Chapter 0099

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0099 – The Old Woman’s Request

Ning Cheng immediately responded, when the woman said that he had deceived him, he immediately understood what was happening.

She had thought that if he had not read the basics of the Spiritual Grasses beforehand, then he could not have scored those 100 points. In other words, it would imply that his memory was indeed extremely powerful, perhaps even bordering on having a photographic memory.

Since she had already guessed that his memory was extremely powerful, this old woman had hidden that Jade Piece inside the wooden box, so Ning Cheng would certainly remember it if he saw it again. But didn’t the white haired old woman say that she did not want this Jade Piece to go to him, moreover even firmly said it.

Now that this white haired old woman had caught on to the current, he also could not deny what she thought to be the undeniable.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng said in an embarrassed tone, “Senior, this junior had indeed memorized the contents of the Jade Piece that you hid, therefore I do not want the Jade Piece. This junior had truly tried to deceive this senior, please punish me senior.”

Ning Cheng could only play along, this white haired old woman’s cultivation was extremely powerful when compared to him, if he went against her, despite what he said or did, it would only be disadvantageous to him.

But the white haired old woman still spoke in an unhurried way, “It’s good that you know, since your memory is already this powerful, so you do not need to give that Jade Piece back to me, whether one day you really become a master of Alchemy or not is not important for me.”

“Thank you senior.” After Ning Cheng said those words in embarrassment, he put away the Jade Piece, but his heart was still somewhat uneasy. He and that old woman were definitely not related, therefore, for her to be this nice to him, it wouldn’t take the sky to fall for Ning Cheng to believe that she had some sort of request that she wanted to ask him.

The old woman seemed to know what Ning Cheng was thinking at the moment, and suddenly spoke up, “Do you think that I am interested in you? As such you are feeling some trepidation in your heart?”

She did not wait for Ning Cheng to speak, as the old woman continued to speak, “At first, I thought that you were an honest person, coupled with the fact that you even gave the materials from the One Horned Flood Dragon that I really needed, so I really did not think much in helping you. Although the level of the One Horned Flood Dragon was not very high, but this kind of beast like a One Horned Flood Dragon is already very rare, so for you to obtain it was indeed very impressive.”

Ning Cheng finally understood why this woman had given him the basics of Alchemy, so it was really because of such a thing.

“Moreover don’t you ever think that the Alchemy Jade Piece that I gave you is something very ordinary, the fact is that the basics of Alchemy that I gave you, even if was the entire Yi Xing Mainland, it can be counted among the top of the top. If you want learn Alchemy, you will come to know about this fact in the future. However, to me, the One Horned Flood Dragon that you brought was something that I very much needed.”

Talking till this point, the old woman stopped and carefully looked at Ning Cheng for a long time, and then continued, “The last time I gave you the Jade Piece containing the basics of Alchemy, there was reason for it. The last time that I saw you, you seemed to have an elusive Qi around your body. That kind of Qi was something that I found very splendid, but I also could not find what it actually was. But now that I see you, that Qi has already disappeared? Or should I say that I cannot detect it anymore?”

Ning Cheng forcefully suppressed the fear that was starting to show in his heart, and made an appearance as if he couldn’t understand what she was saying, as he frowned and said, “Senior, what do you mean that I have an elusive Qi around my body? What in the world is that? Could it be because of the Spiritual Essence Pool that I had went to cultivate in before?”

The white haired old woman gave a meaningful glance to Ning Cheng, and just shook her head and said, “Absolutely not.”

But then she did not continue to ask about the elusive Qi that she felt around Ning Cheng before, and even her tone became very gentle and said, “Although you deceived me last time, I do not hold it against you, but you have to help me in one thing.”

Ning Cheng immediately gave a crisp reply, “What is the need to even ask this junior, senior can freely speak her request, as long as this junior is able to fulfil it, this junior will definitely not refuse it.”

“You should be probably the same as what I thought of you, I have already seen the last additional question in the 5th written round, you could solve that problem in such a short time even without using your Spiritual Sense, it would only mean that you have a special ability, that is you should have an extremely powerful computing ability, in addition to your powerful memory.” The old woman said without even a single doubt in her voice.

Ning Cheng knew, that regardless of if what she said was true or not, the only thing that he could do was to simply remain silent.

The old woman saw that Ning Cheng’s attitude had already changed, and still continued, “In the Thunder Fall Desert, just near to the entrance to the Hua Continent you will find a river, this river is called the Thunder Fall Scorching River. There is a thing in this Thunder Fall Scorching River, that I have been in pursuit for many years. However, even with all my preparations, I found that I still could not obtain it. You already have a very powerful computing ability, perhaps you would be able to help me out a bit in that regard.”

Ning Cheng did not even seem to consider it for even a single moment, before he replied, “OK, I will definitely accompany senior to the Thunder Fall Scorching River, but only after I finish up with the second round.”

He knew that he could not refuse it even if he wanted to, because he had made the same promise to the old woman in the past. At this moment he only hoped that this old woman would not kill him after she obtained the thing that she has been searching for all this time. However, this old woman really did not look like that type, and normally wouldn’t kill him without a reason.

“No, you will accompany me now, it would only be for 2 or 3 days at most, and since your second round is in 10 days, you would not be delayed.” The white haired old woman simply said.

