Chapter 0100

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
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Chapter 0100 – Cold River

Ning Cheng just ignored the complaints of the white haired old woman by his side, and stealthily followed behind Meng Yu Jing.

Half an hour later, they already left the Mo Ze City behind, and arrived at a mountain village. There were not a lot of people in the village, and even on the streets there were not more than 10 people roaming around.

Such mountain villages were quite numerous all around the Mo Ze City, as some of the adventurers and the merchants that frequently go to the Mo Ze City, were the local residents here.

As Ning Cheng was following Meng Yu Jing and the other man, he saw her and that man enter the corner most house of the mountain village.

Ning Cheng quickly and stealthily arrived at the window of the house, and used his Spiritual Sense to carefully explore the inside of the house.

Unexpectedly the inside of the house was fully furnished, not only the living room but also the bedroom too, and looking at the actions of Meng Yu Jing and that man, it seemed that they often came her.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yu Jing, did he not come to seek you out?” The man asked, somewhat absent-mindedly

“No, I guess that he had gone to find his little brother, otherwise if he had the chance, then he would certainly come to see me.” Meng Yu Jing’s voice was very low, as if she was thinking of something very deep and far away.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yu Jing ……” The man suddenly came in front of Meng Yu Jing, and with one hand loosened Meng Yu Jing’s robe, as the other hand climbed towards Meng Yu Jing’s breasts.

Ning Cheng’s heart was suddenly filled with sorrow for Kou Hong, at that time when he was dying he was still reminiscing about his fiancée, moreover he also wanted Ning Cheng to deliver his stuff to his fiancée, but he didn’t seem to think that his fiancée would turn out to have such a character. If Kou Hong knew that his fiancée was this kind of person, he would have definitely not send someone like him to deliver his things to her nor would he do it himself if it was possible.

Ning Cheng was still guessing that this little house was where Meng Yu Jing often conducted her ‘private’ meetings, when he felt that the scruff of his neck tighten, the next moment he was taken away from here.

The white haired old woman tossed Ning Cheng on the ground and said, “Aren’t you afraid to become cross eyed, there is no point in looking at such things, hurry up and let’s go to the Thunder Fall Scorching River with me.”

Although Ning Cheng did not speak, but his heart was filled with a lot of sorrow, he knew that if he looked at this for too long he would definitely go cross eyed, but looking at the place that was overflowing with his virility, didn’t he go cross-eyed a long time ago. This old woman really did not have any sense of shame. Besides, if she herself was not looking, how could she know what he was looking at?


The white haired old woman had really not bragged about her strength, as she arrived at the Thunder Fall Scorching River in just half a day while carrying Ning Cheng.

In Ning Cheng’s opinion, the distance to the Thunder Fall Scorching River from the Mo Ze City was much farther than the distance he had travelled when he had come out of the Thunder Fall Desert to the Mo Ze City.

Seeing the Thunder Fall Scorching River from the Flying Type Artefact, Ning Cheng felt that it really was boundless. Looking at the ripples flowing on the water surface, it made people feel that the river was very gentle. But the deep colour of the water, made Ning Cheng think of the quicksand river in the movie Journey to the West.

This quicksand like river had the width of 800 meters and 3000 meters deep. Looking at it, it felt that even if a feather was floating on the surface, it would end up sinking into the depths of that river.

“Why is it so cold here?” Ning Cheng had just got down from the Flying Type Artefact, when he immediately asked with a surprised voice.

When heard the name as Thunder Fall Scorching River, he had thought that the water temperature would be very high, at worst, he thought it would only be an ordinary river. It was absolutely impossible for such a place that was emanating a piercingly cold temperature, to be called as Thunder Fall Scorching River.

Could this even be called a river, Ning Cheng felt that because of the biting cold that he was feeling just by standing on the side of the river, if he really went inside the river, then would he still be alive? One must know that he was already a True Condensation 1st Level cultivator, even if did not circulate the True Essence in his body, it should still not be enough for him to be this sensitive towards the cold.

“That’s because this river also has another name, and is called Forbidden Cold River. When I said its name as the Thunder Fall Scorching River, it was its name countless years ago and now the people who know this river as the Thunder Fall Scorching River are not many. Most of the people know this place as one of the 2 coldest places of the Yi Xing Mainland, the Forbidden Cold River. Many people say that the coldest place in the Yi Xing Mainland are the cold caves in the Forbidden Woods, but they are wrong, the coldest place in the Yi Xing Mainland is here, the Forbidden Cold River.”

The white haired old woman seemed to explaining this to Ning Cheng, but also seemed to be just thinking out loud.

Ning Cheng actually did not think that what the old woman said was wrong, he was just standing by the side of the river, and could already feel the biting cold temperature, once he entered the river, how couldn’t it be more terrible than this?

“The reason why I stayed in the Nan Yuan City, was because I was infected by the cold Qi in here. I had originally thought that I would never come back to this place again, but then I did not think that you would actually give me the materials from the One Horned Flood Dragon. For me this probably was an act of the heavens, to let me once again enter the Forbidden Cold River.” The old woman sighed, and said out those words even though Ning Cheng had never asked for it.

