Chapter 0084

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0084 – That Busy Body Grandma

Seeing that Ji Luo Fei did not want to speak, Ning Cheng also did not continue to ask questions, as he kept thinking of Ji Luo Fei’s words. Ji Luo Fei said that since her Grandfather’s death, no one had been good to her. But thinking it over, didn’t her being together with him not been not good for her?

It was only possible for Ji Luo Fei to feel moved towards him because when they had tried to escape back at the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, they were blocked by two cultivators at the Late Stages of the Qi Gathering Realm, and at that point he wanted to let Ji Luo Fei to escape first. If that really was the case, then he was very ashamed about it. It was pretty obvious at that time that if they could not escape from there, both of them would have ended up dead. The reason he had asked Ji Luo Fei to go ahead first, was just in case, out of a million chances, he might be able to hold up against them, although he knew that he would not be able to block even one of the two Qi Gathering Cultivators for even half a minute, once Ji Luo Fei escaped first.

“Luo Fei, if you are thinking about the day we tried to escape, then regardless of if we were able to escape or not, if not for your paternal aunt who arrived in time to save us, then I was pretty sure that we would have ended up dead. At that time my strength truly would in no way be able to stop the two men and let them take you away, and moreover, no matter what I did you also did not want to go.” After Ning Cheng thought about it, he spoke up in a simple way to clear things up.

“Star shaped poplar tree….” He did not even wait for Ji Luo Fei to reply, before Ning Cheng immediately stopped and called out in surprise.

This star shaped poplar tree was exactly the sixth mark on the desert map that he had given to Tai Shu Shi, if one wanted to find the right direction, then all they had to do walk in the opposite direction of the largest angle. If one walked straight ahead in that direction for about three days, then they would be able to see a small desert oasis.

“We will rest for a bit here.” Ning Cheng said as he put down Ji Luo Fei.

Having found a new marking point on the map, Ning Cheng was really relieved, as long as he knew the correct path on which to walk on, the danger would be absolutely minimal.

In just a short period of time Ning Cheng erected a simple tent and said, “Luo Fei, you go into the tent to rest, I will keep a lookout on the surroundings, and then take a break….”

Ji Luo Fei had only exhausted her strength, and did not have any other injuries.

Ji Luo Fei looked at Ning Cheng for a while, and then she touched Ning Cheng’s face, and said something that even she found inexplicable, “I will not leave you.”

Ji Luo Fei then looked into the tent, as Ning Cheng shook his head helplessly, after he cleaned himself in a bit, he also changed into another set of cloths. Then started to arrange an Array Formation around the tent, just as Ning Cheng finished arranging the Array Formation around the tent, Ji Luo Fei also came out from inside the tent.

Her face was still the same as before, and was filled with many unsightly scars, but Ning Cheng actually felt that the Ji Luo Fei now and the one from before were completely different.

Although she was still wearing the same clothes, but she did use clean water to clean her hair, she had then rearranged her hair into a beautiful bun, Ning Cheng at this time knew that her hair was very beautiful, but he did not know what exactly she had done with her hair to make that beautiful bun.

The dress she was wearing was also torn up but was tied up into a neat knot, showing her slender waist, which was extremely pure looking and beautiful.

It was evident that Ji Luo Fei, even under limited conditions, still paid attention to her appearance. Looking back into his memory, Ning Cheng remembered that Ji Luo Fei had never intentionally dressed up this desirably. Although she had not intentionally dressed up like this, but even Ning Cheng could not describe the feelings that he was feeling at the moment.

But the most obvious change was not the change in her clothes or her hair, but rather her entire person seemed to be different from before, it was not something that could be seen. If one had to describe it, then before she was like a stagnant pool of water but now she was a freely flowing spring.

“Luo Fei, you should’ve dressed like this before, I think that the you now is even more beautiful.” Ning Cheng praised her from the bottom of his heart.

Ji Luo Fei seemed to be secretly relieved, with her face slightly red, she whispered to him, “Ning Cheng, you can also come in.”

