Chapter 0076

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0076 – Ning Cheng’s Strength

Of the twenty people inside the yurt, the only person who could react to Ning Cheng who had slapped the rough looking woman was the only cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level. However, even though he was the only person who could react to Ning Cheng slapping the rough looking woman, he did not come up to block him.

While Ning Cheng had gone out to slap this rough looking woman, at the same time he was also ready to face off against the man at the True Condensation 3rd Level, once this man decided to join the fray, he would have immediately sent out his Axe Fist towards him. He had not thought that this man at the True Condensation Realm would not come forward to stop him, which made Ning Cheng somewhat surprised, but then Ning Cheng immediately understood that there should be quite a gap in the status of him and that rough looking woman.

When the people saw that this outsider dared to hit the personal guard of their king, moreover the personal guard that their king favoured the most, all the people inside the yurt were instantly shocked.

The three cultivator who were hanging in the corner were looking at Ning Cheng in a surprised way, they did not know where Ning Cheng came from to have such a huge amount of courage.

“You are courting death….” The rough looking woman did not think that Ning Cheng would actually dare to hit her, and suddenly became angry. With her whole body shaking in anger, she pounced towards Ning Cheng.

The young girl sitting in the middle, who the people viewed as their master and king, immediately waved her hand, and the rough looking woman immediately stopped, although she still stared at Ning Cheng with extreme anger in her eyes, but she no longer continued to let her move towards Ning Cheng.

The young girl stared at Ning Cheng, and said in a cold voice, “Could it be that you are relying on your little skill, to come to my North Jue Encampment and assault my people at will? My North Jue Encampment is always hospitable towards others, you are just an invited guest, so it would be better for you to not swagger yourself before us.”

Then she pointed to the three cultivators who were hung up in the corner and said, “Do you know why they have been hung there? That is because they wanted to come to my North Jue Encampment and show off their strength to others.”

“Bah! If you want to use such a method to plot against me, then let me tell you that you really are nothing in front of me, moreover I your father, can kill every single thrash here if I wanted to.” One of the men who was hung up, unable to use his cultivation, immediately said out with disdain.

“Oh, in that case, I’ll put you down, then we can have a little spar, and see if whether or not you really have the guts to back up your words.” That cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level finally spoke something albeit apathetically.

When the male cultivator who was being hung in the corner heard this cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level speak, he immediately fell silent, it was obvious that this person had suffered a huge loss against him before.

Going with the philosophy of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, Ning Cheng just laughed and said, “It seems that they were the ones you people plotted against, looking at the state of these three people I can definitely say that you all really are garbage.”

“You don’t seem to want to answer my question.” The Killing Intent in the eyes of this girl was getting more and more intense, but the surrounding people could not notice it, they were still thinking about why their master and king was still this patient with him, and was still speaking quite nicely towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng suddenly once again began to walk forward, this time when the cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level saw that Ning Cheng walking towards his king, he quickly stepped forward, blocking Ning Cheng’s path, while his entire body was surrounded with a heavy Killing Intent, as long as the young girl spoke just a few words, he would begin fighting immediately.

Ning Cheng stopped, staring at the girl he said, “Guest? I have been standing here for a long time, but the fact is I haven’t been offered even a cup of tea? I have not even been offered a chair, but instead all that I got was barking from several dogs. It’s just bad luck, bad luck.”

Saying that Ning Cheng clapped his hands, as if clapping his hands would dispel his bad luck.

“Kill him.” The young girl could not endure it any longer, and with her anger finally bursting, she coldly spat out those two words.

When the eight cultivators at the Qi Gathering 9th Level who were standing below her on either side heard her order, they immediately swarmed towards him. They had been waiting for their master to just say those words, now that they received their orders, they were not even half a beat slow to execute it.

Ning Cheng did not even bring out the Spear that he had on his back, with his cultivation of True Condensation 1st Level if he had to use his Artefact to go against a few cultivators in the Qi Gathering Realm, it would really be a joke.

