Chapter 0140

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0140: Just Who Is Bullying Who

“Junior Apprentice Sister Danqin, is he the one who robbed your Essence Raising Fruit, then seriously wounded Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu and Young Master Cang?” Ning Cheng looked at the man surnamed Qu, and asked in a slow voice.

“Screw your grandmother…….” That man surnamed Qu had just been robbed of a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, this person who had snatched the Rank 4 Spiritual Grass from him was not a small character, and as such he did not dare get involved with him, as a result he was very unhappy in his heart. Now that this Ning Cheng had made his appearance for some spanking, he simply could not help himself, and immediately took out the giant green claw in his hands.

If not for Ruimu Danqin saying that her Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng would come, he would not have even resorted to his magic weapon. Since now that Ning Cheng had brought it up, he really did not want to be at the bottom like the several others, and immediately resorted to his magic weapon.

When that man surnamed Qu resorted to his magic weapon, Ning Cheng did not even take out his Golden Great Axe, as he simply stood at the place he was standing and punched out.

Now that Ning Cheng had really entered the Essence Building Realm, he could feel the vigorous and rich True Essence flowing through him, it was something that he had not felt in a long time. At this moment the powerful strength of the Mysterious Yellow Formless Cultivation Method was completely revealed to him beyond a doubt.

This Axe Fist that was filled with a horrifying amount of Killing Intent directly transformed into an Axe Shadow as it moved towards this man surnamed Qu. This man surnamed Qu, feeling the frightening Killing Intent in Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist, felt as if he was completely shrouded by an extremely powerful death Qi, how could he still have the courage to resort to use the giant green claw in his hands?

At this time there was only one thought in his mind, he really should not have provoked them, he kicked something that should not be kicked. If he knew that this Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng was really so frightening, then at most he would have only snatched the Essence Raising Fruit.

“I am….” The man surnamed Qu rushed to speak out his origins.

Not to mention that at this point Ning Cheng would not let him off even if he did not mention from where he came from, but even if he really mentioned his origin, Ning Cheng had already made up his mind to kill him. Not letting the other party say his background, it would also be somewhat less troublesome, and as such Ning Cheng would also certainly not give up.

The formidable Axe Fist that was filled with his Killing Intent directly bombed onto that man surnamed Qu. Not even waiting for that man surnamed Qu to even finish what he was saying, Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist already blasted past the body of that man surnamed Qu.

“Poof….” That man surnamed Qu did not even have the capability to even resist it for a single moment, before he turned into a bloody fog. He was directly killed by just a single punch form Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist.

After Ning Cheng killed that man surnamed Qu with just a single punch, he simply calmly walked over, and picked up his Storage Bag.

All the bystanders were completely frozen at this point of time. Even some of the Essence Building Cultivators did not believe what had happened as they all looked at Ning Cheng. They all could vaguely feel that Ning Cheng was also an Essence Building Cultivator, but certainly did not have the cultivation of Intermediate Stage or Late Stage Essence Building Realm, that is to say that Ning Cheng was most likely only at Essence Building 1st Level.

For an Essence Building 1st Level Cultivator to kill a True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator was indeed very simple. However, Ning Cheng’s way was simply too easy. Moreover, that Axe Fist that Ning Cheng threw out was even more shocking and amazing.

The few people from the Hua Continent were also staring stupidly at Ning Cheng, they already knew that Ning Cheng was definitely powerful, so for them to see Ning Cheng killing that man surnamed Qu, was definitely not surprising. However, what really was surprising to them was that Ning Cheng had easily killed off that man surnamed Qu, it was obvious that his cultivation had once again advanced by leaps and bounds.

The True Internal Organs Pill was really an excellent healing pill, and as such Cang Shuo was able to stand up by now, he took the Storage Bag handed to him by Ning Cheng, as he worriedly spoke, “Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother for avenging me, but I think we ended up in big trouble….”

As Ning Cheng and Cang Shuo talked to each other, that Yong Gu Yun quietly pulled over Yue Ying. As she eagerly spoke, “Yue Ying. How are you in the same place as that man surnamed Ning? Don’t you know who he is? He was together with that Su Zhu in the same place, moreover do you even know how many good girls from good families that he had defiled, do you even know who he just killed? That person was a disciple from the Le Continent’s Red Heaven 7 Star Academy, quickly go and stand beside Senior Sister Apprentice Meng Yu Jing over there, these are matter you don’t want to be involved in.”

