Chapter 0141

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread by – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0141: Just Come Straight at Me

“Bang” Just like a piece of leather being torn to pieces, Shang Mou Gao’s True Essence Shield directly burst apart as flew back from the explosive force of the fist. When he finally fell to the ground, his shape was ever more miserable than that of the cultivator surnamed Qu, not to mention that he had also stopped breathing.

The surrounding people instantly quieted down and the surroundings immediately became dead silent, it was the same scene as when Ning Cheng killed that cultivator surnamed Qu, it simply made the surrounding people completely astonished.

The two men, Shang Mou Gao and that other cultivator surnamed Qu, simply did not know how serious the consequences were to cross paths against Ning Cheng. At the same time, all the surrounding people knew that Ning Cheng definitely was not a True Condensation Cultivator, no kind of True Condensation Cultivator could kill Shang Mou Gao with just three punches.

But only Ning Cheng knew, that even if he was not at the Essence Building Realm, if he really shot out at full power, then he might not even need three punches to kill that Shang Mao Gao.

Shang Mou Gao was a core disciple of the Red Heaven 7 Star Academy, as such his cultivation was not only amazing but he even had a lot of potential, and as such he was a disciple that the Red Heaven Academy focussed on cultivating. But unexpectedly such a person was simply killed by Ning Cheng’s punches, how could the Red Heaven Academy tolerate such a thing?

Not to mention the Red Heaven Academy, but even the Essence Building Realm Cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy inside the Angry Axe Valley would also not give up.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, you’re simply too great.” Ruimu Danqin called out in excitement as she rushed up towards him.

But other than Ruimu Danqin rushing towards him, all the cultivators from the Hua Continent remained silent. They were the same as the others, they never thought that Ning Cheng could easily kill Shang Mou Gao, moreover in such a relaxed manner. Moreover, they did not expect that Ning Cheng would really go ahead and kill Shang Mou Gao.

Ning Cheng had even killed that cultivator surnamed Qu, who came first. Who among them did not know who that cultivator surnamed Qu was, but now Ning Cheng even went ahead and killed Shang Mou Gao.

Similarly, although that cultivator surnamed Qu was also from the Red Heaven Academy. However, his status when compared to that of Shang Gou Mao, differed too greatly.

At this moment, there was a bit of bitterness in Situ Yu’s heart, he had given up in the third round against Ning Cheng in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, as at that time he had thought that there was not much difference between him and Ning Cheng. But now, he found that if he had to face the same three simple punches from Ning Cheng, then he would also be unable to escape like those before. Ning Cheng, when compared to the time in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, was several times much more powerful than before.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, Senior Apprentice Brother Cang, Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng helped us take revenge, and even killed the two bad guys, shouldn’t you be celebrating and be in a happy mood?” Ruimu Danqin soon felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, as she quickly asked.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I am sorry, this matter had nothing to do with you, but still you got involved in it.” Cang Shuo was very restless as he spoke to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had already planned to kill that cultivator surnamed Qu. Otherwise he would not have also killed that Shang Mou Gao. For him, not killing that cultivator surnamed Qu was fundamentally unrealistic, if people came to kill him, so for him to hold himself back, it was not something in this man’s nature. With regard to Shang Mou Gao, it was also the same.

Not killing Shang Mou Gao. But rather needing to explain to him that he didn’t know that the person surnamed Qu was from the 7 Star Academy. Then being insulted by everyone and finally being pursued by others. Rather than doing so, he might as well kill them in a satisfying way now. If there were any Essence Building Cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy left in the Angry Axe Valley looking for payback, then he would similarly get rid of them.

In this place the one who had respect was the one with strength. Saying the truth to others, might as well gather up his own face and let the other person beat him up.

Besides at this moment they were in the Angry Axe Valley. As such this news had no way of leaking out at this moment. For the cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy in the Angry Axe Valley, Ning Cheng really did not care much about them. The only thing that he cared about was, as long as he was in the Angry Axe Valley, was to first try and think of a way to return to the Hua Continent, and then take Ji Luo Fei away,

He did not believe that they would come from the Jia Continent to the Hua Continent, and moreover he also would not consider going back.

“Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with you. I am the one who killed these people, moreover you are just a victim, if the Red Heaven Academy dares to deal with the God Wind Academy, then in the future when my cultivation is higher, I will definitely seek them out.” Ning Cheng patted Cang Shuo’s shoulders and said.

He believed that the Red Heaven Academy would not do such a thing, even if he offended every single person of the Red Heaven Academy, for the Red Heaven Academy to go too far as to exterminate other Academies, it would simply be too unreasonable.

“Good friend, you opened this Dong Guo Xiao’s eye with your skill.” This was the bearded man that Ning Cheng had exchanged the Mysterious Frost Zoysia with, but this time his smile and manner was many more times enthusiastic than before.

Looking at Ning Cheng’s True Essence fluctuations, his cultivation was not obvious before, plus he was also not much older that Ruimu Danqin who called him as Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, so before he really had not put him in his eyes. In his view, even if Ning Cheng defeated that man surnamed Qu, he estimated that he would fall at Shang Mou Gao’s hands.

But now that Ning Cheng had killed that man surnamed Qu and Shang Mou Gao, he simply did not need to observe Ning Cheng with his Spiritual Consciousness, to know that Ning Cheng was an Essence Building Cultivator.

Ning Cheng knew why Dong Guo Xiao had come for, so he simply smiled and spoke, “If my friend Dong Guo wants to exchange the Mysterious Frost Zoysia, then even of you offered me an enormous amount of money, I would not part with it as the Mysterious Frost Zoysia is of a great use to me.”

Dong Guo Xiao was indeed there to exchange the Mysterious Frost Zoysia, he had never expected that Ning Cheng would not only kill that man named Qu but also kill Shang Mou Gao as if they were made of tofu. Feeling that Ning Cheng did not mean the words he had spoken just now, so he gave an awkward smile and spoke, “Friend please state your price, as long as it is within the scope of something that I can bear, I will definitely agree to it.”

Ning Cheng revealed an apologetic look and said, “Sorry, I really do not want to sell my Mysterious Frost Zoysia.”

“You will not have the opportunity to sell them.” The next instance, a freezing cold sentence interrupted Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had already seen this person, it was a woman with phoenix like eyes, she was an Early Stage Essence Building 3rd Level Cultivator, there was a long eye browed male cultivator beside her, and judging by the True Essence fluctuations, he could tell that he was at Late Stage Essence Building 7th Level.

Dong Guo Xiao knew that these Essence Building Cultivators were from the Red Heaven Academy, as he quickly moved to one side. He was a Pill Master, under normal circumstances he rarely offended others, and as such very few people offended him.

Cang Shuo came behind Ning Cheng and whispered in a small voice, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, they should be the Essence Building Cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy, these Essence Building Cultivators were looting the Spiritual Grasses on the other side all alone. I think that they know that people from their Academy were killed…….”

Cang Shuo did not finish speaking, when the female cultivator raised her hand and shot out a blue light. Cang Shuo felt his whole body turn cold, he did not even have the time to respond, when he saw that Ning Cheng had already taken out his Golden Great Axe, the blue light beam was blocked by the Golden Great Axe, as it gave out an ear piercing explosion, as the True Essence from the light completely scattered.

“You stay back; I have to deal with these two people.” Ning Cheng spoke to Cang Shuo, he knew that he would have to face an Essence Building Cultivator, Cang Shuo by himself would not be able to provide any help, moreover let alone Cang Shuo, even Meng Jing Xiu was also seriously injured.

“It is no wonder that that you were able to kill Young Master Shang, it was because you relied on your ‘fantastic’ cultivation of Essence Building Realm.” The male cultivator with long eyebrows spoke in a sarcastic tone.

He was observing Ning Cheng’s cultivation, because Ning Cheng cultivated using the Mysterious Yellow Formless, his cultivation spill over was not obvious. If he had the cultivation of Profound Congealing Real then he naturally would be able to see that his Essence Building Cultivation could not even be remotely compared with Ning Cheng’s Essence Building Cultivation, moreover even trying to observe Ning Cheng with his Spiritual Consciousness would also need some time.

