Chapter 0113

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Chapter 0113 – The Axe Fist Surprises The Audience

“Unexpectedly, you really have the courage to walk up to your death, but I still look down on you.” Shui Yu stared at Ning Cheng and spoke in a light voice.

“Carrying such a broken Spear, it really must be difficult for you.” Shui Yu just gave a casual glance, and swept his eyes from Ning Cheng to the broken Spear in his hands, as the corners of his mouth revealed a touch of sarcasm. How couldn’t his eyes not see that the Artefact in Ning Cheng’s hands was just a low grade Artefact?

Although he had come on to the platform to challenge Ning Cheng, but it fact, he did not think that Ning Cheng would really come up. His intention was, that Ning Cheng would not dare to take up his challenge. As long as Ning Cheng did not step onto the stage, he would have reached his intended goal.

A guy who would fear battle, even if his cultivation was low, they would immediately be shamed by others, and no one would think of Ning Cheng highly ever again. The reason why the God Wind Academy hadn’t said anything till now, according to him, was because it was taking into account of them being a 5 Star Academy. Otherwise, with Ning Cheng’s total score of 11 points in the two rounds, the God Wind Academy would definitely not get any kind of good exposure from being associated to Ning Cheng.

Once Ning Cheng feared taking up his challenge, then God Wind Academy would definitely no longer give any protection to Ning Cheng. Even if Ning Cheng was killed later, the God Wind Academy would not say anything. A disciple who feared a challenge given to the Academy, if the Academy did not take its own initiative to punish him, it would only be a great kindness towards him, so why would they even bother with who killed Ning Cheng?

Shui Yu thought that Ning Cheng would fear being challenged by him, so afterwards he could then leisurely kill Ning Cheng once this tournament was over, without any repercussions.

“Since you really have the courage to challenge your grandfather, I hope that you really are up to it.” Ning Cheng said as if he really did not care about him.

The corners of Shui Yu’s lips revealed a hint of sarcasm as he spoke, “Ning Cheng, you arrived from the Ping Continent to the Hua Continent, apparently you do have a bit of ability, but it’s a pity that you really do not have eyes. If you had persuaded Luo Fei to go to my Shui Clan and apologize, you could have at least kept your worthless dog’s life. But now, I not only want to kill you, moreover I also do not have any more interest in that Ji Luo Fei. Do you know what I will do to Ji Luo Fei once I take her back? You couldn’t even imagine, she would have many, many….”

“Pa….” Shui Yu simply was not looking at Ning Cheng with his eyes. Before he could even finish speaking, he unexpectedly found Ning Cheng’s hand coming within the reach of his head.

It had never occurred to him, that Ning Cheng would actually slap him, moreover slap him on his face.

“Bang” a loud sound could be heard, as Ning Cheng did not hold back his strength at all, and if it was not for Shui Yu having a bit of vigilance towards him, and not gathering a bit of his True Essence beforehand, then that Shui Yu’s face would have been slapped into nothingness from Ning Cheng’s slap.

Even if that was the case, Ning Cheng’s slap almost ripped off half of Shui Yu’s face, as dozens of teeth along with a bit of his skin splashed out.

“I’m going to swallow you……” Shui Yu’s eyes immediately became ferocious, as he waved his hands, immediately a pair of pitch black giant scissors appeared in front of him.

When the giant scissors came out, an overwhelmingly dark cloud completely enveloped the entire platform blotting out the sky above it. Even the bystanders outside, could feel an intense chill, for them it was as if the giant scissors were cutting right through them.

A violent True Essence and Killing Intent swept across the entire platform, it was obvious that Shui Yu was becoming more and more keen on killing Ning Cheng.

Not long ago, Meng Jing Xiu’s halberd also gave out a similar kind of feeling, but the cutting speed of this giant scissors was very fast, which made people think that everything on the platform would be cut into pieces by it in just a moment.

All the people believed that even if Ning Cheng had a very fast speed, he would still not be able to charge up the Spear that he carried on his back under the furious onslaught of this giant scissors.

