Chapter 0071

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0071 – I Understand

As the black robed man’s fist moved towards him, Ning Cheng also punched out with his fist, which completely split apart the force of the incoming fist, just like a Great Axe, he even released his Killing Intent to the full. This was not a simple punch; it was as if his opponent’s oppressive Killing Intent was completely split by an axe. As a result, the force from the fist of Xun Shun which was also filled with his Killing Intent was completely dispersed, but Ning Cheng’s punch which seemed like an axe was still continuing towards him without even the slightest bit of delay.

“Bang” a muffled sound emerged, as Ning Cheng’s fist directly blew back Xun Shun’s fist.

Xun Shun had previously thought that Ning Cheng was just a cultivator in the Qi Gathering Realm, so he had not put him in his eyes, as such he had not used his full power during his attack. In his view, this fist of his was more than enough to break several teeth of Ning Cheng. He had never thought that Ning Cheng would be this powerful, by the time he could even aggregate more of his True Essence it was already too late, and the only option left for him was to retreat.

Ning Cheng understood this Xun Shun’s idea, after Xun Shun saw that he could not take the force of his Axe Fist, he immediately retreated, while simultaneously Ning Cheng also sent out a kick towards him.

This foot solidly connected with his chest, but Xun Shun used the backlash from this kick to once again retreat.

Looking at this, it would seem that Xun Shun was kicked by Ning Cheng with his foot, but the fact was Xun Shu was actually not injured at all, as he just utilized that opportunity to retreat. Before he had wanted to teach Ning Cheng a lesson, but instead he was taught a lesson by Ning Cheng, and was even kicked away by him.

After losing such a huge amount of face, Xun Shun’s face immediately turned red, and even held a bit of fear towards Ning Cheng, although he and Ning Cheng had barely exchanged a few moves, but just from that exchange he knew that Ning Cheng was definitely not an ordinary Qi Gathering Cultivator.

“Swish” a red Flying Sword appeared in the hands of Xun Shun, as the Killing Intent emanating from his body suddenly surged, it seemed that he really wanted to go against Ning Cheng once more.

This was something that Jue Jiao could not tolerate and finally said, “If you two guests want to fight, then please leave the auction immediately, you can go outside and fight. This is the auction house of the Yi Shui Courtyard, if everyone was like you two, then my Yi Shui Courtyard would not exist today as it is.”

These words spoken by her were both a persuasion and a threat, but the complexion of Xun Shun immediately turned green, finally looking at Ning Cheng he coldly snorted and said, “Good, good, let me see today how would you be able to leave Xi Jia City.”

Ning Cheng just patted down his slightly wrinkled clothes and replied in an indifferent voice, “That should be my, your father’s, sentence, you fart of a person.”

He and Xun Shu had barely exchanged 2 moves, so he knew that although he looked powerful, but his cultivation level was not even up to par to that of Xiong Qi Hua.

Ning Cheng also was able to guess that Xun Shun had someone behind him, and he believed that because of this person, he would definitely not be able to do anything to Xun Shun inside the city regarding this matter, but once he came outside the Xi Jia City then he knew that Xun Shun would definitely will try to stop him. As long as he was able to lure Xun Shun out of the Xi Jia City, he would definitely be able to kill Xun Shu, and moreover be able to walk away. Even if this incident came to light later, he would have already left the Xi Jia City.

Seeing Ning Cheng teach such a lesson to that arrogant black clothed man called Xun Shun, there was nobody in the room who dared to continue increase the price.

Ning Cheng finally was able to use the 4,000 Spirit Stones to buy Lian’e back.

Tai Shu Shi even forgot that Lian’e had already come over, and was still excited and said, “Big brother, you really have such a good skill, well done.”

“Stone….” only when Lian’e called out in a trembling voice, did Tai Shu Shi woke up, he immediately stood up, and grabbed Lian’e’s hands and said, “Lian’e, you can stop worrying, I had already promised you that I would definitely come here to save you.”