“Why must you use only the materials from the One Horned Flood Dragon?” Ning Cheng asked in a puzzling voice.

The white haired woman kept staring at the faint ripples on the surface of the river, before she finally spoke in a very mild voice, “No matter how high your cultivation is and no matter how extreme you have refined your body to, no one can resist the biting cold of this river. Only by using a Water Boat Type Artefact refined from the materials of the One Horned Flood Dragon, could one enter the Cold River, and even the effect from the cold Qi would be a lot lessened. Moreover, refining the horn of the Flood Dragon into the bow, the speed of the boat would also be the fastest in the Cold River.”

Ning Cheng suddenly understood, no wonder that even though this old woman’s cultivation was so high, but she still held the Class 4 One Horned Dragon so dear to her. He could understand that she originally wanted to explore this Cold River, but he did not know what kinds of treasures were inside this Cold River, for the old woman to be this concerned about it.

“Before I had found two Horned Flood Dragons to use as materials, the first Horned Flood Dragon was a Class 7 Monstrous Beast, and it was the material that I could use over and over in this Cold River. Unfortunately, while trying to find what I wanted, this water boat refined from that Horned Dragon’s materials ended up being eroded by the cold Qi. Later, after several years passed, I once again obtained materials from a Class 5 One Horned Flood Dragon….”

As Ning Cheng heard the white haired old woman speak, his heart started to race, for this white haired old woman to obtain materials from a Class 7 Horned Flood Dragon, just how high was her cultivation level? It would at least be at the Soul Sculpting Realm, right? No wonder she could easily enter his room without him noticing.

The white haired old woman did not know that Ning Cheng was thinking about her incredible cultivation level, and still continued, “That water boat refined from the materials of the Class 5 One Horned Flood Dragon, being worse in grade than the water boat made from the Class 7 One Horned Flood Dragon also did not last for much time. When I used it to enter the Cold River for the third time, the water boat even began to break up. But I was much more skilful than before, and was able to find what I was looking for. At that time, I thought that even if the water boat broke down, I would still be able to be down there for 1-2 hours with my own power but ….”

Ning Cheng was somewhat worried in his heart when he heard that the water boat made by the old woman from the materials of the Class 5 One Horned Flood Dragon, could only last for three times before breaking down under the Cold River. Doesn’t that mean the Class 4 One Horned Flood Dragon that he had given to the white haired old woman wouldn’t also last for much long? Once the boat broke inside the water, wouldn’t he find it difficult to even hold a few breaths?

Sure enough, the white haired old woman continued on, “But I overestimated my own abilities, and couldn’t even stay inside for more than an hour, before I was invaded by the cold Qi. In desperation, I could only withdraw from the Cold River, and went into seclusion in Nan Yuan City, a small place, to heal myself. If I had not met you back then, I don’t think that I would have come back here again.”

“Senior, if that boat made from the Class 5 Horned Flood Dragon could only hold out for three times, then the Flood Dragon that I gave you was only a Class 4, wouldn’t it be more ….”

Ning Cheng had not even finished speaking the words he wanted to say, before the white haired old woman understood what Ning Cheng wanted to say and spoke in a light voice, “Do not worry, my Crafting Level has also improved a lot, this time we would only require a single trip. Moreover, this time I already know the way, so we can, in the shortest possible time, reach the bottom of the river. Of course, if you are too slow at computing at the entrance, and the boat breaks, I would really not have any other alternative, other than for you to accompany me in death at the bottom of the Cold River.”

Ning Cheng cursed in his heart, who would even want to accompany an old woman to death, but ultimately was unable to find a reason to resist.

The white haired old woman simply ignored Ning Cheng’s silent resistance, and immediately brought out a pitch black boat with a horn at the bow. While at the same time jumping onto the middle of the boat, she pulled out a hatch that was on top of the middle of the boat, it actually resembled more of a space capsule rather than a boat.

Once the old woman entered through the hatch, she then called out to Ning Cheng, “Come in.”

Ning Cheng also got inside the cabin through the hatch.

But the space inside the cabin was extremely small, and the two people could only squeeze in. Fortunately, that white haired woman was quite old, and he himself was also only 20 years in age, so he did not feel embarrassed.

After Ning Cheng was swindled into entering the cabin, the white haired old woman immediately shut the hatch, raising her hand she immediately took several pieces of Spirit Stones as she inserted them into the mosaic like pattern in front of the two of them, while simultaneously controlling the boat to enter the enter river.

Even though they were inside the cabin, once they entered the water in the Cold River, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but tremble at biting cold that he was feeling.

In the meantime, Ning Cheng’s heart was beating crazily, as the shock that he received was just incomparable.

The white haired old woman thought that Ning Cheng was surprised because of the freezing cold and said with a bit of disdain in her voice, “We have only just entered the water, the deeper we go the colder it gets.”

But only Ning Cheng knew, that he was not surprised because of the freezing cold that he was feeling nor because of the icy coldness of this Cold River. It was because when the old woman had taken out those Spirit Stones to insert them into the grooves of the mosaic like pattern, Ning Cheng could clearly see that the wrist of that white haired old woman was white and smooth, it was definitely not the wrist of an old woman. Even Ji Luo Fei’s wrist, were not this smooth and white.

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