Chapter 0114

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
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Chapter 0114 – This Must Be Real Strength

Not to say that Shui Yu completely lost his fighting spirit at this time, even if Shui Yu was still full of fighting spirit, he could still not completely block that Ning Cheng’s incoming punch. However even if he still wanted to fight, Ning Cheng’s fist was still more than enough to kill him.

“Bang….” Ning Cheng’s punch immediately landed on Shui Yu, as his Dantian completely shattered, killing him on the spot.

“Little beast, you unexpectedly dare to kill Shui Yu, this old man will split your….” When he saw Ning Cheng punch land on Shui Yu with an intent to kill, an angry voice sounded out, while simultaneously a grey shadow rushed onto the tournament platform like a flash of lightning.

The Shui Clan was already rampant in the Mo Ze City, apart from the Falling Star Academy they did not fear many people, and as such they could basically do whatever they liked. Moreover, Shui Yu was the future clan head of the Shui Clan, so for such a person to be directly killed by Ning Cheng on the tournament platform, was completely unacceptable for the Shui Clan.

Unfortunately, the old man from the Shui Clan who rushed onto the platform had forgotten about what the round was about or even about the people who were presiding over it. He had not even reached the edge of the platform, when and overwhelming pressure descended over him.

This elder of the Shui Clan immediately woke up, this was not ordinary tournament, but the Tournament hosted by the Seniors from the Intermediate Class Continents to select a 6 Star Academy. For him to dare to rush onto to the platform of this Tournament, was equivalent to courting death.

Cold sweat immediately began to flow out in copious amounts from his back, he did not even have the time to look back and apologize, before a giant palm descended on him.

“Poof….” Only a bloody mist remained, the Elder from the Shui Clan could not even resist for a single fleeting moment before he was directly turned into a bloody mist before the giant palm even struck him.

“YOU DARE, a mere ant, trying to rush onto the platform of the Battle Round.” It was not until they heard this sneering voice did they come to know that it was of the old man hosting the 3rd Round of the Tournament. After saying that, he once again fell back onto the main altar.

The audience outside the square platform suddenly drew a cold breath, that Elder from the Shui Clan was a cultivator in the Essence Building Ream. Thus his cultivation was a lot superior than them. But in front of that old man from the Intermediate Class Continent, he could not even resist the pressure of that giant palm.

Some of the people did not think much of the people from the Intermediate Class Continents. But at this time they could not help but shiver, nobody else dared to make a move anymore, because they all felt that they were simply prisoners in their hands. Now even if someone from the Shui Clan even dared to offend them, they would just end up being executed immediately on the spot.

This kind of decisive attitude, was very shocking to them. Even the shock of Ning Cheng killing Shui Yu, when compared to this, looked very weak.

Ning Cheng on the surface looked very calm, but in his heart he was also very shocked like the other people. Of all the masters that he had seen. That old woman was definitely much more superior to all of them, but it was simply because the old woman did not think much of him, so he was not much concerned about that old woman. But at this time he understood, just how far away was he when compared to these masters.

The palm strike that the old man, who was presiding over the 3rd round, that he had sent out a moment ago, he could clearly see it, it was actually congealed from a massive amount of Killing Intent, directly arousing the Killing Intent in the surrounding. That Killing Intent was obviously not directed towards him, but it still aroused a kind of helpless feeling in his heart. If that slap was directed towards him, he would definitely end up dead even before the palm reached him, just like that Elder from the Shui Clan.

Sure enough. Strength was everything in this world. This old man’s palm attack definitely had the strength of a cultivator of the Profound Core Realm behind it, and Ning Cheng knew that the Shui Clan also had a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm. If the Profound Core cultivator of the Shui Clan tried to kill him, even he would not get the opportunity to fight against him, not to say even trying to escape.

Real Strength. This must be real strength. Ning Cheng clenched his fists, as he once again firmed his resolve, even if he had to pay a heavy cost for it. He had to enhance his own cultivation as soon as possible. He absolutely just cannot wait for death to arrive; he knew that the God Wind Academy would not protect him forever. Not to mention. He also knew that if the master of the Shui Clan personally came for him, even the God Wind Academy would not be able to protect him.

