Chapter 0142

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0142: Fighting One Against Two

At this moment, Wu Zhen was in extreme regret, he knew that once he started then he would become a killing devil, but now at least he could still kill the four people including the ones behind Ning Cheng. However, by doing it this way, the Red Heaven Academy would really earn the reputation of strong bullying the weak. Of course, he also did not know that Ning Cheng was completely not afraid of him.

“What’s there to argue about with this kind of trash. Pay your life for taking a life, pay money for your debt, these are the rules of this world, yet he still dares to reason with me……”

That woman cultivator who came with that Wu Zhen simply did not have the same level of patience as him, as she stopped him from continuing his ramblings. She finally became impatient from seeing Ning Cheng actually trying to make up a valid excuse. As she spoke till here, she immediately took out a Thousand Forms Wheel in her hand and immediately sent innumerable Wheel Shadows flying towards Ning Cheng.

As these savage Wheel Shadows rumbled towards Ning, these Wheel Shadows quickly took control of the space all around, as they started to emit colourful Wheel Lights which descended while giving out howling like noises.

But Ning Cheng still stood at the same exact place. But just as their Imposing Manner crashed onto Ning Cheng, immediately those innumerable colourful Wheel Lights scattered all around.

Although Ning Cheng was under Wheel Lights’ Imposing Manner, only the sleeves of his clothes were making rustling noises, as if they were experiencing turbulent winds, but he still did not move, nor did he even resort to the Golden Great Axe in his hands.

Wu Zhen had still not thought of a good reason to try and kill Ning Cheng, but now that his companion had used the reason of paying one’s life for the person he killed, it was something that hit close to his heart, but then he saw that Ning Cheng did not even move, and as a result he actually hesitated to act. He believed that Ren Wan Yu could definitely kill Ning Cheng, as even if he, who was a Late Stage Essence Building Cultivator, was in Ning Cheng’s place, he would still not dare to face these savage Wheel Lights that were shot at him.

Just at this time, Ning Cheng finally moved, Ning Cheng did not resort to the Golden Great Axe, but rather in just a twinkling put the Golden Great Axe back on his back, while simultaneously blasting out with a spear.

After Ning Cheng had acquired this Golden Great Axe, this was the first time that he resorted to his broken spear.

He had already seen that this Thousand Transforming Wheel in this woman cultivator’s hand was definitely not an ordinary Artefact, but rather a Spiritual Grade Artefact.

Although his Golden Giant Axe was an ordinary Artefact, however in Ning Cheng’s hand it was used very conveniently. But Ning Cheng believed that his Ice Spear Shadows could definitely deal with these kinds of savage Wheel Lights. Moreover, it would be far more effective. If that Wu Zhen dared to make a move, then he would still have his Golden Great Axe waiting for him.

This time Ning Cheng did not need to hold back the freezing cold inside his Ice Spear Shadows, his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness were more than enough this time, and as such his Ice Spear Shadows erupted with their peak power.

Ren Wan Yu was very confident in her Thousand Transforming Wheel, she was confident that even if her opponent was an Intermediate Stage Essence Building Realm Cultivator, they still would not be able to defend against her Thousand Transformation Wheel, even when they utilized all their power. If they were even a little inattentive, then they would be immediately swept away by the Wheel Lights from her Wheel Shadows. Once stuck by even one of the Wheel Lights from her Wheel Shadows, then even if they did not die, they would be at least seriously injured.

When she resorted to her Thousand Transforming Wheel, she found that Ning Cheng did not immediately resort to a magic weapon, as such she immediately sneered at him in her heart. While at the same time, she immediately mustered up even more True Essence to pour into her light wheels. She wanted to turn Ning Cheng into a pile of ash right where he was standing.

But at this time, she felt a freezing cold all around her, this kind of chill was coming through the Wheel Lights, moreover she could also feel them stagnating. Moreover, even she was impacted by such a freezing cold, so much so that even her True Essence was not circulating as smoothly as before.

Does this person unexpectedly possess a different Ice Spiritual Root? Ren Wan Yu was slightly surprised, as the Ice Spear Shadows immediately connected to form into an Ice Spear Network as they bombed out towards her.

There were 30 ice cold bone piercing Spear Shadows, as they froze up the surrounding area for almost several feet in radius, moreover they were shot out by Ning Cheng at almost at the same time. As they collided with the Thousand Transforming Wheel’s colourful Wheel Shadows, they immediately exploded with a tremendous force at the point of impact.