Almost at the same time, he sent out four punches. Or rather than saying he sent out four punches, it would be better to say that he sent out four continuous axe strikes.

Although these four axe strikes were sent out one after another, but when he really executed it, it seemed as if he sent out those four attacks simultaneously.

An extremely violent Killing Intent momentarily enveloped the entire room, even the face of that cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level changed, he could sense the shadow of an axe in the punches of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng was obviously empty handed, but it actually seemed that there were several axe shadows coming out towards him.

This person absolutely was their enemy, thought this man at the True Condensation 3rd Level as he flicked his hands, and an octagonal sided hammer Type Artefact appeared in his hands. He had not even come forwards, when he heard “Puff Puff….” four continuous sounds erupting all around him.

Of the eight people at the Qi Gathering 9th Level that were approaching Ning Cheng, four of them immediately fell to the ground dead. The other four were blankly looking at the blood spilling from the four corpses of their comrades, their complexion somewhat pale, they did not dare to continue come forward.

Even the young girl who the people called as their king became pale faced, and stood up immediately. Ning Cheng discovered that when this girl stood up, she was the same height as him.

“Hey, weren’t you also were attacked by the poisonous gases from those cannibalistic sand Monstrous Beasts a moment ago, how is it that you not affected?” One of the male cultivators who was hung up in a corner called out in surprise.

“What is this poisonous gas from the sand cannibalistic Monstrous Beast that you speak of?” Ning Cheng asked in with a puzzled look on his face, he seemed to have guessed that it was probably the strange fishy and unpleasant odour from before, but under the operation of a single cycle of his True Essence, this unpleasant odour fully disappeared from his body, was it possible that this was the poisonous gas from those sand canine poisonous beast?

“This sand canine poisonous beast is one of the most dangerous of the Monstrous Beast in this Thunder Fall Desert, these Monstrous Beast usually travel in huge groups, moreover they not only travel on the land but even completely blot out the skies in the desert. Even their sharp beaks are filled with poisonous mucus, and their faces are covered with large tumorous growths, and seem to be only a foot long.”

“If one saw these Monstrous Beasts, one had to immediately run away, otherwise the only thing that awaits them is death. Those tumour growths on the bodies of these Monstrous Beasts are also filled with an extremely poisonous liquid, once they are burst during a fight, it will immediately release a dense and highly toxic poisonous cloud. If a cultivator even takes a whiff of this poisonous gas, their entire body will become weak, and they would not be able to utilize their Qi or True Essence. This enchanter from the North Jue Encampment likes to collect this kind of toxic gas, because we were not careful about it, for just a few cultivators in the Qi Gathering Realm, this father would have already split them apart.” This male cultivator hatefully replied.

That cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level suddenly whispered into the young girl’s ear and said, “My King, this person has very probably taken the antidote to the poison, this antidote should have specifically been made to counter the poison of the sand canine beast, perhaps it might even be the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea. Looking at the strong Killing Intent on this person, it is absolutely clear that he is not simple to deal with, perhaps he might not be much worse than me.”

The pale face of the young girl who was referred to as King eased up, she immediately said to the several other people in the room, “Tidy up the place at once, and also find a seat for our esteemed Mr. Ning.”

“My King….” That rough looking woman was anxious to speak to her, but the young girl just waved her hand, and she swallowed the words that she was about to say.

The speed of the few remaining soldiers was very quick, and in just a short time, the room was entirely cleaned, there wasn’t even a single blood stain on the floor, as if what happened just a moment ago was just an illusion.

“First take down those three people, I have to properly receive the honoured guest of my North Jue Encampment.” The young girl casually pointed to the two men and the woman hanging in the corner and said.

He did not wait for the guards to carry away the three people, as Ning Cheng lifted his hands and sent out a few Wind Edges. The three people who were been hung up were immediately set free by Ning Cheng, as those Wind Edges that were sent out by Ning Cheng were more than enough to cut the ropes that were held in the hands of the soldiers.