Lian’e had stayed for many years in this place called Yi Shui Courtyard, so she was able to easily understand the expressions on Tai Shu Shi’s face, moreover she also came to know from the words of Tai Shu Shi on how to address Ning Cheng, she immediately bowed to Ning Cheng and said, “Thank you Big Brother to help Stone to save this Lian’e.”

Ta Shu Shi’s mood was extremely relaxed and immediately said, “Let’s go, it time for us to go out.”

At this point Jue Jiao once again cried out sweetly from the stage, “Congratulations to Lian’e to be returned to her beloved person, it is the happiest thing for my Yi Shui Courtyard. The next one to come out, is actually the youngest girl from the Yi Shui Courtyard to be put on auction, she is just 18 years of age and is called Liu Han Yu. To get a better understanding of Han Yu, although she is extremely tender and pleasant looking, and even has a three-line Spiritual Root, but the main attracting point is that she even has a primary Spiritual Root.”

“If not for the continued patronage of our guests here at my Yi Shui Courtyard’s unveiling, we really would not have brought out such an excellent looking girl called Han Yu. The starting price for Han Yu is 2,000 Low Grade Spirit Stones….”

Just as Jue Jiao finished speaking, the red curtain behind her once again rolled up, and revealed a woman with short hair. This woman was exactly as Jue Jiao said, tender and pleasant, even her eyes were very alluring, but her face was extremely calm.

It really was Liu Han Yu, Ning Cheng darkly sighed in his heart, he did not know when Liu Han Yu had cut her hair, but her eyes showed that she had already resigned herself to die. However, it could also be seen that she also despised those persons who purchased women for their cultivation, once they were purchased by such people, even if they wanted to die they would have to ask for permission from their masters.

“I bid 2,100 Spirit Stones.” Someone immediately bid.

“I put up 2,200 Spirit Stones.”

“2,300 Spirit Stones.”


The price quickly rose to 2,500 Spirit Stones, when Xun Shun coldly glanced at Ning Cheng and suddenly said out loud, “3,000 Spirit Stones.”

Just as Xun Shun said his price out loud, the surrounding people who wanted to bid immediately stopped themselves.

“3,100 Spirit Stones.” Ning Cheng bid, immediately every person in the room held their breaths.

This young man who was carrying a Spear on his back, it seems that he really was not afraid of Xun Shun, he not only not feared him, but was even set on going against him.

Xun Shun’s face sank, as he suddenly stood up, “Boy, just who exactly are you, to even dare to go against this Xun Shun?”

“Do I really have to fight against you? Idiot, just who do you think you are? To look down on everyone.” Ning Cheng casually said. He already knew that this Xun Shun would not let him off and would always get in his way, so he might as well thoroughly enrage this fellow.

“Very good.” said Xun Shun after he heard Ning Cheng’s words, he then actually no longer continued to bid, and sat back down.

The inside of the room was completely silent, many of the people were very clear, it was not that Xun Shun was afraid of Ning Cheng, but because he wanted Ning Cheng dead. He will not haggle with a dead man, even if a dead man obtained many things, he would not be able to carry them off.

Xun Shun did not increase the price, plus even the other people did not come forward to snatch Liu Han Yu from Ning Cheng.

It was then that Liu Han Yu understood that it was Ning Cheng who bought her, and walked towards him, at this moment she was using her hand to cover her mouth, she could not believe that she would be able to see this person again, moreover even use more than 3,000 Spirit Stones to buy her. At this moment, the dead feeling in her eyes completely disappeared without a trace, and was replaced by a pleasant and overwhelming surprise.

In other people’s eyes, it seemed that Ning Cheng certainly fancied her, and must have bought her to serve him. But for Liu Han Yu it was very clear, Ning Cheng definitely did not fancy her, but rather really only wanted to save her. Although she could not find the reason, as it was only a hunch of hers.

“Elder Brother Ning, I, I never thought that you would come to save me.” When she was delivered to the side of Ning Chang and Tai Shu Shi, Liu Han Yu still could not believe that this was true.

