Chapter 0081

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0081 – The Perfect Moment

“There truly are many maps, but they are not something that I made, it was made by the person who went out before.” During his talk, this grey robed man picked up a skeleton from the blood pool underneath him

Even though this skeleton had been soaking in the blood pool for a long time, it still had a pitch back colour, but what was shocking was that this skeleton was still emitting a faint pressure, making Ning Cheng immediately realize that the cultivation level of that skeleton when it was alive was definitely not low.

Although this grey robed man spoke to Ning Cheng in a very polite way, it felt that he was speaking to himself rather than Ning Cheng, “Just a single person is not enough.”

He had just finished speaking the words, when the wind around the chamber started churning, and a few shadowy figures fell down. Ning Cheng then saw Pei Guang He and Yu Xing, but as for the two others with them Ning Cheng did not know, but what he did sense was that one of the two had the cultivation level of True Condensation 7th Level, and the other one had a cultivation level of True Condensation 3rd Level.

When the few people arrived, they all glanced at Ning Cheng and then at the grey robed person sitting on top of the blood pool in a very surprised manner.

“This should be enough……” the grey robed man said, as he threw out a dozen Array Flags one after another, and then said: “Well, now no one would come disturb us. Of the few people who came here, presumably your knowledge about Array Formations must be good, and thus you certainly would have a decent intelligence, the blood from the people having a good intelligence is the most suited thing for me to help me in advancing, everyone please enter the pool and help me advance in my level.”

Just as this grey robed man finished speaking, Ning Cheng suddenly felt a powerful suction force pulling on him, this powerful suction force was directly pulling him into the blood pool.

Ning Cheng reacted very quickly, at this moment he understood in flash what was happening, this grey robed person actually depended on the blood lines flowing into the blood pool for his cultivation practice. Although he did not know the reason why he was doing it, but it seemed that he needed several people to enter the blood pool to help him in his cultivation practice.

Ning Cheng understood that the blood pool beneath that man was the raw material for his cultivation practice, but Ning Cheng had no intention to enter the blood pool, and immediately tried to retreat with his full force, he wanted to get away from this powerful suction force.

“Splash” Just as Ning Cheng tried to retreat, he saw the man at the True Condensation 3rd Level getting pulled into the blood pool, after this man was pulled into this blood pool, there were only a few blood bubbles that popped through the surface, before the surface of this blood pool once again turned calm.

The cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level suddenly called out, “This person doesn’t dare to go look for a cultivator of the Essence Building Realm, his cultivation is not absolutely not that high, if we all fight desperate enough, we should be able to get out alive. If we don’t resist at this time, then we will definitely die here.”

Just as he finished, he immediately took out a seal, Pei Guang He said, “What this friend spoke is definitely true, we have to join hands together.”

While speaking, Pei Guang He had already taken out a Flying Sword and attacked with it. Yi Xing also did not say anything, and directly took out his eight sided hammer and sent it smashing towards the grey robed man. As for what the cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level had taken out, it was a black seal, this black seal immediately expanded to the size of a huge boulder with a diameter of about 10 feet as it rushed towards the grey robed man.

Once Ning Cheng was able to once again control his body, he also brought out a red Flying Sword and sent it forth to kill the grey robed man. He always had some doubts about Pei Guang He, so in his heart he was still maintaining a guard against Pei Guang He since the time that he met him.

The grey robed man seeing the four people simultaneously attack him, suddenly gave a cold snort. He just lifted his skinny looking hands and grasped at the air, just as he made the grasping motion in the air front of him, the Artefacts headed towards him instantly stopped in the air and were even pushed back.

“You old thing, you and I are going to fight……” Yu Xing shouted, and suddenly threw the eight sided hammer once again. While in the meantime his figure quickly retreated.

Ning Cheng’s heart missed a beat, he felt that this Yu Xing’s retreat was too fast, he himself was trying his best to control himself to stay in place, so how was it possible for him to retreat with such speed?

He always thought that Pei Guang He would be the one that he would have issues with, now it seems like this Yu Xing is also another person that he has to look against. Ning Cheng did not think anymore, and forcibly utilized his True Essence, and forcibly increased the distance between him and Yu Xing.

Yu Xing did not seem to have noticed that Ning Cheng had widened the distance between them, but at this moment he took out a white Flying Sword, the moment he brought it out he immediately casted out a white sword curtain with the Flying Sword, and directed it towards the back of the cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level.

The cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level was fully concentrating on controlling the black seal, why would he even think that he would be sneak attacked by one of the people on the same side as him? After he realized it, he subconsciously diverted his attention to take care of the white sword curtain sneak attack behind him. He had actually forgotten about the blood pool in front of him, and because of this, the powerful suction force immediately began to pull on him.

Although the cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level was able to react to the attack, moreover he immediately knew that he wanted to kill him, but he also knew that if he fell into the blood pool then he would definitely die.

This person was very decisive, since he found that he could no longer escape from the powerful suction force and would inevitably die in the blood pool, he simply decided to fly straight towards the blood pool, once he arrived above the blood pool, he spewed out a mouthful of his blood essence, the large black seal that he was using to attack the grey robed man once again expanded suddenly.

Ning Cheng immediately came to his senses, from his actions he knew that he wanted to blow up his Artefact. He did not hesitate anymore and quietly controlled the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle along with the red Flying Sword to attack, if he did not act at this time then when would he?

The grey robed cultivator sneered, wanting to kill him by making the Artefact explode, it was just a dream. He just raised his hands, and immediately brought out a shield.

