Chapter 0087

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0087 – Remoulding Of The Meridians

But this quiet did not last long, as Ning Cheng’s coughing bouts time and time again broke the silence in the carriage.

The black clothed woman looked at Ning Cheng and then looked at Ji Luo Fei, thinking for a while she suddenly came to understand something, and the disdain in her eyes gradually disappeared. She estimated that she had guessed wrong before, and she thought that these two people who had entered the carriage should not be husband and wife, but rather had a brother and sister relationship. Ning Cheng seemed to have experienced a lot in his life, she guessed that his age was not low, and that he should be the elder brother.

Otherwise with the strength of Ji Luo Fei, how would it be possible for such a woman to be together with a disease ridden ghost of a man?

In her view, although Ji Luo Fei was disfigured, but regardless of that, she was not a match for Ning Cheng in any way. If she could restore her appearance, then she felt that even she would feel inferior to the woman in front of her.

“You ought to be brother and sister, right?” The block clothed woman took the initiative and asked.

Ji Luo Fei’s complexion slightly turned red, she seemed to be worried about Ning Cheng. Now that the black robed woman had asked her a question, she only gave a noncommittal ‘um’, neither approving or disapproving her relationship with Ning Cheng.

“I really did not guess wrong, did your elder brother received a serious injury or does he have a serious illness?” The black robed woman took it as a sign that she had guessed correctly, and immediately her mood turned quite friendly.

“He is seriously injured.” Ji Luo Fei was not accustomed to ignoring people, now that someone had asked, she also responded with her answer.

“I have a healing pill with me, I can give it to you. Don’t worry, as long as your elder brother takes this healing pill, your elder brother’s injury will definitely heal.” The black clothed woman suddenly took out a white coloured pill and handed it Ji Luo Fei.

Ji Luo Fei was never a person who would take things from a stranger, but when she heard this woman say that this white healing pill can help Ning Cheng recover from her injuries, she immediately wanted to bring it over to him.

However, she was still looked towards Ning Cheng, as she wanted to know Ning Cheng’s opinion about it.

Ning Cheng knew that although he was severely wounded, but now that the Mysterious Yellow Origin was remoulding his Meridians, why would he need to take the healing pill? Even if it was an immortal elixir, he did not want to use it.

Besides the black robed woman was only at Qi Gathering 9th Level, how would she even have any good pills?

Thinking about this, Ning Cheng subconsciously glanced at the pill in the hands of the black robed woman. When he saw the pill in hands of the black robed woman, he was instantly surprised in his heart, it turned out the pill in her hands was actually a Level 3 Spiritual Invigorating Pill.

For a Qi Gathering 9th Level Cultivator, to casually take out a Top Quality Level 3 Spiritual Invigorating Pill, this woman certainly had an unusual background. For this kind of woman, to take a Beast Carriage was really very strange, Ning Cheng at this moment could only use a little bit of his Spiritual Sense, he could vaguely feel that this unusual looking woman was concealing her Qi.

“You need not give it to us, thank you.” Ning Cheng directly rejected the Spiritual Invigorating Pill in the hands of the black robed woman. Regardless of even if she was doing it out of her consideration, he did not want to associate much with this woman other than talking.

While Ji Luo Fei was very much interested in the healing pill for Ning Cheng, but after she heard the words of Ning Cheng, she also refused her by saying, “Thank you, but we do not need it.”

The black woman put away the white pill in her hands as she glanced at Ning Cheng and muttered, “Can’t even judge the quality of the goods, and also do not recognize the good intentions of people.”

Ning Cheng did not bother to pay any attention to this black robed woman, and although Ji Luo Fei was really worried about the injuries of Ning Cheng, but she also no longer spoke.


As the beast carriage ran along the way, other than the driver stopping for rest halfway through the journey, they did not stop anywhere else. It seemed that the black robed woman was unhappy with Ning Cheng in her heart, and as such did not bother to speak to them again.

Just as the day was finally turning dark, the driver’s voice boomed from the front, “We’ll be arriving at Sha Pi Town soon…….”

“Wait, I’ll get off here.” The black robed woman suddenly stopped the driver and spoke.

Ji Luo Fei was surprised as she looked at the black robed woman in a puzzling way, they were soon going to arrive at the Sha Pi Town, why would she want to get off here?

After the black robed woman got off from the beast carriage, in just the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the beast carriage entered the Sha Pi Town, and stopped in front of a courtyard.

Just as Ji Luo Fei was helping Ning Cheng get up, the driver of the carriage opened the door.

“Two guests, we have arrived at Sha Pi Town.” The coachman spoke in a warm and polite tone.

“Where is this?” Ning Cheng looked at the courtyard in front of them and asked, he did not see the streets as he expected, nor was he able to see the rest stop or the relay station that he had seen in the towns before.

The driver quickly said, “This the courtyard of my family’s home, if you friends go through the front street, you will arrive at the main street, it is not far from here. My beast carriage is not allowed to go onto the main street, and can only stop at my courtyard entrance.”

“All right, so how many gold coins?” Ning Cheng just nodded and asked.

The coachman said in a very casual tone, “Just give me a few coins if it is convenient to you, if not it also doesn’t matter. My beast carriage was just on its way home, so it did not take any effort.”

Ning Cheng knew what the driver was thinking, and as a result had a bit of favourable impression of him. He took out a handful of coins and handed it to the driver and said, “These are for you.”

Gold Coins did not have much use for Ning Cheng, moreover he already had many hundreds of gold coins with him at the moment.

The driver’s eyes lit up on seeing this much gold, but then he immediately said, “This, this is too much.”

Ning Cheng once again stuffed the gold coins back into the hands of the driver and said, “If we had not met you, then it would have been very difficult for us to get to Sha Pi Town. Just tell me, which of the rest stops are better.”

