Chapter 0124

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0124 – Outside The Angry Axe Valley

Ning Cheng suppressed the fears inside his heart as he spoke, “In the presence of Senior, this Junior doesn’t dare to sit. Senior can freely ask what he wants to ask, and this Junior will definitely answer everything he knows.”

A person under another’s roof, has to bow down their head, Ning Cheng thought in his mind as he sighed internally. This Cultivator surnamed Kang has definitely surpassed the Profound Core Realm, and was, at the least, a Cultivator of the Soul Essence Realm. A cultivator in the Soul Essence Realm, as the name implied had their own Soul Essence. Even if their physical body was damaged, as long as their Soul Essence existed, they can seize another body and resurrect themselves. Or perhaps even reshape their body if they wanted. A Soul Essence was not only the person’s soul, it can be said that it was an alternate body without the flesh, as such most of the cultivators with Soul Essence have such a capability.

The dignified looking man simply nodded, as he expressed his satisfaction with Ning Cheng’s tactfulness. He slightly hesitated for a moment as he said, “What are your Spiritual Roots?”

“This Junior has not been tested in detail, but when this junior joined a 2 Star Academy before, this Junior had taken the test once, and as such knows that he only has 4 fairly good Hybrid Spiritual Roots.” Ning Cheng replied without hesitation.

Ning Cheng already knew that by now a lot of people had already acquired the information that he had a 4 Line Hybrid Spiritual Root, so he did not necessarily have to conceal anything. The reason why he said that his own Spiritual Roots were Hybrid Spiritual Roots rather than Hybrid Support Spiritual Roots was also to explain his cultivation.

“I watched the competition, you could have easily helped the God Wind Academy to take the first place, why did you finally give up on it?” The dignified looking man continued.

Ning Cheng calmly replied, “After this Junior joined the God Wind Academy, only then did he come to know that the Dean of the God Wind Academy was seriously injured, Deacon Liu Xian thought that the God Wind Academy would not remain standing without the help from the seniors from the Intermediate Class Continent. Even if it was promoted to the status of a 6 Star Academy, we all knew that we could not hold that place of the 6 Star Academy. Moreover, this Junior had a deep discussion with Deacon Liu, and as such came to the conclusion that the God Wind Academy was really not eligible to qualify for the title of a 6 Star Academy, and therefore took the initiative to give up on the idea of the God Wind Academy taking the first position. It is not that this Junior deliberately tried to not take the first position, I hope that Senior would see this point.”

Ning Cheng did not intentionally pretend to be confused, although it was obviously his idea, but he had vehemently imposed it on Liu Xian, he believed that the person in front of him, would not go and confront Liu Xian for this kind of small matter.

The dignified looking man nodded. “What you said is right, the tournament was conducted too hastily, the third round of the tournament truly was not a good way to select the strongest 5 Star Academy. At best, they could only select their most formidable True Condensation Realm Cultivators. Well now that we have touched upon this matter, I would still like to ask again, with your 4 Hybrid Spiritual Roots, properly speaking your cultivation should not have risen this quickly. Why are you at the cultivation level of True Condensation 3rd Level?”

Ning Cheng did not hide anything and immediately replied, that it was because he had encountered a Spiritual Essence Pool in the Daan Forest. And even took the initiative to draw the directions to its location for the dignified looking man.

The dignified looking man had already known that Ning Cheng had obtained his current cultivation through the Spiritual Essence Pool, so when Ning Cheng answered, he did not find it strange, he only glanced at the directional map that Ning Cheng drew, and simply did not show any approval or disapproval towards it. “I saw that in the tournament, you even comprehended the Axe and Spear Intent, moreover even your Spear Intent had touched on the Realm of Minor Accomplishment. For an ordinary person, even if his intelligence went against the heavens, they would not be able to comprehend two different types of Killing Intents at such an early age as you, can you help me understand this please?”

Ning Cheng was secretly relieved, he was not afraid of this man asking why his cultivation was so high. What he feared was this person asking about the time when he had encountered the Spiritual Essence Pool. If the opposite party had asked about it, then he really did not know how to answer it. If he had lied to the opposite party, then he feared that the opposite party would clearly investigate this matter, and if they found that he had indeed deceived them, then he knew that he would simply die without knowing what had happened.

