Chapter 0089

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0089 – Arriving At Mo Ze City

Along the way, it was apparent that Zhu Mu Er had not lied or boasted about not knowing the correct way. Under her leadership, the three of them just spent two days on the road, before they arrived at Xi Qin City to board the airship to Mo Ze City. Although this airship did not have individual cabins, however the main hall of the airship had various kinds of services, they even had several sound broadcasting Talismans distributed throughout the hall which were even better than the one’s he remembered.

Only the relatively rich cultivators were able to afford to board the airship, as this kind of airship did not accept gold coins, and only received their fee in Spirit Stones. As Ning Cheng looked at the various cultivators that had already filled up the hall, he finally came to know that the people of the Hua Continent were much richer than the people from the Ping Continent.

Although Ning Cheng had taken out the required Spirit Stones for him and Ji Luo Fei so that Zhu Mu Er could leave them alone, but then Zhu Mu Er displayed her generosity as always, and basically did not let Ji Luo Fei to pay her share of the Spirit Stones for the fare.

The three people took a table by the side of the hall-like cabin and sat down, the airship would be flying for two days before arriving at their destination, moreover for a cultivator sitting for two days really was nothing.

Most of the cultivators in the hall were talking about the admissions of the 5 Star Academy, after Ning Cheng listened for a while, he also began to have a certain understanding towards it. Because this time the few big 5 Star Academies were recruiting students from Mo Ze City, and as a result almost all the cultivators in the Hua Continent were rushing towards that place in order to not to miss such an opportunity. In addition to the cultivators from the Hua Continent, there were even other cultivators from the Ping and the Yuan Continent who were mixed into the crowd heading in the same direction.

Because of these many people, there were also a few people who were going to the recruitment at the Mo Ze City in the hopes of getting selected for some of the 3 and 4 Star Academies which would also be conducting their recruitment there.

After all, there would only be a few people who would be qualified to be selected for a 5 Star Academy, and as such it was definite that a lot of people would not be able to join the 5 Star Academies, so such being the case, many of these cultivators would choose entering a 3 or 4 Star Academy or in some case even joining some big Clans and Sects would also be good for them.

This scenario reminded Ning Cheng of the Clear Hear Academy of the Nan Yuan City, it seemed that no matter where you were, as long as it was to enrol the students, the Academies would always attract a large number of people.

Zhu Mu Er looking at those cultivators talk so extravagantly, said with a despising tone in her voice, “A group of people who does not know the immensity of the heavens and the earth, they think that just by going to Mo Ze City they would be selected by one of the Advanced Level Academies, that is just a dream for them. If it was this easy to get into an Advanced Level Academy, then it would never would have been an Advanced Level Academy in the first place.”

Although Ning Cheng could hear what she spoke but he just was not in a mood to talk to her, Zhu Mu Er was going to Mo Ze City to participate in the enrolment of the Advanced Level Academies, as long as she could get away from them, it would be much better for the both of them.

The usually quite Ji Luo Fei who never talked much with others suddenly asked, “Sister Mu Er, during this selection of the 5 Star Academy, if a person’s results are outstanding, then would they be selected to go to an Intermediate Class Continent?”

Ning Cheng immediately knew that Ji Luo Fei had asked those words for his own benefit, as he had also asked the same question to Ji Luo Fei before.

When Zhu Mu Er heard Ji Luo Fei call her Sister Mu Er, she appeared to be extremely happy, and also answered carefully, “This time the reason why the five 5 Star Academies of Hua Continent are competing with each other, is because one of them would be promoted to a 6 Star Academy by the end of it. And as to the students with the best results in the Tournament, they are sure to be selected to go to an Intermediate Class Continent. Besides, even if they were not selected to go to the Intermediate Class Continent, the rewards for the top spots are also extremely amazing. I heard that the reward for the top spot is an actual Spiritual Grade Artefact, other than that, the reward also contains a Storage Bag with a storage space of 10 cubic meters, plus an Essence Building Pill and 3,000 High Grade Spirit Stones.”