“Boom” With an overwhelming Imposing Manner, it tore through the attacks, and even the large solid rocks in the surrounding area, were turned to dust due to the explosion. Moreover, the explosion completely covered the entire area around Ning Cheng and that woman cultivator as they stood there. As to the Spiritual Consciousness of the weaker people, they simply could not extend their Spiritual Consciousness into the tornado that emerged from the fight between the two people.

“Pa Pa Pa….” The Profound Ice Spear Shadows once again formed into a Spear Shadow Network that was much more substantial looking. But the coloured Wheel Lights were all completely torn apart, as each of them blasted open while emitting intermittent ‘Pa Pa’ like noises.

The strong pressure from the Spear Shadows completely overwhelmed her, as Ren Wan Yu’s face immediately became pale. If she could not block this dense network of the Profound Ice Spear Shadows, then she knew that even if she was not killed off by those Spear Shadows, she might still be frozen solid from the freezing cold emanating from them. It was only at this moment, that she realised that she was far from being an opponent of Ning Cheng.

Wu Zhen had already noticed that once Ning Cheng’s Spear Network covered Ren Wan Yu, then Ren Wan Yu was certain to die. At this point he did not hesitate anymore, and without even waiting for even half a moment, immediately sent out a mythical Flying Fire Crow from his hands.

Two dreadful streams of flames spat out from the crow as it flew, as it burst between the Profound Ice Spear Shadows and the lights from the coloured Wheel Shadows, taking the shape of a half moon.

Some of the cultivators with a worse cultivation level quickly retreated back at once. With this kind of fearful temperature of the flame, if even a slightest bit splashed onto their bodies then their bodies would only have a single fate and that was of being consumed by that flame. As for the cultivators who were standing on the side of Ning Cheng, they were really worried about Ning Cheng, they did not know how Ning Cheng would deal against this type of flames from the flying crow.

Because of these incomparably burning hot flames, Ning Cheng’s Profound Ice Spears seemed to be somewhat slightly weaker. As a result, Ren Wan Yu slightly relaxed, but just as she tried to withdraw her Thousand Transforming Wheel and then fight side by side with Wu Zhen against Ning Cheng, she felt that her entire body was being encroached upon by the bone piercingly cold Killing Intent.

This coldness was not something that was felt from inside one’s body, but rather this was a cold that emerged from the depths of her soul. Together with a Golden Great Axe Trace, it was as if it was birthed from the vacuum, coming out of the void. It was almost as if she could feel an Axe Shadow descending onto the centre of her consciousness, as this Axe Shadow even attempted to pierce through to her mind.

This Axe Trace cut all the surrounding True Essence and the magical weapon’s light with its Imposing Manner, as it crashed through towards her.

That Thousand Transforming Wheel’s Wheel Shadows were directly split apart by the Golden Great Axe Shadow, as it immediately dimmed in just a twinkling of an eye. The Flying Fire Crow, that was spitting out the two streams of the terrible hot flames, was also split directly into two halves by the Golden Great Axe Shadow. As for the flame, that was half surrounding Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng could perceive that the Star River in his Zifu had started to move, as an invisible suction force swept out and gathered all the flames. In just an instant, the flames split apart by the Axe Trace were directly sucked in by the Star River, and disappeared without a trace.

“Such a horrifying Axe Type Killing Intent……” Ren Wan Yu was retreating back crazily, she was already trying her best to resist the mountain like Killing Intent bearing down on her for so long, so when Ning Cheng brought out his Axe Type Killing Intent, she could immediately detect it. This feeling of being cleaved apart was simply too powerful for her, she knew that she couldn’t even afford to even give birth to the idea of even trying to resist it for even half a moment.

“AAaaah……” Ren Wan Yu was already in a disadvantageous position with no power to resist at all. Ning Cheng’s [Angry Axe, the 1st Trace] had terrified her even more than she already was. But then the Golden Great Axe Shadow swept past her Dantian, killing her on the spot, with no signs of stopping at all.

At this moment Ning Cheng was actually a little relieved, evidently a Spiritual Grade Artefact also depended on the person who used them, as a result not all the people who held a Spiritual Grade Artefact were a threat to him.

At this time Wu Zhen could not even attend to Ren Wan Yu, when Ning Cheng’s Axe Shadow descended as it went through her, he could also feel the formidable Axe Type Killing Intent that accompanied with it, he could immediately feel that it was really something bad for him.

This was the Heaven and Earth Exotic Flame that he had refined previously, it was absolutely impossible for it to miss its target for no reason at all. But in front of the powerful this Golden Great Axe Type Killing Intent, Wu Zhen simply did not have enough time before it was torn to shreds, this was even when he had completely agitated the Flying Fire Crow.

