Chapter 0078

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0078 – Joint Exploration Of The Ruins

“Who are they?” The hooked nosed man swept his eyes in the direction of Ning Cheng and the others and asked.

Xiu Xiu pointed towards Ning Cheng and said while smiling, “This is Ning Xiao Cheng, the cultivation of Mr. Ning is something really astonishing, an ordinary True Condensation Cultivator is not something that could match up with him.”

Ning Cheng suddenly stood up and cupped his fists in front of the hooked nosed man and said while laughing, “I haven’t yet asked this friend’s name?”

“I am North Jue’s Pie Guang He, since Brother Ning is so amazing, we could really become much closer in the future.” This hooked nosed man gave a false smile as he spoke to Ning Cheng while clasping his fist in front of him.

Ning Cheng did not wait for Xiu Xiu to speak again, and continued to speak, “These three are friends of mine, and also the ones who found the ancient map of the Lan Yi Country. Because they were a bit careless during their journey so they were infected by the poison gas of the poisonous sand beasts, Xiu Xiu was planning on helping them in detoxification. By the way, I do not know if Brother Pie has something called the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea to counteract the poison? If do have it, then it certainly would be the best.”

Because of the abrupt words from Ning Cheng, Pei Guang He took out the antidote of the poison, but instead of giving it to him he looked in a puzzling way at the young girl called Xiu Xiu.

Xiu Xiu did not directly give the answer, but motioned for the people to sit down again and then said, “Although Lou Hong Fang and the others truly did obtain the ancient map, but they also offered the map to me. Since this map was lost in my North Jue’s territory, what my idea is, that since we are all here together because of the ancient map, why not we go and explore the ruins together?”

When this Pei Guang He arrived, the young girl called as King by her people calmed her heart down. Although Ning Cheng was powerful, but he was only one person, now that Pei Guang he had arrived, he could easily take care of someone like Ning Xiao Cheng, as for Pei Guang He’s strength, she was extremely clear about it. It was also because of this, that she changed her mind. it would be a lot better to pull these people together with them to explore the ruins. Even if they could not find anything, they could at least use them as cannon fodder if something unexpected happened.

Once Pei Guang glanced at the look in Xiu Xiu’s eyes, he immediately understood the young girl king’s viewpoint, he just laughed and said, “That’s right, the ruins are vast and large. So if we could all band up together, then our strength would be even more powerful than before and thus we all would be much more safe during the exploration.”

Just as he finished speaking, the rough looking girl called Mei Xu that the young girl had sent away came in and whispered something into the ears of the young girl called Xiu Xiu. Xiu Xiu just nodded her head, but did not express anything.

Ning Cheng had already swept out with his Spiritual Sense, he found that within the scope of his Spiritual Sense, there appeared many soldiers. Not only that, they also seemed to be arranged into a simple trapping Array Formation.

Ning Cheng looking at this simple Level 1 Trapping Array Formation was laughing in his mind, with this kind of elementary Array Formation, they dare to show off in front of him.

Luo Hong Fang suddenly exclaimed, “Going to explore the ruins together is not a problem, but first we need a solution for the poison in our bodies.”

Pei Guang He suddenly said, “This is my oversight, I was originally called in to help you all in detoxifying, but because we ended talking about other things, I unexpectedly forgot about it. Even if the few of us do not go together, since you were the ones who helped us find the ancient map of my Lan Yi Country, it is my obligation to help you out.”

While speaking, Pei Guang He had already taken out three jade cups, then he took out a grey gourd, and poured a little bit of green tea into the three jade cups.

“Three friends, please use this Desert Geocentric Spring Tea.”

After listening to Pei Guang He said that it was the Geocentric Spring Tea, Lou Hong Fang was the first to completely drain the cup. Seeing Lou Hong Fang drink the tea, Huang Yuan Bo and Shi Pei Shan also did not hesitate to drink the tea,

After a few moments, Lou Hong Fang laughed, “Many thanks Brother Pei, the poison in my body has really cleared up. You can count on me, Lou Hong Fang, to help you out with the exploration of the ruins, I Lou Hong Fang never go back on my words.”

