Chapter 0094

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0094 – The First In The Written Round

Ning Cheng saw Ji Luo Fei looking at him, but then everyone heard a voice say “Didn’t I say that the white robed guy who scored 94 points in the exam, for him to get first place, was simply a dream.”

Ji Luo Fei spoke with some doubt, “But 94 points is truly very high, ah, I see the second name to be 85 points, while the third and fourth places both have 70 points….”

At this point, Ji Luo Fei as if she understood the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words, quickly asked, “Do you mean to say that there is someone who scored even higher than 94 points in the 5th written exam? But I heard that the 5th written exam was even more difficult than the previous 4 written exams. How could anyone even score more than 94 points in that kind of exam? If there really was such a person, then wouldn’t it be equivalent to going against the heavens.”

Ji Luo Fei had also listened clearly to the conversations, trying to memorize almost 5000 pages of content within 3 hours of time, and that to without using their Spiritual Sense, just how could a normal person even accomplish it?

Ning Cheng somewhat sheepishly touched his hair and said, “It is not considered as going against the heavens, but it seems I am not that person. It appears that next time I will have to put on white clothing, and then ……”

Speaking till there, Ning Cheng suddenly saw that scholar like Leng Yi Yang move towards them, cupping his hands in front of Ji Luo Fei he said, “The 5th Written Exam’s results have not yet come out, so I cannot say that I certainly will be the first.”

Ning Cheng suddenly felt that this Leng Yi Yang was acting as if he had already assumed to be the first, he was trying to act humbly in front of Ji Luo Fei, Leng Yi Yang thought that he would win over them in front of these many people, and was presumably very proud of it.

Ji Luo Fei almost laughed out because of the joke Ning Cheng cracked just a moment ago, and the unpleasant idea of her returning to Mo Ze City, also had disappeared without a trace.

“Sister Luo Fei, how did you fare in your test?” They did not know how Zhu Mu Er had found them, but when she saw Ning Cheng, she knew that the woman standing beside Ning Cheng would only be Ji Luo Fei.

When Ji Luo Fei saw Zhu Mu Er, she hastily replied, “I did not write the 5th Round, Xiao Cheng did.”

“Oh, what a pity, then there really is no hope, I also did not write the test well. I know that I should have looked at my dad’s medicine books before coming here, it’s too late to regret it now.” Zhu Mu Er said with an upset voice.

Saying that, she said to Ning Xiao Cheng, “Ning Xiao Cheng, in a short while when you meet Academy Head Yin, you just say that there were some faults in the projection, so as to avoid his thinking that he had wasted his two quotas. Just a moment ago he was muttering the same thing in front of me for a long time, I only just managed to put him off.”

Ji Luo Fei said in an unexpectedly good mood, “Sister Mu Er, Xiao Cheng said that he would be first on the 5th written test, you do not have to be too disappointed.”

Perhaps because she had never seen Ji Luo Fei crack a joke, but when Zhu Mu Er heard Ji Luo Fei say that, she became stunned for a moment, and only after a long while, she pointed at Ning Cheng and laughed, “You say that Ning Xiao Cheng would get the first place in the 5th written exam, ha-ha, this really is too funny……”

Zhu Mu Er was already laughing loudly, so before she could even react, many people had already turned their stared towards her.

“Truly shameless, even with Brother Yi Yang here, there are still people here that dare to say that they are first.”

“Fuck! this kind of person is really too much.”

“Brother Leng, that person really is shameless, he even said that he would come first in the entire preliminary round.” Someone who was standing beside Leng Yi Yang spoke up, not only him but a lot of people were not feeling good about Ning Cheng’s words.

“What he seems to say was that he would be the first in the 5th written round.”

Leng Yi Yang waved his hand, and with a bit of chill in his voice he said, “Such people are everywhere, there is no need to heed about them, the more you heed them, the more he would think that he is fantastic. If he knew that he was just a clown, he would not say such a thing.”

“Is that so? Maybe he really is the first?” A voice emerged from the surrounding.

Leng Yi Yang’s face changed, as he immediately saw a white robed man in front of him, his cultivation level was also above him, at least it was not something that he could perceive.

“This friend, I was just talking with this friend here……”

Leng Yi Yang had not yet finished, when he was once again interrupted, “Didn’t you and your friends not discuss about me, when I come and speak up, didn’t you find it meddlesome? Although you did not speak about me, however weren’t you just now speaking happily about my Junior Apprentice Sister, this kind of thing is nothing to be proud of. The second round has not yet even started, so speaking to others like this, doesn’t this make you feel ashamed.”

It seems that this person had come out to defend Ling Naixin, the corners of Leng Yi Yang’s mouth twitched a few times, and although he did not speak, but his eyes already showed, that even if he did not defend against this kind of injustice, he still had scored higher than Ling Naixin.

Not far away was a young girl wearing a purple dress who was looking at the liveliness at this place, and was somewhat speechless as she shook her head. But another young girl beside her actually spoke up in disdain, “This Leng Yi Yang just scored a few more points in the first written test, the second round hasn’t even started yet, and he is already swaggering around here, isn’t that a little bit too early.”

That purple dress wearing young girl smiled and said, “Compared to the person who said he would be the first in the 5th written round, at least this Leng Yi Yang was fairly low key.”

“Moreover, at this present moment who knows if both of them would even have a face to exist.” The young girl on her side also nodded to her sentence.

