Chapter 0070

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0070 – You Are Nothing

“The base price for her is 1,000 Low Grade Spirit Stones, although this price cannot express the beauty of Ying Ying completely. But since today everybody here is a regular patron of our Yi Shui Courtyard, and also for the sake of better ownership of Ying Ying, we decided to lower the base price for her …….” Jue Jiao spoke with a charming expression on her face, as if she was completely unaware of her own shamelessness.

“1,300 Spirit Stones, I already fancied Miss Ying Ying from the beginning, everybody please do not try to rob her from me.” A fat man dressed in a pure white dress who was sitting in the front row immediately stood up and shouted.

This man made Ning Cheng remember the arrogant old man from the Xi Jia Auction House, but the white robed fat man standing in front of him was only at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, Ning Cheng did not know from where did he get so much confidence.

“2,000 Spirit Stones.” Ning Cheng’s guess was right, just when this fat man finished with his bid, there was another bid, but this time the increase was of 700 Spirit Stones.

This bid was made by a man wearing a black robe who was sitting in the corner.

This white robed fat man obviously did not think that there would be a person who would not dare to give him face here, and immediately became angry and said, “Who are you? Did you just arrive in Xi Jia City, and want to intentionally make me lose face?”

This fat man’s sentence also contained an important message, you have just arrived in Xi Jia City, not only did you not to go inquire about who I am, but even dared to go against me?

“Slap slap.” There were two resounding slaps, as the black dressed man immediately flew up to the fat man and slapped his face twice.

When the white robed fat man fell down, simultaneously spitting out two teeth.

“You are nothing in front of me, just dare to speak again in front of me, and see how this father will chop you into little pieces.” The black robed man then slowly walked back to his seat, while simultaneously speaking those words with complete disdain.

The white robed fat man seemed to have been scared by the aggressiveness of the black robed man, and did not even dare to continue to speak.

Jue Jiao acted as if she did not notice this commotion, and was still standing on the stage while glancing at the crowd with her charming eyes, it seemed as if she was searching for someone who would bid a higher price.

Everyone knew that Miss Ying Ying was definitely not worth only 2,000 Spirit Stones, but the others were clearly scared of the black robed man and did not want to compete against him. When there was no one to continue to increase the bids, finally Miss Ying Ying was delivered to the side of the black robed man.

Ning Cheng had taken a note of this black haired man before, his true cultivation level was at True Condensation 2nd Level, but he had concealed his cultivation level, and to others he only looked like a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 8th Level. In Ning Cheng’s view, this black robed man’s cultivation of True Condensation 2nd Level was still not enough to scare the Yi Shui Courtyard. But for this person to be daring enough to be so arrogant, it would mean that he should have someone significant backing him up which this Yi Shui Courtyard was truly scared of.

The red curtain on the stage was once again pulled close, and Jue Jiao’s body shook as she giggled a bit before saying, “Congratulation for our patron to be able to acquire Miss Ying Ying a moment ago, and also congratulations to Miss Ying Ying who has found a better home.”

Ning Cheng in his heart sneered at her, this black robed man obviously wanted to use Miss Ying Ying as his cultivation furnace, it would be more appropriate to say that Miss Ying Ying jumped from the pan and entered into the fire pit. This Jue Jiao was so shameless, to even dare to speak such good words about her ownership.

“Our second appearance is of Miss Nuo Mei, Miss Nuo Mei has a dual Support Spiritual Root, if not to find our Miss Nuo Wei a better home, our Yi Shui Courtyard would definitely not be willing to let her go. To let Miss Nuo Mei experience even more happiness in her future, we set the base price for her only for 1,500 Spirit Stones……”

Just as Jue Jiao said those words in a tender tone, the red curtain behind her automatically opened.

What appeared in the people’s sight was a pretty woman wearing a blue dress, this woman did not seem to be like the one before her, and had chosen to smile for the people, which showed that she at least had a better temperament.

Even Ning Cheng had his doubts if the smile on her face was natural or not, as with her graceful look she looked completely different, it was as if she herself wanted to be put up for the auction.

“2,000 Spirit Stones.” A young man sitting in the second row immediately offered.

Ning Cheng at this time noticed that this Miss Nuo Mei had a gentle look in her eyes when she looked at the young man, he immediately knew that this man was the same as Tai Shu Shi, and came specifically to take away Miss Nuo Mei.

“I put in 2,200 Spirit Stones.” The black dressed man immediately offered to buy her.

When the young man heard that offer, his complexion changed, but he still said in a deep voice, “2,300 Spirit Stones.”

“I put up 2,500 Spirit Stones.” It seemed that the black robed man who had already purchased a woman before was filthy rich, and would not hesitate to increase the price.

Ning Cheng already saw it, this black robed man did not seem to want her as a furnace, but wanted the woman to help him test out a certain kind of Cultivation Method, therefore he wanted this woman who did not appear to be a cultivator unlike the others.

Having a Spiritual Root, a woman cultivator would most likely be whisked away by some academies or small sects, for a person to actually come to the Yi Shui Courtyard to buy women, it can be said to be a shortcut.

Ning Cheng sighed in his heart darkly, it that was really true, then these sisters who were being bought, would have an even more tragic fate than being a cultivation furnace.

“I bid 2,600 Spirit Stones, this Senior, Miss Nuo Mei is someone who I deeply like, this Senior, please show some leniency.” This young man had an extremely polite tone, it was much better than what the white robed fat man used. At least he did not come to the Xi Jia City to threaten other people.

The black robed man glance at the young man and suddenly said, “Who do you think you are?”

“3,000 Spirit Stones, elder brother, you already obtained one of them, leave this to me.” Another man sitting in another corner wearing a grey robe stood up, after quoting first, then he turned to the person who purchased Ying Ying, and said politely to the black robe wearing man as he cupped his fists.

