Chapter 0077

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Translated By – DemonKiller, with a bit of help from Deathblade and Totmes
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0077 – Lost Desert Country

Just as the feast was put together for them, the maid returned to the room with a change of clothes for the three people. Although it did not look like there was anything abnormal with them, but because of their lack of control over their True Essence, it was obvious that they were merely empty shells of their former selves.

Ning Cheng laughed at first, and then proceeded to greet the three people.

When the three people saw Ning Cheng greet them, they once again immediately stepped forward to express thanks. Ning Cheng also got to know the names of these three people, one of the male cultivator who seemed to have a fiery temperament, with a medium build, and a blackish skin was called Lou Hong Fang, he had the cultivation level of True Condensation 2nd Level. The other male cultivator was called Huang Yuan Bo, he had slender looking eyes, and was fair skinned, but only had the cultivation level of True Condensation 1st Level. While the woman cultivator was named Shi Pei Shan, she looked quite gentle, with an oval shaped face, gleaming eyes, which gave other people an impression that she was very assertive of her opinions.

Once these three people sat down, Ning Cheng asked them, “Were you three really poisoned by the toxic gas from those sand canine Monstrous Beasts?”

Lou Hong Fang angrily stared at that young girl, before saying with a raspy voice, “That’s right, we were plotted against by this woman.”

“Is there any way to solve the situation about the toxic gas?” Ning Cheng knew that year after year there were innumerable amounts of cultivators who walked through the desert, so they definitely would have some way to counter this. Although he did not have any way to get rid of the poison, but that did not mean that others would not know about it.

Because Shi Pei Shan had a wounded throat, so she spoke hoarsely, but when she heard the words of Ning Cheng, she took the initiative to reply and said, “The toxic gas that those poisonous Monstrous Beast carry is very difficult to detoxify, but she did not lie about it, only the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea can detoxify it. Because the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea is extremely difficult to find, as a result if anyone had the bad luck of meet those sand poisonous beasts in the Thunder Fall Desert, then it would be much better that they not fight them, and actively seek to escape far away from them.”

Huang Yuan Bo looked at Ning Cheng and frowned before speaking, “The quantity of the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea required for detoxifying the poison is not much, just a drop of the medicinal solution is more than enough.”

Ning Cheng lowered his head as frowned in thought, he did not care much about the words spoken by Huang Yuan Bo, what he was thinking about was the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea. Because he had never drunk such kind of tea, how could he not fear this type of toxic gas.

Luo Hong Fang and Shi Pei Shan also did not care much about the words spoken by Huang Yuan Bo, only that young girl who was being called as King by everyone had a hint of smile on her lips, obviously she knew that the seed that she had planted had sprouted. At least this Huang Yuan Bo believed that this Ning Xiao Cheng had the Geocentric Spring Tea on his body.

Ning Cheng at this time was thinking about the Spiritual Grass Tea that he had drank at that place, it was the cup of Spiritual Grass Tea that was poured to him by Liu Han Yu at the Yi Shui Courtyard, although it tasted slightly bitter, but it immediately quenched the thirst in his body, it would make a person to not be able to part with it, but was that really the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea? Liu Han Yu was just a down and out woman, how could it be possible for her to have this kind of precious Spiritual Grass Tea?

“Is it possible that Brother Ning was also passing through the Thunder Fall Desert?” Luo Hong Fang was a relatively straightforward person, and immediately made a noise to interrupt Ning Cheng’s line of thought.

“Just so.” It was at this moment Ning Cheng remembered what he wanted to ask them before, since he did not know anything about this North Jue Encampment, he was a bit certain that perhaps these three people were like Luo Hong Fang who were living in this desert and would perhaps have a map of this place.

“How did the three of you come here? Could it be that you are also like me, who wants to cross through this Thunder Fall Desert to go to the Hua Continent?” Ning Cheng directly asked.

When that young girl who the other people called as their King heard the conversation between those four people who she had never put in her eyes, her face immediately turned ugly, but it quickly returned to normal, she took the initiative and took out a jug of wine and helped Ning Cheng pour out a glass and said, “I, on behalf of the North Jue Tribe, want to thank Mr. Ning here for his visit to our North Jue Encampment as our esteemed guest.”

When Luo Hong Fang saw Ning Cheng reach out for the glass of wine, his face immediately became anxious, and was about to speak, but then he saw that Ning Cheng had already downed the glass of wine.

Ning Cheng certainly knew that Lou Hong Fang feared that the wine was poisoned, and now that those three lives were also tied to him, it was normal for Lou Hong Fang to be worried.

