Chapter 0123

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0123 – The Yi Xing Ocean

“That’s right, not only I want to go look for the Rainbow Light Grass, but I even have to find more than one stub of it. A single stub of the Rainbow Light Grass, is simply not enough to refine the Profound Secondary Rainbow Pill.” Cang Shuo said with a low tone.

Ning Cheng nodded, “The Profound Secondary Rainbow Pill is one of the top four, if not the top five pills, useful for the Profound Core Cultivators, and is also one of the truly difficult to refine pills. With the cultivation level of the Dean in the Profound Core Realm, who in the Hua Continent can even hurt him?”

Cang Shuo was silent for a moment, but then suddenly placed a Sound Insulating Restriction around the two of them.

Ning Cheng looked at Cang Shuo in a puzzled manner, but did not ask anything, he knew that the reason why Cang Shuo put a Sound Insulating Restriction was so that Ruimu Danqin and Meng Jing Xiu would not be able to hear their conversation. Could it be that there was still something more to the serious injuries sustained by the God Wind Academy’s Dean Cang?

“Brother Ning should know about the Yi Xing Ocean, right? It is the largest water body outside of the Yi Xing Mainland.” Cang Shuo unexpectedly did not speak directly about the matter of the severe injury to his father, instead he spoke about the Yi Xing Ocean.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “All I know about the largest water body is the Mingot Sea Area, I come from the Ping Continent, thus I am very much familiar with only the Mingot Sea.”

Cang Shuo shook his head and spoke, “The Mingot Sea and its surrounding area is just an inland sea area, although it is large but compared to the Yi Xing Ocean, it is nothing more than just a drop in an ocean. Many people know that the Yi Xing Mainland is incomparably vast, and is divided into 9 different continents, moreover these 9 continents are classified into Lower Class Continents, Intermediate Class Continents and Advance Class Continents. But in actuality, the Yi Xing Mainland is also something that could not be even compared to the vastness of the Yi Xing Ocean. The Yi Xing Ocean can only be seen from the edges of this mainland, moreover in these so called Lower Class Continents, only from the Hua Continent can one access and arrive at the Yi Xing Ocean. But the Ping Continent and the Yuan Continent cannot see the Yi Xing Ocean, and can only see and access the inland sea area, which is the Mingot Sea Area.”

Ning Cheng took a breath, he knew that the Ping Continent was in itself very large, moreover even in the Hua Continent, he knew that he had not even travelled a small portion of it. As for the Yi Xing Mainland, he simply did not know how big was it. Now listening to Cang Shuo say that the Yi Xing Ocean was actually much larger than the Yi Xing Mainland. Just what level of cultivation level would it even require to travel anywhere they wanted? It was simply laughable that he was still thinking about leaving the Yi Xing Mainland and even returning to Earth.

After Cang Shuo came to know that Ning Cheng did not know about the Yi Xing Ocean, he tried to explain it even more clearly, “The reason why I know this is not because my experience is broad, but because it was my father who had told me about this. Among the cultivators with a high level of cultivation, there is another kind of thing that they also know about, that is, other than the 9 continents of the Yi Xing Mainland, there is an additional 10th Continent. It is just that this 10th continent is separated by the Yi Xing Ocean, and as such is not something that could be seen.”

Ning Cheng nodded. He did not find this strange. In ancient China, even they did not know about the existence of the American Continent that was lying across them on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. For a planet to have more than one mainland, such a situation should be quite normal.

“I heard that this 10th Continent is the place that the truly great masters of the Yi Xing Mainland gather, moreover it is said that the highest cultivation there even surpasses that of the Crucible Transformation Realm. Of course, my dad is also not sure about it.”

As Cang Shuo spoke till here, Ning Cheng asked with some doubts, “I have heard that the highest cultivation level that one could cultivate to, in the Yi Xing Mainland, is up to the Crucible Transformation Realm, and if even your father can’t say for sure about that, then how can you even know about this matter?”

Cang Shuo said with a sigh, “This place called the Yi Xing Mainland is not as calm and steady as it looks on the surface. Besides the innumerable Monstrous Beasts that come tide after tide from the ocean, the thing that is even more fearful than them, are the foreign invaders that come from the Yi Xing Ocean.”

“Monstrous Beasts coming tide after tide from the ocean?” When Ning Cheng heard about the Monstrous Beast tides, he immediately thought about the beast waves that he had encountered in the waters of the Mingot Sea.

