Chapter 0125

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0125 – Accident

A cultivator who had cultivated to the level of Soul Essence Realm would no doubt be prudent and meticulous in their thought process, before he had not suspected Ning Cheng of anything, and as such did not find anything strange with Ning Cheng’s answer at that time. Moreover, he also believed that an Early Stage True Condensation Realm Cultivator like Ning Cheng would not even think to dare to cheat him.

But now, when he heard the words from Yong Gu Yun, that Ning Cheng came out from the Daan Forest in less than a year, he immediately had some doubts. A person with a 4 Line Hybrid Spiritual Root, even if they soaked themselves in the Spiritual Essence Pool, would be unable to cultivate from Qi Gathering Realm to the True Condensation 3rd Level in a short time of even one year.

“Ning Cheng, how old are you?” The dignified looking old man suddenly turned towards Ning Cheng and asked.

Ning Cheng did not have the time to answer, when he heard a loud explosion, immediately causing the entire ground to tremble violently. Behind the Essence Building Cultivator who was standing at the entrance of the Angry Axe Valley, a huge mushroom cloud rose up into the sky.

This dignified looking man did not wait for Ning Cheng to reply, as he immediately took one step forward disappearing from their view. He had gone to examine the situation, but just as he stepped towards the place that was covered with white mist, he was immediately thrown back flying with an extremely strong force. And in just an instant flew across the heads of Ning Cheng and the others, it was obvious that the repulsive force that he had suffered was extremely strong.

At this time the scene in front of them was completely chaotic, as everything had become a mess.

Ning Cheng was burning with anxiousness, he knew that if at this time he could not find a solution, and waited for that dignified looking man to come, he would surely die.

At this time, he suddenly saw two Essence Building Cultivators go into the mist, but they were not pushed away like the dignified looking man, Ning Cheng immediately began to work his mind. He anxiously turned around to Cang Shuo and the others, and said, “Hurry up and follow me inside, if we end up separating, then find an opportunity to get together in the Angry Axe Valley quickly.”

With that, Ning Cheng loudly shouted out, “The Angry Axe Valley is now open. Because the entrance was opened because of an explosion, one does not need the Jade Card to go in, don’t wait for anything else….”

The scene in front of them was already chaotic, but fuelled with Ning Cheng’s words it was equivalent to throwing sparks at an exceedingly dry packet of gunpowder. Just as these words came out, countless people rushed towards the entrance to the Angry Axe Valley in the mist. To Ning Cheng’s astonishment, the majority of the people flocking through the entrance of the Angry Axe Valley were not repelled, only an extremely few people were sent flying out.

Ning Cheng immediately swept out with his Spiritual Sense at the people who were repelled by the mist from the Angry Axe Valley, and immediately affirmed that there was some sort of accident in the Angry Axe Valley. The people who were pushed out, their cultivations had already surpassed the Essence Building Realm. In other words, all the cultivators at the level of Essence Building Realm and below the level of Essence Building Realm, now had access, instead of only those cultivators below Essence Building Realm who could go in before.

Ning Cheng crazily moved forward, it was not only Ning Cheng who discovered this issue, but rather all the cultivators in front of the entrance of the Angry Axe Valley discovered this issue. At this moment more than 100,000 people were moving in like a human wave, and were precisely flowing in the direction of the Angry Axe Valley.

As for people like Ning Cheng and Cang Shuo and the others, since they were already mixed into the crowd with the others, they could only move forward, in fact, he himself could not attend to other people, he knew that if he was stopped by that dignified looking man, he would die without a doubt. As for Cang Shuo and the rest of the people, even if they did not have enough time to go in, at least they did not have any danger to their life.

At this time Ning Cheng did not go all out to push towards the Angry Axe Valley, as he simply allowed himself to flow along with the tide of human cultivators as he quickly entered it. As for cultivators with poor cultivation like Yue Ying and Yong Gu Yun, they simply could not even resist the tide for even half a moment, other than walking along with the tide of people at its edges, they did not have any other choice. If they tried to force themselves into or out of the flow of people, with their cultivation, it was simply courting death.