“Kacha……” The [Angry Axe, the 1st Trace] filled with an incomparably powerful Killing Intent tore through the Flying Fire Crow as it shot towards Wu Zhen. Even the True Essence contained in it exploded out with a huge explosive power, immediately forming huge craters where ever it exploded, this time the explosion was even more powerful than before.

Because of the powerful True Essence explosion and the Axe Type Killing Intent, it made Wu Zhen fly out tumbling upside down.

“Peng” Wu Zhen, who was knocked back flying upside down, crashed into a True Condensation Cultivator who stood at a very distant place.

However, although Ning Cheng’s 1st Trace was more than enough to slay Ren Wan Yu, but it was only enough to injure Wu Zhen. Wu Zhen, who was sent tumbling upside down, finally managed to stabilize himself, as he once more arrived in front of Ning Cheng, with his eyes spouting flames of anger, he immediately shouted, “You actually dare to kill an Essence Building Cultivator of my Red Heaven Academy……”

During his talk, Wu Zhen’s boundless Killing Intent erupted in a twinkling of an eye, as the surrounded gravel disintegrated into dust by the eruption of his True Essence and was carried away by the air.

At this time, before this wave hit him, this Wu Zhen was still talking crap. Ning Cheng was simply disinclined to even speak out half a character, as he once again used the Golden Great Axe to split the air as he chopped downwards with it, bringing together an Axe Shadow that was filled with an even more horrifying Killing Intent.

Wu Zhen also once again rumbled out with his Flying Fire Crow simultaneously, but this time the Flying Fire Crow shot out four flaming wires. The terrifying hot temperatures from the flames immediately brought out ‘Chi Chi’ like noises in the surrounding air, but when these four fire wires and Ning Cheng’s Golden Axe Shadow collided with each other, he found that the Killing Intent contained in the Axe Shadow was somewhat weaker than his own.

But at this time the Star River in Ning Cheng’s Zifu once again acted up, as just at the time when the four fire wires came into contact with the Killing Intent in the Axe Shadow, it was completely sucked away by the Star River.

Wu Zhen was not a fool, he knew that his Magic Weapon happened to be completely suppressed by Ning Cheng, plus combined with Ning Cheng’s fearful Axe Type Killing Intent, at this point of time he was absolutely clear, that even if he went all out he would absolutely not be a match against Ning Cheng.

He could only walk away first.

Wu Zhen was a very decisive person, once he decided that he had to flee. He did not even wait to take back his Flying Fire Crow. His figure immediately started to fade away immediately, it seemed that he was going to use his escape technique.

But it was at this time, that the Golden Great Axe Trace’s Killing Intent already descended on him.

Wu Zhen’s fading body once again became clear under this fearful Killing Intent of the Axe Shadow, he knew that he would be unable to restart his escape technique, the only option for him was to either give it his all to block this Axe Shadow that was filled with the Axe Type Killing Intent, or somehow evade it, and once again start his escape technique.

“I am a person from the Red Heaven 7 Star Academy, if you try to kill me again, my Red Heaven Academy will certainly not let you go, if you are willing to stop in light of this, then I can write this matter off in front of everybody……”

At this time, just where would Wu Zhen be able to think about his face, while he eagerly begged for mercy in its disguise, as he tried to think of a way to escape Ning Cheng’s Axe Type Killing Intent. To him, at present, all he wanted to do was to escape from this place as soon as possible.

If he had a head to head fight with Ning Cheng wholeheartedly, then he knew that he would only be able to support himself for a short while. So to deal with Ning Cheng, Wu Zhen used the threat behind the words ‘Red Heaven Academy’. Not to mention that Ning Cheng had now already killed three disciples of the Red Heaven Academy, even if he had not begun, at this time he would not let off Wu Zhen.

Just after Wu Zhen finished speaking those words, he immediately felt Ning Cheng’s Great Axe’s Killing Intent slow down, he immediately became overjoyed that his strategy succeeded, as he crazily stirred up his True Essence.

But his happiness soon turned into despair, although the Axe’s Killing Intent stagnated for a moment but it did not dissipate, instead it turned into a giant tornado. This trace of Axe Type Killing Intent completely turned into a tornado of Killing Intent, as it swept up all around him. With him in the middle of this tornado, the Killing Intent permeated into his marrow, keeping Wu Zheng from trying to run away again, he couldn’t even force himself to resort to his Flying Fire Crow again.

“Aaaah urgh ……” After that sound, Wu Zhen no longer uttered even the slightest sound.

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