Originally, he had estimated Ning Cheng to be at Essence Building Realm, but now he saw Ning Cheng in action once more, he immediately could see that Ning Cheng’s use of Essence Building Realm’s True Essence was not very skilled, it seemed that he had only entered the Essence Building Realm only a short while ago.

Although he was ridiculing Ning Cheng with his mouth, but in his heart he was secretly surprised. He was just a cultivator who entered the Essence Building Realm, but he still had to carefully observe him for a while to even take a glimpse at his cultivation, once he consolidated his cultivation, wouldn’t it be more or less at the level of Intermediate Stage Essence Building Realm. He found that it was not possible for him to observe the other person’s cultivation properly at all.

This time Ning Cheng did not take the initiative, he simply stood there as he stared at the male cultivator with long eyebrows. As for that woman with phoenix like eyes, who was at Early Stage Essence Building Realm, Ning Cheng directly went ahead and ignored her.

That male cultivator with long eyebrows was not like that woman cultivator, rather than rushing up and start fighting, he clasped his fist as he made half a turn towards the surrounding people and spoke, “I am Wu Zhen from the Red Heaven 7 Star Academy, my Red Heaven Academy’s disciples, although they are strong but they never bullied the weak. This person depended on his cultivation of his Essence Building Realm and killed my Red Heaven Academy’s core disciples, I, Wu Zhen, must take revenge. I think that this is definitely a good reason to begin, as this notion is reasonable even at the end of the world.”

Hearing this long eye browed male cultivator called Wu Zhen speak, his words immediately echoed out with the surrounding people. But he did not expect that, even after he spoke those words there was unexpectedly an awkward silence, as nobody echoed back his words.

The people around were not fools, even though the 7 Star Academy was great, but at this moment they were all trapped in the Angry Axe Valley. Moreover, that Ning Cheng’s moves were also formidable, in such circumstances where the results were not known, who would even want to offend those people at this time?

As the silence echoed all around, most of them lost the chance to win the favour from the Red Heaven Academy. Once if out of a million possibilities, if the end result was that Wu Zhen ended up losing, then they would have probably offended Ning Cheng. Beside, this incident was clear to everybody, as for Wu Zhen’s reason, it was simply a joke.

Ning Cheng calmly spoke to Ruimu Danqin who was behind him, “Junior Apprentice Sister Danqin, what do you think of this reasoning, is it better to listen to a person who is strong and likes to bully weak or not.”

Although Ruimu Danqin almost had no experience, but her way of talking was very clever. In just a short and few words, she clearly understood the causes and consequences of things, and finally said, “If you do not believe, then you can ask the people here. If not for Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng coming early, then not only the thing that we three had would be snatched away by your Red Heaven Academy’s people, but we would have also ended up dead by their hands.”

Wu Zhen’s face was at this moment difficult to look at, he would have meant the words he had spoken, but when those words echoed in the surroundings, he hoped that immediately someone would come out and kill Ning Cheng.

With regards to who did the deed, he did not care, he reasoned that since he was a person from the Red Heaven Academy, so even if his words did not make sense, there would be someone who would have like to obtain a favour from him. But he had not imagined, that there really would not be anyone who would come forward. This was because somebody else had already spoke the real reason, the reason was that it was the disciples from the Red Heaven Academy who acted as the strong bullying the weak. These words, he simply slapped his face with it.

That female cultivator with phoenix like eyes frowned, as she gave a cold snort, Wu Zhen knew that his companion liked to fight immediately, but at this time it really was not a very good moment to start fighting.

She stared and spoke with a deep voice, “We will investigate this matter thoroughly, you killed my Red Heaven Academy’s disciples is a fact, moreover relying on a single person’s words for it, I find it impossible to believe. Beside, my Red Heaven Academy is a 7 Star Academy, even if you had some misunderstandings with our disciples, your Essence Building Cultivator cannot kill my Academy’s disciples, you can definitely tell me……”

Ning Cheng said with a sneer, “I have never heard of the man surnamed Qu being a disciple from the Red Heaven Academy, if you want to begin then begin, don’t seek out a dog shit of an excuse. Just come straight at me, I’ll take everything you can throw at me anytime.”

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