Chapter 0082

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0082 – My Only Family

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng finally restored almost 90% of his True Essence with the help of the Spirit Stones.

The red Flying Sword that had fallen into the blood pool, Ning Cheng did not intend to get it back, he just raised his hands and recalled the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle. He did not know where this grey robed person had hidden his things, as he did not have a Storage Bag nor did he have any other storage devices.

But Ning Cheng did not care much about the things of this grey robed cultivator, as this fellow used the blood of others for his cultivation practice, even if he found something, he knew that it would not be something that he would want to partake in.

Up until this moment, he did not have the opportunity to look around the place he was in.

This place had an area of several hundred square meters, but the entire surrounding walls were shrouded by an Array Formation, making it appear indistinct. In the middle of this place was the giant pool of blood, just above this pool of blood was a bloody mist and a platform at the centre of the pool, which also made him not see the blood pool clearly. Using his Spiritual Sense to sweep through, he found that it was immediately blocked by an Array Formation.

Ning Cheng carefully looked in all the directions, and confirmed that other than the blood pool, there did not seem to have any other way out. The path that he had used earlier to come in had already been sealed off by the grey robed man, and unless he had a Talisman like that of Pei Guang He, he would not be able to leave this place.

The only hope he had at this moment was the blood pool, otherwise the only other thing that he could do was to attack the Array Formation. Not to mention that Ning Cheng not only could not understand this Array Formation, even if he could understand it, he would not dare to attack it indiscriminately.

As for the blood pool, Ning Cheng did not want to go in, when that cultivator in the True Condensation 7th Level entered the blood pool, only a few blood bubbles rose to the surface before popping, other than that there was no movement in the blood pool and it was completely calm, it gave a really creepy feeling to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng hovered on top of the blood pool for a few moments on his Flying Sword, and made sure that it was no longer trying to suck him in, once he confirmed it, he directly jumped from the Flying Sword and onto the middle of the platform on which the grey robed person was sitting on.

With a wave of his hand, the residual bones on the platform were thrown into the blood pool.

Then Ning Cheng using the Spear in his hands knocked on the platform, which emitted a clear ‘ding ding’ sound.

Is it hollow inside? Ning Cheng immediately became excited, although he did not care about the things of this grey robed man, but he did not know for how long this grey robed man had stayed in this place. Since these ruins were genuine, then perhaps this grey robed man had collected and stored some of the things from the ruins inside.

Ning Cheng did not spend much time pondering, and immediately started to look at the Array Formation that was traced out on the platform. He concluded that this was just a simple Sealing Array Formation, after that Ning Cheng immediately threw out several Array Flags, and made a motion of lifting his hands, which raised the cover off from this platform.

A long and narrow staircase appeared under Ning Cheng’s foot, Ning Cheng once again swept through it with his Spiritual Sense, certain that there were no problems, he started to descend the steps, while simultaneously covered the outside with the cover once again.

He did not know where this staircase leads to, but it was very long. Ning Cheng had already been descending for half an hour, before he finally got off the steps, but what was in front of him was a corridor filled with gravel. Around the surrounding corridor, there were a few glowing stones suspended in air providing a dim visibility.

Ning Cheng followed this trail and walked for almost an hour before arriving in front of a stone house with no doors.

After confirming that this stone house did not pose any danger to him, Ning Cheng then entered this stone house, sitting in the middle of this stone house was a white skeleton. He did not know for how many years had this skeleton been sitting here, but he could still feel a formidable pressure coming from it, this pressure was countless times more formidable that the pressure from the pitch black skeleton that the grey robed man had pulled out of the blood pool.

On both sides of this stone room, other than a stone table, there was only a stone picture frame. Whether it was the stone table or the stone picture frame, there was nothing on them. It was obvious that the people who had come before had already taken everything away.

As Ning Cheng approached the skeleton, he somewhat suspected that this skeleton might even be of the cultivator of the legendary Sea Opening Realm. On the ground in front of the skeleton, Ning Cheng saw a row of small words, ‘those who want to enter my door, first kowtow 49 times’.

