Chapter 0120

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0120 – More Than Just An Arrogant Prick

Fang Xin was defeated, all the people knew that the Luo Huo Academy, who was placed second till now was now completely finished.

Lian Hao really was too powerful, as even the rest of the remaining 5 Star Academies began to discuss about him among themselves. The Falling Star Academy was in the toughest spot right now. The Falling Star Academy, at the moment, only had a single person left, Chi Zi Wen and they knew that Chi Zi Wen was definitely not a match for Ning Cheng. It was even visible that Chi Zi Wen was even more so not a match against Lian Hao, who was even more dangerous.

Even the Clear Sky Academy’s Situ Yu looked at Lian Hao with a frown, he also began thinking that Lian Hao was the only person here who could rival him at the moment. But the only least stressful person at the moment was Ling Naixin from the Thunder Academy. She was the only one who had not yet taken or given out a challenge, and still had 20 points on her. Since Lian Hao was also from the Thunder Academy, she simply did not feel the pressure at all.

The audience in the plaza who were first discussing about the 5 Star Academies, immediately turned their focus on Lian Hao, they all could see that Lian Hao’s skill was extremely astonishing.

Liu Xian frowned, and stared at Lian Hao for a long time before saying, “Ning Cheng, at the moment it would be better to not bump into him, he looks a little weird.”

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile, “Deacon Liu, even if I don’t try to bump into him, he himself would take the initiative to challenge me.”

With that, Ning Cheng once again jumped and descended on to the platform as he called out, “God Wind Academy’s Ning Xiao Cheng along with his 50 points challenges Lian Hao.”

After Lian Hao gained victory over Fang Xin, he was starting to get down from the platform, moreover his pride was also at an all-time high at the current moment, he had never thought that just as he would finish with his fight somebody would dare to come up and challenge him.

When they saw who the person was who had jumped on to the platform and issued the challenge, the audience in the plaza immediately went into an uproar, as their extreme emotions were once again stirred up. At this point of time, there was no one who dared to look down on Ning Cheng, all the people knew that Ning Cheng and Lian Hao would sooner or later end up in a fight, as a result every single one of them wanted to find out who was more powerful among the two of them. They all wanted to know if it would be the incredibly powerful Lian Hao, or the dark horse Ning Cheng.

When Ning Cheng came up on stage, the Falling Star Academy and the Clear Sky Academy immediately relaxed. Both of these people were not someone that they wanted to fight against. But now, these two people came up to fight against each other by their own initiative, it really was the best option for them.

When Fang Xin walked down from the side of the platform, he looked at Ning Cheng who came to challenge with some frustration, but he sighed to himself, and did not speak. No one knew better than him how powerful Lian Hao was, but even if he spoke up it would simply be meaningless. Without experiencing it by themselves, no one could fully understand what he would be saying.

“Kid, I can easily kill you in just a few moments, but I did not expect that you would take the initiative to come yourself, since you like to court death this much, then I will definitely help you out.” When Lian Hao saw Ning Cheng come to challenge him with his own initiative, he immediately sneered. As his entire body overflowed with Killing Intent.

He immediately resorted to the Demonic Seal, he wanted to kill Ning Cheng in front of everyone, now that Ning Cheng was standing in front of his eyes, how could Lian Hao even tolerate it for even half a moment.

Once the Demonic Seal came out, it originally had the radius of 2 feet but it immediately grew to the size of almost 10 feet transforming into a giant seal, because of the agitation from the Killing Intent coming out of the giant seal, the air surrounding it immediately burst out with sounds of roaring thunder.

“Such a strong power….” The people watching secretly exclaimed out in surprise. This time the Demonic Seal used by Lian Hao was incomparably much more powerful than what he had displayed during his fight with Fang Xin.

Ning Cheng immediately took the Spear into his hands, and at the same time immediately brought out 24 Spear Shadows at once, immediately forming into a large Spear Network. With element of ice removed from Ning Cheng’s 36 Ice Spear Technique, the Spear Network formed from the 24 pure Spear Shadows looked incomparably fierce.

The pure Spear Network and the huge Demonic Seal almost instantaneously collided with each other, creating terrifying shockwaves, which immediately made the audience speechless once again. They could even feel the ground beneath them vibrate intensely.

Meng Yu Jing had a bitter taste in her mouth, it was only then she understood that in her battle with Ning Cheng, he had only used 16 of those Spear Shadows, in other words he did not even use his full power.