Ning Cheng was just about to say that they would not be able to arrive even at the edge of the Thunder Fall Desert in 2-3 days, but then immediately thought about the cultivation level of the other side, he immediately understood that time was absolutely not applicable to the old woman in front of him.

Ning Cheng gave out a dark sigh in his heart and said, “In that case, let me at least go speak to my partner, so that she would not become nervous when she cannot find me.”

“No, you little **, she is in the middle of her closed door training, it would be better to not disturb her.” This white haired old woman did not wait for Ning Cheng to speak again, and grabbed hold of Ning Cheng and immediately came out of his room.

Ning Cheng said with some anger in his voice, “I always at least leave a letter, you are too unreasonable.”

The white haired old woman seemed to feel a little embarrassed, and let go of Ning Cheng, and immediately spoke: “We will come back soon, as such there is no need for you leave a long message. Don’t try to be too affectionate, if you don’t care of losing several days.”

Facing this impervious old woman, Ning Cheng didn’t bother to argue with her, he only hoped that old woman was at least trustworthy, and would bring him back to the Mo Ze City within 2-3 days.

Inside the Mo Ze City, the old woman did not continue to urge Ning Cheng. But left quickly, and in just a short period of time, they were already out of the Mo Ze City.

Ning Cheng who was following behind the old woman, also had to speed up.

The old woman did not immediately take out her Flying Type Artefact, even after coming out of the Mo Ze City, she only increased her pace a little. Ning Cheng guessed that she wanted to find a place where nobody could see her Flying Type Artefact.

Even though they were out of the city, there were still many people walking on the road. And in addition to the cultivators who were flitting through, there were even a few adventurers who were also coming and going through the Mo Ze City.

Ning Cheng had just passed by two cultivators when he heard one of them saying, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yu Jing, do you know why Dean Man asked us to come to the Thunder Fall Desert?”

“I am not very clear about that, I heard that the ruins of the Lan Yi Country appeared in the Thunder Fall Desert, and many people are looking for it, but I never heard anyone say that they found the ruins. For Dean Man to take us to the Thunder Fall Desert, it is most likely because of it, I guess that it is some sort of a trial for the core disciples of the Falling Star Academy.” The other person replied quietly.

Ning Cheng immediately slowed down, the one who had answered was obviously a woman. Of these two male cultivators, one of them was obviously a woman dressed up as a man. Moreover, he had also heard several keywords, Yu Jing, Core Disciples, and the Falling Star Academy.

From those keywords, Ning Cheng could almost ascertain that the woman cultivator disguised as a man was most probably Meng Yu Jing. As Ning Cheng slowed down his place, Meng Yu Jing and the other man immediately went past him. He used his Spiritual Sense to sweep at Meng Yu Jing, but found that her face was covered with a veil that blocked his Spiritual Sense.

However, from the eyes that were exposed, Ning Cheng could definitely tell that she was an absolute beauty, as that pair of eyes were really beautiful and matchless.

If not for Meng Yu Jing having a veil on her face, Ning Cheng would have already walked up to her to talk to her and then then give the parcel to her that was entrusted to him for her.

“Just what the hell are you doing? Move faster, don’t dawdle around.” The white haired old woman did not know when Ning Cheng had moved away from her side, and called back at Ning Cheng with a very dissatisfied tone.

Ning Cheng quickly replied, “Senior, a moment ago two people went past us and one of them seems to be called Meng Yu Jing, I saw her talking to the other person, I just want to talk a bit with her, I might end up delaying you a bit, but I still want to track her for a bit.”

This white haired old woman said while frowning, “Ning Cheng, you already have a woman called Ji Luo Fei by your side, although I can see that you don’t love her, but she is definitely quite a beautiful woman, so why do you not like her. Besides that, Meng Yu Jing is not only a peerless beauty but she is also the spoiled child of the Falling Star Academy, even if you already are a core disciple of the God Wind Academy, and even secured the first place in the first round, you still aren’t qualified enough for her to even spare a glance at you. It would be better if you gave up this thing immediately.”

“Senior Gong Sun, I do not see love as a hobby. Even if it was Ji Luo Fei, we are just friends. The reason why I want to find Meng Yu Jing is because I really have to complete something, it is already very difficult to meet with her, so now that I saw her, I would of course want to complete this matter.” Ning Cheng said with an unhappy expression, this old woman really judges people too easily, when did I even have a person that I loved here?

Even if he was together with Ji Luo Fei, it was also for a reason.

“Then why don’t you just directly go up to her and be done with it?” The old woman said impatiently.

Ning Cheng simply refuted her idea, “No, first I have to look into her character. Only then, would I try to determine if I should really look for her or not.”

This Meng Yu Jing was already Kou Hong’s fiancée, but it seems that she was very affectionate towards that other man, if Meng Yu Jing really turned out to be the same as Xiong Qi Hua, then Ning Cheng was reluctant to give her something that Kou Hong had risked his life for. Although he had also benefited from Kou Hong, but he really felt responsible for Kou Hong’s death, he believed that if that Kou Hong was alive, he would definitely not be willing to see his fiancée being this affectionate with another man.

The white haired old woman said with a helpless tone, “That being the case, I let you track her down this once only. It seems that seeking your help is really too difficult for me, when you found me for refining an Artefact, didn’t you also ask the basics of Alchemy from me, did I hesitate to give it to you? I even gave the inner armour to you.”

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