Chapter 0121

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0121 – Controlling The First Position

Now in the 3rd round of the Tournament, of all the participating cultivators, the 1st position was now completely dominated by Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng had a total of 140 points, which was far beyond that of the person in the 2nd position, Situ Yu, with a total of 60 points. The 3rd was Chi Zi Wen with 30 points and the last was Ling Naixin with 20 points which simply couldn’t even be compared.

The ranking of the five 5 Star Academies once again shuffled, the 1st place was still taken by Falling Star Academy with a total of 251 points. The God Wind Academy which was placed last till now, was now at the 2nd place with a total of 216 points. The Clear Sky Academy with 190 points, was placed 3rd. Thunder Academy with 158 points, was in 4th place. While the last place was taken by Luo Huo Academy with a total score of 155 points.

Ning Cheng who still standing on the platform swept with his eyes, of the three people left within the tournament, other than Situ Yu, the other two looked fearful and apprehensive. Chi Zi Wen and Ling Naixin knew clearly that they were definitely not a match against Ning Cheng.

But Ning Cheng did not feel the need to challenge Situ Yu, as long as he defeated Chi Zi Wen and Ling Naixin, then the position of the God Wind Academy as the 1st would then be ironclad. But at the same time he knew that he could only challenge two times more, and it just happened that there were only two people that he wanted to challenge.

But against all expectations, after Ning Cheng swept a glance at the rest of the people, he unexpectedly turned around and slowly walked off the platform.

Ling Naixin heaved a sigh of relief, what she most feared was that Ning Cheng would immediately challenge her next. But the one who looked even more relieved was Chi Zi Wen, although he was not sure why Ning Cheng did not go ahead and continue to issue challenges while still standing on the platform, but he was glad that at least he did not have to face against that monster, Ning Cheng.

One of the Essence Building Cultivator from the Clear Sky Academy suddenly said, “Now coupled with our Clear Sky Academy’s Situ Yu, there are only 4 people left. Chi Zi Wen and Ling Naixin are definitely not a match for Situ Yu, so as long as Situ Yu challenged them, then we definitely can take the second place.”

Ming Hao Kuo said with a sneer. “No one will challenge us. If there is nothing else unexpected happening in this 3rd round. Then it would definitely end here. That Ning Xiao Cheng has no intention of helping the God Wind Academy to take the 1st place, otherwise he would have definitely taken the initiative to challenge Chi Zi Wen and Ling Naixin. Regardless of whatever reason why that Ning Xiao Cheng gave up on taking up the 1st spot, we all shouldn’t make any other moves. It truly is regrettable, if not for that bastard who was truly blind, then that Ning Xiao Cheng would have definitely been a disciple of our Clear Sky Academy.”

“What Teacher Ming says is definitely right, if I got rid of Chi Zi Wen and Ling Naixin, then indeed we will be able to take up the 2nd position. However, I am sure that once I beat those two people, that Ning Xiao Cheng would definitely challenge me next. The reason why the God Wind Academy does not continue to issue the challenges. Is so as to preserve their spot of the second place. Even I do not have even half a grasp on that Ning Xiao Cheng, this person is definitely very mysterious. Once I lose to him, the Clear Sky Academy would definitely be ranked last.” The True Condensation cultivator, Situ Yu who was standing behind spoke up.

“Whether it is the 2nd position or the 3rd position, the difference between them was definitely not this big until now. Since Situ Yu will not go out to fight, that Ning Xiao Cheng would also not come out to challenge. Moreover, that Falling Star Academy’s Chi Zi Wen and that Thunder Academy’s Ling Naixin would also not come out to challenge on their own initiative.” Ming Hao Kuo also nodded, showing his approval towards the words spoken by Situ Yu. When he saw Ning Cheng make his move, he knew that if Situ Yu and Ning Cheng fought then, regardless of it they took the 2nd or the 3rd position, it would only end up in Situ Yu’s death.

As Ning Cheng did not continue to issue challenges, and the other people also saw that there was no one else willing to come up to issue or take challenges, as such the scene unexpectedly turned cold.

For the 3rd round really hit such a level. Everyone could see the problem; everyone could see that Ning Cheng was the person who was controlling the 1st position in the tournament. Although none of them knew why Ning Xiao Cheng was doing such a thing. Wasn’t he not willing to let the God Wind Academy to take the 1st position, and as such was not continuing to issue the challenges.

As Ning Xiao Cheng did not come to the platform to issue the challenges, the rest of the people also did not dare to come to the platform to issue their challenges. Although Situ Yu could come up and challenge, but he was afraid of Ning Xiao Cheng. What’s more, even if he defeated Chi Zi Wen and Ling Naixin, he would still not be able to take the 1st place. But in case anyone dared to take away the 2nd position of the God Wind Academy, it would only end up in angering that monster, Ning Xiao Cheng, that kind of gain would definitely not even be equal to half the losses that they would incur in the aftermath.

