Chapter 0095

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0095 – Who Is Ning Xiao Cheng

“Just where is this Hua Yu Academy?”

“Who is the person in charge of this Hua Yu Academy?”


When the 5th written exam’s result came out, ‘Hua Yu Academy’ became the most popular three words among the people, in the entire Mo Ze Grand Plaza, everyone was enquiring about where the Hua Yu Academy was situated.

Other than the enquiries about the stall of the Hua Yu Academy, there was a huge crowd of cultivators outside the stall of the Hua Yu Academy wanting to join them, more than even the five big 5 Star Academies combined.

As for the ones in charge of the five 5 Star Academies, they immediately began a door to door search for Ning Xiao Cheng, who obtained the first position in the written exam, it was more than necessary for them to find this Hua Yu Academy.


Ning Cheng looked at the ever changing face of Lan Yin Yue, and said in a cold voice, “Get lost, we’ll settle our accounts slowly.”

Lan Yin Yue’s facial expression rapidly changed, this person who she considered even beneath ants in her eyes dared to call her out. But then she thought that Ning Cheng was soon going to be disciple of a 5 Star Academy, she now did not have a reason to fight with him. Her position was simply to bring the few disciples with Pure Spiritual Roots from her Academy to the Falling Star Academy, and as such did not have anything to do with the Falling Star Academy. If Ning Cheng really ended up becoming a student at a 5 Star Academy, then he would definitely try to take his revenge, even she knew that the Falling Star Academy would not protect her. Moreover, An Yi was also Ning Cheng’s cousin, once she learned the truth, with An Yi’s qualifications, Lan Yin Yue knew that she would not be able to continue on.

“Yin Yue, you’re really here, come accompany me to the Hua Yu Academy’s stall, for Hua Yu Academy to send out a student like Ning Xiao Cheng, our Falling Star Academy….” The one who had come over was an old man of the Essence Building Realm, with the Falling Star Academy’s emblem on his clothes.

“What happened to you?” He had not yet finished, when the Essence Building Cultivator saw that something was not right with Lan Yin Yue, as he reached out and grabbed Lan Yin Yue’s wrist.

Lan Yin Yue tried to shake off her hand while saying, “Brother He Hong, please behave.”

But this Essence Building Cultivator refused to let go of Lan Yin Yue’s hand, moreover he also did not get angry, instead he stared at Ning Cheng who was standing opposite to Lan Yin Yue and shouted with a cold voice, “Was is you who made Junior Apprentice Sister angry? Immediately kowtow to Junior Sister Yin Yue and apologize.”

If not for the prohibition of fighting in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, this He Hong wold have already taken the initiative to strike at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng just said with contempt filling his voice, “Looking at the person who had just rejected you, you still have the guts to seek out your father? Are your dog eyes blind?”

Before Ning Cheng did not dare to cause trouble at the entrance of the Falling Star Academy, because he was already too clear on his own status back then, he knew that once he made trouble, he would be captured and killed, and would probably be just like a soap bubble being punctured, there would not even be half a ripple. But he knew that things were now radically different, since he was the first in written round’s final list, no one would casually dare to blow up the soap bubble that he was.

“You are courting death.” This was something that this He Hong could not endure, for a mere junior cultivator to ridicule him like this, he had already raised his hands to strike him.

Although he very much wanted to denounce the rules of the Mo Ze Grand Plaza before and punish him, but now he could actually continue with it, at least he already had a good excuse, as the opposite party was just a junior cultivator who dared to ridicule an Essence Building Senior.

When Ning Cheng saw that He Hong was starting to act, he also did not hesitate for even half a moment, and immediately took the Spear that he was carrying on his back into his hands, he would let this He Hong strike first, so that he could then use the Spear in his hands to immediately lay waste to He Hong’s palms. He believed that if he used his Spear later, then when the person in charge of the law enforcement came out, then as long as he gave out his name, he would definitely not eat a big loss.

“Stop.” A powerful force surged over to their side.

This He Hong’s complexion immediately changed, and abruptly stopped his palm from striking Ning Cheng.

This He Hong did not dare to continue, and Ning Cheng also did not use his Spear, since this He Hong had already stopped, he would also not take the initiative to provoke him, as there was no rational reason for him to do so.