“I am really sorry, Ning Xiao Cheng, I seem to have brought some trouble towards you.” Zhu Mu Er knew that her own laugh was too loud, and spoke apologetically.

Ning Cheng just waved his hands and said, “You really did not speak wrong a moment ago, as I truly am the first.”

The results would be out soon, and Ning Cheng felt that he did not have any more reason to hide it.

“What?” Zhu Mu Er thought that Ning Cheng had become muddleheaded.

“Compared to the trouble that would be coming towards me, the trouble you brought is simply nothing troublesome.” Ning Cheng finished, as he calmly stared at Lan Yin Yue who was standing across him.

The noise here was already too loud, as many people were looking at this place, and since Lan Yin Yue was also here to see the list, so seeing her here was nothing unusual.

“You not only live longer but are also tougher than I thought, you even arrived at the Hua Continent, I really underestimated you.” Lan Yin Yue spoke with an ice cold tone, if this was not the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, she would have already attacked Ning Cheng.

However, although she had such thoughts, she did not begin, now that she had found Ning Cheng, she would definitely not let him escape from her hands, this time she would do it herself.

“The list for the 5th Written Examination has already come out.” A sudden voice interrupted Lan Yin Yue and Ning Cheng’s confrontation.

All the people in the plaza immediately focussed on the 5th huge Array Formation projection screen, at the rows of names that were now starting to come up one by one.

“Hua Yu’s Ning Xiao Cheng, First Place, 100 points….”

Someone from the crowd read out the first name aloud, making everyone present, hear the first name for the 5th Written Round. As everyone here was mostly concerned only about the first name and as such almost all of them only payed attention to it, they basically ignored the rest of the names on the list.

But the moment Hua Yu’s Ning Xiao Cheng’s name was announced, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and no one was in the mood to pay any attention to the one who was at the second place. But every person’s eyes were not on the name of Ning Xiao Cheng on the list, but the score of 100 points in front of it.

This was an unprecedented high score, it was also the first and only 100 points, as even in the previous four written rounds no one ever scored more than or even equal to a 100 points.

“Aaaah….” Before all the people even began to discuss, a high pitch scream emerged, “Ning Xiao Cheng, are you really the first? Hua Yu’s Ning Xiao Cheng, yes, yes, that must be you, first, ha-ha, you really are the first……”

This Zhu Mu Er’s emotions were completely out of control, she had thought that Ji Luo Fei had joked about Ning Cheng before, only now did she came to realize that it was not a joke, this really was way better than just gold.

It was not until this point that the crowd also burst into all kinds of discussions, so Zhu Mu Er screaming out in the crows did not actually seem obtrusive.

“The first name is Hua Yu’s Ning Xiao Cheng, why haven’t I heard this name before?”

“It should be because he is a representative of a small Academy, wasn’t the 3rd Rank Gong Jun also a representative of a 2 Star Academy. I guess this Ning Xiao Cheng is also a representative of a Lower Level Academy for this round.”

“That Gong Jun had only scored 76 points; how could we even compare him to Ning Xiao Cheng? This Ning Xiao Cheng had scored 100 points, which means he is also the first of all the 5 written rounds.”

“Just who said that the first place was definitely Leng Yi Yang’s? Now aren’t they covering up their beat up face.”

“Yes, I have heard some people call Ning Xiao Cheng here a moment ago, just who is Ning Xiao Cheng?”


Ji Luo Fei was foolishly gawking at the first name on the 5th big Array Formation screen, and did not react for a long while. She also knew the difficulty of the exam as she had heard the other people talking about it and immediately felt her scalp tingling, but now that she herself saw Ning Cheng score a 100 points, it was simply too outrageous. She realized that what he had originally said was true, and not a word about it was fake, moreover it turned out that what she had joked about with Ning Cheng actually came true.

At this point the 6th giant projection screen started to display the names, and sure enough the Number 1 name on the screen was the person who scored 100 points, and the one representing Hua Yu Academy, Ning Xiao Cheng.

Some people who were looking at the 6th giant projection screen began to read out aloud, “Ranked 1st, Hua Yu’s Ning Xiao Cheng, with 100 points. Ranked 2nd, Luo Huo Academy’s Leng Yi Yang, with 94 points. 3rd place Thunder Academy’s Ling Naixin, 85 points. The 4th place Clear Sky Academy’s Gong Jun, 76 points. 5th place Falling Star Academy’s Yuan Liang, 74 points. 6th place Thunder Academy’s Xi Men Gao, 71 points. 7th place God Wind Academy’s Meng Jing Xiu, 71 points……”

“Hey, how come in the top seven, the God Wind Academy is only ranked at 7th Place?” Hearing someone else read the names, everyone felt that the God Wind Academy’s position was really a bit too bad.

In regards to the top seven contestants being mostly from all the 5 Star Academy’s, nobody was surprised. Even about Ning Xiao Cheng who had taken the first place, as he would soon be joining a 5 Star Academy as a disciple.

“Are you really Ning Xiao Cheng?” Lan Yin Yue stared at Ning Cheng and frowned, in her heart she suddenly had a bad feeling, if Ning Xiao Cheng was really the first, then she absolutely would not be able to kill Ning Xiao Cheng. It basically did not take long for her to understand, that Ning Xiao Cheng would definitely be rushing to a 5 Star Academy.

As a student of a 5 Star Academy, although she was a True Condensation Cultivator, but since she came from the Ping Continent, she could not dare to make a move on him. At this moment, she was even somewhat regretting that she should have killed Ning Cheng long before.

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