The old man presiding over the 3rd round also obviously knew about this situation, as he flew up and gently landed on to the platform, and spoke with a clear and resonant voice, “Ning Xiao Cheng, do you still want to continue and issue challenges?”

As he saw it, Ning Cheng was fully in control of what Academy would come 1st, as long as Ning Cheng was willing to challenge, the God Wind Academy would definitely take up the 1st place. If Ning Cheng was unwilling to challenge, then the Falling Star Academy would be the one taking up the 1st place.

Ning Cheng hurriedly cupped his fists in front of him and spoke: “This junior’s strength is limited, for the God Wind Academy to obtain the 2nd position, we are already very satisfied, it is not that this junior is not willing to continue and issue out challenges. However, if some of the people here wish to challenge me, then this junior would definitely accept the challenge.”

The old man then swept his eyes over to Situ Yu, in his eyes, only Situ Yu would be able to resist against Ning Cheng for a bit. Once Situ Yu defeats Ning Cheng, then the Clear Sky Academy would take up the 1st position.

“This junior is not much confident in winning, therefore is not willing to continue to challenge.” Situ Yu also responded hastily.

Hearing that Ning Cheng and Situ Yu were both not willing to continue to challenge, Chi Zi Wen and Ling Naixin were completely delighted. Both of them did not wait for the old man to ask them, before they also immediately came forward and clasped their fists as they bowed and spoke that they also had limited strength, and thus cannot continue to challenge. At least Chi Zi Wen had fought once on the platform, but Ling Naixin right from the start to the finish did not even step onto the platform even once.

The old man presiding over the 3rd round nodded his head, and immediately announced in a loud voice, “The Tournament of the 5 Star Academies is now over, the Falling Star Academy takes the 1st place with 251 points. Because the Angry Axe Valley is going to open soon, the Falling Star 5 Star Academy is now promoted to a 6 Star Academy, but the promotion ceremony will take place in 6 months, during this period, the Falling Star Academy can consolidate their resources from the three Lower Class Continents…….”

Liu Xian glanced at Ning Cheng, although he also had expected this, but he was not as clear as Ning Cheng on this matter. He now knew that what Ning Cheng had said was right, as the old man had even allowed the newly formed 6 Star Academy to consolidate all the resources of the Lower Class Continents. In addition to the Angry Axe Valley opening in advance, there still was another meaning, it was to look at the overall strength of the newly formed 6 Star Academy, otherwise why would they immediately choose the 6 Star Academy just after finishing the tournament?

Thinking that the God Wind Academy did not currently have a Profound Core Cultivator watching over it, Liu Xian subconsciously shivered in fright. If God Wind Academy was the one to obtain the 1st place, then the God Wind Academy could not do anything without the help from the Intermediate Class Continent. Wanting to consolidate the resources in all the Lower Class Continents, it was simply a dream.

Not to mention any of the other 5 Star Academies, even some of the more powerful 4 Star Academies did not pay much attention to the God Wind Academy. If the God Wind Academy had obtained the first position then it would not have been a prelude to advancing to a 6 Star Academy, but rather a prelude to its death. Because the Falling Star Academy had the strength to back it up, it did not mean that the God Wind Academy also has the same strength.

“Ning Cheng, this time I really have to thank you.” Liu Xian spoke with some fear.

“Deacon Liu, you don’t have to be so polite, I am also a disciple of the God Wind Academy.” Ning Cheng said with a smile, as he was rejoicing in his heart. Although he had already guessed the intentions of those people. But for the most part, he was concerned about Ji Luo Fei. He had never thought that his guess would actually come true. These people from the Intermediate Class Continent. Really made the newly appointed 6 Star Academy to bear the brunt by themselves.

Some of the people who had a bit of understanding towards the situation of the God Wind Academy, immediately understood why the God Wind Academy intentionally did not take the 1st place, as a result they were secretly admiring the savviness of the God Wind Academy.

The old man presiding over the 3rd round continued speaking, “Besides the Falling Star Academy advancing to a 6 Star Academy, they would also be awarded with a limited amount of resources for the time being, moreover the winners of each of the three rounds would also be rewarded separately. Because the winner of the first and the second round is Falling Star Academy’s disciple Yue Ying, Yue Ying will also receive the stated prizes, moreover she is also presented with an opportunity from the Jia Continent’s Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy to come and join their ranks, of course the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy would definitely compensate the Falling Star Academy with appropriate resources.”