The reason why he did not begin yet, was because he knew that he did not have absolute power. As long as you had real power in your hands, then when you begin, the other people would also not ask you for the reason, even if what you said made the other party unhappy, there would be nobody who would say that his reason was wrong, even if the others chime in, that it wasn’t right, the opposite party would still seem like the bad guy. But it was regrettable, that at this moment, he did not have that kind of strength.

“Deacon Jia, this one is one of the teachers of the Falling Star Academy, He Hong.” He Hong immediately cupped his fists and greeted. He knew that the one in front of him was Deacon Jia, he simply cannot be considered anything in front of him. The one in front of him was called Jia Han, and was one of the law keepers of the Mo Ze Grand Plaza with a cultivation of Profound Congealing 6th Level, which simply could not be compared to him at all.

“You are a cultivator of the Essence Building Realm from the Falling Star Academy, don’t you know that you are not allowed to fight in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza?” Although this Jia Han was holding He Hong accountable, but he had already relaxed his aura and also his tone, it was obviously because this He Hong was a person from the Falling Star Academy. As for Ning Cheng, he was just a trifling person with a cultivation of True Condensation 1st Level.

When Jia Han finished, he stared at Ning Cheng with a cold glint in his eyes and said, “And you, you even dared to take out your Artefact in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, you really have guts that cover the heavens.”

Ning Cheng just calmly put his Spear on his back again, and first cupped his fists in front of Jia Han and said, “Hua Yu Academy’s Ning Xiao Cheng greets Deacon Jia Han, because this person tried to attack me for no reason at all, I had to bring out my Spear in self-defence.”

Using the name of Ning Xiao Cheng from the Hua Yu Academy, Ning Cheng knew that it would not go in vain.

“Are you really Ning Xiao Cheng? The Ning Xiao Cheng from the Hua Yu Academy who is the first in the 5th Written Exam?” Jia Han immediately asked.

“Of course, he is the same Ning Xiao Cheng, amongst the two people who represented the Hua Yu Academy in the 5th Written Exam, he is indeed one of them along with me.” Zhu Mu Er said as she finally calmed down, and even her speech did not have even a hint of surprise in them, at least it seemed that way to the people around her.

Ning Cheng spoke with a very respectful and prudent tone, “Yes, this junior is indeed the Hua Yu Academy’s Ning Xiao Cheng.”

“You’re Ning Xiao Cheng?” He Hong was also shocked, he did not think that his luck would be this bad, he wanted to play it cool in front of the person he liked, and ended up seeking out the guy from the first place in the Written Exam.

Although he did not fear Ning Xiao Cheng, however this Ning Xiao Cheng would surely join a 5 Star Academy, so he knew that he would be questioned for picking a fight with him for no reason at all.

Leng Yi Yang who was also not far away was also shocked, he really had not expected that he would be the person who ranked first in the 5th Written Test, not only did he secure the first place, he had also secured the absolute first place in the entire written exam round. Before when he heard the words spoken by him, he had also thought of immediately killing him and erase the shame in his heart as he did not know who Ning Xiao Cheng really was. Now he only hoped that no one remembered the words spoken by him recently.

But how could the others fulfil his wish, the white robed cultivator who had defended Ling Naixin stared at him and spoke in a mocking tone, “Not long ago, wasn’t there someone here who had ridiculed others by calling them out as a clown for thinking that they would get the first place. Ha, it really is great, you really are a clown, ha-ha….”

As this white robed cultivator spoke, he kept staring at Leng Yi Yang, until Leng Yi Yang’s face turned to the colour of pig’s liver, and even then kept laughing as he turned around and walked away. While walking, he also spoke out the words of Leng Yi Yang cynically, “The result for the 5th Round has not come out yet, this time it’s too early to say who is the first…. Haha, it really was too early, at least he was aware of it himself.”

“Naixin, this Ning Xiao Cheng is truly the first.” Said the purple robe wearing young girl in surprise who had previously talked in disdain towards Leng Yi Yang who had scored 94 points.

This Naixin who was just spoken to by this purple dressed young girl, even her face turned slightly red as she spoke, “I spoke incorrectly a moment ago, I had also thought that that person had a thick skinned face. I really did not think, that he really would have the skill.”