“It seems that our meeting was pre-destined.” Ning Cheng signalled that Liu Han Yu need not put this affair in her heart. Then he took out the Spirit Stones and finally walked towards the Yi Shui Courtyard’s auction stage.

After Ning Cheng delivered the Spirit Stones, he immediately turned to the trio Tai Shu Shi, Lian’e and Liu Han Yu and said, “We are going.”

Tai Shu Shi understood the meaning of Ning Cheng and immediately casted a meaningful glance at Lian’e.

Lian’e and Liu Han Yu had not been in this place for just a few days, so there was no need for any hints for them, they already understood the situation completely. Without saying a word, both of them followed Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi out of the room.

Xun Shun looked at the four departing figures with a sneer on his face, and also stood up, taking the few women that he had bought, he also quickly followed them out.


The four of them ran out of the Xi Jia City, at their top speed that they could muster. But since Liu Han Yu and Lian’e’s cultivation level was not as good as them, so they could not unleash their full speed.

After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng stopped. He knew that if Xun Shun wanted to catch up to them, then he estimated that it would be somewhere around here. If it was only the two of them, then they could easily get way, but since Lian’e and Liu Han Yu were also with them, they would absolutely not be able to walk away from this place unscathed.

The remaining three seeing that Ning Cheng had stopped running also stopped. Tai Shu Shi knew that Xun Shun was a cultivator of the True Condensation Realm, and asked in a somewhat worried manner, “Big brother, did that guy already caught up to us, what do we do?”

Ning Cheng handed Tai Shu Shi a bag and said, “Stone, this bag contains the map that would lead you to the Hua Continent plus some Spirit Stones. You take Lian’e and Liu Han Yu and go ahead first, I will come follow later. If within three days, we do not meet, then we would definitely meet each other again in the Hua Continent.”

When Tai Shu Shi heard the words of Ning Cheng, he immediately knew what Ning Cheng wanted to do, he wanted the three of them to first go ahead, and he would block Xun Shun alone, to let the three of them escape first.

“How would that be good? If you are going to fight, then let us fight together, whatever may be the outcome, plus I am also at Qi Gathering 9th Level.” Tai Shu Shi refused without any hesitation.

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile and said, “I have already killed cultivators of the True Condensation 5th Level, the true cultivation level of this Xun Shun is just a trivial True Condensation 2nd Level, it not that I do not have eyes. You staying here will only delay it a bit longer, you already know why I am doing this, it is to let you escape first, once you guys are able to escape I will follow you back with my fastest speed.”

When Ning Cheng said that he had already killed a cultivator in the True Condensation 5th Level, it did not make Tai Shu Shi feel surprised. In this Ping and Yuan Continents, True Condensation Cultivators only cultivated incomplete Cultivation Methods and moreover they also did not pay any attention to cultivating one’s Spiritual Sense, since Ning Cheng cultivated a complete Cultivation Method, so it was quite possible for him to achieve this.

“Hurry up, I am just a minor figure, you do not need to be worried about me.” Ning Cheng said as he patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulders.

Tai Shu Shi’s thoughts were very simple, seeing Ning Cheng so confident about himself, he also nodded towards Ning Cheng and handed him something and said, “Good, then we’ll go first.”

Liu Han Yu walked towards Ning Cheng, and had not even begun to speak when she saw the sunlight like smile on Ning Cheng’s face and heard, “Congratulations to Liu Han Yu on leaving Yi Shui Courtyard, and thank you for giving me Spiritual Grass Tea, perhaps I may get another chance to drink such an exquisite tea once again.”

Liu Han Yu answered, “I understand, take care of yourself.”

With that, she gave a deep bow to Ning Cheng.

She certainly understood, Ning Cheng had saved her truly because she had served him the Spiritual Grass Tea, not because he took a fancy towards her. But that Spiritual Grass Tea, really ended becoming the most precious thing for her. No one knew this, but that cup of Spiritual Grass Tea that she had given to Ning Cheng, was many more times valuable to her than anything else, perhaps even more than her own life. For her, the most precious thing was actually not the cup of that Spiritual Grass Tea but the memories that it had given her.

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