Chapter 0122

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0122 – Going To The Angry Axe Valley

Ning Cheng had continuously been on the run outside, plus with his short beard, he looked quite a bit older, but the fact was that Cang Shuo was actually much older than Ning Cheng. Although he was older than Ning Cheng, he had personally seen Ning Cheng fight so fiercely on the duelling platform, even someone as powerful as Lian Hao, was ultimately not able to even get down from the platform, which made him really admire Ning Cheng from the bottom of his heart.

He knew that although his cultivation level looked to be higher than Ning Cheng’s cultivation, but if he really fought with him, he was definitely not a match against Ning Cheng.

Now that Liu Xian wanted Ning Cheng to take care of him and Ruimu Danqin, he immediately cupped his fists in front of him and said to Ning Cheng, “Cang Shuo greets Senior Apprentice Brother Ning….”

Although he could definitely call Ning Cheng as his fellow brother, but he did not do so. Let alone his status, compared to Ning Cheng, he did not know how many more times higher was his status than his own.

Ning Cheng also quickly said, “Brother Shui should be older than me, so you can definitely call me by my name directly.”

But Cang Shuo immediately spoke up, “My father had always told me, that in the Yi Xing Mainland, only strength mattered. Everybody has already seen Brother Ning’s strength, as such for this Cang Shui to call you as his Senior Apprentice Brother is something that is a must.”

Ruimu Danqin was obviously not very sophisticated, when she saw Cang Shuo call Ning Cheng as his Senior Apprentice Brother, she also immediately followed his heels and also called him as Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng. She had also been looking at the fights of Ning Cheng, and listening to the people nearby discuss about her Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Xiao Cheng, she also ended up admiring him from the bottom of her heart.

After the two people greeted Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng said to Liu Xian, “Deacon Liu, even if you had not spoken to me about it, me, Cang Shuo and Ruimu Danqin are all from the God Wind Academy, so by rights we ought to help out each other. There is only one thing that this Ning Cheng wants to entrust to Deacon Liu……”

Liu Xian was already very suave, Ning Cheng had not even said the words, before he knew what Ning Cheng wanted to say. And immediately said, “Ning Cheng, you just go to the Angry Axe Valley. Ji Luo Fei is also a disciple of my God Wind Academy, I will certainly not let her suffer any kind of injustice. I had already agreed to give you your own Immortal’s Cave for cultivation. After Luo Fei follows me back to the God Wind Academy, I will let her choose what cave she wants by herself.”

Seeing Liu Xian be so tactful, Ning Cheng was filled with happiness, he hurriedly thanked him from the bottom of his heart, and started discussing the matter relating to the Angry Axe Valley.

The commotion caused by the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies had finally subsided. There were a lot of people happy, while there were still many who were unhappy. The biggest winner was the Falling Star Academy, but not only did it not stand out, it even got promoted in rank to a 6 Star Academy, moreover they also obtained a quota of five people to enter the Angry Axe Valley. As for the dead Shui Yu, it simply only had a bit of relationship to the Falling Star Academy.

Therefore, to the Falling Star Academy, other than selecting the elites who would proceed to enter the Angry Axe Valley, the most important matter to them was to proceed with the establishment of their 6 Star Academy.


The next day, Liu Xian and Ji Luo Fei accompanied Ning Cheng, Meng Jing Xiu, Cang Shuo and Ruimu Danqin to the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, this time there was silver coloured airship type Magic Weapon parked at the centre of the Mo Ze Grand Plaza. Apart from them, all the people had already arrived beforehand.

However, Ning Cheng and the others did not have to wait for long, when a man wearing a yellow cultivator’s clothing immediately spoke up, “All the cultivators going to the Jia Continent, enter the airship. The airship is about to leave this place in a short while.”

Ning Cheng once more urged Ji Luo Fei to not to leave the God Wind Academy, he once again came back, and again requested Deacon Liu to keep Ji Luo Fei out of trouble, then waved towards Ji Luo Fei as he entered the large cabin.