“Good, I also have some things that I want to ask you.” Ning Cheng said as he hurried into the tent following Ji Luo Fei.

“I have lost my bag, and do not have any other cloths.” Ji Luo Fei said as she entered the tent in order to explain to him why she was wearing her clothes in such a fashion.

“Your paternal aunt is a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm, why did she not give you a Storage Bag? Even if she did not give you a Storage Bag, you should have been given at least a Storage Pocket, right?” Ning Cheng frowned and asked.

Ji Luo Fei said in a gentle tone, “The things that my aunt gave me, I have already left them back with my aunt.”

“But why? Does your aunt not know that you came to the Thunder Fall Desert?” Ning Cheng blurted out.

Ji Luo Fei remained silent, Ning Cheng did not need an answer to know that something had went wrong between them.

Ning Cheng instantly understood what was happening, it seemed that Ji Luo Fei and her aunt had some kind of unpleasant thing happen between them, this kind of matter it was better to not ask about it.

Originally Ning Cheng was considering about whether to tell Ji Luo Fei about Xiong Qi Hua, but now that he understood that something unpleasant happened to Ji Luo Fei and her paternal aunt, he immediately decided to not speak about those matters. It was to not hurt Ji Luo Fei even more.

“Come here and sit down.” Ning Cheng said as he took out two chairs and placed them on the ground.

After Ji Luo Fei sat down, it immediately became silent between the two.

Ji Luo Fei was never good with words, so she did not know what to say. But as for Ning Cheng, he actually very much wanted to ask why Ji Luo Fei had left the Hua Continent, but thinking about how she had not answered many of the times he had asked before, he guessed that it might me something sad, so he also did not know what to say.

“Ning Cheng, just how did your cultivation become so high?” Ji Luo Fei finally broke the silence.

Ning Cheng did not hide anything, and immediately narrated about how he escaped Cang Le City, as well as how he met An Yi, and then arrived at Mingot City. Speaking about the things that happened to him along the way, he also mentioned the Spiritual Essence Spring that he had found during his trip through the Daan Forest, and also explained how it was because of it that his cultivation also advanced a lot.

Other than the Mysterious Yellow Bead and the matter relating to Ji Luo Fei’s mother, Ning Cheng spoke about everything else. He believed that Ji Luo Fei would not just casually talk about this matter with anyone, moreover some of these things were also known by An Yi. In Ning Cheng’s heart, Ji Luo Fei was much closer to him than An Yi, although An Yi knew some of the things, but at least he did not have to conceal such thing with Ji Luo Fei.

After all, he and Ji Luo Fei were still a betrothed couple, which they had not yet absolved till now.

Ji Luo Fei, who was gripping her hands tight listening to Ning Cheng’s narration, finally relaxed a bit. It was only until Ning Cheng said that he had just come out of the ruins of the Lan Yi Country and met her, did she finally breathed a sigh of relief. Hearing Ning Cheng had obtained hundreds of Spirit Stones, even her heart started to pound heavily. Even in the Hua Continent, her paternal aunt had only given her, at most, a few dozen Spirit Stones. But as for those Spirit Stones, she had already given them back to her paternal aunt.

But then when she heard that Ning Cheng had, even at one time, obtained thousands of Spirit Stones, she had almost gone numb from the shock.

As Ning Cheng finished speaking, he also remembered that he had also obtained the Imperial Jade Seal, but at the moment he did not intend to take it out and examine it. This was not a safe place, if even the slightest aura from the Imperial Jade Seal leaked out, then it would invite trouble for them.

Ning Cheng took out a Storage Bag, this Storage Bag already had a thousand Low Grade Spirit Stones, Ning Cheng also took out a double edged Flying Sword and put several sets of his own cloths into the Storage Bag.

“Lou Fei, this is for you. They only have my clothes at the moment, so you will have to wait until we reach the Hua Continent, then you can buy the clothes that you need.” Ning Cheng said as he handed the Storage Bag to Ji Luo Fei, he was worried that Ji Luo Fei, just like her paternal aunt’s Storage Bag, would also not want it.