Compared to the commotion caused due of Ning Cheng’s dispute, the Hua Yu Academy’s space in the Mo Ze Grand Place was completely overcrowded.

If not for hearing the few words of Zhu Mu Er, the Hua Yu Academy’s Head Yin Bo had already planned on leaving. So when the result of Zhu Mu Er came out, he had only spoke a few words to her, before he hurriedly walked away from there.

Yin Bo had actually been depressed when he learned that Hu Yu Academy had secured the first position, but he had never heard of this person called Ning Xiao Cheng. However, after thinking carefully for a while, didn’t Zhu Mu Er ask him to give the second quota to a person, was that second person Ning Xiao Cheng?

Did he actually obtain the first place? But when Yi Bo finally once again saw Ning Xiao Cheng clearly, his heart was filled with ecstasy

Now that Hua Yu Academy had secured the first place, he did not need to seek out Zhu Mu Er’s father to refine a pill for him, as he could now easily secure an Essence Building Pill. Not only that, there were even many more rewards, and it was most probable that the Hua Yu Academy might even get promoted to a 3 Star Academy.

But he had only met with Ning Xiao Cheng once, and was not familiar with him at all. At that time Yin Bo wanted to go look for Ning Xiao Cheng, but his place was already surrounded by people.

Some of the people had come here to congratulate Yin Bo, while still more asked if he was still recruiting students.

Yin Bo had only brought 2 disciples to the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, and the three people were not enough to manage such a crowd that came over. It was only until the people from the 5 Star Academies arrived, did the situation in front of the Hua Yu Academy’s stall regained some form of order.

“Academy Head Yin, I am the manager of the Clear Sky Academy’s stall….”

“The Hua Yu Academy’s atmosphere really is different, this Le Kang from the Falling Star Academy has come to especially congratulate Academy Head Yin……”


Although these people who had come from the 5 Star Academy were polite, but Yin Bo did not dare neglect any of them, and immediately greeted everyone respectfully, it was only after a good long while, that the delegates from the 5 Star Academies finally settled down.

“Academy Head Yin, do you not know that the first place was obtained by your Ning Xiao Cheng? My Luo Huo 5 Star Academy longs for such talent like Ning Xiao Cheng, take the example of the person ranked second in the first round, Leng Yi Yang. I believe that even the Hua Yu Academy would also scale to new heights because of Ning Xiao Cheng.” The representative of the Luo Huo Academy could not help but speak up.

“Deacon Chi, the words you spoke just now are not quite appropriate, right? We have just come here to sit around for a while. As for what Academy will Ning Xiao Cheng chose, it can be discussed with him in the meeting amongst the representatives of the 5 Star Academies, he can then make the decision by himself.” The representative from the God Wind Academy immediately said with a dissatisfied tone.

There was not a single person from the God Wind Academy amongst the top of any of the written rounds, which seen from no matter what point of view, was still very disadvantageous to the God Wind Academy.

In the view of all the 5 Star Academies, for Ning Xiao Cheng to score a 100 points in the written test, it proved that he was absolutely a genius. Generally, for such a gifted genius, their Spiritual Roots would also not be bad, and everyone could see this fact from the memory test round, that his Spiritual Roots were of a higher quality. The stronger the ability to comprehend and react, the higher would be the score.

Whether it was Spiritual Roots or their comprehension ability, these were the basic conditions required for cultivation. In the case of Clear Sky Academy unconventionally admitting the candidate Gong Jun, it was because not only Gong Jun scored 76 points, even the results of his Spiritual Roots Test showed that he had a Dual Main Spiritual Root, moreover one of his Main Spiritual Root was already white.

Even if these things were not taken into consideration, whichever Academy enrols the cultivator who obtained the first place in the written round, that Academy’s name would instantly rise, and in the upcoming tournament for the selection of a 6 Star Academy, it would definitely be advantageous to them.

Moreover, these reasons were actually not the most important, the most important reason was that during the tournament for the selection of the 6 Star Academy in the Hua Continent, there will also be a memory written test. In this memory test, if this person who obtained the first place here, entered any of the 5 Star Academies, that 5 Star Academy would have a certain advantage over the rest of the 5 Star Academy’s participants in the tournament for the selection of the 6 Star Academy.

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