Ning Cheng slowly heaved a sigh of relief. Putting away the things from Shui Yu, he simply lifted his hands and used it to cast a Fireball turning Shui Yu’s body to ash. Now that he had already offended them thoroughly, he would not hold back for even half a moment.

Seeing Ning Cheng slowly walk down from the square platform, the entire plaza was completely silent, but then immediately erupted in a cacophony of different noises. Ning Cheng not only killed Shui Yu, but even directly turned Shui Yu to ash. This type of courage and strength, previously, just who could have thought of it?

At this time the score on the big projection Array Formation screen changed once more, in front of Ning Xiao Cheng’s name the score changed to 20 points, while Shui Yu’s name completely vanished.

At the same time, seven or eight more names also disappeared. However, although their names did disappear, it was because they had voluntarily given their scores to the other members of their Academies.

For the people looking at the fights on the platform, this was basically unimportant, what was much more shocking to them was that a cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level could unexpectedly kill Shui Yu who was at True Condensation 7th Level. Everyone thought that it was because that Shui Yu had just advanced to the True Condensation 7th Level, so his cultivation was not yet consolidated, but what was more important was that this person at the True Condensation 3rd Level was just too vicious.

Liu Xian was completely surprised as he looked at Ning Cheng stepping down from the square platform, he had never thought that Ning Cheng would be this powerful, even that Shui Yu who was at True Condensation 7th Level was easily killed by him. Moreover, this was after Meng Jing Xiu’s victory, that he had obtained which made him pleasantly surprised. Did his God Wind Academy really had the opportunity to finally come to the forefront?

Meng Jing Xiu just curved her lips in a sneer, and said with disapproval in her voice, “That Shui Yu is really unworthy of his name, he should have let the other powerful members of the Falling Star Academy to challenge him, humph…….”

When Liu Xian heard Meng Jing Xiu’s words, he simply did not chose to answer. Of course he knew about this much clearer than Meng Jing Xiu herself, although Shui Yu was representing the Falling Star Academy, he was ultimately a person from the Shui Clan. To say that Shui Yu would succeed for the Falling Star Academy, he was not convinced.

As for Meng Jing Xu saying that Shui Yu was not worthy of his name, he also thought so, that Shui Yu had just advanced to the True Condensation 7th Level, so he had not yet consolidated his cultivation. The reason he had requested a place, was entirely in order to kill Ning Cheng. But he had never thought that not only would he fail to kill Ning Cheng, but in the end he would end up digging his own grave.

“Well, that Shui Yu was really a bit too unworthy of his name, he just simply had a big name and nothing else to back it up.” A deacon from the Falling Star Academy saw Shui Yu getting killed, and spoke after remaining silent for a while as he shook his head.

“He is the elite of the Shui Clan, and usually lets others work for him. Over time he just became accustomed to be a master, and never even thought of his own strength. In fact, he was just a person who reached his level by the help of pills, how high could his ability even be?” Someone from the side said with a sneer.

Meng Yu Jing who was also one of the representatives representing the Falling Star Academy, after seeing Ning Cheng kill Shui Yu, she also was looking at Ning Cheng intently. She always felt that Ning Cheng was somewhat familiar, but this kind of sense of familiarity with him, she just couldn’t recall.

“Although this Shui Yu was unbearable, but this fellow Ning Xiao Cheng perfectly played the role of pig eating the tiger. Maybe he really had a good reason why he scored bad grades in the first two rounds of the tournament. Che Zi Wen, Meng Yu Jing, although you are ranked in the top ranks of our Falling Star Academy, but in the final round of the tournament, each of the Academies will definitely bring out their masters. And since you two are the ones from our Academy who carry the most points, most of those people will try to challenge you, so you both have to be careful. Especially that Ning Xiao Cheng, you must pay special attention to him…….”

The Elder of the Profound Congealing Realm from the Falling Star Academy stood up, and spoke in a dignified way to the two people, a young man and a young woman, beside him.

“Yes, we will Master.” The young man beside him nodded and said, he was the strongest cultivator of the True Condensation Realm from the Falling Star Academy, called Chi Zi Wen, the Falling Star Academy was depended mainly on him for this 3rd round.

Meng Yu Jing finally woke up, she finally remembered who this guy Ning Xiao Cheng who killed Shui Yu was. A few days ago when she left the Mo Ze City together with Qi Ping, there was a man who passed them by, afterwards that person seemed to have sensed something and slowed down, letting them pass by him.

