Chapter 0079

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0079 – Blue Sand City

The rest of the people also did not hesitate, and following the same trend jumped down. Just as Ning Cheng fell on top of the spot where the three lunar shadows overlapped, he immediately felt an enormous suction force spreading throughout all around him, he did not need to use any kind of Earth Escape Technique, and was directly carried away.

This was definitely a Transfer Array Formation, Ning Cheng was just thinking about this, when he stepped on to a field.

As for the rest of people, they all simultaneously fell around him in the same place, in the meantime Ning Cheng swept his eyes around taking in his surroundings, they were standing on a passage that was underneath the desert.

This passage seemed to go on as far as the eye could see, but the width of it did not exceed 3 or 4 feet. On both sides of the passage one could not make out the colour of the walls clearly, but the walls were inlaid with a rows of glowing stones that emitted a weak and dim light. As for what was underneath their feet, it was a simple stoned path, this stone path stretched into the distance and one could not make out where it ended.

“This should not be the true ruins of the country; the ruins of the country would not have such obvious artificial traces.” Yu Xing, the True Condensate cultivator that guarded the young girl king spoke out first.

But Pei Guang He said disapprovingly, “Initially when the several elders of my North Jue Tribe escaped from the catastrophe of the Lan Yi Country, some of them must have returned back. Perhaps they had already found the remains of the Lan Yi Country, but because there were no more things remaining here, so they created this place, so that the later generations could more easily find the Lan Yi Country. Otherwise, from where did our map even come from?”

To say it such confidence, the words that Pei Guang He spoke actually felt quite reasonable. However, Ning Cheng thought that what Pei Guang He said was not completely correct, if what Pei Guang He said was correct, then they should be underneath the desert. As no one had visited this place in the middle of the desert for countless years, then the air inside this place should have been stuffy, with at least some hint of staleness in the air. But the fact was, when he came in, he couldn’t even smell a single whiff of stale air, moreover there was even a slight draft blowing in their direction.

“Whether what you said is true or false is not much relevant, since we have already arrived here, we must go and take a look.” Lou Hong Fang finished speaking, and took the lead and started walking along the passage.

After the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, Lou Hong Fang stopped in front of an ancient city gate, half of the city walls were already collapsed, and on the stone slab at the corner of the city gate, in a motley handwriting that was barely visible, was written ‘Blue Sand City’.

“Here are the ruins of the Lan Yi Country, Blue Sand City was the capital of the Lan Yi Country.” Lou Hong Fang said with a touch of excitement in his tone.

Blue Sand City showed the vicissitudes of life, in any case, what they had assumed before was certainly not false, the scene in front of them could only be manifested due to the passage of countless years of erosion by time. Ning Cheng even suspected that the draft of wind that he had felt earlier might have been an illusion.

“Blue Sand City is indeed the capital city of Lan Yi Country, originally the Lan Yi Country had a huge defensive battle Array Formation, I did not expect that even after the passage of countless years, the sand still could not completely bury the Lan Yi Country, it shows that the huge Defensive Array Formation is still working.” Xiu Xiu said in a low voice as she watched the Blue Sand City.

Pei Guang He coolly said, “That may not be necessarily so, in the deepest parts of the desert one can find many desert geological faults, if this Blue Sand City happened to be separated by these Geological Faults, then even if there was no Defensive Array Formations, they would still not be buried under the sand.”

“Since we have already come here, how can we cringe with fear?” Lou Hong Fang finished speaking, and once again took the lead and strode past the gates of Blue Sand City.

Yu Xing was the second to follow, the rest of the people did not hesitate any more, and quickly entered the city through the gate. Ning Cheng also strode into the Blue Sand City through the ancient gates.

After entering through the gate, everyone could feel a draft of decayed and dry air around them, which made the people a bit relaxed. Since this were the ruins of the Lan Yi Country, so this kind of draft filled with decay was common.

Many of the buildings that appeared to be shops were already damaged, with pieces from many of these building strewn across the street with a lot of sand covering them in a thick layer of yellow, it made the people to believe that the street was not very wide, although it also did not give the feeling of being crowded, it did give out an intense feeling of desolation.

The few people’s footsteps could be heard all along the streets, as for the shops and stalls that sold various Artefacts and other materials on the streets to both foreigners and locals had long since turned to dust.

“Dried bones….” just as they continued to walk forward Ning Cheng heard Shi Pei Shan call out suddenly, she had just stepped on a skull, moreover this skull still was very strong.

“There are dried bones everywhere here, what is there to be surprised about it.” The rough looking woman called Mei Xu who had been slapped by Ning Cheng said loudly with disdain in her voice.

Just as her voice faded, everyone could hear a ‘crash’ sound, as an otherwise complete looking shop building immediately turned to dust.

“The passage of countless years surely has taken quite a toll on the city, for even a human sound to have enough power to turn an otherwise complete looking shop building to powder.” Pei Guang He said in a slow voice as he sighed.

Ning Cheng frowned, he again felt that something was wrong, this shop building that had turned to powder in front of them presumably because of the sound was very strange. In essence, this air draft that was filled with a rotten and stale scent had much more power in it that just the sound from when one spoke, it fact he was not aware of this decadent taste. He could only smell the scent of decay from the streets.

He even suspected that Pei Guang He also knew about this and understood this point, but he used his words in such a way as to cover up something.

The rest of the people no longer spoke anymore, on the entire street there were only those few people who were walking with ‘whispering’ footsteps, along the way they all saw countless skeletons and bones scattered around, but they had already become accustomed to it, and nobody thought that anything was wrong.