“Ha ha, these friends look vaguely familiar to me, I have been waiting to talk with them about the good old days.” Ning Cheng said while not caring about the young girl’s attitude.

“Many thanks to the friend for our rescue, but since we are still affected by the toxic gas of the sand canine beast, so we are not able to utilize our True Essence, as such we have no way to repay the favour you have shown to us.” The three people when, freed came towards Ning Cheng and immediately expressed their gratitude.

Ning Cheng just casually reached out and grabbed a few chairs, “Everyone please sit down, there is a saying in my hometown called the enemy of my enemy …… no that’s not right, within the four seas all of us our brothers, so why the need to be polite.”

“Well said, within the four seas all of us brothers.” The three people in the True Condensation Realm immediately weakly clasped their fists, showing that they greatly approved of the words spoken by Ning Cheng.

“Clap Clap” that young girl who was called as their King this time did not have a shred of anger on her face, instead she just smiled, and clapped her hands and said, “What Mr. Ning said really is true, within all the four seas everyone are brothers, Mei Xu, why don’t you go prepare a nice wine for all of us to enjoy for today, let us celebrate to this capable person called Mr. Ning.”

The rough looking woman who had been slapped twice by Ning Cheng, when she heard those words she quickly bowed and said: “Yes, my King.”

Finished saying that she immediately turned around and left.

Ning Cheng sneered in his heart, this rough looking woman called Mei Xu obviously had a Storage Bag on her, so how could she not have good wine in it? For this woman to go out, it was obviously to arrange some kind of method to trap him in this place.

However even though Ning Cheng knew about this he did not feel any fear, when he had come here he already knew that these people were nothing more than thugs. Although these yurts were arranged to form an Array Formation, but in his eyes it was not something that could threaten him. The most powerful person here was the man at the True Condensation 3rd Level in front of him, although he was powerful but it did not make him feel worried to be plotted against by them.

“This younger sister, I have a request, I know these three friends, but these three friends are infected by the toxic poison gas of the sand canine Monstrous Beasts. I can see that younger sister is quite well natured, how about you let me take a little bit of the antidote to help my three friends detoxify the poison from their body.”

Ning Cheng cupped his fists in front of the one these people called as their king and said while smiling.

When the soldiers in the room heard Ning Cheng call their King as younger sister, they instantly became extremely angry.

When the little girl who was referred to as King by her people heard those words, anger and Killing Intent flashed past in her eyes, but then she immediately gave an apologetic smile and said, “To counteract the toxicity of the sand canine Monstrous Beast, one needs the Desert Spring Geocentric Tea, but it has to be taken beforehand for the best results. Even in a thousand years’ no one has ever seen the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea, and thus is an extremely priceless treasure, my North Jue Encampment is just a small tribe, how could we have such a precious thing. The reason that we are not affected by the poison is because we are directly in contact with it all year round, as a result we have grown accustomed to it.”

“For Mr. Ning to not fear this kind of poisonous gas, must be due to the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea right, if Brother Ning is willing to part with the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea, then my North Jue Encampment is willing to buy it at a high price.”

This woman not only said that she did not have anything like the Spiritual Grass Tea in question, but instead used the same words against Ning Cheng to counter question him. As if it was not enough, she also tried to provoke the three people who Ning Cheng had just saved to act against him. The meaning of her words was pretty obvious since you were not affected by the poison, then obviously you have an antidote to it on you, you keep babbling about brotherhood in all the four seas, why don’t we see if you take out the antidote.

How could Ning Cheng not know the meaning behind those words spoken by that woman, just as went ahead to counter her words, the woman that he had just saved immediately spoke up and said, “Brother Ning, my clothes are already shredded, please……”

When Ning Cheng heard those words, he understood her meaning, as if being embarrassed due to his carelessness, he turned and looked at the young girl who claimed to be the king.

When the young girl saw Ning Cheng looking at her, she immediately said to the maid servant at her side, “Hurry up and get these three people here some proper dresses, we can’t neglect the friends of Mr. Ning.”

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