Ning Cheng was extremely careful when he had done that, he had already thoroughly checked out the wine a long time ago.

Seeing Ning Cheng to be all right, Lou Hong Feng felt relieved, and said out aloud, “The three of us really were going to the Hua Continent, originally we were a group of five, but two of our group perished on the way due to the lightning that fell from the skies. A day ago we accidentally found an ancient map, this ancient map turned out to be of the ancient Lan Yi Country that had disappeared in the Thunder Fall Desert countless years ago. We three were completely happy, and went out to look for the remains of that ancient Lan Yi Country, we did not expect that we would be plotted against by these despicable people here……”

Luo Hong Fang said as he still angrily glared at the face of young girl that people were calling as the King.

That young girl who was being addressed as King leisurely said, “Mr Ning, what brother Luo said is really true, but what he didn’t say was that he had obtained this ancient map from a traitor of my North Jue Tribe. This map really is of the historic ruins of the Lan Yi Country, but what many people do not know about this point is that this ancient Lan Yi Country was the precursor of my North Jue Tribe. Initially when the Lan Yu Country was destroyed, many of the elders that protected the country ended up shedding their blood, some of the elders who fled the Lan Yi Country ended up establishing my North Jue Tribe, this Tribe is the only thing that was left behind from that era.”

“Now that someone was going to excavate the remains of my Lan Yi Country’s historical sites, I as the King of the North Jue Tribe, how could I let the remains of my Lan Yi Country to fall into the hands of others? Moreover, even the ancient map that they obtained was also from my North Jue Tribe.”

Luo Hong Fang pointed at the young girl and laughed, “You say that your North Jue Tribe are their descendants, then I am too, do you have no sense of shame? Do not say that this North Jue Tribe is the legacy that the Lan Yi Country left behind, even if that was the case, even Lan Yi Country has no right to say that it was theirs. In the past, the reason why the Lan Yi Country chose to establish themselves in this desert, was not because this Thunder Fall Desert was really good for them, but it was because the Lan Yi Country found the legacy of a strong cultivator beneath the desert.”

“Once the Lan Yi Country found that there was a legacy of a strong cultivator beneath the desert sands, so they immediately chose to migrate their entire country to the Thunder Fall Desert. None of them though that Lan Yi Country would have hit such a huge jackpot, after they established their country in the desert, instead of declining they actually prospered into a true country. Whether that historic relic was actually found or not I do not know, but the Lan Yi Country had increasingly thrived.”

Ning Cheng really could not believe that someone could actually establish a thriving country in this Thunder Fall Desert, the fearfulness of this Thunder Desert, he had experienced it himself.

Seeing the still puzzled look on Ning Cheng’s face, Shi Pei Shan took the initiative to speak, “Brother Ning, what Brother Luo said is indeed true, the Lan Yi Country had really founded a thriving nation in this desert moreover it had been thriving for innumerable years. Initially the Lan Yi Country was founded at the edge of the desert, but after passing through the countless years of change, along with the constant erosion from the Thunder Fall Desert, this Desert also became increasingly huge. Originally this Lan Yi Country was established at the edges of the Thunder Fall Desert, but it gradually moved to the depths of the desert. Because of this, it also led to the demise of the Lan Yi Country.”

With the few words that Huang Yuan Bo heard from Shi Pei Shan, he then continued on with the explanation, “I heard that the Lan Yi Country was exterminated not because of the lightning and other creatures in the Thunder Fall Desert, but because someone from the Lan Yi Country found the resting place of a strong Sea Opening Realm cultivator, which resulted in bringing in all kinds of supreme masters to fight for its legacy. When these supreme masters started fighting in the Lan Yi Country, it resulted in the complete destruction of the entire Lan Yi Country. Afterwards when the most powerful yellow sand dragon in the Thunder Fall Desert passed by it, not only did all the cultivators stop fighting, but rather all the people in the Lan Yi Country disappeared without a trace. The Lan Yi Country was then completely absorbed by the desert just like a sponge soaking in water.”

“Yellow Sand Dragon?” When Ning Cheng heard those words he immediately recalled the incident from a few days ago when he was swept away by a yellow sand dragon, he then had to use his fist with his comprehension of the true meaning of the axe to break through the yellow sand, and it was only then that he could escape.