“Hmmm.” Contrary to what Ning Cheng expected, Ji Luo Fei did not even hesitate even for a moment and took the Storage Bag from Ning Cheng, then tying the Storage Bag around her waist, she did not even say a word of thanks.

Ning Cheng felt relieved, as for that Storage Bag, he already had lots of them with him. At the moment, not only Ji Luo Fei’s cultivation was poor, she also did not have sufficient cultivation resources, and was only able to achieve this level due to the Cultivation Method that she cultivated in.

“Luo Fei, do you know what your Spiritual Roots are?” Ning Cheng also had a Profound Grade Water Type Cultivation Method and a Profound Grade Earth Type Cultivation Method. If Ji Luo Fei did not have a water type or an earthen type Spiritual Root, then he had decided to look for a suitable more powerful Cultivation Method for her.

“I have a water and fire dual Main Spiritual Root, but my Main Spiritual Root is more deviated towards the Water Spiritual Root.” Ji Luo Fei replied when she was asked about her Spiritual Roots by Ning Cheng. But then she immediately thought about Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Roots. She knew that Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Roots were very poor, even if he encountered many miraculous opportunities, just how was he able to cultivate this fast?

Ning Cheng then clapped his hands and said while laughing, “That’s great, I just happened to have a Profound Grade Water Type Cultivation Method, from now on you do not have to practice the Cultivation Method you are using till now, you can directly use this Profound Grade Water Type Cultivation Method.”

Saying that, Ning Cheng took out a Jade Piece and handed it to Ji Luo Fei and said, “Whether you are able to read the contents in this Jade Piece or not, does not matter, since we already have a relationship since early, I will help to teach it to you, and soon you would be able to leave me behind in dust.”

“Yes.” Ji Luo Fei said, at this moment she did not understand the significance of a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, but what she did know was that it should be much more powerful than the Cultivation Method that she had been cultivating in.

“Luo Fei, you already have a thousand Low Grade Spirit Stones in your Storage Bag, later you can use those Spirit Stones for your cultivation. With your qualifications, you will certainly reach the True Condensation …….”

Hearing Ning Cheng say that he had already put 1,000 Spirit Stones in the Storage Bag, Ji Luo Fei immediately became stunned and stood up in shock. Even among the core students of the Falling Star Academy, there were only a handful of students in the True Condensation Realm that had a net worth of a few hundred to a thousand Spirit Stones, and almost all of them had very influential family backgrounds. As she had dual Spiritual Root, although she had quite a good treatment in the Falling Star Academy but in comparison to those people it was a lot worse. Moreover, if she wanted to remain in the Academy and study then she would also have to earn the money for it, for that she would have to take up a number of tasks, but since she had only arrived at the Falling Star Academy recently, so she did not have the chance to pick up any of the tasks to earn Spirit Stones.

“Ning Cheng, my qualifications are better than you, so it would be better if you keep the Spirit Stones for your use.” Ji Luo Fei quickly started taking out the Spirit Stones. Moreover, she was even not clear about the fact that the Profound Grade Cultivation Method was countless times much more valuable than just a mere 1000 Low Grade Spirit Stones.

But Ning Cheng just patted his own Storage Bag and said, “I already have several thousands of Spirit Stones with me, you do not need to worry about it. Now can you tell me why you came alone to the Thunder Fall Desert.”

Seeing Ji Luo Fei a bit calmer than before, Ning Cheng knew that this time she would definitely answer if he asked.

Ji Luo Fei simply lowered her head, and spoke as if she was lost, “My aunt insisted that I marry into the Shui Clan, which is one of the seven great clans of the Hua Continent, but I did not agree. I wanted to go back to the Cang Qin Province to see you, so I entered the Thunder Fall Desert by myself….”

“That busy body grandma……” Ning Cheng spoke in an angry voice.

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