Chapter 0072

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 72 – A Narrow Victory

After Tai Shu Shi and the others went away, Ning Cheng quickly arranged a Killing Array Formation of his own creation with his fastest speed.

He had just finished arranging the formation, when “Shua” a blue coloured airship Type Artefact landed at a place not far from Ning Cheng, Xun Shun glanced in the direction that Tai Shu Shi and the others had already disappeared, as he calmly got down from that airship Artefact, it was obvious that he was not in a hurry and had full confidence in himself.

There were also four women in the airship, these were the four women that Xun Shun had purchased previously from Yi Shui Courtyard.

As Ning Cheng stared at Xun Shun who was descending from the blue airship, he let out a dark sigh thinking that this guy really was filthy rich, he even owned an airship type Flying Type Artefact.

“Idiot, but it really is a good idea, for you to try to stop me for a moment, and let the other three go first, ha, ha, ha…….” Xun Shun looked at Ning Cheng and laughed, but his eyes did not even have a half a hint of a smile in them.

“In this Xi Jia City, if I, Xun Shun, want to kill somebody, then there has never been an exception….” while speaking, a red glow appeared in his hands as he gripped the red handle of a Flying Sword that he had previously took out in the Yi Shui Courtyard to try and kill him.

Ning Cheng just gently shook his body, and the broken Spear fell into his hands. He did not wait for Xun Shun to finish his speech, and said to the four women who were still on the airship, “You all have the chance right now, once me and this guy start fighting, I’m sure this guy would not have the time to look for you. If you do not want to become a useless cultivation furnace, then walk your own path.”

When Xun Shun heard this, he was immediately stunned, he did not think that Ning Cheng would not only try to stall him for a moment to let Liu Han Yu and Lian’e escape, but would also dare to encourage the women he had just bought to try and escape.

He looked back at the four women as if he was really interested to see what they would do, and suddenly turned towards Ning Cheng and roared with laughter, “This father who even let that Tai Shu Shi escape is certain that he would be able to capture him, so why would I even be afraid of you people escaping from my airship? You can first think of how do you want to die, because after this you won’t get another chance to pick how you want to die……”

Just as Xun Shun finished speaking, he immediately brought up the red Flying Sword in his hands, pointing it towards Ning Cheng, at this point he finally revealed his true cultivation level of True Condensation 2nd Level.

Ning Cheng knew that this Xun Shun cannot be compared to the ordinary True Condensation 2nd Level cultivators, it was because that he could sense that this guy also cultivated a nearly complete Cultivation Method, and seeing the way he was controlling the Flying Swords, he knew that his Spiritual Sense was also not weak. Otherwise he would not be able to control the airship Artefact and pursue him till this point, moreover he was confident that he would be able to catch Tai Shu Shi and that others.

Ning Cheng just flicked his hands, and the Spear that was wrapped in the blue cloth was immediately revealed, it was clear that the Artefact in his hands was a broken Spear. But once the Spear was grasped by his hands, it at once brought out a majestic Spear Light.

In the midst of the Spear Light and the red Sword Light that had not yet clashed together, Ning Cheng once again said, “You all can only live if you properly take this opportunity, now that I have given you the opportunity to you all to live again, if you not take this chance, then you fully deserve what happens to you all in your future life.”

After listening to the words of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng and Xun Shun saw it themselves, the four women in the airship who were hesitating till now no longer hesitated, they immediately jumped out from the airship, and did not even have enough time to even give out a thanks, when they scattered in all directions, and disappeared from their view in just a short while.

When Xun Shun saw that Ning Cheng really was successful in encouraging the women to escape, he immediately became angry to the point of almost vomiting blood. He was actually not worried that these women would be able to escape from him, but was angry because they were persuaded by a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 9th Level to escape, these idiots actually believed that he would be able to take care of Xun Shun by himself. Since they were bought by Xun Shun, how could they even think of walking away?

As his anger surged, the murderous intent in the red Flying Sword immediately became even more sharp as it moved towards Ning Cheng. He wanted to first kill Ning Cheng, and then catch those bitches one by one and let them know what happens to the people who betray Xun Shun.

Xun Shun quickly snapped back to reality as he found that his red Sword Light unexpectedly did not break Ning Cheng’s Spear Light, but rather was stopped short in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had brought out a total of 12 Spear Lights, when these Spear Lights were brought out, they were arranged neatly in front of him from west to east. However, these 12 Spear Lights quickly formed an ice line, which was invisible to the naked eye, once these icy lines connected with each other they immediately formed a Spear Formation. Finally, when all the 12 Spear Lights were linked together, it turned into an extremely cold Ice Spear Net.

“Ka Ka Ka Ka ……” After a dense snapping sound that was resounding throughout the area, the red Sword Light curtain was completely obliterated and could not be seen, only the handle of the Flying Sword was exposed under the ice sheet of the Ice Spear Net, but as for the Ice Spear Net, it was still holding strong. If one had to say why was the sword handle still sticking out, it was because the chill in the centre of the Spear Net was a bit stronger than the other outer areas, and as such could not continue to form the Ice Spear Net outside its range.

“You actually have a Profound Grade Spear Technique……” Xun Shun immediately understood the situation.

What Ning Cheng cultivated was a complete Cultivation Method, so him using his Spiritual Sense was not strange. Since he cultivated a complete Cultivation Method, then even if he was in the Qi Gathering Realm, he could still easily get rid of the Flying Sword of his opponent.