Now that the opposite party had not asked that question, Ning Cheng was certain that the other party had not investigated him in detail. Thinking about this made Ning Cheng feel a bit calm in his heart. He slowly explained that he had encountered a large battlefield in the Daan Forest, and even clearly stated about the Spear and Axe marks that were present there. Moreover, he even took out the broken Spear from his Storage Bag and passed it over to the dignified looking man.

The dignified looking man took the broken Spear in his hands. And spoke to Ning Cheng in a slightly complacent tone, “I realized that this kind of comprehension ability is something innate, it was because of this reason that I had selected that particular topic for the disciples of the 5 Star Academy, because of it, it was very easy for me to find the answer that I was looking for.”

Ning Cheng hurriedly spoke with the best of his ability when he heard the other party ask about how he comprehended the 2 different types of Killing Intents. But in his mind and heart, he felt even more fearful and alarmed. The thing called as Origin was not something that he could understand right now, but he was sure that the reason why he could understand the origins of those types of Killing Intents this early had something to do with the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Moreover, the man in front of him had obviously figured out that Ning Cheng also had powerful computing capabilities.

After checking the broken Spear in his hands, he simply handed the broken Spear back to Ning Cheng and asked, “Since you have a Hybrid Spiritual Root, so it is normal that you could not see the changes in the leather parchment. But with your comprehension ability, you should have been able to answer the first question which asked if there was any change, so why did you write that the leather parchment did not change at all? As long as you wrote that it changed, even if you did not know the answer to the following questions, wouldn’t you be able to score 5 more points?”

Ning Cheng quickly replied in a respectful manner, “After this Junior had seen the questions, he knew that there definitely was at least a single change. However, this Junior thought that it was simply an opportunistic thing, and did not attempt it. Although if I had done it, this Junior may have gotten an additional 5 points, but it would not have helped in acquiring any position other than what I had already obtained, so rather it would only be better that I filled in the truth. Moreover, even if this Junior filled out that there was a change, Senior now already knows that this Junior would not have written it truthfully. This Junior, who had yearned to go to the Angry Axe Valley, really did not want to give a bad impression to Senior.”

The dignified looking old man nodded, giving a slight ‘hmm’, showing that he was satisfied with Ning Cheng’s reply, “That’s good, to have such a formidable comprehending ability at such a young age, and also able to restrain one’s desire, you surely will have a bright future ahead of you.”

Ning Cheng had a bit of contended look flash in his eyes, although he was able to notice this look in Ning Cheng, but he did not think much of it. After all he was still in his youth, as Ning Cheng did not seem to be over 30 years of age. Since he was able to have some small achievements till now, such kind of contended look in his eyes was understandable.

Because Ning Cheng had a beard, and had experienced many things in the Daan Forest and the Thunder Fall Desert, as a result he looked much older that his true physical age. If this man knew that Ning Cheng was only 19 years old, he would have definitely not have thought like that.

“If you have any questions, you can ask me.” The dignified looking man finished asking questions, as his tone and expression also softened a lot.

Ning Cheng hastily asked, “Senior, is the entrance to the Angry Axe Valley in the Jia Continent?”

The man gave a faint smile, “That’s not it, rather the Angry Axe Valley has a total of 6 entrances, but all the entrances are either in the other Intermediate Class Continents or the High Class Continents. The closest entrance near the Hua Continent is in the Jia Continent, though strictly speaking, the distance between the Jia Continent and the Hua Continent is actually much shorter that the distance between the Hua Continent and the entrance to the Angry Axe Valley, this is simply because they are separated because of the Lost Mountain Range. After we cross the Lost Mountain Range, then flying for a couple of days more, we would arrive at the entrance to the Angry Axe Valley in the Jia Continent.”

Listening to the answer from the dignified looking man, Ning Cheng quickly said, “Many thanks to Senior for dispelling this doubt, this Junior does not have any other questions.”

Not having any questions was simply not possible, Ning Cheng wanted to inquire about the 10th Continent. And even more so wanted to inquire about some of the things related to the Yi Xing Ocean. But he knew that it was simply ridiculous, since the opposite party had called him, and although he did not necessarily suspect him, but there surely would have been some doubts about his Axe and Spear Intents. Of course, not asking even a single question was just as bad, as this was something that Ning Cheng had read early on in Psychology. If one asked questions as a student, then it would lower the other person’s guard towards yourself imperceptibly.

“Well then, why don’t you get back to your room. The rest of the distance should not be much dangerous, and you can even take a walk outside on the deck if you want.” The dignified looking man finished speaking to Ning Cheng as he reached for the cup of Spiritual Grass Tea that was placed on the white jade table.