This street seemed to be endless, even after walking on it for an hour, although the few people had passed through a few curves along the way, they still could not see the end of this street.

“Huang Yuan Bo has disappeared.” Suddenly Shi Pei Shan who was following behind Ning Cheng called out in a frightened voice again, everyone immediately stopped and turned around, they all discovered that Huang Yuan Bo had really disappeared.

The original eight people were carefully walking through the street, and moreover each of them were highly alert and vigilant, but when Huang Yuan Bo disappeared, the rest of the people did not know what had transpired.

“I think that something is truly strange here, everyone should be mutually careful with each other, what do you say Brother Ning?” Pei Guang He looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, his meaning was very clear, I do not want to go back to look for Huang Yuan Bo.

Ning Cheng smiled and said, “What Brother Pei suggested is really good, of course we will listen to the opinion of Brother Pei.” Basically he did not even wait for half a moment and spoke in a way that meant that he would also not go back to find Huang Yuan Bo.

“Aaaah, blood……” This time it was Mei Xu who was screaming, everyone immediately looked at Mei Xu who was still screaming, taking a look past her, everyone knew why Mei Xu had screamed, at the building behind her there was a large pool of blood spreading out from beneath the shut door.

In a place such as this underground ruins, how could there be a pool of blood? Even if there was a pool of blood previously, it would have long since dried up, how could there be such a large amount of blood flowing out?

“Isn’t it just a little blood? There is nothing to be surprised about it.” Shi Pei Shan ironically called out all of a sudden, it was obviously because she was ridiculed by Mei Xu previously, and was extremely uncomfortable in her heart that she spoke out in such a manner.

Lou Hong Fang suddenly punched the front door, as he suddenly felt a little bit depressed, this was the only way he could think of to shake of this depression.

“Squeak.” a sound came, the front door that Lou Hong Fang punched did not get smashed to powder as one would expect, but rather it was as if he had only pushed open the door. Originally Lou Hong Fang wanted to smash open the door with his punch, and then directly charge through the open door. But now that door just gave a loud squeak instead of blasting open as expected, his heart immediately started pounding in his chest.

There seemed to be a gloomy and cold atmosphere inside the room behind the door, and so after a short while as the rest of the people adapted to the lighting, they could clearly see the situation behind the door. This seemed to be a great hall of sorts, the hall still had many chairs all around and seemed to be a meeting place of sorts. As for what was further inside, one could not see clearly.

The blood that had flowed outside was coming from flowing out from a pattern that was inscribed on the floor of the main hall, the blood was flowing through this pattern as if it was a water stream, creating an endless boundary. Ning Cheng wanted to enter this hall and sweep it with his Spiritual Sense, but he found that when his Spiritual Sense entered the hall, it immediately disappeared without a trace.

Mei Xu who was unhappy because of Shi Pei Shan’s sarcastic remark before, turned to Xiu Xiu and said, “My King, I will go forward first and have a look.”

“You should be careful.” After Xiu Xiu spoke that sentence, she did not prevent Mei Xu to go ahead.

Mei Xu took a step into the hall, as she quickly disappeared from the eyes of the crowd.

After a while, the few people suddenly heard Mei Xu’s surprised voice, “Artefact….”

When Lou Hong Fang heard Mei Xu’s voice he also immediately stepped inside, Pei Guang He together with Xiu Xiu and the three other people also immediately followed.

In just a twinkling of an eye, these five people disappeared from the vision of Ning Cheng and Shi Pei Shan, it was just like drop of water falling into the sea.

“Elder Sister Shi, do you not want to go in?” Ning Cheng looked doubtfully at Shi Pei Shan and asked.

Shi Pei Shan smiled and said, “It is not that I am afraid of death, since we are all looking for some opportunity, we should not fear death. It is just that I think that if I follow Brother Ning, I would have a much better chance.”

Ning Cheng suddenly changed topics and asked, “How much do you know about Huang Yuan Bo?”

Shi Pei Shan did not understand why did Ning Cheng would suddenly ask about Huang Yuan Bo, she hesitated for a while before saying, “Huang Yuan Bo is a disciple from the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy of the Yuan Continent, the reason why we formed a team with him was because he is quite knowledgeable about Array Formations. Although he does not speak much, but his personality is quite good.”

Ning Cheng was just about to speak, when he heard a rapid burst of footsteps, then he and Shi Pei Shan immediately saw Huang Yuan Bo rushing towards them. Huang Yuan Bo had a pale complexion and looked very flustered. After he saw Ning Cheng and Shi Pei Shan, he seemed relieved, and quickly rushed towards them, after catching his breath for a moment he said, “It really was too dangerous, if I did not understand Array Formations, I was sure that I would not be able to get out.”

“What is the matter?” Shi Pei Shan hastily asked.

Huang Yuan Bo said with a fearful voice, “I had stepped into a Bewildering Array Formation, and ended up stuck inside it for a long time, if I had not found this door in front of me I wouldn’t have been able to exit the Array Formation. Hey, what happened to the others?”

“They have already entered the main hall; we were also just about to go in before you arrived.” Ning Cheng said, as he pointed to the pitch black main hall in front of him, then after saying that, he also proceeded to enter the enter the main hall.

Seeing Ning Cheng go inside, Shi Pei Shan also quickly went inside, Huang Yuan Bo glanced at the blood on the ground, and did not feel surprised, and also followed them inside.

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