Chapter 0088

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0088 – The Tough Imperial Jade Seal

Ning Cheng could make out that this black robed woman had already suffered some heavy injuries, but fortunately the healing pills on her were clearly very good, and her injuries were also recovering at a very fast rate.

“Are you feeling better?” Ji Luo Fei asked as she saw Ning Cheng come out, moreover his facial complexion also looked much better than before, but she still quickly stepped forward to support Ning Cheng, and asked in a tone of surprise.

“Much better, I think that we should be able to move out from here in two days.” Ning Cheng looked at Ji Luo Fei and said while smiling.

If not for his plan to study that Imperial Jade Seal that he had obtained, perhaps he would have already walked away from here today along with her.

Ji Luo Fei remembered that the black robed woman was still standing on one side, and spoke to Ning Cheng in a somewhat hesitant manner, “Because she was attacked, she was badly wounded, at the moment she does not have any place to hide, and could only return to the Sha Pi Town. She did not dare to go to any of the rest stops in Sha Pi Town, but as she happened to see me passing through here, so…….”

Ning Cheng finally came to understand that he was really not mistaken, this woman really was a hassle to deal with. It was probably because she herself does not know the value of the pills that she has, and carelessly revealed her fortune, and was attacked as a result of it. With the cultivation of this woman only at Qi Gathering 9th Level, combined with her nature of taking out high quality pills in front of complete strangers, sooner or later she would have been attacked. Although Ning Cheng did not care about these things, but it did not mean that others would also not care about it.

Now that this black robed woman finally met trouble, Ning Cheng simply did not need to ask and could correctly guess that this woman had definitely carelessly took out her pills, resulting in such a thing to happen to her. This woman who seemed to look deep and astute, turned out to be an idiot. And moreover with her seductive body, taking part in outside battles, and even wearing a tight set of cloths over her body, revealing her seductive curves, it showed that she really had very little experience of dealing with the outside world.

“This elder brother, I just want to stay here for just two days, as long as you allow me to rest here for two days, I will be able to recover from my injuries, once my injuries recover, I will be able to get out of here.” The black robed woman saw Ning Cheng frown, and immediately thought about the first time that he had met Ning Cheng and had looked at them with disdain, but she could see it clearly, that in between Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng was the one who called the shots.

Ji Luo Fei was also looking at Ning Cheng with some hope in her eyes, she hoped that Ning Cheng would give shelter to this injured black robed woman, as she also had a few healing pills on her. Of course, this woman had no reason to give them the healing pills, and although Ning Cheng had not taken them, Ji Luo Fei still felt a bit grateful in her heart towards her. She was the kind of person who always repays the gratitude that she received from others.

Ning Cheng nodded and said, “Well, you can live with us for two days, but after the passing of two days, we will be leaving this place.”

“This really is good, many thanks elder brother, I am called Zhu Mu Er, I really do not know by what names to call you two.” When the black robed woman heard that Ning Cheng was willing to give shelter to her for two days, she immediately became happy.

“You can just call me Luo Fei from now on.” Ji Luo Fei quickly replied.

“I am called Ning Xiao Cheng, Luo Fei, why don’t you show Zhu Mu Er to the rightmost room to let her rest. I am going into closed door cultivation for two days.” Ning Cheng was not willing to become close friends with this Zhu Mu Er, instead he wanted to go into closed door cultivation in order to study the Imperial Jade Seal.

With regards to Zhu Mu Er taking shelter with them, Ning Cheng was not worried. With Zhu Mu Er’s cultivation level, she was able to escape and arrive here safely albeit with a few injuries, moreover it also showed that her opponent was also someone of at least the same level as her. Now that his cultivation was already restored, moreover it was even stronger than before by many folds. Even if the enemy of Zhu Mu Er was to find trouble for him, he would not be afraid.

“You have to go into closed door cultivation?” Zhu Mu Er looked at Ning Cheng in amazement, in her opinion, Ning Cheng was just a sickly person. How could a sickly person dare to go into closed door cultivation? Fortunately, it was she who had come here to seek shelter, seeing that Ning Cheng didn’t answer her, she also did not dare talk any more nonsense.