Yue Ying looked at Yong Gu Yun in a puzzled manner and asked, “Senior Sister Apprentice Gu Yun, why are you standing independently from the others?”

Yong Gu Yun looked at the short man beside her, as her face blushed. She grabbed Yue Ying and spoke in a somewhat coy manner, “This is Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy’s Senior Apprentice Brother Lao Sheng, Senior Apprentice Brother Lao, she was the one I was talking about before. After exiting from this place, I will be joining the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy. After you also join the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy, we can be his fellow Junior Apprentice Sisters……”

With that, Yong Gu Yun looked shyly at the short man beside her and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Lao, she was the one that I told you about before, she is Junior Sister Apprentice Yue Ying, she will be joining the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy, this Junior Sister Apprentice has a Pure White Wind Type Spiritual Root….”

“A Pure White Wind Type Spiritual Root?” The Essence Building Cultivator called Lao Sheng’s eyes immediately lit up, as he clasped his fists towards Yue Ying and spoke, “Since Junior Sister Apprentice Ying is coming you my Celestial Globe Academy, then surely she would be a core disciple, later maybe we can exchange some pointers.”

“Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother Lao.” Yue Ying also returned the greetings in the same way.

Lao Sheng and Yong Gu Yun could not help but burst into a huge smile as he spoke to her, “Junior Sister Apprentice Gu Yun, it seems that Junior Sister Apprentice Yue Ying has successfully advanced to the True Condensation Realm, I guess that you will have to call her as Senior Sister Apprentice Yue Ying from now on.”

“Ah….” Yong Gu Yun looked at Yue Ying in shock, she was very clear on this fact when she entered the Angry Axe Valley, that Yue Ying was only at Qi Gathering 6th Level, how could she advanced so quickly to the True Condensation Realm? This was simply not possible. Even if she stayed in the Falling Star Academy and cultivated, it still wouldn’t be possible for her to advance this fast to the True Condensation Realm.

Yue Ying smiled and said, “That’s true, I really have broken through to the True Condensation Realm. And at present I am going over to Senior Apprentice Brother Ning over there, we can chat again in the future.”

Yong Gu Yun immediately reacted, as she hastily cried out, “Yue Ying, how could you go over to Ning Cheng. Do you not know what kind of person he is? Besides if you go there now, you would only be courting death. The Essence Building Cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy would definitely not let go of Ning Cheng, even if Ning Cheng is powerful, how can he fight against an Essence Building Cultivator? With your qualifications, plus with how much Senior Kang values you, later when you come to Celestial Globe Academy, you would certainly have a larger scope for development. We are all from the Ping Continent, we should be helping each other out.”

“That’s right, Senior Sister Apprentice Gu Yun, why are you not together with Senior Apprentice Sister Meng and the others?” Yue Ying suddenly asked an irrelevant thing.

Ying Gu Yun’s expression was a bit tender as she spoke, “I may not go back to the Hua Continent, being together with Senior Apprentice Brother Lao would be more convenient.”

Yue Ying nodded, in her heart she had already come to understand something. She already knew that she would certainly not be joining the Celestial Globe Academy, even if that Senior Kang valued her greatly. Yong Gu Yun would certainly not say those words to her, and instead asked her to not end her life together with Ning Cheng.

“What Gu Yun said is right, if you truly go back now, it would really be the end of the road for you. That Ning Cheng had killed a disciple of the Red Heaven Academy; he has no way out. Moreover, you have already successfully advanced to the True Condensation Realm, and being together with us, it is possible that you can even enter the Celestial Globe Academy.” Lao Sheng spoke up as he hastily supplemented those words with a smile.

Yue Ying also smiled and spoke, “Thank you for your concerns, but Big Brother Ning has helped me a lot. I think that it would be much better for me to be with him. Besides, I have not yet joined the Celestial Globe Academy. Even if I have to separate from Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I will still go together with Senior Sister Apprentice Meng.”

Looking at the back of Yue Ying as she left, Lao Sheng suddenly spoke, “This Junior Sister Apprentice Yue Ying that you spoke of really seems to be picky, it seems she had even given you some advice.”

Yong Gu Yun bitterly stared at Ning Cheng, “That man named Ning really has a way with women, initially there was a girl named An Yi, if not for being scouted out early on by Junior Sister Apprentice Lu Xue, I guess that Yue Ying would have been like her, played with in the palm of his hands. I guess it really turned out that way.”