Facing this terrible giant scissors’ silhouette moving towards him. Ning Cheng truly did not resort to his Spear, it was not that Ning Cheng could not charge it with power within the time frame, but it was because Ning Cheng really did not intend to use his Spear from the beginning. He just used his fist to split it apart, even if it was Shui Yu in front of him, he was still not worthy for him to wield his Spear.

That’s right. It truly was split apart.

This was the Axe Fist, this was what Ning Cheng had comprehended in the Daan Forest from the Killing Intent that he had felt from the Great Axe, but it was a pity that he was not using an actual axe. He could only use his fists as an axe. Although this was not the first time that Ning Cheng had displayed his Axe Fist, moreover he had already displayed his Axe Fist several times before. But each time he could feel that the might and power of his Axe Fist was rising unceasingly.

A horrifying Killing Intent erupted from Ning Cheng, instantly filling the gap between him and Shui Yu.

Shui Yu did not feel Ning Cheng’s fist. But rather what he felt was the tremendous power of an axe falling on his head, it directly cut apart his giant scissors shadow.

What a terrifying Killing Intent, no that’s not right, it was actually Axe Intent. But he obviously did not see Ning Cheng using an axe, how could he comprehend and use such a thing like the Axe Intent? But he could definitely felt a strong sense of Killing Intent as if he was facing a Great Axe.

After his Axe Fist met the giant scissors shadow, it only paused slightly, before Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist, filled with his Killing Intent, slammed together with the real giant scissors.

“Ka Ka….” It was as if the giant scissors were just an ordinary iron being struck by a strong steel, as bursts after bursts of grating sound filled the air.

“Bang….” the raging True Essence fluctuations that Shui Yu was releasing were instantly cut apart by the shadow of his Axe Fist before blasting Shui Yu along with his giant pair of scissors dozens of meters away, barely being able to stand.

Ning Cheng also felt a bit of surge from his opponent’s True Essence, but under the circulation of his own True Essence, that surge of True Essence from his opponent immediately faded away.

The people standing outside the platform were immediately shocked, even some of the masters and the judges sitting on the main altar, immediately crooned their necks in surprise. None of them could even think of such a result, before when Ning Cheng had slapped Shui Yu’s face, they had already thought that he would definitely end up dying, but none of them even dared to believe that in such a head on battle, he would manage to completely overwhelm Shui Yu to the point that he could not even stand properly.

“Unexpectedly the odds are now even between them?” Some of the people began discussing.

“Ahem, even odds? In your dreams, that Shui Yu was even hit by a slap from that Ning Xiao Cheng, and was already falling. Shui Yu had used his move in anger a moment ago, which forced that Ning Cheng to hastily fire of his punch, moreover he did not even use the Spear on his back, how can you even say that he would not prevail?”

“That Ning Xiao Cheng is really a cut above the others, I did not expect that Ning Xiao Cheng with a cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level would actually be this strong. He wouldn’t have deliberately lost the first two rounds, so that he would make the people sit straight and notice him, right?”

“Stop talking, if this chance was given to you, would you deliberately try to lose?”


There were all kinds of talk all over the place, but now none of them said the Ning Xiao Cheng was courting death. But what no one knew, that what some people talked about Ning Cheng deliberately losing in the 1st and 2nd round was definitely true.

Liu Xian immediately became excited once again as he stood up, he did not think that Ning Cheng would be this powerful. That fist that he punched out a moment ago unexpectedly contained a hint of the Killing Intent from a Great Axe, it was really a pity that Ning Cheng did not have an axe, if he had struck out with an axe, even if that Shui Yu did not die he would end up being severely injured in the very least.

Even the dignified and majestic looking man sitting at the centre of the main altar who had presided over the 1sr and 2nd round had also opened his eyes. With his cultivation to such an extent, when Ning Cheng had thrown out his Axe Fist, he could perceive it and see without even opening his eyes, that that one punch contained within it a hint of the true Killing Intent of an axe. If one did not have a sufficient comprehension ability, they would definitely not be able to pull off such a punch.

The dignified looking man stared at Ning Cheng for some time, he thought that since Ning Xiao Cheng could comprehend a hint of the true meaning of the Killing Intent of the axe, so with his ability to comprehend, he should not have scored only a single point in the 2nd round.