Ji Luo Fei felt that Ning Cheng did not like Zhu Mu Er, and quickly took Zhu Mu Er in the rightmost room in the corner, and told Zhu Mu Er to not to disturb Ning Cheng.

“Sister Luo Fei, do not worry, I myself do not have enough time to heal myself, where would I have the time to go disturb your elder brother. Thank you for giving me a place to rest, if it’s possible you can come to visit my home in the future.”  Zhu Mu Er suddenly had a bit of doubt flash through her eyes but it quickly disappeared.

After settling Zhu Mu Er in her room, Ji Luo Fei once more returned to Ning Cheng’s room and said, “Ning Cheng….”

Ning Cheng stopped Ji Luo Fei and said, “Luo Fei, it would be better if you call me Ning Xiao Cheng from now on. Before that woman called Zhu Mu Er had not come here, I was going to tell you this. But in that beast carriage Zhu Mu Er had casually brought out a Level 3 Spiritual Invigorating Pill, which shows her unusual origins. Both of us are people who do not have any backing at the moment, so it would be better to reduce our contact with such people.”

“Ah, I understand.” Ji Luo Fei nodded, and approached Ning Cheng, she then grabbed onto Ning Cheng’s wrist, she wanted to confirm for herself if Ning Cheng’s injuries had improved or not.

Ning Cheng patted Ji Luo Fei’s hand lightly and said, “Luo Fei, don’t worry, my injuries have almost recovered, you do not have to worry about it. But still I have to say this to you, for these two days I will be behind closed doors as I have to study something, you must also seize this time and improve your cultivation.”

Hearing that Ning Cheng’s injuries were almost healed, Ji Luo Fei was overjoyed and quickly replied, “I know, you first go into closed door cultivation, I will come again when you come out.”


After Ji Luo Fei left, Ning Cheng arranged several Concealment Array Formations inside the room, and then took out the Imperial Jade Seal.

The outside of the Imperial Jade Seal was covered in a pale gold colour with some markings, which made it look like it was a very delicate object, but he could feel that it was considerably heavy. Ning Cheng had also seen some general pictures of some other Imperial Jade Seals, but the Imperial Jade Seals that he had seen were somewhat different than what he had in his hands. As they usually had a dragon shaped carving on top of it. But as for the Imperial Jade Seal in his hands, it had a bird shape carving on top of the cube, moreover it was a carving of a bird that he did not know about, and at the bottom of the cube there were three words written ‘Lan Yi Country’.

Ning Cheng touched the carvings of the ‘Lan Yi Country’, but did not feel anything special. He swept the surface of the Imperial Jade Seal with his Spiritual Sense, but was actually not able to sweep through the inside of it.

Ning Cheng then tried to use his Spiritual Sense to refine this Imperial Jade Seal, but even after half a day later, he did not even have the slightest of reaction from the Imperial Jade Seal, it seemed as if it really was not an Artefact.

If it was not an Artefact, then Ning Cheng was sure that his own Spiritual Sense would have been able to penetrate into the interiors of the Imperial Jade Seal, but he knew that his Spiritual Sense could not even penetrate even the tiniest bit inside.

Ning Cheng took out his Spear, and used approximately 10% of his True Essence and struck Imperial Jade Seal with the Spear.

When the Spear hit the top of the Imperial Jade Seal, that sound that it made was as if he had hit a beat up leather cloth, there was no clear and crisp sound that he expected, and even the Imperial Jade Seal was absolutely still, not to mention that the Imperial Jade Seal did not break open as expected, but there was not even a single scratch to be seen on it.

This Imperial Jade Seal was really very strong and tough, this kind of strength and toughness definitely proved that it was something like a Magic Weapon. Ning Cheng once again took the Imperial Jade Seal back into his hands and once again started to try and refine it.