When Ning Cheng heard about the Storage Bag with the storage space of 10 cubic Meters, his heart was immediately moved, although he also had a Storage Bag, but it only had a storage space of 1 cubic meter, it was simply not enough to store the Spear that he always had to carry on his back. If he had a Storage Bag with a storage space of 10 cubic meters, he would then definitely be able to put his Spear in it and not carry it in hands or strapped to his back.

The price of a Storage Bag was also very high, with each increase in 1 cubic meter of volume, the price of the Storage Bag would be even more than 20 times than the price before. Ning Cheng knew that at the moment, he could not even afford to buy a simple basic Storage Bag.

“Good heavens, 3,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, isn’t that equivalent to 300,000 Low Grade Spirit Stones, or even more ….” When some of the people nearby heard the words spoken by Zhu Mu Er, they immediately exclaimed out loud.

“When compared to an Essence Building Pill, and a Storage Bag with a storage space of 10 cubic meters, just what good are 3,000 High Grade Spirit Stones?” Someone called out.

“In fact, these are not even the best reward, I heard that the top 20 people would even have the opportunity to go to the Angry Axe Valley, where there are several High Ranked Spiritual Grasses in abundance, you would just have to take a few steps and can even casually pick up not only High Ranked Spiritual Grasses but even top quality raw materials for crafting Artefacts….”

“Just what is this Angry Axe Valley? Why haven’t I heard about it?” A torrent of questions from the other cultivators interrupted him.

“I do not know, I have only heard people talk about it, the only thing that I know is that it is place that has many treasures, but it is not in the Hua Continent.”

“Everyone knows that you are talking nonsense, if there really was such a place, it would have already been cleared out by others, why would someone even wait for others for such an opportunity?”

As these two cultivators argued with each other, someone explained, “The Angry Axe Valley really exists, I have also heard about it, but I heard that if you wanted to go in, then there is a limit on one’s cultivation level. Moreover, this Angry Axe Valley was formed because an axe that was dropped from the sky which ended up splitting the land it was dropped on. After that axe fell and formed the valley, it immediately filled it with a very rich Spiritual Qi. Afterwards, more and more treasures began to appear there, and as a result more and more people went there to explore for treasures. However, it is an extremely dangerous place, and a lot of people had already died there. After experiencing this kind of situation for countless years, many limitations were placed on entering the Angry Axe Valley, and thus not everyone can go in.”

“Do you mean to say, that this valley is a tomb of some mighty cultivator?”

“I also heard about it, but whether it is true or not I do not know. Moreover, even if it was true, we really would have no chance, not only would the top 20 people of the entire Hua Continent would be powerful, they would definitely be even more powerful than even some of the core students of the 5 Star Academies.”

“Not only from the Hua Continent, I heard that the 5 Star Academies had even recruited some talented students from the Ping Continent and the Yuan Continent, moreover I even heard that the qualifications of these talented students were also very good, as soon as they enter the Hua Continent, they absolutely would not be any weaker than those geniuses of the 5 Star Academies.”

Because of the issues with the ranking tournament, more and more people were now joining in the discussion. Soon the topic of their conversation changed to the 5 Star Academies, which was an even better topic for them.

Seeing that Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng did not speak, Zhu Mu Er took the initiative and spoke, “Sister Luo Fei, with your qualifications, even if you do not get selected by the 5 Star Academies, you would definitely be selected for one of the 4 Star Academies.”


The airship was very fast, and in less two days, it landed outside the Mo Ze City’s Relay Station. This kind of foreign ship was not allowed to directly fly into the Mo Ze City.

Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei just followed the crowd down the airship, and decided to find a rest stop for them first, and then go to the Flying Star Academy to seek out Meng Yu Jing.

After the talks between the cultivators on the airship, Ning Cheng already came to be acquainted with the names of the five 5 Star Academies of the Hua Continent, they were, the Thunder Academy, the Clear Sky Academy, the Falling Star Academy, the Luo Hou Academy and the God Wind Academy.

