxious, but today Tai Shu Shi was fully confident in himself, and even his manner was very relaxed.

At this time there was a giant banner that was hung on the entrance of the Yi Shui Courtyard, on the banner was written, Yi Shui Courtyard’s 11 Popular Ladies up for auction today. If you want to know the details of these 11 sisters from the Yi Shui Courtyard, please pay 10 Spirit Stones at the entrance of the Yi Shui Courtyard.

It was good that they calculated it beforehand, before they even sold the people, both of them knew that they would also ask for an admission fee. This was so that the Yi Shui Courtyard would not incur a loss from those who only came to see, and to grab feathers from a flying goose.

“Hey, how is it 11 People? Initially did you not say that there were 10 people up for the auction? How come there is another one?” Tai Shu Shi asked a person in a strange voice.

Ning Cheng’s thoughts weren’t focused on the Yi Shui Courtyard’s auction, he just wanted for the things here to get over, and then take care of his own things afterwards. If he was not talked into coming here by Tai Shu Shi, then he would not have accompanied Tai Shu Shi to wade through this kind of muddy waters.

“Leave the others alone, hurry up and go inside, the sooner that you can take care of your things, the sooner we will be able to leave here.”

Ning Cheng reminded Tai Shu Shi, then took out a Spirit Stone and passed it out to a pretty elder sister who was nearby and said, “This elder sister, I would like to ask if Liu Han Yu is in? If elder sister is not busy, could I ask elder sister to help me in calling Liu Han Yu.”

Tai Shu Shi gave an unbelievable look to Ning Cheng and said, “Big brother, don’t tell me you feel attracted to Han Yu? Are you also similar to me who wants to save Han Yu and walk out of here together?”

Ning Cheng did not answer, when the pretty elder sister hurriedly gave back the Spirit Stone to Ning Cheng, then after carefully looking in all four directions, she said in a small voice, “Are you one of the guests of Sister Han Yu? You must have not known about it, I do not know what has happened to Sister Han Yu, because she was not willing to take up any guests for the last few days, as a result she was finally listed for sale….”

“So it was because of this, that there are now 11 people that are to be auctioned off today?” Tai Shu Shi suddenly asked.

Remembering what Ning Cheng said just a while ago, Tai Shu Shi quickly asked, “Big Brother, do you want to save Han Yu? You and her….”

Ning Cheng was silent for a moment and then said, “There are some matters that you do not know, I already have a fiancée, and moreover I do not have any feelings towards Han Yu. However, if 1000 Spirit Stones are able to help her once, then I will not mind it and immediately give those Spirit Stones to her.”

“I understand.” It was out of Ning Cheng’s expectations, but after Tai Shu Shi spoke those three characters, he did not speak anymore. Although he does not have a fiancée, but he was the same and could not marry Lian’e.

When the two men entered the auction hall of the Yi Shui Courtyard, Ning Cheng finally understood why it was called a second rate place. Although it was an auction hall, but compared to the auction hall he had been in just a few days ago, this was simply a vegetable market.

In this huge room there were only makeshift red tables inside it, and in the front of them were people sitting in seven or eight rows on rickety chairs. When Ning Cheng looked at these people, Ning Cheng first thought of Xian Yuan Kui of the Cang Le City. These people and Xian Yuan Kui were a similar class of people, they hardly even cultivated, but they would still talk extravagantly. They were all discussing which elder sister should they deserve, and how much price should they buy them for.

Other than the few people sitting in the first row, the were more than 10 people sitting in the second row. From the clothing and the expressions on their faces, the people in the second row should not be worse than the people sitting in the first row. But they all had their eyes shut and meditating, and were not like the youths sitting in the first row who were exchanging their extravagant theories with each other loudly.

In addition to that, Ning Cheng also noted that there were several people who were sitting with their face covered by a priest hat, there was even a strange atmosphere around them. Even if Ning Cheng did not have any contact with the cultivation practices of women being used as cultivation furnaces, he easily could say that these people were definitely here to buy women to use as their cultivation furnaces.

As for some of the older people, they were all sitting in the corner silently, one would not be able to tell if they were here to purchase a pretty sister, or just wanted to watch the fun.

Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi found a place to sit down, and no longer spoke.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, a pretty woman with an intoxicating fragrance and dressed in only her undergarments walked step by step like a praying mantis and stepped onto the red stage. With her attractive snow white skin combined with her shapely breasts that were moving up and down as she breathed, it was as if she was doing a live advertisement.

“Thank you fellow masters to come to our Yi Shui Courtyard to join us in our auction, out of the 11 beautiful elder sisters listed in the auction, I am sure none of them will let our esteemed guests be disappointed…….”

Her tone was gentle and charming to the ears, she hadn’t even finished speaking, when the few young people sitting in the front row said while laughing, “We like the way you are, both big and white……”

“This elder brother who likes this Jue Jiao is really remarkable, after this auction ends, Jue Jiao will definitely accompany you.”

They did not know if what she spoke was true or false, but at least after she spoke those words, the atmosphere became even more fervent.

“Well the first on our list is Ying Ying, Ying Ying has a three-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, and even her appearance is very gentle and charming, is very understanding, and is most suitable to be a cultivation furnace….”

Although this woman called Jue Jiao spoke the words of being suitable as a cultivation furnace, but she did not seem to be disturbed by it even for a bit, and as for the guests, none of them felt it to be wrong.

Just as Jue Jiao finished speaking, the red curtains behind her separated, and a woman with long hair wearing a light green dress appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. This woman looked very beautiful, but her eyes looked a little callous, it made her look like a puppet who had already lost hope.

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