Lou Hong Fang continued on with his explanation, “That’s right, in this Thunder Fall Desert besides those horrible sand poisonous beasts, this Thunder Fall Desert still has those yellow sand dragons. These yellow dragon looks like a violent sand swirl that takes the shape of sand pillars, once you are sucked up by it, then it is very difficult to escape, finally you will end up being torn apart into tiny pieces by those Yellow Sand Dragons. What I just described to you was just a small Thunder Fall Yellow Dragon, the biggest Yellow Dragon is said to be thousands of miles long, if you meet this Yellow Dragon, even if it was a real country, I estimate that it would be completely swallowed by it.”

Ning Cheng now understood, that the reason that he was able to escape was because it was probably a small yellow sand dragon, if it was a large one, perhaps he might have not been lucky enough to be able to escape.

But what Ning Cheng was most interested at this time was the resting place of the cultivator of the Sea Opening Realm, he was no longer the unknowledgeable fellow that he was when arrived in this world, he was very clear in his mind, about the different ways of the cultivation world. Because of limited resources, the people often fought with each other with their full strength, as a result most of these precious resources would no doubt be snatched by the others, you then could only look at other people advancing in their cultivation, while you were simply casted off to the side.

In this Yi Xing Mainland there were 9 major realms, the Sea Opening Realm was the realm directly below the Crucible Transformation Realm, once one stepped into the Crucible Transformation Realm, there was a legend that these cultivators can even rip apart the heavens and the earth and travel to distant places in just an instant. Of course, this knowledge, Ning Cheng had heard about it from the mouth of Tai Shu Shi.

When he had come out of the Ping Continent, only then he had come to know that above the Essence Building Realm was the Profound Congealing Realm, and above the Profound Congealing Realm was the Profound Core Realm. As for what was above the Profound Core Realm, he did not have any knowledge about it at that point of time. It was only when he arrived at the Yuan Continent and exchanged information about Tai Shu Yi, that he came to know that above the Profound Core Realm was the Soul Essence Realm, and above the Soul Essence Realm was the Soul Sculpting Realm, and when one crossed through the Soul Sculpting Realm they would then step into the Sea Opening Realm.

It was thus clear that the burial site of a mighty cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm would not only be full of fearful things but would also be filled with incomparably precious treasures. So when Lou Hong Fang said that the Lan Yi Country established their country in this Thunder Fall Desert because of the tomb of the Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, Ning Cheng did not find it strange that the country ended up increasing in prosperity before they collapsed.

Ning Cheng suddenly looked at the young girl King and said, “My King, I think that the ancient map that Brother Lou had obtained should be with you right? Can you let me have a look at this ancient map to see what makes it so special?”

There was a slight change in this young girl King’s complexion, she knew that Ning Cheng wanted the ancient map of the Lan Yi Country, but she had never thought that Ning Cheng would be so straightforward with it. If Ning Cheng had tried to beat around the bush even a little, she could certainly be able to find some sort of excuse and dodge it.

The man at the True Condensation 3rd Level standing by the side of the little girl King laughed and said, “Mr. Ning, I respect you as a guest of my King, for you to come to my North Jue Tribe is just destiny. We even served you good wine and were even quite hospitable with you Mr. Ning, but even then Mr. Ning you go on to ask so blatantly about the ancient map of our North Jue Tribe, do you think that my North Jue Tribe could be bullied so easily?”

“Is the map really of the North Jue Tribe? This map was obviously taken from my body when you searched me, how do you even have the face to say that this ancient map belongs to the North Jue Tribe?” Lou Hong Fang said in a sarcastic voice.

At this time, a burst of rapid footsteps could be heard as someone rushed into the room. Ning Cheng had a bit of doubt in his mind, who had such a big courage, to dare to directly rush into the yurt of the North Jue Tribe’s King?

What he saw then was a young man, with thin eyes but thick eyebrows, and a hooked nose which made an extreme contrast with his face. When Ning Cheng glanced at the young man’s cultivation, it turned out to be the highest of all the people here, he truly had the cultivation of the True Condensation 4th Level.

“Xiu Xiu……” this man with the hooked nose called out, but then when he saw Ning Cheng and the others, he did not speak out the rest of the words.

Calling the King of the North Jue Tribe as Xiu Xiu, evidently this hook nosed man’s relationship with this young woman was not something simple.

“Yes, since we have found the ancient map, so I had sent out someone to signal you to come here.” This young girl King who was just called Xiu Xiu said while laughing.

This hooked nose man’s vision then moved over to Ning Cheng and the other people with him, he did not know who Ning Cheng and the other people were, but then again Xiu Xiu actually went ahead and directly spoke the matter of the ancient map in front of them.

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