Ning Cheng could easily break his Sword Light curtain, and as such had the absolute upper hand in the battle, not because his cultivation was of a higher quality that his opponents, but because he also had a Profound Grade Spear Technique to complement it and bring out his full power.

“Puff Puff….” several bloody spurts flew out from Xun Shun’s body.

This Xun Shun did not think even in his wildest dreams that Ning Cheng would have even mastered a Profound Grade Spear Technique, even if he knew about it beforehand, and was able to do everything possible to protect himself, he knew that he would still have been pierced through by several Spear Lights.

But at the moment he was not afraid of Ning Cheng, as he took out a pill and threw it into his mouth, then stretched out his tongue and licked the blood that splashed onto his mouth. At this point of time in his eyes appeared a crazy fire, he completely forgot about the four women that had escaped. No woman could be more important than a Profound Grade Technique, what he wanted the most was the Profound Grade Spear Technique that was on Ning Cheng’s body.

Xun Shun did not continue to use his Flying Sword again, but rather slapped his Storage Bag that was hung at his waist, immediately some old looking copper coins appeared in his hands.

“Die for me.” Xun Shun’s mouth curled into a sneer, as he brought up those old looking copper coins as if he was offering it to someone.

These old looking copper coins immediately enlarged to the size of a dustpan with a square shaped hole in their centre, the next moment, it seemed that the air that was passing through the square shaped holes seemed to have stagnated.

Ning Cheng felt his own hand sink, the broken Spear in his hands suddenly felt extremely heavy. Ning Cheng immediately knew, that it was because of the old looking copper coins that Xun Shun had taken out. He forcibly gathered the Qi in his body, and wanted to once again send out an attack using the 36 Ice Spear Technique.

But just as he gathered his Qi to execute the 36 Ice Spears Technique, he immediately felt both his hands go numb, his hands unexpectedly could not hold the broken Spear, and he was immediately pushed away by a powerful force that surrounded him.

The next moment, he saw that his Spear directly flew through the square hole in the centre of one of the old looking copper coins.

When the Spear left his hands, he found that the heavy feeling in his hands also instantly vanished.

Xun Shun immediately chuckled, and once again brought up his Flying Sword and shot out three Sword Lights. Two of the Sword Light completely sealed up Ning Cheng’s route of escape, while the third Sword Light was aimed at Ning Cheng’s waist, it was clear that he wanted to slice Ning Cheng into two.

The Sword Light was extremely fast, plus now that he had lost his Spear, Ning Cheng did not have any room to block it, at this time what Ning Cheng wanted the most was a defensive weapon. If there was defensive weapon on him, he would not have to fear this Sword Light from his opponent, so he could only choose to rush towards him.

Looking at Xun Shun, his complexion was extremely pale, even the Flying Sword in his hands was trembling, it was obvious that those old looking copper coins needed a lot of his True Essence to control them.

Seeing the Sword Light aimed at his waist, Ning Cheng swung his hands as if it were an axe.

When the Axe Fist hit the Sword Light, it stopped it for a moment, and resulted in most of its power dissipating and it also eased up the pressure on Ning Cheng, but it still struck on Ning Cheng’s waist.

Xun Shun secretly sighed in relief, he definitely did not want Ning Cheng to die so quickly, but Ning Cheng’s fierceness was something completely unexpected to him. Now that he was facing his Sword Light, even if his opponent was more ruthless than him, his only fate was to be cut down in the middle.

“Swoosh” a sound of leather being struck could be heard, as Ning Cheng sprayed out a mouthful of blood, but abruptly did not retreat.

Xun Shun looked at the still intact Ning Cheng, and could see the exposed armour that was revealed on Ning Cheng’s waist, he immediately knew what had happened.

Even if the Qi in his body was almost exhausted, he still once more gathered the rest of Qi and sent out another Sword Light, he wanted to strike at Ning Cheng once again.

Ning Cheng grabbed the broken Spear that was swept away, while simultaneously used his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique. But his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle was not aimed at his opponent’s incoming Sword Light, but rather it was aimed at his opponent with the intent of splitting him.

He had never met this kind of situation before, but he could see that his opponents combat experience was not very rich. Now that he knew that those old looking copper coins were the ones that were responsible for separating him from his Spear, how could Ning Cheng wait for his opponent to use it once more. While this Xun Shun had sent out the Sword Light from his Flying Sword, at the same time his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle had already crossed the distance between the two of them.

Only when the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle penetrated into his chest, did Xun Shun came to know that he was assassinated, and immediately called out in horror, “How could this be, why didn’t my Five Treasure Fall Copper Coins not sweep away this Artefact…….”

A powerful destructive force was wreaking havoc in his body, Xun Shun came to understand, that if he did not get help immediately he would definitely die here.

A bright red light emerged from his body, this light was like that of a meteor, as it shot out from Xun Shun’s hand.

“What’s going on?” Xun Shun cried out as he saw the bright red light that he had shot out to call for reinforcements had completely turned around just when it had only travelled 30 feet.

Ning Cheng immediately made the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle in his body to twist savagely, as Xun Shun’s eyes immediately lost their lustre, he was still not willing to die as he kept staring at Ning Cheng, he really could not figure out how could he die by the hands of a mere Qi Gathering kid.

“I am also an Array Formations Master, before you came in, I arranged a small scale Killing Array Formation, to stop shameless people like you to call for help, idiot.” Ning Cheng spoke as he blasted a punch out.

Xun Shun was directly blow away by the force of Ning Cheng’s punch, but this time when he fell down, he was already a corpse. The bright red light that was blocked by the Array Formation, also stopped and dissipated in an instant.

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