Chapter 0085

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0085 – You Lied To Me

“What is a busy body grandma?” Ji Luo Fei asked Ning Cheng as she could not understand it when she heard Ning Cheng call her paternal aunt a busy body grandma.

Ning Cheng just smiled lightly and quickly changed the subject, “Didn’t your paternal aunt tell you about other things, I heard that a 6 Star Academy would be established in the Hua Academy, and would be selected from a tournament between the five 5 Star Academies? Don’t you know about this matter.”

Ji Luo Fei nodded her head and said, “Yes, there is indeed such a thing, this tournament not only will take into the account of the overall strength of the Hua Continent’s five 5 Star Academies, but it will also take into consideration even the underlying strength and influence of those five 5 Star Academies. The resulting decision will be based on the potential strength and overall strength. This potential strength is determined by the five disciples from the True Condensation Realm from each of the five 5 Star Academies, who will take part in all the rounds of the tournament.”

“So the one with the good results will not be chosen to go to an Intermediate Class Continent?” Ning Cheng quickly asked again, these were the words that he wanted to ask. He had the Clear Sky 5 Star Academy’s Command Medallion, if he could join the 5 Star Academy, he believed that he could quickly reach the Late Stages of the True Condensation Realm, and improve his strength dramatically. This tournament did not compare the real strength of the strong and the weak, so even if his strength was just good enough, then he could obtain a position in the 5 Star Academy, and if he could also go to an Intermediate Class Continent, then that really would be a lucky thing.

Ning Cheng already knew that if he wanted to cultivate to a higher realm, then remaining in a Lower Class Continent would simply not work, the only way that this kind of thing would be possible was if he went to an Intermediate Class or an Advanced Class Continent, only then would he have the opportunity to advance to a higher realm.

“I am not very clear on that, as I only stayed at the Falling Star Academy for a just short time, most of my time was spent here in the Thunder Fall Desert. I only heard that the top few people would receive a very handsome reward, other than that…….”

Ning Cheng once again interrupted Ji Luo Fei’s words and said, “Luo Fei, you are only at Qi Gathering 5th Level, how were you able to survive in this Thunder Fall Desert for so long? Also how could you come here alone?”

Ji Luo Fei’s eyes revealed a trace of sadness as she replied, “When I was walking through this Thunder Fall Desert, I was able to meet a kind hearted man, they were also forced out of the continent by their enemies, and were making their way to the Yuan Continent. I had been together with them since, they seem to know about a safer route, and with the help of it we were able to walk for a couple of months in this desert, moreover we did not encounter much danger. But three days ago, we met a sand dragon…….”

When Ning Cheng heard about this, he immediately knew that their situation had turned bad. Initially the reason why he had deviated from his position all those days ago was because he was also sucked up by a passing yellow sand dragon. Meanwhile he sighed in his heart, this kind of family migration was pretty common in this world. Once you offended a powerful person, then if they did not hide immediately from them, then the only way to escape from them was to risk migrating to another continent. Back when he was still living in the Ning Clan that year, didn’t he hear such a thing happening to Ji Clan?

“That sand dragon was very terrible, and as a result all of us separated, I followed a few people but we had already deviated from the original path. Afterwards, we met with a few rogue cultivators, they were the four people that you killed before. After they blocked our way forward, we immediately ran away in different directions to escape.”

“Maybe it was because I had a disfigured face, along with my low cultivation level, moreover they were also a bit shorthanded, which unexpectedly helped me escape from them. Then I crazily ran in a particular direction, I always felt that this was the direction that I had to go in. Afterwards, I really met you….” Ji Luo Fei’s tone was very low, it was clear that she was worried about that good man who had helped her.

Ning Cheng did not know how to comfort Ji Luo Fei, so he once again changed the subject and asked, “Luo Fei, I want to ask you about a person from the Falling Star Academy, is it possible that you know this person called Meng Yu Jing?”

For Ji Luo Fei to know about Meng Yu Jing, Ning Cheng did not have much hope for it. The Falling Star Academy had many people in it, moreover Ji Luo Fei did not spend much time in the Falling Star Academy, so for her to not know about Meng Yu Jing was also normal.

Ji Luo Fei looked at Ning Cheng in a puzzling way and replied, “How do you know her? Meng Yu Jing is not only a student of the Falling Star Academy, but is also one of the core disciples of the Academy. She has the cultivation level of True Condensation 7th Level and is also one of the personal disciples of the Profound Core Realm Dean, she is also the only disciple of the three disciples of the Profound Core Realm Dean that I have seen so far.”