When Ji Luo Fei saw Ning Cheng enter the airship, she strongly choked back her own tears. She had secretly decided, that she must go all out and desperately cultivate in the God Wind Academy. The prize that Ning Cheng had got, he had already given a large portion of it to her, and the only thing that he kept was the Storage Bag. Even the Essence Building Pill and the other Spiritual Grade Artefact, were also given to her.

The silver airship soon lifted off from the Mo Ze Grand Plaza and rushed into the sky, and soon disappeared without a trace.

Liu Xian also hastily pulled out an airship type Magical Artefact, and in just a moment the rest of the people from the God Wind Academy along with Ji Luo Fei immediately entered the airship type Magical Artefact, as Liu Xian immediately took control of it and left the Mo Ze City.

This was what Ning Cheng had repeatedly stressed on, so once he left, Liu Xian also did not want to stay for even half a bit longer in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, and immediately left. Ning Cheng guessed that since the 6 Star Academy would only be fully established after the Angry Axe Valley closes up, so in order to help out in the construction of the 6 Star Academy in the Hua Continent, the Shui Clan would definitely be involved, as such Liu Xian took Ning Cheng’s advice very seriously.

The airship of the God Wind Academy had just left, when a Profound Congealing Member from the Shui Clan arrived. A Late Stage Essence Building Cultivator also came to the Mo Ze Grand Plaza. When they learnt that the God Wind Academy had already left a moment ago, they somewhat resentfully returned back to the Shui Clan.


This time there were a total of 4 people going to the Angry Axe Valley from the God Wind Academy, but this group of people were indistinctly led by Ning Cheng, although in the eyes of other people Meng Jing Xiu was the most powerful of the group, but at this time she was obediently standing behind Ning Cheng.

This time there were a total of 22 people going to the Angry Axe Valley from the Hua Continent. As Ning Cheng looked, he could see a lot of familiar faces. Chi Zi Wen, Meng Yu Jing, Situ Yu, Ling Naixin, Fang Xin, Pu Li Xin and even Yue Ying. What made Ning Cheng a bit doubtful was the fact that he also saw Yong Gu Yun from the Ping Continent amongst the group. Even now Yong Gu Yun was only at the peak of Qi Gathering 9th Level, but moreover was someone who came from the Ping Continent, just how did she obtain the qualifications to enter the Angry Axe Valley?

Ning Cheng had still not solved the doubts, when he saw another familiar figure, but this figure quickly disappeared from his eyes, which was followed by several other people entering the cabin of the airship. Ning Cheng frowned, wondering just where did he see that figure.

Although Ning Cheng had an extremely strong memory, even then he could not remember exactly where did he see that figure.

An Essence Building Cultivator immediately said, “Four people to a room, hurry up and go. Wait until the airship passes above the Lost Mountain Range, we may have to face attacks from a few formidable Monstrous Beasts, so when you feel the airship swaying intensely or is bumping incessantly, just stay in your respective rooms and do not come out.”

As this person passed this message to everyone hastily, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but think, this airship was flying at such a high altitude, and would still have to suffer through the attacks of Monstrous Beast, just how powerful were those Monstrous Beast in the end?

“Lost Mountain Range, what a weird sounding name.” Ruimu Danqin whispered behind Ning Cheng’s back as if underestimating it.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Danqin, it would be better if we do not talk much here, and rather listen to Senior Apprentice Brother Ning alright.” Cang Shuo immediately urged her.

“The Lost Mountain Range has a legend since ancient times, because this mountain range does not have a centre, so this mountain range ended up being called as the Lost Mountain Range. There is also another legend, that anyone who dared to walk past the centre of the Lost Mountain Range, whether by ground or by air, they would simply vanish without a trace. It is precisely because of this that this mountain range obtained the name of Lost Mountain Range. Our airship, is also going to pass through the edges of these Lost Mountain Range.” It was a young man who was in the middle of the group who took the initiative to answer Ruimu Danqin’s question.

Ning Cheng suddenly felt moved in his heart, he finally remembered where he had seen that figure before.

The man who had answered Ruimu Danqin’s question walked over to Ning Cheng and cupped his fists in front of him and said, “I am Fang Xin of the Luo Huo Academy, greetings Brother Ning.”