Huang Yuan Bo also cupped his fists in front of Pei Guang He, to show his gratitude. Only Shi Pei Shan had not thanked Pei Guang He, but rather cupped her fists in front of Ning Cheng and said, “Thank you Brother Ning, for saving our lives.”

When Lou Hong Fang heard what Shi Pei Shan said, he then slapped his head and said, “My mistake, the one I should be thanking is Brother Ning.”

Saying that he once again expressed his gratitude towards Ning Cheng, when Huang Yuan Bo looked at them, he too expressed his gratitude towards Ning Cheng. But Ning Cheng actually felt that the thanks that Huang Yuan Bo showed was somewhat perfunctory, although Lou Hong Fang had not thought about it at first, but at least his thanks seemed to have come from the bottom of his heart.

“Well, now that the poison has been rid from your bodies, I am finally relieved, now let’s discuss with everybody on how would we go ahead and find the ruins of the Lan Yi Country.” This girl king really showed a relieved expression on her face, as she stood up and said.

Saying that, she passed a leather skin into the hands of Pei Guang He.

“This is the map we found.” When Shi Pei Shan saw the leather skin in his hands, she immediately whispered in Ning Cheng’s ears.

As if Pei Guang He heard Shi Pei Shan, after glancing at the map in his hands, he handed it Ning Cheng and said, “Brother Ning, wouldn’t it be better to place this map in your hands?”

When Ning Cheng received the map, he also glanced at it, and then returned it back and said “Since Brother Pei is the host here, it would be better for the map to be in Brother Pei’s hands.”

Xiu Xiu actually looked doubtfully at Ning Cheng, wasn’t the reason why Ning Cheng came here was for this map, but now that the map was being offered to him, he did not want it? What she would have never believed was that at the moment when Ning Cheng had taken a glance at the map, he had already thoroughly memorized and imprinted the contents of the map onto his mind.

Even if a cultivator was able to use their Spiritual Sense, they would have to sweep the entire map a couple of times with it to even memorize a portion of it, but sweeping it with their Spiritual Sense and completely branding it into their minds were two entirely different concepts.

“Or you can just give it to me.” Lou Hong Fang said as although he had a favourable impression of Ning Cheng, but he actually did not like the way Ning Cheng did things. Since the others were giving you the map, why would he still refuse it?

“You can.” Pei Guang He did not hesitate even one bit as he handed the map back into Lou Hong Fang’s hands, and simultaneously stood up and said to Xiu Xiu, “Xiu Xiu, it is better if we leave right now, even though we have the ancient map of the ruins with us, if we do not rush out in a timely manner, I’m afraid that something unexpected might happen.”

Xiu Xiu just showed a faint smile and said, “What Guang He said is correct, we should head out now. Me and Guang He, along with Yu Xing and Mei Xu, in addition to Mr. Ning and the three people along with Brother Lou, we are a total of 8 people.”

This time this young girl king finally called out to one of the three former captives as Brother Lou, as for the other two she did not call out their names directly.

“Since the map is now in the hands of Brother Lou, then it would be better that Brother Lou lead the way.” Pei Guang He said while smiling.

“No problem.” Lou Hong Fang took the lead as he directly went out of the room.

The remaining few people also immediately followed him and went out of the yurt, even Ning Cheng followed behind Pei Guang He.

It was probably because of the arrival of Pei Guang He that Xiu Xiu decided to jointly venture out to explore the ruins, and also precisely the reason why Xiu Xiu had not activated the entrapment Array Formation that she had set up outside.

After leaving the yurt, Lou Hong Fang immediately picked up his speed, and quickly left the oasis that was dotted with those yurts behind in the dust. Ning Cheng and the other were silently following behind Lou Hong Fang, no one spoke a single word. As for the people who were calling the young girl as their king, as if on orders, did not follow behind with her, it was as if she knew that even if they took them along, they would not be of much use in exploring the ruins.