When the black robed man who purchased Miss Ying Ying before heard this, he immediately replied, “I recently have a great need for several women for my Cultivation Method, and as such I will not be here the next time. But if you want to compete against me today, then you will become my mortal enemy.”

Having said that the black robed man once again bid, “I bid 3,100 Spirit Stones.”

Having bid more than 3,000 Spirit Stones the grey robed man seemed to be very afraid of this person, after frowning for a bit, he finally decided to not to continue to increase the bid.

The young man’s complexion, who was sitting in the second row and had made the first offer, immediately changed, he only had about 2,800 Spirit Stones on him. He had originally thought that it would be sufficient enough, he never imagined that Miss Nuo Mei’s price would increase this quickly to 3,100 Spirit Stones.

He looked at the face of the white robed fat man who still had bloodstains on his face, and finally did not continue to speak.

Seeing that his man could not increase the price again, Nuo Mie immediately felt something was wrong and her complexion immediately turned pale. These people had not been here for a few days, and had long since heard that some cultivators used to cultivate some strange and terrifying Cultivation Methods with the women they purchased.

Now this black robed person called Xun Shun, who had already purchased Miss Ying Ying, wanted to buy her again, it was clear that he wanted to use those sisters for his cultivation.

“Meng Lang, please help me increase the price quickly, I beg you to increase the price….” Nuo Wei finally could not sit still, and almost with a crying voice shouted from the stage. Her voice was really heart wrenching, and made other people’s heart to be anxious for her. But it was really a pity, this Meng Lang not only did not increase the price, but he even sat down with his head low.

Jue Jiao suddenly frowned, and gave a cold snort. When Nuo Mei heard that cold snort, she subconsciously shivered, and no longer dared to call out to Meng Lang again.

Tai Shu Shi who was sitting next to Ning Cheng let out a sigh, “They really are too poor, and if I had not met you, I probably would have been the same as him and would not be able to save Lian’e….”

Ning Cheng had never seen this kind of thing before in his life, the rest of the people were just calmly sitting there watching the scene of seeing those women being thrown into the fire pit. Even if these women were not cultivators, he knew that he would not be able to remain calm. At this point of time he was clenching his fist so hard that even he wouldn’t be surprised if water came out of it, but it really was a pity as he really did not have the ability or the resources to help them all. He could only see that black robed person called Xun Shun take out the 3,100 Spirit Stones as he once again went ahead and purchased Nuo Mei.

Then sure enough from what this person by the name of Xun Shun said, he once again purchased the third, and the fifth women who came onto the stage. The fourth, sixth and the seventh were purchased by other people. It seemed as if these three women were not up to the standard of what this Xun Shun was looking for, no one knew that if it was their appearance or qualifications that did or meet his demands, so he did not offer any bids. But everyone present knew that as long as he quoted his price, no one would compete with him and he could easily buy them.

The people sitting in the front two rows were the ones who bid the most, but they were never successful even once. Having witnessed what happened to the white robed fat man, no one dared to continue to bid and risked being threatened by those unidentified black robed people, or those cultivators who were sitting with their face covered by their hats.

“Our eighth sister to come up on stage is our Yi Shui Courtyard’s Miss Lian’e, Miss Lian’e is someone who has a primary Spiritual Root, moreover even her appearance is extremely exceptional. So Miss Lian’e’s base price is set to 2,000 Low Grade Spirit Stones, the people who want to take a shot at Miss Lian’e, please start early….”

Just after Jue Jiao finished speaking, the curtain behind her immediately opened revealing a tall and pale looking woman. This woman had long hair, and was even more beautiful than the previous seven women by several times. Not only that, this woman also had the highest cultivation level out of all of them, and was already at Qi Gathering 5th Level. Ning Cheng saw the approval in Tai Shu Shi’s eyes, this woman’s cultivation was really good.

“I bid 2,500 Low Grade Spirit Stones.” The man in the black robe called Xun Shun made the first bid.

Tai Shu Shi immediately increased the bidding price and said, “3,000 Spirit Stones.”

As if she heard Tai Shu Shi’s voice, Lian’e immediately looked at him in surprise, then she saw the glowing light in the eyes of Tai Shu Shi, and her pale face gained a rosy colour.

“3,500 Spirit Stones, I want this woman called Lian’e, who dares to further increase the price?” The expression on the Xun Shun’s face immediately turned cold, and looked at Tai Shu Shi with an intent to kill.

This Killing Intent was almost immediately sensed by Tai Shu Shi, but he had already understood that this Xun Shun was definitely not at Qi Gathering 8th Level, but a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm.

Sensing that this Xun Shun was a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm, Tai Shu Shi’s completion immediately turned ugly, and unexpectedly did not speak for a while, he did not know if he should continue to increase the price. If he continued to increase the price wouldn’t he have not learnt from the lesson that the white robed fat man got. Not only would he not able to save Lian’e, but he would also end up dragging Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng saw the expression on Tai Shu Shi’s face, and immediately knew that he was overwhelmed by the Killing Intent from this Xun Shun. He did not hesitate and immediately offered, “4,000 Spirit Stones.”

“Good, very good, there unexpectedly is a person who dare to rob Xun Shun’s woman….” As Xun Shun spoke, his entire body was filled with a dense murderous intent once again, while at the same time directly rushed out to slap Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng, was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 9th Level, in his eyes, he was just an ant.

“Who do you think you are? Dare to speak such nonsense in front of your father.” Ning Cheng realized that having an imposing manner was very important, and said those words sarcastically to Xun Shun, while similarly flying out, and then sending out a punch towards him.

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