Cang Shuo shook his head, “Not only Monstrous Beast, but also the cultivators that come from across the Yi Xing Ocean. Wanting to cross the Yi Xing Ocean is as hard as transcending the heavens, it is even innumerable times much more difficult than cultivating to the peak in the Yi Xing Mainland. Therefore 9 out of 10 cultivators who try to cross the Yi Xing Ocean end up falling over the skies of the Yi Xing Ocean. But there is also a fraction of those cultivators who were able to find a few islands that were comparable to the continents here, in the Yi Xing Ocean, before they kicked the bucket. In these continental sized islands, they ended up spawning multiple descendants.”

“Although some of the islands were even bigger that the continents here, but the resources there are very limited. With their descendants growing more and more in number, it ended up in creating a huge deficiency in their resources. So they had to seek out other islands that had more resources, as a result they ended up finding the Yi Xing Mainland with its 9 continents, this kind of thing is as such not much surprising.”

Ning Cheng gained a bit of understanding and asked, “Do you mean to say that the people who attack our Yi Xing Mainland come from those continental sized islands? Why is this? The Yi Xing Mainland is extremely vast, those people could also easily come here and find a place to cultivate in secret.”

Cang Shuo said, “Do you even know just how many people that they amount to, they are not just in tens of thousands, but even the number of several tens of billions would be insufficient to estimate their numbers. Not only that, they also have some sort of control over the Monstrous Beasts in the Yi Xing Ocean. They just want to turn this mainland into one of the territories of the islands, as such the fight for the mainland has never stopped till now. Because the Hua Continent is far from the battle being fought at the front against the Yi Xing Ocean, as such it is relatively calm here. The reason why my father got injured was because he had fought on the battlefield against those from the Yi Xing Ocean.”

“Isn’t this the ‘War of the 3 Continents’ that I heard about?” Ning Cheng said as he nodded his head, when he had arrived at the Cang Qin Province, he had heard about this ‘War of the 3 Continents’. He not only heard about it, he also knew that the reason why the Falling Star Academy came to the Cang Qin Academy to select 10 students from there was because there was a Profound Core Master from the Ping Continent who had earned great merits in this War of the 3 Continents.

This meritorious Profound Core Cultivator was called Lian Hao Yan, when Ning Cheng thought of this name, he suddenly thought about Lian Hao who he had killed, as the two names only differed by a single character.

Cang Shuo’s tone suddenly became gloomy, “If my father really fought in this ‘War of the 3 Continents’, then it is highly likely that it was declared that he was actually injured by a cultivator who came from the Yi Xing Ocean. But the fact is, he was played by one of the people from the 3 Continents and as a result received such an internal injury, although my father had vowed revenge on him, but because of his injured Core Lake, even if he was angrier, he could only clench his teeth to swallow air.”

Ning Cheng did not ask, he knew that by the tone of Cang Shuo, he would surely speak about who had injured his father.

“The person who had injured my father was the Profound Core Cultivator of the Shui Clan, Shui Yi Han in collaboration with the Profound Core Cultivator Lu Ye of the Luo Huo Academy, these two people are simply too sinister and ruthless. To secretly try and kill people on their own side, while also claiming that the act was in the name of righteousness and justice, these people are just too shameless to the extreme. It is really unfortunate, that my father is the only person to know about their evil conduct.”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, since you also have an enmity with the Shui Clan, that is the reason why I am telling you this. That Profound Core Cultivator of the Shui Clan who sneak attacked my father, although my father was also seriously injured, but at the moment he also should be in the process of healing his wounds, but his injury when compared to my father’s serious injury is simply too light.” Cang Shuo said, as in his eyes flashed sparks of anger.

After listening to Cang Shuo’s words, Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, as his face immediately turned ugly. He had never thought that the Profound Core Dean of the God Wind Academy was unexpectedly severely wounded by that Profound Core Cultivator of the Shui Clan.

For him to leave Ji Luo Fei in the God Wind Academy, was it really the correct decision? In case that Profound Core Cultivator of the Shui Clan had healed from his injuries, and then came looking for the God Wind Academy, just how could he not imagine what would happen?

“But I think that Shui Yi Han of the Shui Clan, even if he heals from his injuries, will not dare to casually look for trouble with my God Wind Academy. The God Wind Academy anyways, is a 5 Star Academy. Therefore, even if we do not find the Rainbow Light Grass, I will definitely return to the Hua Continent.” Cang Shuo did not care of what Ning Cheng was thinking about, and spoke in a resolute way.