“Didn’t I tell you before that in the Daan Forest I had met Kou Hong, he wanted me to pass something to Meng Yu Jing through me, but I actually do not know who this Meng Yu Jing is.” Ning Cheng explained.


After the two people started to talk to each other, Ning Cheng was finally able to glimpse into Ji Luo Fei’s heart, this woman really was very kind and also full of gratitude.

Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei only rested there for a day before they packed up and left. Now that Ji Luo Fei had finally found Ning Cheng, it was obvious that she would return to the Hua Continent together with Ning Cheng. As for the matter relating to her parents, she decided to wait till her cultivation was high enough, and only then would she make a trip to the Daan Forest to find them.

Along the way, Ning Cheng constantly taught her the mnemonic chants of the Cultivation Method to Ji Luo Fei. Ji Luo Fei was already at Qi Gathering 5th Level, and at the moment was only focusing on cultivating her Spiritual Sense. Moreover, Ning Cheng also had many Spirit Stones with him, and did not hide anything from her, and as a result Ji Luo Fei was able to progress very quickly.

Three days later, Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei arrived at a small oasis, at this time Ji Luo Fei was already able to manifest a sliver of her Spiritual Sense.

Ning Cheng recalled from the map that originally this small oasis was marked as a medium sized lake, and this lake was encircled with lots of Jujube (Date) Trees along with Red Willow Trees. However, when Ning Cheng finally arrived here, they found that the Jujube and the Red Willow Trees had already disappeared. Even the lake had turned into a small pool not larger than a big bathtub.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Luo Fei saw Ning Cheng stopped walking forward, and asked in a puzzling way.

Ning Cheng pointed to the sand pit in front of them and said, “From the map that I had obtained, this oasis had been existing for countless years, and has never dried up, but then how come is it dried up when we came here?”

Ji Luo Fei had not yet answered, when a heavy Spiritual Qi emerged, coming from below the sand pit.

“This Qi……” Ji Luo Fei also could feel the rich and strong Qi, and looked in surprise at Ning Cheng.

But Ning Cheng was staring at the sand pit where the Spiritual Qi was getting more and more concentrated, and was already preparing to enter this sand pit to have a look. Since the Spiritual Qi here was so rich, so it was quite possible that this sand pit may even have some good things.

“There seemed to be only a few people traveling through this path, otherwise the good thing here, would have very likely been carried off by them a long time ago.” Ji Luo Fei also certainly understood that there must be some kind of treasure due to the emergence of such a dense and rich Spiritual Qi.

When Ning Cheng heard Ji Luo Fei’s words he immediately stopped himself from going forward and asked, “Luo Fei, you said that you followed the other people into the Thunder Fall Desert, then is it possible that they showed the map of the Thunder Fall Desert to you too?”

Ji Luo Fei simply said, “That’s right, we had walked for a couple of months together, and did not meet any danger, so they should have the correct map. But this path is probably not the map that we followed.”

Ning Cheng frowned, although Thunder Fall Desert is incomparably dangerous, but due to the passage of innumerable years, there still have been many low levelled cultivators who were able to pass through the Thunder Fall Desert. The maps that these lower levelled cultivators had were obviously not the same. If they were the same, then they would have been able to secure their paths, and helped the others to come out safely. Moreover, with the oasis here, people would have definitely come to know about it.

Since, theoretically speaking, others knew about this place, why would they wait for so many years. When they arrived here, did they not feel such a rich and strong Spiritual Qi here? Why did they not come and collect the treasure from here?

In this desert, the number of mystical things were too many, if one did not have enough strength to obtain it, then they could only forget about. Just like that mysterious North Jue Tribe, even to this day Ning Cheng still did not know just where the tribe was located.

“Luo Fei, let’s go.” Ning Cheng gave up on jumping into the sand pit to go find the treasure, he just turned around and spoke to Ji Luo Fei and started to move away from there.

At this time, the sand pit in front of them suddenly started to cave in all around them, the place that it started to cave in was also quite near to the place where Ning Cheng was just standing in, just as it started to cave in, two pitch black withered looking palms emerged and moved to grab onto the legs of Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei.

Ning Cheng knew at once that it was not going to end in a good way, just as the two withered pitch black palms emerged, almost at the same time he grabbed onto Ji Luo Fei and threw her out of the sand pit and shouted, “Luo Fei, quickly leave.”

