Chapter 0080

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0080 – The Grey Robed Man Atop The Blood Pool

After the three people including Ning Cheng entered the main hall, they immediately saw the other five people who had entered the hall before them. Not only that, their field of view was also unusually clear.

When one looked at the main hall from the outside, it appeared very bleak and desolate, basically one would not be able to make out anything inside distinctly, but none of them expected that when they entered the hall, they would be able to see the surroundings this clearly.

“Brother Huang, you are alright, it really is the best news.” Lou Hong Fang said as he saw Huang Yuan Bo enter the hall, and greeted them with a happy feeling in his heart.

Ning Cheng could also now see clearly, in the innermost reaches of the main hall, there was an altar that had three Artefacts as if they were placed there as an offering. The middle one was a black ring, the one on the left was a very ordinary looking Flying Sword, while the one on the right was a knife like Artefact. On both sides of this altar, there was a small door.

“Why didn’t you go ahead and take the Artefacts?” Shi Pei Shan looked puzzlingly at the five people who had entered the hall before them and asked.

Once Ning Cheng had looked at the entire hall in front of him, he once again turned to look back at the entrance to the main hall through which they had arrived, it was similar to before, that is he couldn’t see the outside clearly while standing inside.

“We cannot take them, just now when we went ahead to take a look, we were almost seriously injured. There is a Defensive Array Formation in front of the altar, once you get close to it, the Array Formation will automatically attack you. But now that Brother Huang has once again reappeared, and moreover since he is also an Array Formation Master, why don’t we allow him to take a look at it to help us break it open?” Lou Hong Fang said as he looked in the direction of Huang Yuan Bo.

Huang Yuan Bo shook his head and said, “The level of understanding that I have towards Array Formations is very limited, and thus I cannot see it clearly.”

Although Ning Cheng could not tell what this Array Formation in front of him was, but he could tell that the altar in front of them was not an ordinary altar, but rather a sacrificial altar.

Pei Guang He looked at Ning Cheng as he smiled and said, “Brother Ning, there is a door on both sides of the altar, of the eight people here, why don’t we divide ourselves into two groups of 4 and enter the doors to see what is inside? As for the Artefacts on the altar, we can come back to it later.”

Ning Cheng immediately replied, “Of course, I will take the left door, who would like to join up with me.”

Just as he finished speaking, Ning Cheng was already moving towards the small door on the left and soon disappeared through it.

“I’ll follow Brother Ning.” Huang Yuan Bo immediately said as he followed Ning Cheng inside.

When Shi Pei Shan and Lou Hong Fang saw that, they also immediately followed behind. The distinction was pretty clear, and the eight people were divided equally into two groups of four.

“Xiu Xiu, these Artefacts are fake.” Pei Guang He saw the four of them enter the small door on the left, and immediately said out loud.

Xiu Xiu nodded, it was apparent to them that these Artefacts in front of them were fake.

“How is it possible for those to be fake? What about the Qi fluctuations, if they were fake then why use the Array Formation to protect them?” Mei Xu asked as she did not understand.

Pei Guang He said with a sneer, “It is not only me and Xiu Xiu who noticed that these Artefacts were fake, I think that that Ning Xiao Cheng should have also noticed that these Artefacts were fake.”

Mei Xu after being silent for a while, subconsciously spoke up, “If you already knew this, my King, then why did you let those four people go in, wont they take away the good things….”

“These are the ruins of our Lan Yi Country, if I let them in, then they definitely would not be able to come out. Mei Yu you can rest assured; we can easily leave whenever we want to.” Xiu Xiu said in a calm voice.

Pei Guang He looked at Mei Xu pitifully, what the altar needed was a blood sacrifice, only then could it be opened. Of the four people along with Ning Cheng who had just passed though, it was certain that at least one of them knew that a blood sacrifice was needed, but now that there were only four people here, naturally they would have to choose a person as a blood sacrifice among them. He simply did not need to think; he had already selected Mei Xu for the blood sacrifice.

Mei Xu seemed to know nothing about this, and still tightly followed behind Xiu Xiu, while frequently watching the scenes in the surroundings.