Ning Cheng immediately understood that Fang Xin had almost died in the hands of Lian Hao, moreover he also did not have even a half a bit of favourable impressions towards his sinister and vicious nature. Afterwards when he had helped him avenge by killing Lian Hao, he definitely felt a bit grateful towards Ning Cheng, that was why he took the initiative to come up and speak, which was also a pretty good reason.

“So it turned out to be Brother Fang from the Luo Huo Academy, many thanks to Brother Fang to dispel our doubts a moment ago, in fact I did not know that the Lost Mountain Range had such a history behind it.” Ning Cheng quickly also cupped his fists in front of him and returned the greeting.

Before the two people even said a few more words, the Essence Building Cultivator once again barked, “The talking between you guys can wait till the airship passes over the Lost Mountain Range, enter your cabins first.”

The people who were standing and chatting couldn’t stay outside anymore, as they scrambled into their respective rooms. Since there were only four people from the God Wind Academy, so all of them chose the same cabin.

“We will stay in the room, do not go out.” Once Ning Cheng entered the room, he immediately said to the remaining three.

Since Ning Cheng was now the representative of the God Wind Academy, nobody expressed any kind of objections to his words, and immediately sat down in succession with their eyes closed. Meng Jing Xiu wanted to ask Ning Cheng how he had managed to kill Lian Hao, but since she saw that Ning Cheng apparently did not want to talk, she also did not dare to take the initiative to disturb Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng at this point of time was thinking about the figure he had seen, he had finally remembered who that figure was. It was the figure of that bald man, with the cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level, that he had seen in the Mo Ze City, that fellow had a Jade Bracelet on his hands which had somehow drawn his interest towards it.

But the reason why he couldn’t remember at that point of time, was because he saw that the figure he had seen was dressed up as a woman, moreover a woman with long hair. A bald headed man and a long haired woman, no wonder he took a while to make that connection.

Just who was this young long haired girl that Ning Cheng recognized, was it really that girl from the Thunder Fall Desert, the one who was called King Xiu Xiu. Ning Cheng had met that King Xiu Xiu and her lackey in the desert, and only now did he realize that there were quite a few similarities between her and that man wearing the Jade Bracelet, and to think that these two individuals turned out to be somewhat similar. But to Ning Cheng, as long as there was even a bit of similarity, he could immediately associate them with each other.

Ning Cheng was not sure if this bald man was that Xiu Xiu, but he definitely knew that he definitely had some kind of great relation with her. Moreover, Ning Cheng had had already determined that initially when he saw that bald headed man on the Grand Plaza, he was drawn towards him because of his bracelet, it was definitely not by chance.

Regardless of whether that person called King Xiu Xiu came here for the Angry Axe Valley, or whether they came for his Imperial Jade Seal, Ning Cheng became a little more alert in his heart. That young girl had also entered the ruins of the Lan Yi Country, but in the end also came out unharmed, as a result he had determined that she definitely was not a simple person.

“Cang Shuo, how did our God Wind Academy’s Dean got injured? Is his injury serious?” Ning Cheng in his mind was a bit suspicious, as the people here were too relaxed. He had not asked Liu Xian about the extent of the Dean’s injury, with Liu Xian being a crafty old fox, as long as he asked about it, the others would know what he had meant.

The reason why he had asked about the injury of the Dean Cang, was because he was still somewhat worried about Ji Luo Fei’s safety. If the Profound Core Dean of the God Wind Academy was not really heavily injured, then at least Ji Luo Fei would have another level of protection from God Wind Academy.

Cang Shuo apparently did not think much about such things, so when Ning Cheng asked about it, he hastily replied, “Many thanks to the care shown by Brother Ning, at this moment my father is seriously injured, this time the reason why I am going to the Rainbow Axe Valley is to search for the Rainbow Light Grass……”

“Rainbow Light Grass?” Ning Cheng was really shocked in his heart, looking for the Rainbow Light Grass, didn’t it meant that the Core Lake of the Dean was seriously injured? For a Profound Core Cultivator, if their Core Lake was injured, then it was equivalent to them being a disabled person.

Moreover, he had even obtained a Rainbow Light Grass in the Daan Forest before, but he had auctioned it off, now that he came to think about it, it really was unfortunate.

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