Chapter 0086

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0086 – Mysterious Yellow Origin

Ning Cheng did not answer, rather he was absolutely not in the mood to answer. He was just, at this moment, looking over the extent of his injuries. He found that his Meridians were already torn to shreds, and even his Dantian was completely filled with cracks.

This was a very terrible injury, not to mention him, even if it was the top most senior of this continent, it was something that could not be treated. To put it simply, because of his injuries from his previous fight, he has been truly turned into a cripple. Let alone cultivating, even wanting to just protect his life would be extremely difficult from now on.

During the confrontation with the pitch black giant shrivelled up hand, he had frantically burned up his blood essence to blow up all of the low level Artefacts that he had, save for the Spear, and was indeed able to blow open one of those giant pitch black withered hands. But at the same time, he was also stuck by the powerful explosions from behind. If not for him wearing the dragon hide armour inside, then perhaps he also might have ended up being blown to bits because of the explosion.

Before he was full of happiness because he survived, but that joy had completely disappeared in just a twinkling of an eye, as waves of pain starting to spread throughout his body from his chest, he could not help but cough out a few times.

Although there were a lot of thoughts going through Ji Luo Fei’s mind, but after Ning Cheng said those words of thanks previously, both of them became dead silent, which was then followed by Ning Cheng’s continuous coughs, she understood that Ning Cheng’s injury might possibly be a major one.

“Where are you intended on going?” Ji Luo Fei cautiously asked.

Ning Cheng was silent for a long time, then said, “I wanted to make a trip to the Falling Star Academy, but now I think, I think …….”

Ning Cheng wanted to give a few things to Ji Luo Fei, and help make sure Ji Luo Fei reached her place safely. He still had the things that he had received from Kou Hong, and Ning Cheng was still looking for the opportunity to deliver them. It was partly because of the map that he had received from Kou Hong, but he knew that even without the map he would have survived somehow, it is just that if he did not complete the last wishes of Kou Hong, he knew that he would never feel right again.

He had thanked Kou Hong from the bottom of his heart for his map, although the map given to him by Kou Hong was very simplistic, but the fact was, he did not know how many bones were stacked up just to create this map. This kind of kindness, is something that should be recorded and carried out to the last bit.

However, thinking that Ji Luo Fei was compelled to leave the Falling Star Academy, he also did not want to Ji Luo Fei to return back to that place again.

“Do not worry, the Hua Continent have a lot of healing pills, now that we also have a large amount of Spirit Stones, your injuries can be easily cured.” Ji Luo Fei consoled Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was just about to speak, when he felt that the Mysterious Yellow Bead in his Zifu suddenly started to spin, he could not recognize the Qi that was being released by the Mysterious Yellow Bead which was, at this moment, dissipating throughout his body. This Qi that was being released by the Mysterious Yellow Bead was slowly starting to mend and reshape his shredded Meridians and even his Dantian was slowly getting repaired.

As this Qi passed through his Meridians, Ning Cheng slowly became aware that the Mysterious Yellow Bead was gradually fusing into him as a single entity. This kind of mysterious yellow Qi could now be controlled by his mind, and was already starting to have a huge impact on him.

Was this the Mysterious Yellow Origin?

That’s right, this has to be the Mysterious Yellow Origin that he felt from before. Ning Cheng was completely stunned and almost shouted out in happiness.

He had thought that he would only be able to feel the Mysterious Yellow Origin only at the time when he reached a very high level in his cultivation, he never imagined that he would be able to feel the Mysterious Yellow Origin with just the cultivation of True Condensation Realm. If he knew that he would be able to utilize the Mysterious Yellow Origin to help him repair his torn Meridians and cracked Dantian, he would have done so earlier on.

If he cultivated within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he knew that his speed would become several times faster than before, but the reason why he had been afraid to re-enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead to cultivate was because he was afraid of exposing the Mysterious Yellow Bead to the outside. Even during the trip to the Hua Continent, he was somewhat fearful that some high level expert would be able to see the Mysterious Yellow Bead right through his body.

Now that the Mysterious Yellow Origin was finally stimulated, and even started to repair and transform his Meridians by completely rebuilding it anew, he was now completely certain that the Mysterious Yellow Bead had finally fully integrated with his body, and thus could not be perceived by anyone outside even if they ripped his body apart piece by piece.

Ning Cheng’s happiness lasted for only the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, before he once again began to worry. Going by the speed with which the Mysterious Yellow Origin was transforming his Meridians and repairing his Dantian, he could estimate that it would take nearly 3 months’ time to fully transform the Meridians and repair his Dantian.

For these three months he would not have much physical strength, not even enough to retreat in the face of danger, but he also knew that he would not be able to get out of this desert within those three months, moreover there was still Ji Luo Fei to think of, just what should he do?

With Ji Luo Fei’s strength alone, it was impossible to guarantee the safety of both of them, so should he find a place to hole up in this desert, or should they really continue on their way?

Ning Cheng soon abandoned the idea of trying to find a secluded place in the desert to retreat, trying to seek a secluded and undisturbed place in this desert to hole up for three months, they might as well continue along their way out of here then.

If one went into seclusion for a few months in this Thunder Fall Desert, anything could happen, he was clear that there was absolutely no safe place for them in this desert. Regardless of if they stopped or walked, the danger to their life was the same. He calculated that if they could somehow speed up their journey, then maybe in two months’ time, they would be able to come out of this Thunder Fall Desert.