“Hurry up and get in there, if we go in late, the Spiritual Grasses and rare Treasures everywhere could….” Ning Cheng at this time was proceeding forward, shouting like a maniac as he entered the valley, if he did not use this situation to his advantage, then he really was an idiot.

“Ning Cheng, you stop for me……” The dignified looking man with the surname Kang who was repelled by the mist at the entrance of the Angry Axe Valley finally understood what was happening, Ning Cheng unexpectedly wanted to run away, moreover he was even urging others to run together with him.

He, in the shortest possible time rushed towards the entrance of the Angry Axe Valley, but Ning Cheng had already stepped into the Angry Axe Valley, and he was once again thrown flying out by the white mist that surrounded it. If only he was a little bit faster, he would have been able to catch Ning Cheng.


After a burst of dizziness, Ning Cheng was swept away by the white mist, as he let out a sigh of relief, now that he had entered the Angry Axe Valley, at least for the time being he did not have to worry about that fellow with the surname Kang.

“Crash.” Ning Cheng fell onto a piece of rough looking crushed stone from above, as his whole body felt in pain after crashing into the gravel.

If it were an ordinary person in his place, this much pain would have been more than enough to shave off more than half their life.

Ning Cheng slowly climbed up, as he carefully looked around in all 4 directions, as he had some doubts in his mind, was this place really the Angry Axe Valley? He could not even see even a trace of a valley, in all the four directions, all he saw was crushed stones, he could not even see the edge where it ended. Not only that, he had even come here along with a huge amount of people, but he did not even see a single person in sight, not even Cang Shuo, who was together with him.

But then Ning Cheng quickly became excited, as he saw a Level 4 refining material ‘Shining White Jade’. The Shining White Jade was used as a refining material to craft top level Artefacts, moreover these pieces of Shining White Jade were very beautiful, and were very much in demand by the female cultivators. This piece of Shining White Jade was lying outside, weathering the wind and rain, and as such it was incomparably bright and clean.

Ning Cheng went forward and picked up this piece of Shining White Jade, as his heart was filled with anticipation, perhaps this place would bring an unexpected pleasant surprise to him.

Ning Cheng then once again looked carefully in all the four directions, and at once found several pieces of Shining White Jade. Although he was looking carefully, he did not do a thorough check of the surrounding quarry, after all, since he was in the Angry Axe Valley, this Shining White Jade was not a very high quality thing, moreover the valley would only be open for a short three months. Since the Angry Axe Valley had so many good things inside, if he stayed inside this gravel quarry, his gains would not even be worth the candle.

This quarry of gravel was by no means a small one, since Ning Cheng was not familiar with the Angry Axe Valley, he thus did not dare to bring out a Flight Type Magic Weapon. As Ning Cheng was figuring out which direction to proceed in, a slight change in the flow of air immediately made Ning Cheng to dodge sideways, just as Ning Cheng almost leapt to the side, at the same time, together with a fishy smelling wind, a shadow swept towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng immediately brought out his Spear and gripped it in his hands, as he simultaneously saw that the shadow was a Class 3 Monstrous Beast. Its entire body was grey in colour, and was similar in colour to the gravel on the ground. Moreover, its head and neck was almost the same, and it looked like a brown bear, but was somewhat smaller in size to the bear. As for what kind of Monstrous Beast was this, Ning Cheng simply did not know about it.

When Ning Cheng still had the cultivation of Qi Gathering Realm, he had met a Class 3 Monstrous Beast, although he was able to beat the Monstrous Beast, but that was in the Daan Forest, he generally did not mess with those Class 3 Monstrous Beasts. However now, although he did not mess with this Class 3 Monstrous Beast, but rather this Class 3 Monstrous Beast came to mess with him.

“Grind Grind” The Monstrous Beast called out in a few times, it was as if a rusted gate was swinging on a broken axis, which if one heard would grimace in pain, but Ning Cheng knew that it was calling out to Ning Cheng.