When Ning Cheng and the others entered through the small door, there were six dark corridors in front of them. And none of them knew what corridor should they enter.

Huang Yuan Bo. pointed to the second corridor from the left and said, “When I passed by the Array Formation from before, I also encountered this type of arrangement, we should go through the second channel.”

After saying that Huang Yuan Bo immediately walked towards the corridor he pointed, Ning Cheng and the others did not have any objections and also followed behind.

“Brother Ning, I always felt that that Xiu Xiu has some ill intentions for us, but she not only helped the three of us get rid of the poison in our body, but even proposed to explore the ruins together, just why is she so good?” At the moment, since they were the only four people walking through the dark corridor, Shi Pei Shan finally said what she had always wanted to ask.

Huang Yuan Bo also spoke up, after walking towards Ning Cheng and said, “I’ve also had this doubt, but I just could not find anything……”

Huang Yuan Bo had not even finished speaking, when his hands suddenly emitted a white light, this white light directly shot towards the waist of Ning Cheng, and was as swift as lightning.

Almost at the same time, Ning Cheng also blasted out a punch.

This fist that was filled with an intense axe type Killing Intent directly flew towards the legs of Huang Yuan Bo, as that white light and the murderous Axe Fist came out it immediately filled the corridor in which they were in with thunder like rumblings, these rumbling were unceasingly resounding throughout the corridor.

“Bang” a dull thumping sound could be heard, as the white light from Huang Yuan Bo directly collided at Ning Cheng’s waist.

It was followed by two distinct sounds of blood spurting, Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist immediately split Huang Yuan Bo above his knees, causing the legs of Hung Yuan Bo to immediately separate from his body. But when the white light fell on Ning Cheng’s body, it did not have any visible effect.

Lou Hong Fang and Shi Pei Shan had a shocked look on their faces as they looked at Ning Cheng and Huang Yuan Bo. They did not understand how they ended up in this sort of situation.

“How did you know that I was going to sneak attack you?” Huang Yuan Bo’s face turned ugly as he finally snapped.

“You left the group secretly, and even arranged an Array Formation on the way back, I know that you would plot against anyone, but I truly did not think that you would plot against me. This is something a good man would never do, not only did I save your dog shit of a life, but in return you also planned to kill me.” Ning Cheng said in a cold voice.

Hung Yuan Bo’s face turned white as a cardboard as he said, “I really hate you so much, I should have attacked your legs.”

He not only hated himself for attacking the wrong place, but he also hated himself for being negligent, if he had only sneakily attacked Ning Xiao Cheng’s leg, then at least he would have been able to fight evenly with the opposite party. Who knew that this fellow was wearing an Armour Type Artefact inside? If he was not wearing the armour inside, his attack would have already sliced Ning Xiao Cheng in half.

Ning Cheng calmly replied, “You do not need to be hateful about anything, that is because I let you attack my waist.”

The implication was that, if I had not allowed you to carry out your sneak attack, even without the armour you would not be able to hurt a single strand of my hair, much less split apart my waist.

Huang Yuan Bo suddenly stared at Lou Hong Fang and Shi Pei Shan and snapped, “Lou Hong Fang, Shi Pei Shan, if the two of you join hands together with me, then as long as the three of us collaborate, we can easily take care of him. Do you really think that he saved us? He definitely has the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea on him, but he chose not to take it out.”

Shi Pei Shan frowned and said, “Huang Yuan Bo, this is not the first day that you came out, regardless of if Brother Ning has the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea on him or not, he still saved all of us. Moreover, now that problem of the poison from the sand beast in our bodies has already been solved, why would you still want to attack Brother Ning?”

“Solved? Ha Ha….” Huang Yuan Bo gave a miserable laugh and said, “If it had already been solved, this father would have already walked away, why would I have waited till now? That poison had temporarily been suppressed by Pei Guang He, can you not see that the Qi flowing in your Dantian is still not flowing smoothly?”

Although Huang Yuan Bo had the lowest cultivation among them. but he was a disciple from a 4 Star Academy, so he was quite knowledgeable in these matters. When Shi Pei Shan and Lou Hong Fang heard it they immediately tried it, at once they immediately came to understand that what Huang Yuan Bo said was indeed right, the poison was only suppressed temporarily, but was actually not solved.