“Boom Boom Boom……” True Essence was overflowing all around, the Demonic Seal and the Spear Network casted out by Ning Cheng’s broken Spear were just like rolling thunder clouds, which completely covered up the entire platform.

Ning Cheng knew that if he had to compete in True Essence, then he would never be able to compete against Lian Hao, moreover now that he had removed the ice element from his 36 Ice Spear Technique, it had now turned into an element less Spear Technique. But also because he had removed the ice element from it, his True Essence consumption was also reduced, once he used his True Essence to induce the ice element into his attacks, then for him the losses would far outweigh the gains.

Because of the low cultivation levels of the audience, they could not clearly see the fight between Ning Cheng and Lian Hao, and could only sense the formidable clash of the True Essence of those two cultivators fighting. But while fighting, Ning Cheng began to have a feeling that the Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique was not suitable for him to use.

As the Spear Network and the Demonic Seal were clashing against each other, Lian Hao silently took out his black triangular streamer and began to use it, at the same time, Ning Cheng once again caught the Spear in his hands, and drew the Spear in his hands to form an arc of half a circle, and swept it through the Spear Network that was blocking the giant Demonic Seal, tearing the seal apart.

This was the same as that time when he had fought against Meng Yu Jing, when he had finally grasped the Spear Intent, only then with this Spear in his hand, could he bring out all of his Spear Intent and fire it out.

A boundless Killing Intent condensed at the tip of the Spear in Ning Cheng’s hand, the Spear completely collapsed the air around it, bringing about a fierce howling behind it as it flew towards Lian Hao’s chest.

This kind of boundless and brutal Killing Intent, could even be felt by the audience, but it seemed that Lian Hao was simply not feeling it.

All the people were feeling a bit odd, even Ning Cheng himself was beginning to feel some doubts. Ning Cheng did not count on the Spear being able to kill Lian Hao, but after bringing out his Spear in this manner, even if it was not enough to kill him, he had already prepared to use his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

For people like Lian Hao, Ning Cheng would not think about it even for half a moment. As long as Lian Hao tried to block the Spear Intent from his Spear, he knew that this Spear Intent would immediately be wiped out, but then the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle and his Axe Fist would be more than enough to send his opponent to his grave.

At this time, Lian Hao revealed a trace of ridicule on his face, it really did not matter to him if Ning Cheng could use this kind of Spear Intent with his Spear, instead he had fully charged up the pitch black triangular streamer in his hands, and in just an instant, the entire sky above the platform was covered in thick black clouds.

Ning Cheng suddenly felt a bad premonition, his Zifu was hurting, and his Spiritual Sense was completely cut off, while even the boundless Killing Intent that had filled the Spear just a moment ago stagnated completely. It was as if those endless black clouds were sealing off his Zifu, making him feel that his Spiritual Sense was completely trapped behind a thick impregnable wall.

It turned out that the pitch black triangular streamer was a magical weapon that could cut off the opponent’s Spiritual Sense, as long as his Spiritual Sense was cut off, even his Spear attack that was filled with his boundless Spear Intent would simply not be worth mentioning. No wonder that Lian Hao did not even look slightly nervous, and even had a ridicule filled sneer on his face.

But at the same time, Ning Cheng was once again surprised, he could feel that the Mysterious Yellow Origin was once again beginning to overflow, to drive away those black clouds around his Zifu that were hindering the Spiritual Sense. However, before the Mysterious Yellow Origin even began to overflow, the Star River which was residing near the Mysterious Yellow Bead suddenly became energetic once again. Because of this, in just a moment the black clouds that confined his Zifu were almost instantaneously absorbed by it, Ning Cheng could feel that he could now use his Spiritual Sense without any kind of hindrance once more.

Lian Hao obviously felt Ning Cheng’s Spear lose its momentum, as he gave a sarcastic stare at Ning Cheng and said, “Now you know, this is my real strength. Do you even know why I want to kill you? It is for revenge for Shui Yu, don’t worry I will help you take good care of that woman surnamed Ji, as your head will explode under my feet……”

Lian Hao could not even finish the words that he was speaking, when he felt that something wasn’t right, that Spear that had stagnated in mid-air once again rumbled as it came towards him, not only was it rumbling towards him, but even the Spear Intent contained in it did not decrease even half a bit, on the contrary the Killing Intent was getting even more concentrated, forming an irresistible bone piercing Spear Intent.