At that time, she did not think of it much, as there were lots of people coming and going on the road she was travelling on, so she did not care about that person, and only glanced at him at random. Now she finally remembered, that person really was Ning Xiao Cheng.

After Meng Yu Jing came to know that that person was Ning Xiao Cheng, she then thought that Ning Xiao Cheng had deliberately slowed down to be behind her, she really did not know if that Ning Xiao Cheng had done that to track her or if it was just a misunderstanding?

Meng Yu Jing’s expression immediately turned cold, she had never thought that she would unexpectedly be followed. Every time that she went out, she would be extremely careful about it, moreover even when she went to the village cottage, she was extremely careful about it. She was even confident that even an Essence Building Cultivator would not be able to track her to her small cottage in the village nearby.

But on that day she actually had a feeling of being spied upon, was it the same Ning Xiao Cheng who had followed her to the cottage and peeped on them from the outside? Regardless of whether it was true or not, this person definitely cannot be left alive.

Of course, she didn’t know that the reason why she did not find Ning Xiao Cheng outsider her cottage, was mainly because of the help from the old woman.


There were only two matches held in the 3rd Round till now, and in both of them the God Wind Academy was the one who actively went to battle, and moreover won both of the fights. As far as the score of the 3rd round was considered, the God Wind Academy already had 70 points in total, and was in the front of the rest of the 4 Academies.

The talks about Ning Cheng’s performance in the plaza finally stopped after a cultivator stepped onto the stage for the 3rd fight. This cultivator looked extremely strong and was even tall to boot, this cultivator also had a ripped upper body which threatened to tear the clothes that he was wearing.

This was one of the fellows with the cultivation of True Condensation 9th Level, Ning Cheng had already seen through his cultivation level from the distance.

“Clear Sky Academy’s Yuan Jian, asks for consultation from fellow brothers and sisters with my 10 points.” This strong cultivator cupped his hands in front of him and had a slight smile on his face, it at least did not make the people who looked at him to not hate him.

That Yuan Jian had just finished speaking, when someone immediately came flying onto the platform, this person was also an exceptionally tall person, as soon as he came onto platform, he immediately took out his Artefact and said, “I am Ge Ye from the Thunder Academy, also carrying 10 points……”

As he was speaking, this Ge Ye had already started waving his Flying Sword Artefact, and brought out a dense sword curtain.

Yuan Jian did not seem to expect that Ge Ye would start immediately, but he did not show any nervousness on his face, and immediately brought out his own Artefact, a copper mallet.

This copper mallet in his hands was flashing with golden light, when it collided with Ge Ye’s sword curtain, a platform almost burst open, forming many crackling light flashes, which truly looked amazing.

Ge Ye also had the cultivation of True Condensation 9th Level, and was similar to Yuan Jian’s cultivation. Ning Cheng could sense from those two, that their grip over their True Essence was really deep. Moreover, both of them were evenly matched, and thus the winner would not be decided in a short amount of time.

Although this fight was evenly matched, but the overflow of True Essence from their fighting was really wonderful to look at. But after Ning Cheng looked at them for a moment, he felt that there was simply no meaning nor anything to be gained from their fight, those two men may look powerful with their formidable cultivation level, but they would not even be able to defeat Meng Jing Xiu.

Yuan Jian seemed to the most powerful person representing the Clear Sky Academy in this round, so if Yuan Jian lost, the Clear Sky Academy would really be in a very dangerous position against the other 5 Star Academies.

This evenly matched pair fought for a full half an hour, just when the others were thinking that both of them would still continue for another half an hour, Ge Ye suddenly brought up his sword and casted out another sword curtain. But this sword curtain quickly condensed into a giant sword, and just like cutting an egg, this giant sword tore through the mallet shadows brought out by Yuan Jian.

“Poof….” blood sprayed out of his mouth, before dying Yuan Jian had not thought for a single moment that this Ge Ye who was evenly matched with him till now would bring out such a formidable technique.

“Thunder Academy’s Ge Ye carrying 20 points challenges God Wind Academy’s Chu Yong Xin…….” Most of the people did not think that Ge Ye would not even wait for a single breath after killing Yuan Jian, before immediately challenging the God Wind Academy.

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