As two days flashed by, the Imperial Jade Seal in his hands had still not changed even one bit, and was still motionless. Ning Cheng, amidst some disappointment, finally put down the Imperial Jade Seal, he had no way to open the Imperial Jade Seal.

Under such helplessness, Ning Cheng could only put away the Imperial Jade Seal, and opened the door.

“Since you have come out of your closed door training, I just came to inform you that it is time for me to go. This time I really thank you from the bottom of my heart, although those people who were pursuing me think that I have not returned to Sha Pi Town, I am still very grateful to you.”

Zhu Mu Er and Ji Luo Fei were sitting outside and talking to each other, on seeing Ning Cheng coming out, Zhu Mu Er immediately stood up and took the initiative to greet him. Zhu Mu Er had removed the veil on her face, revealing a delicate oval face, coupled with a pair of big doe like eyes, and combined with her stature, she really looked very pretty.

“Then I wish you good luck in your journey.” Ning Cheng hurriedly replied.

Zhu Mu Er just waved her hands and said, “Do not worry, didn’t you also say that you were going to leave today, where do you intend to go? If it’s on the same way as my own, we might as well go along.”

She did not wait for Ning Cheng to reply, as Zhu Mu Er once again took the initiative to speak, “I am actually going to the Mo Ze City where the Falling Star 5 Star Academy is located, but to reach there I have to take the airship from Xi Qin City. If you want to go to either of the two places, we three can go together.”

“What are you going to do at the Falling Star Academy?” Ning Cheng already was intending to go to the Falling Star 5 Star Academy, and then go to the Clear Sky Academy later. Now that Zhu Mu Er coincidentally was also going to the Falling Star Academy, it made him even more cautious towards her.

Zhu Mu Er glanced at Ning Cheng but this time spoke in a somewhat arrogant tone, “Ning Xiao Cheng, if I were you, I would bring my sister to the Mo Ze City. Mo Ze City has one of the five 5 Star Academies of the Hua Continent, and moreover it is also the season of recruitment for the 5 Star Academies. I am going there to participate in the enrolment, and of course have been doing major preparations to enter the inner circle of the 5 Star Academy. Although your qualifications are poor, but I think that Luo Fei’s qualifications are very good, although her cultivation is not that high and so will not be able to enter the inner circle, but she could still enter the outer circle of the 5 Star Academy. If you don’t bring Luo Fei, and let her stay in a place that even birds do not shit on, she will never improve, and forever would be fated to only mix with the people of the lowest level.”

Ning Cheng gave a glance at the curves of Zhu Mu Er and abruptly spoke, “I presume that Miss Zhu comes from a rich family, me and Luo Fei are not naive people, although we also are going towards Mo Ze City, but it would be better for us to just walk there. If Miss Zhu wants to leave then by all means leave first, we can walk by ourselves.”

Seeing Ning Cheng sweep a glance at the skin tight dress that she was wearing, Zhu Mu Er’s face immediately turned red, “Wait a minute.” She said as she immediately entered the room.

After just a short while later, Zhu Mu Er once again comes out, but this time she had changed into a long woman’s dress which looked very common. Then she proudly looked at Ning Cheng and said, “With this you should not have much pressure on you right? I was displeased when my father said that I was too squeamish, capricious, and too dependent on others, and I wanted to come out and prove it to him that I could handle myself outside. When he sees me, who ends up being selected by a 5 Star Academy, moreover even able to enter the inner circle of the Academy, he will then come to know that his Zhu Mu Er was definitely not what he had thought about.”

Ning Cheng then came to understand that originally this young lady Zhu Mu Er had run away from her home, to prove to her father that he had thought wrong about her daughter.

“I will lead you to Mo Ze City, at most it would only take a few days to reach there, if you went by yourself, then you may not even reach there even in a few months.” Zhu Mu Er saw that Ning Cheng was not saying anything and once again said in a triumphant tone.

Ning Cheng felt a bit relieved in his heart, such being the case, then it would be better to follow Zhu Mu Er to Mo Ze City. In this place like the Hua Continent, trying to ride a Flying Swords was much more dangerous than in the Ping Continent.

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