Seeing Ning Cheng did not answer, Ji Luo Fei seems to know what things were going on in Ning Cheng’s mind, she decided in her heart to secretly, no matter what, help Ning Cheng heal his wounds.

“Wait a minute.” At this time when Ji Luo Fei wanted to hurry up and continue to get out of this place and help Ning Cheng as soon as possible, Ning Cheng once again stopped her and pointed in a particular direction that was marked on the map that he had memorized, and let Ji Luo Fei hurry in the direction that he pointed.


Ji Luo Fei was carrying Ning Cheng on her back and hurrying along nonstop. As Ning Cheng let Ji Luo Fei carry him on her back, the Mysterious Yellow Origin was also constantly transforming his Meridians and also repairing his Dantian. Unfortunately, this process, Ning Cheng was simply powerless to control it, otherwise he would have done everything in his power to hurry up the repairing process.

Along the way, other than Ji Luo Fei encountering a few simple desert whirlpools, as well as evading a few low levelled desert Monstrous Beasts, the two of them did not encounter any other dangers.

Two months later, Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei could hear a faint sound, then they were able to see that the yellow fog the desert was finally dispersing, it was then that they came to know that, they could finally see the end of the Thunder Fall Desert up ahead, and quickly made haste to leave the Thunder Fall Desert behind.

“We have arrived at the Hua Continent.” Ji Luo Fei looked at the distant hazy mountains, and the original tension in her also finally disappeared. Now that they finally arrived here, she must take care of Ning Cheng’s injuries, and also look after Ning Cheng till he’s finally healed, therefore it was needless to speak about parting ways here.

Ning Cheng coughed a few times, Ji Luo Fei immediately put Ning Cheng down and gently patted Ning Cheng’s back and said, “First let us find a place to rest, then I will help you go look for healing herbs.”

Ning Cheng quickly said, “Luo Fei, you do not need to find healing herbs for my injury, I already know about my injuries and have already started to heal them, and in at most 1.5 months, the injuries should be fully healed.”

Ji Luo Fei did not believe Ning Cheng, during the past two months, Ning Cheng had been coughing nonstop, moreover even she could tell that his True Essence had never recovered even the slightest, how could she believe that Ning Cheng has already started healing his own wounds?

At this distance the singing sound that they were hearing was almost close to them, it turned out that it was a beast carriage that was coming towards them. The one who was singing the song was actually the driver of the carriage, when the carriage arrived near Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei, he took the initiative and stopped as he asked, “Do the two of you want to take my beast carriage to the Sha Pi Town? My carriage is already on its way back to my Sha Pi Town, if you want to come, then I can give you a ride.”

Ji Luo Fei was just about to refuse, as even though she was carrying Ning Cheng on her back she was not the least bit slow, but then Ning Cheng pulled on her robe and said, “Let us take the beast carriage to the Sha Pi Town, you also can take rest in the meantime.”

To the words spoken by Ning Cheng, Ji Luo Fei never could refute, and immediately said to the driver, “Such being the case, we’ll take your beast carriage to Sha Pi Town.”

After hearing that, the carriage driver quickly got off and opened the door to the carriage and said, “The two of you please come in.”

Ning Cheng saw that there was only a young woman sitting inside the carriage, but to him it felt a bit strange, noticing the strange expression on Ning Cheng’s face, the driver quickly replied, “My carriage is coming from the Peng Cun Relay Station at the edge of the Thunder Fall Desert, so the people coming back from there are actually very few.”

Ning Cheng then came to understand, it seems that this carriage was returning back. It was just like Li Shao’s carriage, except that his was empty.

The driver seeing that Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei finally sat inside, quickly shut the door and once again rushed his beast carriage out of the area. For people that he met near the edge of the desert, he never talked about the price. As when these people finally got off, the price that they would usually give out would not be much lower. If he talked about the price with them, not only would it make a bad impression on them, he may even get less. Since he has been plying his carriage on this path for a long time, so he had been long since been aware of this rule.

In his good times, he once managed to pick up a person, who had even paid him in gold coins just to drop him off at the town.


The young woman who was sitting in the carriage along with them, was wearing a tight black dress, with her face hidden behind a thin veil. Ning Cheng looked at her and could tell that she had the cultivation level of Qi Gathering 9th Level. Even though she was only sitting, one could still see that this woman’s figure was very seductive, the cloths that she was wearing also very clearly outlined the curves of her body, even her skin that was showing was smooth and fair, well in other words she was definitely a beautiful woman.

But when she saw that Ning Cheng needed the help of Ji Luo Fei to enter the carriage, and was even coughing a few times, disdain flashed in her eyes that was very apparent. Then she swept her eyes towards the Spear that was in the hands of Ji Luo Fei that she had handed over to Ning Cheng once they boarded the carriage, the disdain her eyes grew even more. Although the Spear was still wrapped up in a cloth for the moment, but from the grip that was exposed she could see that it was broken.

Ji Luo Fei had never been a talkative person, and even when she spoke, she would only speak to Ning Cheng. As to the black robed woman inside the carriage, she only glanced at her, and no longer paid any attention towards her. Ning Cheng, of course, was also not going to focus on the woman who they were sharing the carriage with.

Although there were three people inside the carriage, but it was extremely quiet, other than the song that the driver was singing and the occasional howl and the hoof beat of the beast pulling the carriage, there was no other voices.

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