Seeing the pale complexion of the two people, Huang Yuan Bo cried out in a bitter voice, “Ning Xiao Cheng is simply not afraid of the poisonous gas of those sand beast, how could you not believe that he does not have the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea on him? Even taking a few steps back, even if he did not have the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea on him, but since he drank the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea, his blood can also be used to counteract the poison….”

Huang Yuan Bo’s voice was getting smaller and smaller.

Lou Hong Fang and Shi Pei Shan suddenly turned silent, they both looked at Ning Cheng but no longer spoke. Lou Hong Fang was thinking on how to begin, while Shi Pei Shan was thinking why did Ning Cheng not give an explain for this.

Ning Cheng gave out a dark sigh in his heart, if he really had the Geocentric Spring Tea on him, he really would not have been stingy with it, but he does not have such a thing with him. As for letting him use his own blood to save the other two people, he was simply not so noble as that.

What nobody noticed was, Huang Yuan Bo’s body was gradually shrivelling up, and the blood from his body was slowly seeping underground, disappearing from view.

“Rumble Rumble….” A burst of roar suddenly sounded inside the corridor, and the corridor in front of them immediately lit up.

Ning Cheng at this moment did not have any interest in continuing to act as a team with the two people, with just a flash of light he disappeared from in front of them along the corridor.

“Why didn’t you begin? From what I saw, that Ning Xiao Cheng’s cultivation is at most at Qi Gathering Realm.” Huang Yuan Bo looked at Lou Hong Fang and Shi Pei Shan and asked.

Shi Pei Shan coldly swept a glance at Lou Hong Fang and said, “A moment ago I was truly hesitant, but I think that Ning Xiao Cheng certainly did not have the Geocentric Spring Tea on him, it is quite probable that he had already come here after drinking it.”


Lou Hong Fang had only said a word when he was once again interrupted by Shi Pei Shan and said, “I will myself go find the antidote to the poison in me, if I drank the blood of my saviour, then I, Shi Pei Shan, would have failed as a human.”

Saying that, she simply ignored Lou Hong Fang, she also did not realize that the ground was now littered with the dried bones of Huang Yuan Bo, and departed from the scene.

Lou Hong Fang touched his own hair, and murmured something, “It is indeed something difficult to do.”


Ning Cheng came out of the now brightly lit corridor, and immediately saw a line of blood below his feet, this line of blood was actually flowing in the same direction, moreover it did not show even the smallest signs of stopping or withering.

Ning Cheng looked around, and found that it was a very simple Array Formation. Looking in front of him he could see that there were many paths leading out, but this Array Formation was unexpectedly set up in the same direction in which the blood was flowing. At this time, he also did not hesitate for even half a moment, and directly followed in the direction of the blood line.

After the time it takes for two incense sticks to burn, Ning Cheng stopped in front of a huge pool of blood, there were various blood lines entering the huge blood pool feeding a constant supply of blood to it from all directions. But just above the blood pool sat a grey robed man, one could not determine his age, but looking at the Qi fluctuations that were emitting from his body, his cultivation level was definitely not low.

Just as Ning Cheng was looking at this grey robed man, the grey robed man immediately expelled a blood line from one of his finger, this eruption of a blood line fell on a giant boulder at a distance and instantly smashed it apart.

Ning Cheng took a look at the giant stone boulder, and saw that apart from being smashed to chunks, it was completely dyed in a dark red colour. It turned out that the blood flowing out of the person was a result of his cultivation practice. Ning Cheng already had a strong intelligence and wisdom from his various experiences, and immediately chose to exit through the door that he came from, but he unexpectedly once again circled back to the blood pool.

“Alas, I have been trying to reduce my difficulties in my cultivation practice, and barely came out of the blood pool, even the people coming here are getting less and less, it really is very awful.” This grey robed man suddenly sighed.

“I think that there should be numerous copies of the map of the ruins of this Lan Yi Country, right?” Ning Cheng asked in a tone that was neither fast nor slow.

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