After seeing that Ning Cheng had taken out his Spear, this Monstrous Beast did wait for even half a moment as it started its attack on Ning Cheng.

With the Spear in his hands, Ning Cheng directly used its imposing momentum, and stabbed at the gigantic head of the Monstrous Beast. This Monstrous Beast felt that Ning Cheng and his Spear was not simple, and once again grunted, as it lifted its palm and hit the incoming Spear of Ning Cheng.

“Boom” As Ning Cheng brought the surrounding imposing manner of his Spear and collided with the thick palms of the Monstrous Beast, it immediately brought out a bloody light.

However, the huge force of the palm strike also transferred to Ning Cheng as he flew out with a bang, this Monstrous Beast did not even try to attend to its injured palm, as it once again plunged towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng forcibly stood up, and without thinking, immediately turned around and ran away. He knew that he was absolutely not a match for this Monstrous Beast, although his Spear had caused a bloody hole to appear on the palm of that Monstrous Beast, but that Monstrous Beast did not even feel it at all, and once he fought all out with the Monstrous Beast, then the best result for him would only be to die together with the Monstrous Beast.

The speed at which Ning Cheng left was very quick and in just a short time, he had run out of that stone quarry. When he turned to look back, he found that the Monstrous Beast did not follow up. Ning Cheng finally understood that this stone quarry was that Monstrous Beast’s territory.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng did not feel happy. The Monstrous Beast’s territory was divided according to their strength, that stone quarry apparently did not have much resources, moreover the Monstrous Beast that he had battled just a moment ago did not seem to have much skill. If it was just a single one of them, then he could at least think of something to beat it, but if he met another one, just what could he do?

No matter what, he first had to get out of here.

This time, Ning Cheng was extremely careful, in case he was ambushed by a Class 4 Monstrous Beast then he knew that escape, for him, would simply be impossible.

Ning Cheng lowered his body as he carefully looked around, suddenly a faint aura that was familiar to him hit him.

The reason why he felt that this aura was familiar, was because he had also felt the same kind of aura during the time he was in the Daan Forest, at the place where he saw the fissure in the ground that was created by the Great Axe, moreover he had also comprehended the Axe Intent by that fissure, and the faint aura that he was feeling at the moment was definitely the Axe Intent.

Ning Cheng forcibly suppressed his surprise, he had never thought that just as he would enter the Angry Axe Valley, he would be able to feel this kind of Axe Intent in the Angry Axe Valley. But the Axe Intent here was much purer than what he had felt back in the Daan Forest, so much so that it cannot even be compared on the same level. Not only that, there also seemed to exist a particular Axe Charm within here.

Ning Cheng came to understand that, the person who left those axe marks in the Daan Forest must have also come to the Angry Axe Valley previously. If that man had also comprehended the Axe Intent in the Angry Axe Valley, then it was no wonder that he felt a familiar feeling towards it.

Feeling the incomparably clear Axe Intent, Ning Cheng actually forgot that he was still in the Angry Axe Valley, as he unconsciously moved towards the place that contained the traces of the Axe Intent.

Along the way, he did not see the axe marks, but the Axe Charm was the thing that he was focussed on, and as such Ning Cheng gradually entered into the realm in which he simply forgot about himself. At this moment, he only knew that he had to continue to unceasingly hack out with his hand to comprehend the Axe Intent, as he walked step by step towards the place where the Axe Charm was getting even more concentrated.

At this moment, in the entire Axe Valley, no one ventured out to find Spiritual Grasses or rare treasures, not to mention seeking out ancient caves, perhaps they were afraid because of their low strengths, as such, at the moment, Ning Cheng was the only person who was actually moving about on the inside.

To the present Ning Cheng, not to speak of him about knowing about treasures, even if he knew about it, he would not pass by this kind of opportunity, as his entire person already was in the middle of a sudden enlightenment.

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