Saying that, he immediately threw out his broken Spear Artefact. He immediately used up almost the entire strength that he could muster and struck out with it, without any reservations.

“Boom” The Spear struck the palm of the pitch black withered hand, and immediately delayed it for a bit, as Ning Cheng spouted a mouthful of blood, and flew out tumbling by borrowing the strength of the recoil.

Just as Ning Cheng borrowed the power of the recoil, the original pitch black withered hand that was moving towards Ji Luo Fei caught up to him. With a formidable strength, it pulled Ning Cheng towards its other counterpart.

Ning Cheng did not know if he would be able to break free from those pitch black withered hands, he knew that he did not have any other choice. At this moment, he did not hesitate for even a moment as he threw out all the Artefacts he had, except for his Spear Artefact, towards the palm. He was going with the approach that the True Condensation 7th Level cultivator had done in the Lan Yi Country’s ruins, completely stirring up his True Essence, he simultaneously crazily burnt up his own essence and blood.

“Boom Boom Boom….” several explosions sounded in succession, and the withered palm gripping onto Ning Cheng blew up into several pieces because of the explosion of the Artefacts.

Ning Cheng also sprayed out several mouthfuls of blood, although he managed to temporarily escape from the palm, but he still fell into the sand pit. Because of the exploding Artefacts, at this moment, he did not even have half a shred of strength to return back to the top of the sand pit.

Ji Luo Fei who was thrown out of the way by Ning Cheng a moment ago, knew that something bad had happened. Turning back, she immediately saw a huge sand pit appear, along with a pitch black shrivelled hand that grabbed onto Ning Cheng, she saw Ning Cheng falling on top of the palm of that hand and into the sand pit. She almost immediately, without thinking, moved towards Ning Cheng.

She had sworn to herself that she would absolutely not let similar things in the past to happen again. When Ning Cheng fell into the sand pit, she immediately decided to save him and bring him out, if she could not bring Ning Cheng out, then she might as well die together with Ning Cheng by jumping into the sand pit.

At this moment, there were no other ideas in her mind.

Because of the huge force from the detonation of the various Artefacts, Ning Cheng was also blasted high into the air, but Ning Cheng soon fell down again. At this time, Ji Luo Fei had just entered the sand pit, and she immediately wielded a long belt. She had tied up one end of the long belt to her hand while the other end, she whipped out with it, coiling it around Ning Cheng, and unexpectedly was able to pull Ning Cheng out of the sand pit.

Ji Luo Fei held back her excitement, as she grabbed Ning Cheng and escaped from there at her top speed. She rejoiced that Ning Cheng always carried a long belt with his clothes, which at the moment, was also being worn by her, she was glad that she did not hesitate to rush over, she knew that if she hesitated for even half a moment, then even if she arrived at the edge of the sand pit, she could only helplessly watch as Ning Cheng fell to his death in the sand pit.

Just as Ji Luo Fei left the sand pit with Ning Cheng, that shrivelled up pitch black hand once again emerged, but found no one around the periphery, and slowly retracted back into the sand pit.


After running for about half an hour, Ji Luo Fei finally eased up and putting Ning Cheng down started to catch her breath. Then once again putting Ning Cheng back on her back, she secured him with the long belt, and grasped Ning Cheng’s Spear in her own hands tightly.

“Luo Fei, thank you. If not for you, then this time I would have truly died.” Ning Cheng said while he was being carried on Ji Luo Fei’s back, he even had fear lingering in his voice.

“You lied to me.” Ji Luo Fei suddenly said in a strange way.

“Ah….” Ning Cheng felt surprised, as he did not know the meaning behind the words spoken by Ji Luo Fei.

“You knew that the result would have been the same as that day, when you asked me to run ahead, as you brought up the rear.” Ji Luo Fei bit her lips as she continued, “But why were you like this today?”

Ning Cheng opened his mouth, but didn’t speak as there was too much to think about. He just subconsciously said, “If there were two people rather than one, then it would be better for one to walk away, otherwise, how would you be able to come back and save me.”

“No, all you had to do was throw me towards those black withered hands, and then you would definitely be able to escape with your strength.” Ji Luo Fei said, while crying a little bit. Ning Cheng had not done this, instead he had grabbed her and thrown her out of the danger, but in the process, Ning Cheng himself fell into the sand pit even quicker.

Just why are you so good to me?

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