He had not even started to utilized his shield when he felt an extremely fine needle Type Artefact piercing through his body and enter his Meridians.

“Not good, I was sneak attacked.” This grey robed cultivator had just thought about it, when he felt all the Meridians in his body begin to hurt, an ice cold and freezing aura reached his Dantian as it quickly expanded throughout his body. He felt that if he did not do anything, then in a short period of time his Dantian would end up completely destroyed.

At this time the huge seal above the head of the grey robed cultivator was starting to blow up, because of this he immediately forced his True Essence to circulate throughout his body, he knew that he had already been cornered by the sneak attack from Ning Cheng’s 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

Almost at the time that the True Condensation 7th Level cultivator was sneak attacked by Yu Xing, the True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator rushed towards the blood pool to prepare to explode with his Artefact, it was at this time that Ning Cheng used his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle to sneak attack the grey robed man, Pei Guang He also raised his hands and shot out a seal, without the influence from the grey robed man, that seal completely wrapped around his body, and in just a twinkling of an eye he disappeared from the blood pool chamber.

Have to say, the timing of this Pu Guang He was just right, not even waiting for half a moment. If it was any other person, even if he was in possession of a similar seal, it would be extremely rare for them to seize this kind of opportunity like Pei Guang He.

“Thump.” The cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level finally could not control his body, and fell into the blood pool, when he fell into the blood pool, it was the same as before, just a few blood bubbles popped through the surface before it became calm once again.

“Boom” a huge exploding sound could be heard, as the big black seal which was still expanding till now suddenly exploded. This powerful explosion forced the blood from the blood pool to rise up like a blood pillar.

Ning Cheng who had used his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle to attack the grey robed man, blasted out a punch. This was not ordinary punch, but was the punch filled with his comprehension of the Killing Intent of the Great Axe.

This Axe Fist filled with Killing Intent directly arrived and exploded on to the body of Yu Xing in a straight line.

Yu Xing who had just successfully sneak attacked that cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level, did not have enough time to call back his Flying Sword, as such was stuck by Ning Cheng’s sneak attack. He absolutely had no chance of escape, and was directly hit on his back by the incoming Axe Fist.

As blood spurted out from his waist, Yu Xing staggered towards the direction of the blood pool, Ning Cheng immediately followed up, he did not wait for Yu Xing to start his counter attack, and immediately punched out once again.

Yu Xing’s heart was completely filled with hate, he did not think that Ning Cheng would react so quickly, moreover he was attacking him unceasingly, and had not attacked the grey robed person at all. Him wanting to take back his Artefact to block Ning Cheng’s attack was already very unrealistic, the only route for him was to enter the blood pool or be killed by Ning Cheng’s attack.

“Splash” Yu Xing did not think anymore and jumped into the blood pool.

Just when Yu Xing had jumped into the blood pool, Ning Cheng brought out his real Artefact, the broken Spear that he had mounted on his back, bringing it out, he immediately casted out 22 Ice Spear Shadows, these 22 Ice Spear Shadows immediately connected with each other in just a twinkling of an eye and formed an ice net.

Ning Cheng did not wait for even half a moment, he was very clear about what would happen if he did not hurry to find a way out. Now that the Artefact of the cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level had blown up, severely injuring the grey robed cultivator, if he did not seize this opportunity, then he really would be an idiot.

The cloths of the grey robed cultivator had already disappeared, revealing his skinny stature. There was a huge bloody hole on the left side of his chest, even his face was completely burnt black by the explosion of the black seal Artefact. With no cloths to cover his body, Ning Cheng could clearly see, that this grey robed cultivator really did not have any legs.

If he did have them, then Ning Cheng’s 7 Pleiades Ice Needle and the explosion from the huge Black Seal Artefact of the cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level, then he would have at most have suffered only some minor injuries. But at the moment, not only was seriously injured, but he also could not force out the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle in him.

If Ning Cheng did not continue to attack him, then he would sooner or later be able to extract the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle, but with Ning Cheng’s precise attack timing, he did not even get a shred of a chance.

The grey robed man had just raised up the hand that had the round shield, before he immediately stopped. Because the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle was still moving around in his body’s Meridians, which made the True Essence in his body was extremely slow, at the same time he felt his Dantian finally detonate.

Because of 7 Pleiades Ice Needle attack on his Dantian, the Dantian of the grey robed cultivator instantly turned to ash. It was at this time that Ning Cheng’s 22 Ice Spear Shadows completely fell on that person’s body.

“Ka Ka….”

An intermittent breaking sound was transmitted, as the grey robed cultivator under the continuous and precise attacks of the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle and the 36 Ice Spear Technique turned into an icicle, moreover just as his body turned into ice sculpture it immediately burst apart.

Even in the instant before his death he still could not believe what had happened when he looked at Ning Cheng, in his eyes, although Ning Cheng was the first to come here, but the cultivation of Ning Cheng was the lowest, and he had thought that he would not have to care too much about him. In his final moment, he actually died at the hands of a cultivator who had the lowest cultivation out of all of them, it was not because of anything else, but his own negligence in thinking that he was the weakest among the rest. Not much of an interest, but still a lot of interest.

Not only that, he had used his most powerful attack, not at the beginning like the others, but at the last moment to give him a fatal attack.

“Crash” the grey robed person turned into a pile of ice shards not larger than small stones.

Ning Cheng felt that the surrounding pressure began to lighten up, and sat down on the ground feeling very weak. At this moment he was very grateful to the cultivator at the True Condensation 7th Level. if not for him blowing up his Artefact before dying, he would have definitely not been able to kill that grey robed person.

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