“As for the 1st position in the 3rd round of the tournament, Ning Xiao Cheng from the God Wind Academy, Ning Xiao Cheng besides obtaining the stipulated prize, would also obtain one of the quotas to enter the Angry Axe Valley, this quota will not be of the 20 stipulated quotas given to the Lower Class Continents. All the cultivators that have filled the respective 20 quotas for the entry into the Angry Axe Valley, will follow us tomorrow to the airship that would carry us all towards the Jia Continent together. After six months, all the cultivators from the Hua Continent who entered the Angry Axe Valley, will similarly be delivered to the Mo Ze Grand Plaza directly by the same airship.”

Ning Cheng thought that it really was as he had thought about, that old man really wanted to take away Yue Ying.

Although Liu Xian wanted to get the benefits of the God Wind Academy taking the 1st place and although the God Wind Academy could not take the first spot to advance to a 6 Star Academy, but he was still very satisfied, he had actually got three quotas for entry to the Angry Axe Valley. If he added Ning Cheng, then it was a total of 4 people. It was simply inconceivable to him. If their disciples could come back from the Angry Axe Valley, he knew that they would certainly bring back some good treasures. It would not be such a bad luck to them, as with those resources, they could even help the Dean of their God Wind Academy who was also a Profound Core Cultivator, to recover from his injuries.

Thinking about the Profound Core Dean of their God Wind Academy recovering from his injuries, Liu Xian immediately became excited, as he hurriedly spoke to Ning Cheng, “Ning Cheng, this time in the Angry Axe Valley, can you help my God Wind Academy to look after the other three people.”

Ning Cheng had not yet spoken, when at the same time Meng Jing Xiu took the initiative to speak, “Deacon Liu, I would like to volunteer myself to go to the Angry Axe Valley. I also request Deacon Liu, to fulfil my lifelong desire to enter the Angry Axe Valley.”

Having said that to Liu Xian, Meng Jing Xiu then turned towards Ning Cheng and gave a deep bow as she spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, in the past I used to look down on people, still I ask Senior Apprentice Brother Ning to be generous enough and not bother with a vulgar woman like me. The quota for entering the Angry Axe Valley for the God Wind Academy was obtained by Brother Ning, this Jing Xiu shamelessly asks Senior Apprentice Brother Ning to give her a chance. This Jing Xiu must go to the Angry Axe Valley to fulfil her duties.”

Before Meng Jing Xiu was very rude towards Ning Cheng, which made him loathe her a bit. But later on when he came to know that Meng Jing Xiu was just a straightforward person, he did not speak up. She was following her own goal, unaware that she was being impolite to others during her journey, although he did not have a favourable impression towards Meng Jing Xiu, he at least did not despise her or loathe her that badly.

Meng Jing Xiu had wanted to participate in the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies, because she desperately wanted to enter the Angry Axe Valley, now that she said that she wanted to fulfil her duties in the Angry Axe Valley, didn’t it also mean that she had a map of the inside of the Angry Axe Valley, or was it perhaps because of some other secret?

Anyways, this quota was up to Liu Xian to fill, he did not have any influence on it, as he already had his quota. Thinking of this, Ning Cheng spoke in a light voice, “Deacon Liu is the Foreign Affairs Elder of the God Wind Academy, so all the decisions for the God Wind Academy will be made by Deacon Liu. No matter what choice Deacon Liu makes, I will always agree to it.”

When Liu Xian heard Ning Cheng’s words, his mind and heart were both filled with happiness, as he spoke with a smile, “Meng Jing Xiu is one of our God Wind Academy’s most outstanding True Condensation Cultivators, not to mention about the previous two rounds, Meng Jing Xiu even proved her strength, so of course, you can certainly have one of the quotas.”

“Many thanks to Deacon Liu, many thanks to Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.” Meng Jing Xiu was not someone who had cultivated her behaviour, but that did not mean that she did not know how to thank her benefactors.

After Liu Xian agreed to Meng Jing Xiu’s request, he turned around to Ning Cheng and said, “Ning Cheng, of the other two disciples from our God Wind Academy that are going to the Angry Axe Valley, one of them is called Cang Shuo, and the other one is called Ruimu Danqin.”

At this point, Liu Xian beckoned, and a young man and an even younger girl stepped out from behind him and came to the front.

The young man had almost the same cultivation level of that of Meng Jing Xiu, True Condensation 6th Level, he looked ordinary but had a firm and resolute face. But as for that young girl, Ning Cheng estimated that she would only be around 16-17 years in age, however her cultivation was definitely not low, it was at True Condensation 5th Level. This young girl had a pair of bright eyes but because of her long and abnormally thick lips, she looked a bit ugly, and was even a bit of a match to her name.

“Ning Cheng, these are Cang Shuo and Ruimu Danqin, Cang Shuo’s father is the current Dean of the God Wind Academy who is in closed door training. Ruimu Danqin is one of the geniuses that my God Wind Academy managed to rope in, I want to ask you to take care of the two of them in the Angry Axe Valley…….” Liu Xian asked Ning Chen in a very sincere tone.

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