“I hate this kind of guy who likes to play with women, fortunately there is no next time for him, if there was a next time, then with my hands, I will definitely show him.” Lao Sheng sneered and said.

Yong Gu Yun looked at Lao Sheng and whispered in a soft voice, “Actually, I really appreciate such a temperament of Senior Apprentice Brother Lao. That Ning Cheng only depends on his spear technique, to bluff and bluster in front of the True Condensation Cultivators.”


“You dare to kill a disciple from my Red Heaven Academy?” An angry voice sounded out from a distance, then a figure dressed in brown robed dropped down in front of Ning Cheng.

“Was Brother Qu killed by you? You filthy animal……” The figure that dropped down in front of Ning Cheng also held flying sword in his hands, as he immediately spoke out while simultaneously brandishing his flying sword. He simply did not even wait for Ning Cheng to answer.

Ning Cheng saw that this cultivator was also at True Condensation 9th Level but was actually much stronger than the cultivator surnamed Qu from before, as he came towards Ning Cheng. Even if the opponent was a dozen times more powerful than the one in front of him, they would simply be akin to sending vegetables to be cut.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, he is Shang Mou Gao. Senior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu’s arm was almost split apart from her body by him, moreover the injury on Senior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu’s lower abdomen was also his doing, the Sword Light from his Flying Sword is very powerful.” Ruimu Danqin was afraid that Ning Cheng would suffer a loss, so she hurried up and reminded Ning Cheng at the same time.

Ning Cheng simply smiled, “Even if his stuff was more powerful, it is only so so. Seeing how he like to arrogantly bully others, it is our moral responsibility and duty to teach him what bullying is all about.”

Saying that he once again did not move from his spot, he just lifted his hand and sent out three consecutive punches.

These three punches were not even Axe Fists that he had used to kill that cultivator surnamed Qu, even without the Killing Intent in his Axe Fist, truthfully speaking it really was an overkill to use it on him.

These three punches were three simple ordinary punches, moreover these three punches were not even very consistent, and were slow and easy to escape from.

Seeing that Ning Cheng did not even bring out his artefact, that Shang Mou Gao could only grind his teeth in anger. He wanted Ning Cheng to know the fearfulness of his Sword Light, he wanted to grind Ning Cheng to the ground, such that even if he wanted to die he wouldn’t be able to. He wanted to let Ning Cheng watch helplessly, as he, Shang Mou Gao, slowly killed the three people behind him.

But Shang Mou Gao soon felt that something was wrong, he had sent out 6 of his strange Sword Lights, these Sword Lights would lock the surroundings with its Imposing Manner, with Ning Cheng shackled, even extending out his Spiritual Sense would be extremely difficult.

But after he casted out his Sword Lights, the six strange Sword Lights had still not yet taken form, when a strong and powerful True Essence fist collided with it.

“Cha Cha….” The six Sword Lights sent out tearing like sounds in the air, not to mention about forming the Imposing Manner of the Sword Lights, even taking a shape was proving to be difficult.

His weird Sword Light had not been formed yet, when Ning Cheng’s fist crushed them with a huge explosion, turning them into nothingness. The famous strange Sword Light that Shang Mou Gao depended on to become famous, was nothing more than a joke under Ning Cheng’s fist.

“You’re not True Condensation….” Shang Mou Gao could not completely finish his sentence, when he felt Ning Cheng’s second fist arriving towards him.

This time Shang Mou Gao was completely frightened out of his wits, although he was fierce, he knew that he could not afford to be arrogant in front of an Essence Building Cultivator. He wanted to beg for mercy very much, but Ning Cheng’s second fist completely trapped him, he could not even breathe without giving it his all, let alone trying to forcibly blow out air from his mouth to create a sound.

If he could move, then this time he was even willing to get down on his knees to beg for mercy. As long as Ning Cheng would let him off, he would then be able to get the Essence Building Cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy to kill Ning Cheng off. However, he simply did not have any such opportunity now.

As he was completely sealed and suppressed where he stood, at the same time, a surge of a burning hot shadow of a fist once again rumbled towards him, Shang Mou Gao knew that he would never be able to escape this third fist.

As Shang Mao Gao desperately looked at the oncoming third fist shadow, he simply could not help but think about how proud and arrogant he had been till now, he was an outstanding person in the Red Heaven Academy, but still would die in just under three punches. But at this moment he really was humbled down to his bone, so much so that he did not even have half a shred of strength to stick his back out.

He finally came to understand what bullying really was.

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