Not to mention that Ning Cheng did not understand much of it, even the part that he did understand, he would not kowtow 49 times to a strange skeleton for no reason at all.

Then Ning Cheng walked to wall, and with the Spear in his hands, aimed it just in front of small wordings in front of the skeleton’s foot and shot out a Spear Shadow.


When the Spear Shadow hit the ground it was aimed at with a boom, it immediately threw up an innumerable amounts of crushed stones, the skeleton also immediately broke apart suddenly, and a dense cluster of white bone arrows shot out towards him. Ning Cheng was shocked, and immediately punched out with his Axe Fist, it looked like these white bone arrows were countless years old, as such after being struck by the Axe Fist of Ning Cheng, they immediately lost their momentum and fell in front of him, they simply could not even hurt Ning Cheng a bit.

Ning Cheng heaved a sigh, and then looked at the skeleton, that was lying, now broken, on the ground. It seems that him blasting open the ground, and the skeleton falling to the ground, did seem to have some sort of connection. But Ning Cheng was not much disappointed with the outcome, when he had come in, he knew that the first people who came in would have already cleared out the place.

At this time, a piece of the roof fell down, showing a huge hole in the roof, as yellow sand trickled down through this gaping hole in the roof.

Ning Cheng was not surprised at this but rather he was happy, since there was yellow sand falling through the roof above, then it meant that he was definitely below the Thunder Fall Desert, all he had to do was to follow this sand upstream, and he would finally arrive above in the desert.

A sharp cry came from the distant corridor, Ning Cheng immediately realized that this cry was issued by the young girl king called Xiu Xiu. He did not know how this woman entered this corridor, or if the cry was coming from someplace else. If she had entered this corridor, then it meant that she had also come here after opening the Sealing Array Formation on the platform of the blood pool.

But Ning Cheng did not want to go back, these ruins were very vast and spread out over a large area, moreover when he had come in, he had also felt a fresh breeze which did not feel right. These ruins were very strange, he did not want to continue with his idea to explore the ruins, at least not now since he found yellow sand falling from above.

Before when Ning Cheng had fired off his Spear at the ground, it was because he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He was already now a Tier 2 Array Formation Master, so he could make out that there was a Concealment Array Formation on one of the crushed stones. He immediately picked up that crushed stone, and performed a few hand seals with his hand, and immediately an exquisite jade seal appeared in his hands. this exquisite jade seal was engraved with the words, Lan Yi Country.

“Whoa….” With more and more sand falling, Ning Cheng did not think anymore and immediately put the jade seal into his Storage Bag, grabbing the Spear he, at once, rushed into the falling sand.

Under the operation of his True Essence, Ning Cheng began swimming upstream through the sand.

One hour, two hours….

Even after quite a while passed, Ning Cheng was still moving upstream in the sand, at this moment Ning Cheng felt like he was still at the bottom of the sea of sand, with the end nowhere in sight.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng was already a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm, otherwise if it was before, he would not be even able to breathe and would have suffocated to death a long time ago. After almost half a day, he stopped and rested a bit to restore his True Essence.

After travelling for another half a day, Ning Cheng became aware that the pressure on the tip of the Spear was also loosening up, the next moment he then felt the pressure on his head also loosen up considerably. After the loose yellow sand finally rolled over, Ning Cheng gave out a long sigh, as he finally arrived on top of the desert once again.

Ning Cheng did not stay at that place to rest for even half a moment, before he immediately chose a direction and quickly departed from that place. He wanted to leave this area as fast as possible, then find a safe place to clean himself up, and to quietly replenish his True Essence.

After travelling for an hour, Ning Cheng finally found a withered poplar tree, and decided to rest at that place.

Before deciding to rest, Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Sense, at this time Ning Cheng could already use his Spiritual Sense to examine several tens of miles of area around him.

At this moment, a dishevelled female cultivator emerged in his peripheral vision of his Spiritual Sense, this cultivator’s footsteps were staggering, it was obvious that she did not have much physical strength.