Ning Cheng hurriedly said his goodbyes and returned to his room in a hurry.


Back again in the room, Ning Cheng was in no mood to talk. He wanted to inquire more about the things pertaining to Lian Hao Yan, but he first took out the Alchemy Jade Piece that the old woman had given him before. As for the rest of the three people, seeing Ning Cheng was not in a mood to talk, tactfully got the message and quietly concentrated on their cultivation.

After a few days passed by, Ning Cheng and the several others on the airship felt their centre of gravity drop, they all knew that the airship was now finally descending.

Ning Cheng quickly put away the Jade Piece that contained the information about Alchemy, and said to Cang Shuo and the others, “Get ready to disembark. After we enter the Angry Axe Valley, everybody try your best to not get separated from each other. I have heard that it is very dangerous inside, each time the Angry Axe Valley opened, it resulted in the deaths of many people.”

“I know, Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng.” Ruimu Danqin spoke in a crisp voice, although she had the cultivation of Middle Stage True Condensation Realm, but because she was protected as a baby in the God Wind Academy, she had practically no opportunity to exercise her strength. Compared to the rest of the girls of the same age, she was well below and far from being equal to them in terms of experience or strength. She only knew that she had to do everything and listen to her Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng’s words.

That Yue Ying, when compared to Ruimu Danqin, was not much older, yet her mentality was so mature which was totally like a person who had ventured the Jiang Hu for a long time.

After the airship came down. Ning Cheng followed the crowd off the airship. This time Ning Cheng especially paid attention to that man he had seen on the airship, the one who had a close resemblance to that King Xiu Xiu. At this time, she had her head lowered and moreover was wearing a veil scarf over her face, this time even her build seemed to have changed slightly, but Ning Cheng could still tell with a single glance that that woman was definitely King Xiu Xiu.

Yue Ying saw Ning Cheng looking in her direction. And deliberately smiled at Ning Cheng. She was doing this just for the sake of her elder brother, moreover her view towards Ning Cheng had also had changed somewhat.

Ning Cheng also gave a slight nod to Yue Ying, he was not at all interested to pay any kind of attention to a little girl like her, although she was brought to the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy it was not entirely for a good thing, and moreover he also did not have any kind of ability to take care of such a matter. As at the moment Ning Cheng was completely blown away by the current scene in front of him. This was simply not how he had pictured the entrance to the Angry Axe Valley as, what entrance, it was simply a huge market.

Ning Cheng estimated that there were roughly at least a hundred thousand people, all over the hills and plains. Moreover, there were a variety of stalls, with various kinds of temporary stores, and was simply very noisy.

Over the noise of the crowd, a white mist was shrouding the entire valley, and there was a lot of rumbling like sounds resounding in that valley, it made people wonder that it might simply explode at any time.

“The inside of the white mist is the Angry Axe Valley, at the moment we can’t get in, anyone who tries to approach it, would be pushed away by a powerful force. The Angry Axe Valley has still not fully opened yet, after opening, everyone would be given a Jade Card, with the Jade Card in hand you can go in.” The Cultivator with the cultivation of Essence Building Realm who was standing at the exit of the airship, spoke to Ning Cheng and the others.

At this time, the dignified looking man with the surname Kang walked out of the airship. He glanced at Ning Cheng and the 22 other people, and then deliberately turned to Yue Ying as he nodded and said, “You will come with me, as for the rest of the people, you will wait here till the Angry Axe Valley opens….”

Speaking till here, he suddenly stopped, he looked at Yong Gu Yun in the crowd and asked, “With your cultivation of a trivial Qi Gathering 9th Level, how were you elected to come to the Angry Axe Valley?”

Yong Gu Yun hastily replied with respect in her voice, “This Junior is a cultivator from the Ping Continent, because I had much to contribute to the Falling Star Academy, therefore I obtained a quota.”

“Oh, isn’t that Ning Cheng also from the Ping Continent like you?” The man nodded and spoke.

Yong Gu Yun immediately replied, “Reporting to Senior, Ning Cheng was just in the Daan Forest six months ago, before he entered the Daan Forest, at that time he also had the cultivation of Qi Gathering Realm, but his progress is actually much greater than mine.”

Ning Cheng when he heard this, he immediately yelled in his mind ‘SHIT!!’.

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