“I do not know how far is the North Jue Tribe from here? For the North Jue Tribe to come here, did they already know that there was an oasis here?” After the eight people walked for about an hour, Ning Cheng finally took the initiative to break the silence.

The young girl named Xiu Xiu showed a faint smile, she did not beat around the bush, and directly said, “This is a secret only for the tribe members along with their families from my North Jue Tribe, if Mr. Ning wants to know more about the North Jue Tribe, then you would have to join our North Jue Tribe for it.”

Ning Cheng just leisurely said, “Even if I wanted to join the North Jue Tribe, I still have an issue that I have to resolve first and as such have to consult with King Xiu Xiu. I do not know if a noble like you have a map to the Hua Continent?”

Xiu Xiu did not even consider this for even half a moment, before she bluntly said, “No.”

Shei Pei Shan walked up to the side of Ning Cheng and said, “Brother Ning, the map to pass through the Thunder Fall Dessert that you ask for, only a very few people possess it. However, if one wants to walk out of the Thunder Fall Dessert, as a rule, they will often have to encounter frequent whirlpools in the Thunder Fall Dessert. These sand whirlpools will often swirl in the sand in a particular direction, as long as you walk in the same direction, you can walk out of here.”

“Many thanks.” Ning Cheng thanked Shi Pei Shan and did not say anything more, since no one wanted to start a conversation, it was useless for him to try and speak.

After an hour, Lou Hong Fang finally stopped, pointing to a huge sand pit in front of him, he said, “We have arrived, it’s right here.”

Ning Cheng who had already memorized the map, already knew how to enter the ruins. According to the markings on the map, once they arrived at the entrance of the ruins, one would be able to see a giant sand pit. In the evening, when the moonlight shined over this sand pit, it will create three lunar shadows which would eventually overlap with each other.

This intersection point of the three lunar shadows was the actual entrance to the ruins of Lan Yi Country.

In this desert one would find numerous sand pits, but most of the sand pits here would end being filled up with sand over time. Since the map had already mentioned that the sand pit above the ruins would not be filled up with sand, it stood to reason that this particular sand pit would not disappear for no reason.

Sure enough, since the giant pit was right in front of them, it indicated that the map was indeed genuine.

“It appears that there still is about an hours’ time for the moon to appear, I recommend that everyone should take a look at the map.” Huang Yuan Bo suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

This map was already seen by the few people from the North Jue Tribe, but as for them, they only looked at it once, as a result he decided to make that proposal.

“Certainly.” Lou Hong Fang took the initiative and gave the map to Huang Yuan Bo, but did not seek out Xiu Xiu’s views.

Huang Yuan Bo also did not refuse, holding the map in his hands he repeated glanced at it as if trying to memorize it, and then gave the map to Shi Pei Shan. Shi Pei Shan also looked at the map a few times, before handing it to Mei Xu.

Mei Xu seemed as if she did not want to give the map to Ning Cheng, and kept looking at the map in her hands repeatedly. At last till the moon finally rose up in the sky, the map still remained in her hands as if she was trying hard to commit the map to her memory.

“Mei Xu, hand over the map to Brother Luo, Brother Luo please accept the map and continue to lead the way.” Xiu Xiu said as she gave a dissatisfied look at Mei Xu.

Mei Xu seemed as if she suddenly understood the map, that she was holding in her hands for so long, and quickly handed over the map to Lou Hong Fang.

Lou Hong Fang did not care about it, but he pointed to the place in the sand pit where the three shadows overlapped at said, “I’ll go in first, as for the rest, just follow me.”

Saying that, he directly jumped at the place where the three shadows overlapped.

Just as Lou Hong Fang jumped at the place of overlap of the three shadows, he completely vanished, only the air around the spot where the three shadows overlapped quivered slightly, while nothing else in the surrounding changed. It was as if Lou Hong Fang had simply jumped into a pond, as if there was no risk at all.

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