Luo Fei? Ning Cheng almost instantaneously recognised this female cultivator, this female cultivator unexpectedly turned out to be Ji Luo Fei.

Wasn’t Ji Luo Fei in the Hua Continent’s Falling Star Academy? How could it be possible for her to appear in the Thunder Fall Desert?

Ning Cheng did not think of anything else and immediately rushed out towards her. And in just a few short breaths, Ning Cheng already arrived in front of Ji Luo Fei.

When Ji Luo Fei saw a silhouette of a person rushing towards her, she almost instinctively raised the Flying Sword in her hand and pointed it towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng simply lifted his hand, and lightly brushed away the Flying Sword in Ji Luo Fei’s hand. He did not wait for Ji Luo Fei to make the next move, as Ning Cheng directly grabbed Ji Luo Fei’s wrist and said, “Luo Fei, just what exactly is going on with you, I am Ning Cheng.”

“Didn’t you already die?” When Ji Luo Fei glanced at the face of Ning Cheng, the crazy look in her eyes immediately calmed down, and she immediately fainted in the arms of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng immediately took out the Spiritual Qi rich water that he had collected from the Spiritual Essence Pool, and fed it to Ji Luo Fei. Although his Storage Bag contained many pills, as these pills were his spoils from the various battles, but because he did not know what these pills exactly were, so he did not dare to take them out.

Although Ji Luo Fei at the moment did not have much strength in her, but as long as she rested for while she should be able to wake up by herself.

Ning Cheng took out a rope, and placing Ji Luo Fei securely on his back with the help of the rope, he decided to change places and patiently wait for Ji Luo Fei to recover her strength.

Ji Luo Fei was now already a student of the Falling Star Academy, but for such a person to rush into the desert by themselves, it would certainly involve some major matter. If she had not met him on time, then as long as she was to encounter any one of the desert whirlpools, she would be immediately gobbled up.

Ning Cheng once again changed directions, as he simultaneously picked up his speed.

Under the stirring of some of his True Essence, Ji Luo Fei finally woke up. When Ji Luo Fei opened her eyes, she saw that she was being carried on the back of a male cultivator, she immediately wanted to pull out her Flying Sword hanging from her waist to send out a chop from it. However just as she was about to pull her Flying Sword that was on her body, she immediately remembered seeing a familiar face before she fainted.

“Ning Cheng……” She called out as she put her trembling hands and gently caressed the scruff of Ning Cheng, even her voice was trembling as she spoke, “Did we both finally die?”

When Ning Cheng felt Ji Luo Fei extremely gentle touch, he involuntarily shook, and was just about to speak, when he heard Ji Luo Fei continue speaking with a quivering voice, “I am sorry, Ning Cheng. You had asked me to take revenge for you, I am sorry that I couldn’t take revenge for you…. You are my only family, for me to die with you, I really am very happy….”

Ji Luo Fei once again spoke a few words into Ning Cheng’s ear.

“Do not be nervous, come with me, follow me, listen to me.”

“Luo Fei, you already know my qualifications, remember that after you leave, take revenge for me….”

In her life no one had been this good to her, even if Ning Cheng had bullied her for more than 10 years, but as for that single happy day in her life, she knew that she would never be able to forget it for the rest of her life. In her entire life Ning Cheng was the only one to use his life in exchange for hers, at that time she had not wanted to leave Ning Cheng behind, but she did not have any other choice. Unfortunately, before she died, she could not help Ning Cheng in carrying out his desire for revenge.

Ning Cheng suddenly felt bitter in his heart, he really had not done anything for Ji Luo Fei, before he had come out of the prison, he knew that his predecessor had continuously bullied Ji Luo Fei for many years. But even then this woman still regarded him as his only family, compared to the things what Ji Luo Fei had done for him, Ning Cheng felt really ashamed of himself from the bottom of his heart.

Although on the surface Ji Luo Fei did not look like she cared much for him, but she had secretly fought while putting her life on the line in the Fighting Pot to win a Qi Gathering Stone, just for the sake of allowing him to be able to finally cultivate.

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