Ning Cheng was already not in the mood to talk with Cang Shuo anymore, he at this moment was impatiently waiting for the Angry Axe Valley to close, so that he could get back to Ji Luo Fei in the God Wind Academy. If he had known about this beforehand, then even if it was extremely risky, he would have brought Ji Luo Fei with him.

Cang Shuo saw that Ning Cheng was silent, so he also did not speak again. At this time, the cabin that they were in suddenly started shaking. Not only was it shaking, but the shaking was even growing more intense by each passing moment.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Shuo, what is going on?” Ruimu Danqin immediately asked in panic, she was the youngest among them, and as such was unable to adapt quickly to unexpected events.

Cang Shuo also did not know what was going on, when the Sound Jade Tablet in the room suddenly emitted a voice, “The airship is encountering attacks from the Monstrous Beasts from the Lost Mountain Range, everyone be in your rooms, and do not come out casually.”

Ning Cheng was secretly horrified, this airship was flying at an extremely high altitude, for the attacks of the Monstrous Beasts to reach this high, just what level of Monstrous Beasts were they, aren’t they a bit too powerful?

The jolting and tumbling, lasted for almost a full day, before it slowly stabilized.

“Those Monstrous Beasts should have been killed off….” Feeling the room finally calmed down, Meng Jing Xiu said as she heaved a sigh of relief.

The rest of the few people also felt relieved, if the airship was compromised in anyway, since it was flying at such a high altitude, even if they didn’t die in the fall, they would end up falling into the Lost Mountain Range and would then be in an even more perilous situation.

Just as the feeling of calmness was setting in, the airship jolted once again. Just like that, the airship continued to once again shake uncontrollably, the people staying in the airship had already lost interest in cultivating, as they were living in trepidation as every single day passed by, everyone was fearing that the airship would finally end up being broken through by one of the attacks from those damned Monstrous Beasts.

It was only half a month later, that the airship finally calmed down and steadied itself. In this half a month, only a very few people came out of their cabins, and that too only when the ship was occasionally calm and steady, and would only come out to eat dinner outside their cabins, before immediately going and hiding in their rooms. Even Ning Cheng had gone out several times, but he never saw that King Xiu Xiu again.

After experiencing another half a month of constant turbulence, the airship finally smoothed down, as Ning Cheng also relaxed a bit. He did not want to fall into the Lost Mountain Range, once he fell into the Lost Mountain Range, then he did not know when would he be able to return to the Hua Continent.

“Ning Xiao Cheng, Senior Kang has invited you to come meet him.” At this time Ning Cheng saw an Essence Building Cultivator open the door to his cabin and spoke out to the few people inside.

This person was known by Ning Cheng and the other few people in the room, when Ning Cheng had first come onto the airship before, Ning Cheng and the others had met him before entering their room.

Ning Cheng stood up with some doubt, he did not know who this Senior Kang was. But since he was, at the moment, on someone else’s airship, then no matter which senior called him, he can only go and visit them.

Following the Essence Building Cultivator, he arrived at the deck of the airship, Ning Cheng then discovered that the deck was covered in bloodstains as the traces of fights had not yet fully been erased. Ning Cheng had also studied a bit of Array Formations before, so he knew that the Defensive Array Formation on the deck had been rearranged recently.

This airship’s deck was clean when they had departed from the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, but now it was filled with a lot of bloodstains, it was obvious that in the second half of the month that they were traveling, the ship was attacked quite a bit.

A dignified man was sitting on a green wicker chair on the edge of the deck, there was a white jade table in front of him with a cup of Spiritual Tea placed on it, this Spiritual Tea was apparently freshly brewed as it was still giving off steam.

When Ning Cheng saw this man, he immediately recognized him, he was the majestic looking man who had presided over the 1st and 2nd round of the Tournament in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza. He immediately knew that he should be that ‘Senior Kang’, he hastily came forward and bent forward to give a respectful salute and said, “Junior Ning Cheng meets Senior Kang.”

“You are Ning Cheng?” The dignified looking man asked with a light voice.

“This junior is indeed him.” Ning Cheng replied with a bit of anxiety in his heart, he did not understand what the hell did this person asked to see him for.

This dignified looking man nodded and actually did not inquire about why Ning Cheng had changed his name, instead he simply pointed to the green wicker chair opposite to him and said to Ning Cheng in a genial way, “You can sit down, I want to ask a few questions.”

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