The reason why these five 5 Star Academies were conducting their recruitment in the Mo Ze City was not because Falling Star Academy was the most powerful of them, but because there were some mighty people from an Intermediate Class Continent who had come to stay in the Mo Ze City. Since these mighty characters who were from an Intermediate Class Continent came to stay in the Mo Ze City, it was natural for the rest of the Academies of the Hua Continent also came to the Mo Ze City.

“Ning Xiao Cheng and Luo Fei, I will go first, so that when I join the Falling Star Academy, perhaps I could still be able to help you.” After Zhu Mu Er got down from the airship, she was very jubilant and waved to Ning Cheng, as she, with extreme impatience, had already began rushing towards Mo Ze City along with the rest of the crowd.

Ji Luo Fei looked at the countless tides of people moving towards Mo Ze City, and said with some worry in her voice, “Xiao Cheng, before when I left this place, it did not have this many people, now that I look at these many people here, I’m afraid that it would be very difficult for us to find a place to stay. Without….”

Ji Luo Fei had always called him Xiao Cheng all along the way and was already used to it, now that Zhu Mu Er was gone, she still did not change the way she addressed him.

Ning Cheng on hearing Ji Luo Fei’s words understood her meaning, he just simply waved his hands and said, “Luo Fei, even if we do not enter Mo Ze City, I will not go look for your paternal aunt, the kind of person that your aunt is, is not something that I like.”

Ji Luo Fei just gave a tiny smile, “Ah, then I’ll just listen to you.” As she also from the bottom of her heart, did not wish to go seek out her aunt, but she was afraid that Ning Cheng would not be able to find a place to rest.

Mo Ze City was not like other cities, they charged a fee to let one enter the city, though did not charge Spirit Stones but rather gold coins, if one wanted to enter the city then one would have to pay 10 Gold Coins.

If it was an ordinary cultivator, it would basically wouldn’t even be considered as money. But for the people who did not cultivate, this was a sky high price.

Although Mo Ze City was a big city, it was basically a place where only cultivators lived, as for the people who could not cultivate, other than the slaves in those large clans, most of such people did not live inside the Mo Ze City, but rather lived around the outside of the Mo Ze City.

When Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei entered the Mo Ze City, they immediately could see a 10 feet wide street in front of them. This street was too conspicuous, as not only was it spacious, but also was very prosperous.

From time to time, there were even a few people passing by through the streets who were riding on fierce beasts, Ji Luo Fei whispered to Ning Cheng and said, “Those people who are riding those tamed fierce beasts are the mark of them being from a very influential family, as for the foreign people here, there are only a very few of them who ride tamed fierce beasts.”

At this time, no one knew what scared a red fierce beast but it suddenly roared, and rushed into the crowd.

Ning Cheng was a surprised for a moment in his heart, was this Mo Ze City also like the Cang Le City, to even let a fierce beast to go into wanton rampage in the streets?

Ning Cheng soon came to know that that really was not the case, he saw that there was a young teenager wearing silk clothes on the back of the fierce beast, moreover he had a frightened expression on his face, apparently he did not think that his fierce beast would suddenly go on a rampage.

Although there were several people on the road, none of them were hit by this fierce beast. as fortunately, in this street almost all of them were cultivators, and thus were able to easily escape on time. Although that beast ran for about a dozen meters, there were no casualties.

But seeing that the fierce beast was getting faster and faster, and was going towards an even more dense crowd of people, suddenly a white shadow leapt out from a restaurant nearby. This white shadow immediately grabbed onto the head of the incoming fierce beast, then as if the fierce beast had rammed into an iron wall it suddenly stopped, uttered a loud roar, then taking a few step backs, fell down on the ground with froth coming out of its mouth.

At this time the surrounding people could clearly see that that white shadow was a young man dressed in white, he was the one who had just used his hand to abruptly bring the fierce beast under control.

A burst of cheers and applause erupted, as many of the people had come to the Mo Ze City for the first time, as such many of them were actually looking forward to such displays of power in the Mo Ze City.

Ji Luo Fei immediately took Ning Cheng to the side, and whispered into Ning Cheng’s ears, “That person is the Mo Ze City’s Shui Clan’s Shui Yu, my aunt had given me a portrait of him to look at, this is the person that my aunt wanted me to marry.”

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