The coachman took the gold coins given by Ning Cheng with excitement in his eyes and then said carefully, “My family’s courtyard is large, and there are also many empty rooms. If you friends don’t mind, then you can live here. But if you still want to go to a rest stop then, the Sha Pei Rest Stop is the biggest one in the town.”

Ning Cheng felt moved in his heart, although this courtyard was really not small, moreover not only was it not small, it even had much of the surroundings open. If he lived here, then he would be much more comfortable here than living in a rest stop.

“Thank you very much, we do not pay much attention to where we live.” Ning Cheng hurriedly thanked the coachman, for him, if he lived in a coachman’s house without cultivation, it would be much better that living in the crowded rest stop.

This courtyard was really good, and the coachman not only continuously thanked Ning Cheng who had given him a lot of gold, but had even chosen the largest of the rooms available for Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei.

After the coachman left, Ning Cheng took out a bunch of Array Flags and handed them over to Ji Luo Fei and said, “Luo Fei, we will be living here for almost 1.5 months. I have to heal myself, after these 1.5 month pass by, then we will depart from here. These Array Flags are for the Concealment and Defence Array Formations, the injury to my Zifu is not light, moreover I only have a very scant Spiritual Sense available to me at the moment, so you will have to arrange these Array Formations for me.”

“Ok.” Ji Luo Fei knew that Ning Cheng was severely injured, and was unable to go farther, staying in this Sha Pi Town was really the best choice.

Under Ning Cheng’s step by step directions, Ji Luo Fei was barely able to arrange the Level 1 Defensive Array Formation and Concealment Array Formations. As for the Spiritual Qi Gathering Array Formation, Ning Cheng was a bit afraid in arranging it, once he arranged the Array Formation, the Spiritual Qi from the surroundings would immediately rush towards inside, and as such it would not be good. In the Sha Pi Town. cultivators were very few, so the Level 1 Concealment Array Formation would be more than enough for Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei.

“Luo Fei, you also stay here and cultivate, and as far as possible try not to go into the crowded places of the Sha Pi Town. The condition of my injury, I already have a pretty good idea of it in my mind, and as such I know that recovering from it would not be an issue for me.”


As time passed by, Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei lived in seclusion in the courtyard of the coachman, and in just a blink of an eye over half a month passed by.

Ning Cheng could feel that his Meridians have recovered by more than 90 percent and even his Dantian was also becoming increasingly perfect. He believed that as long as there was enough time, his Meridians would be completely remoulded. When that time came, even if his cultivation did not advance, his True Essence would be much more vigorous and smoother than before.

Ji Luo Fei also could feel Ning Cheng’s slow recovery, and the tension that was building up in her also gradually relaxed. Meanwhile even her cultivation was soaring leaps and bounds, and not only was her control over her Spiritual Sense increasing, but she had also advanced from the early Qi Gathering 5th Level to peak stage Qi Gathering 5th Level during this time.

The carriage driver seemed to know that Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were not ordinary people, since the time he had settled the two people in his home’s courtyard, he did not come there to disturb them.

On this day, Ning Cheng was calculating how long would it probably take for his Meridians to completely remodel, when he suddenly felt that the Qi emanating from the Mysterious Yellow Origin suddenly quicken up, and even the rate of reshaping of his Meridians also suddenly increased.

Originally there was only 10% of the Meridians remaining to be remoulded, but in just a short amount of time, the remoulding of his Meridians was becoming faster and faster. Even the last few cracks in his Dantian, under the influence of the Qi from the Mysterious Yellow Origin, in just a twinkling of an eye, completely disappeared, and not even a shadow of a crack could be visible on it.

Ning Cheng at this moment did not know what had happened, but he knew that this definitely was his chance. If he was to get distracted here, then all the time that he spent in remoulding his Meridians would be wasted and immediately focussed his entire mind and heart on the recovery.

Soft Ka Ka sounds emerged from his Meridians of his body, as well as the flowing sounds of his True Essence could be heard coming from the Meridians, even Ning Cheng could hear it clearly resounding throughout his body.

Although the Meridians had not yet completely healed, but Ning Cheng was well aware of this kind of strong feeling.

He did not know how long it took, but after a while Ning Cheng’s body started to tremble, and the next moment his face revealed the expression of wild joy.

His cultivation had not regressed but rather progressed forward, but all of this did not matter, because Ning Cheng clearly understood the reason why his cultivation had so many setbacks. That was because his Meridians were extremely thin before, but now not only they were very wide, they were even a lot tougher than before.

The tenacity and the fortitude of his Meridians made Ning Cheng really surprised, with his Meridians this tough, it meant that they could not only withstand a greater pressure but also meant that he also had an even greater potential for development, and in the future he would be able to easily ascend to higher realms when compared to others.

The reason why his cultivation was backwards till now was because his Meridians simply could not withstand such a pressure. If his True Essence now was compared to flowing water, then his Meridians had changed it from a stream to a river. If he just kept cultivating like this, then he could feel that the strength of his cultivation of True Condensation Realm was even a few notches stronger than what it was previously.

But what was even more different, was that after the remoulding from the Mysterious Yellow Origin, not only were his Meridians no longer fragile as before, even his body had become much more tough and resilient than before.

Ning Cheng lifted his hands, and the broken Spear landed on his palms, he wanted to try out his most powerful attack with his Spear.

But after heaving a sigh, Ning Cheng put away the Spear, he thought that he should first tell Ji Luo Fei, he could not let Ji Luo Fei continue to be worried about him.

Ning Cheng had just stood up, when he frowned, he once again saw the black robed woman. Only this time that black robed woman was stained with blood, and was anxiously standing inside the courtyard and saying something to Ji Luo Fei.

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