This really was not good, Lian Hao immediately understood that his Spiritual Sealing Streamer was not working as he intended, but at the same time Ning Cheng’s Spear had already arrived in front of him.

Lian Hao at this moment was completely frightened out of his wits, even if he wanted to bring out his round shield to protect him he simply did not even have enough time, he could only agitate the True Essence in him to immediately move sideways in order to escape it.

Unfortunately, he was just a True Condensation 9th Level cultivator, because he had already used the Demonic Seal, and even the Spiritual Sealing Streamer, so even through his spiritual strength was formidable when compared to others, he still did not have the spare capacity to avoid the Spear filled with the boundless bone piercing Spear Intent.

Let alone that, even if he had the ability, this kind of powerful Spear Intent was not something that he could evade easily.

“Puff” Blood and gore exploded out, as the lower half of Lian Hao’s body was completely blown up by Ning Cheng’s Spear. And because he had simultaneously mobilized his entire True Essence to evade Ning Cheng’s Spear, several of the Spear Shadows that were previously being blocked by the Demonic Seal directly tore through, which immediately exploded onto both of his arms, blowing them into nothingness.

One had to say that this Lian Hao really had a strong vitality, even though he was in this kind of situation, he could still forcefully open his mouth to speak out about admitting defeat.

But the Killing Intent towards him in Ning Cheng was extremely strong, how could he allow Lian Hao to throw in the towel? Once again grabbing the Spear in his hands, he immediately moved it sideways, as he directly bombed Lian Hao on top of his head.

Lian Hao really had a big head, and just like a big watermelon, it immediately exploded showering Ning Cheng with bits and pieces of gore.

Ning Cheng immediately lifted Lian Hao’s Storage Bag and put it in his own Storage Bag, and immediately sent out a ball of fire, immediately turning the rest of Lian Hao’s body into ash in front of everyone.

After killing Lian Hao, Ning Cheng slowly heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that if Lian Hao was not too dependent on his triangular streamer, this fight would definitely not have been easy.

The entire plaza was completely silent, everybody had thought that this kind of powerful clash between the two sides would definitely be fought for a long time, and even if one emerged victorious, it would have only been by a narrow margin. None of them even thought that, this fight would not even last for even the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, not only was the victor and loser decided in just a few moments, but it even led to the death of one of them.

Ning Cheng had hit Lian Hao’s head causing it to explode without letting him say anything, not only that, he even took Lian Hao’s things, moreover even burned Lian Hao into ash flying in the wind, didn’t this seem that he was even more arrogant than him?

It was only after a good while that the audience outside the platform finally erupted in lively cheering, although the fight was not long as they expected it to be, but the fight itself was very exciting. This Ning Xiao Cheng once again proved it to all the people that he was definitely strong, and absolutely did not just depend on luck.

Lian Hao had killed two members from the God Wind Academy, moreover he did not allow them to even throw in the towel, but finally ended up being killed by Ning Xiao Cheng from the God Wind Academy. Ning Xiao Cheng from the God Wind Academy also similarly did not give that Lian Hao the opportunity to throw in the towel. Not only did he not allow him to throw in the towel, he did not even leave behind even a single one of his bones intact.

Ling Naixin facial expression immediately turned pale, she had never thought that Lian Hao would also loose in such a miserable manner, and that too so quickly, she could almost affirm that this Ning Xiao Cheng would most definitely challenge her next. How could Ning Xiao Cheng from the God Wind Academy let her off, as Lian Hao also had killed two core members from the God Wind Academy? Not only would he not let her off, she would also certainly end up being killed by him. Only if she herself took the initiative to come up to challenge and then throw in the towel immediately, would she actually have the chance to survive, but would Ning Xiao Cheng even give her that chance to throw in the towel?

Liu Xian was completely excited as he almost called out to Ning Cheng in a loud voice, now that Ning Cheng had beaten Lian Hao, he had now accumulated a total of 140 points, as long as Ning Cheng wanted, and challenged even one of them casually, then the God Wind Academy would definitely end up first. But then he immediately sighed, he knew that Ning Cheng would not continue to issue challenges.

All the eyes were completely focussed on Ning Cheng’s body, every single person inside the main altar and outside the platform wanted to know who Ning Cheng would challenge next.

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