“What is that Ning Xiao Cheng’s Spiritual Root?” The dignified looking man suddenly asked out aloud.

At this time Liu Xian was not on the main altar, but there was still a person from the God Wind Academy there, it was the Essence Building woman, when she heard the dignified man ask, she quickly recovered her surprise and went forward and bowed respectfully before speaking, “That Ning Xiao Cheng has an extremely powerful memory, but his Spiritual Root is only a Multi-Line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root. Before joining he had a lucky encounter with a Spiritual Essence Spring Pool back in the Daan Forest, and with the help of it advanced to the Early Stages of the True Condensation Realm.”

This dignified man nodded, listening to the words from this woman cultivator he understood why Ning Cheng only scored just a single point in the comprehension exam. In the 2nd round of the tournament, the only way one could see the different pictures on the parchment was with the help of one’s Spiritual Root. An ordinary multi line Spiritual Root would only be able to see just a single picture, even if he could see another change, if their ability to understand was not strong enough, they would not be able to comprehend the contents of the picture behind it even if it was shown to them.

When he heard that Ning Cheng was able to find a Spiritual Essence Spring Pool in the Daan Forest, he did not pay any more attention to him. Finding a Spiritual Essence Spring Pool, and then cultivating there for a few years, it would be surprising if he did not step into the True Condensation Realm. But if he knew that Ning Cheng only spent a few months in the Daan Forest before coming here, he would have definitely not think what he was currently thinking.

“Well, it seems that I made a mistake once again.” Ling Naixin from the Thunder Academy was staring at Ning Cheng in disbelief, suddenly she felt the errors in her two judgements previously were completely wrong, she now could not see through that Ning Cheng. For such a powerful person, how could he only score a single point in the 2nd round?

“Shui Yu is not a match for that person, hurry up and call out to Shui Yu to throw in the towel.” In the Shui Clan’s Stall, an old man after seeing Shui Yu suffering defeat after defeat, immediately stood up and spoke out as his face constantly changed.

He had just spoken, when Shui Yu once more plunged towards Ning Cheng. At this time Shui Yu’s heart was completely filled with anger, he was the dignified genius of his generation in the Shui Clan, but he unexpectedly lost to a foreign cultivator that too at the Early Stages of the True Condensation Realm. If this was to spread out, how could Shui Yu have the face to appear in front of people ever again.

This time he completely charged his giant scissors, a huge silhouette emerged from it, immediately separating into two silhouettes on either side of Ning Cheng with the intention of not only sealing up his escape but also to cut him apart. The two silhouettes on the either side of Ning Cheng had not yet approached him, before they once again divided into four silhouettes.

In the end, the entire platform was almost filled with the silhouettes from the giant pair of scissors.

Running out of steam, Ning Cheng thought as he sneered, the morale of Shui Yu was already low, and even his movements were messy and full of openings. These innumerable silhouettes although looked powerful, but unfortunately for Shui Yu, his movements were completely messed up, even his True Essence was extremely weak, so even though he had brought out innumerable silhouettes, it was merrily just for show.

If only Shui Yu could adjust his mentality, he would have still been able to continue to fight with him for a while, but now, Ning Cheng did not even put him in his eyes.

Ning Cheng had still not used his Spear, not to mention of using his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

He just fired off a few of his Axe Fists in succession, which completely split apart the innumerable silhouettes from Shui Yu that were surrounding him.

Just a single Axe Fist Shadow sent out by Ning Cheng, with the agitation of his True Essence, was more than enough to split apart several of the silhouettes.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa….” As the Axe Fists punched out by him clashed out with the silhouettes, the True Essence blasted out with loud noises. The might of these explosions were amazing, but the other people understood that the showdown before was radically inferior to the one between the giant scissor silhouettes of Shui Yu and the Axe Fist of Ning Cheng

“Katcha….” The innumerable silhouettes disappeared one after another in just an instant, it was then that Shui Yu finally awoke, he finally realised that he really was not an opponent for Ning Cheng, if he was to fight again, he would die without a doubt.

“I admit….”

Shui Yu just could not speak out the words, when Ning Cheng immediately jumped towards him, and sent out another punch, how could he let Shui Yu to concede defeat?

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