Chapter 0143

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0143: The Different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root

“Such a strong Killing Intent, moreover it seems that this Killing Intent is somewhat similar to the Killing Intent surrounding these Spiritual Grass Hills……”

“It truly is the same, this is the Angry Axe Valley’s Killing Intent, that man even uses a Golden Great Axe that actually complements it.”

“Is it possible that he comprehended this Axe Type Killing Intent in the true Angry Axe Valley? It really is very strong……”

Some of the people in the surroundings that were looking for Spiritual Grasses around this piece of hill, already could feel that Ning Cheng’s Axe Type Killing Intent was extremely formidable.

Under such a powerful and formidable Axe Type Killing Intent, Ning Cheng continuously killed four disciples of the Red Heaven Academy, but at this moment it was already an irrelevant thing. Every time the Angry Axe Valley opened, there were many people who entered, but the amount of people who could really comprehend the Axe Intent were actually extremely few. Each of the people who managed to comprehend even a bit the Axe Intent here, as long as they did not die, they would eventually have a very bright future ahead of them.

Even Cang Shuo was pleasantly surprised by these turn of events, when Ning Cheng killed that Shang Mou Gao and that man surnamed Qu, it was not something strange to him, Ning Cheng’s fierceness was already something that he had seen before. But he had never thought that Ning Cheng would actually be able to kill the two Essence Building Cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy, if he had not seen it himself, he would have definitely not believed in such a result.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, have you already advanced to the Essence Building Realm?” Cang Shuo now knew that Ning Cheng had definitely advanced to the Essence Building Realm without a doubt.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, it was because of you that I received one of the places to enter the Angry Axe Valley, and now you even saved my life, thank you.” Meng Jing Xiu came and spoke to Ning Cheng in a very grateful tone, but after she spoke, she hesitated for a moment and then added, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I have something else to take care of….”

Ning Cheng raised his hand and stopped Meng Jing Xiu and spoke, “I know, but I will still say the same thing again.”

Meng Jing Xiu had mentioned this to him in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, that she had to enter the Angry Axe Valley to investigate something, Ning Cheng had initially suspected as to what kind of secret she had in the Angry Axe Valley. Now that Meng Jing Xiu mentioned it again, it made him even more determined that what he had thought about was definitely right. However, this kind of thing, it would be better to keep it between the two individuals.

“Ha Ha Ha….” A burst of laughter was transmitted, as a tall man landed in front of Ning Cheng along with a few people.

Around this tall and slim male cultivator, there were two men and a woman, in addition to this male cultivator who was laughing, there were altogether a total of four people.

Ning Cheng’s expression was as usual, and did not seemed to care about this male cultivator. He simply went ahead and calmly picked up the Storage Bags and the Magic Weapons lying on the ground. Moreover, he looked extremely calm to the surrounding people, and did not speak, giving out a mysterious air to the surrounding people. This tall and slender male cultivator already had the cultivation of Essence Building 8th Level, and was giving off a very dangerous aura from his body, he concluded that he should be stronger than that Wu Zhen by many times.

Behind him were three people, the shorter of the two male cultivators was at Essence Building 3rd Level, while the other two were at Essence Building 6th Level.

“Friend you have some good skill; I am Luan Hong from the Feng Continent’s Profound Moon 7 Star Academy. I want to invite you to join our team. Everybody can mutually borrow the strength amongst us, aren’t you also looking for Spiritual Grasses?” Luan Hong was not only very handsome in appearance, but even his speech, when heard by others, was similar to being washed by a spring breeze.

Ning Cheng frowned, “Seek out the Spiritual Grasses together?”

He had seen many Spiritual Grass Hills here, moreover he even saw many people trying to deal with a single hill. It was apparent that the hills here were covered in some kind of restriction. However as to the specific circumstances, he was not clear. As when he arrived here, he had immediately ended up in a fight with the cultivators of the Red Heaven Academy, and only stopped fighting just a moment ago.

When Luan Hong saw that Ning Cheng did not understand what he meant, he quickly tried to explain with the sentence, “My team had a total of six people, including Wu Zhen and Ren Wan Yu before they fell. If you don’t mind, you can join our team in their place, moreover the Spiritual Grasses that we collect will also be equally distributed amongst us.”

Seeing Ning Cheng still did not understand, Cang Shuo once again spoke from the side, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, it is like this all over here. Here there are many Spiritual Grass Hills, but these hills seem to be surrounded by an Axe Type Killing Intent from the Angry Axe Valley. If one cannot use one’s Imposing Manner to break through the Axe Type Killing Intent surrounding the hill, then there is no way for them to enter the hill and collect the Spiritual Grasses. If one used only brute force attacks, they would not be able to break the layer of Killing Intent surrounding the hills. Moreover, it would only make the surrounding Killing Intent even more powerful.”

“Therefore, these seniors of the Essence Building Realm formed a team together to protect each other’s back from the Killing Intent surrounding the hills, once they broke through the Axe Type Killing Intent surrounding the hills, then they could enter and collect the Spiritual Grasses. The strength of the True Condensation Cultivators is slightly poorer than them, and as such only by swarming together, and superimposing their Imposing Manner can they break open the hills. As long as the Killing Intent surrounding the hill is broken open, everybody would immediately rush together to snatch the things, as such a person with a powerful strength would be able to snatch more things when compared to others. Because Junior Apprentice Sister Danqin was following behind, she was able to pick up a fruit……”

With the help of Cang Shuo’s explanation, Ning Cheng immediately came to understand that originally these Spiritual Grass Hills were covered in a layer of Axe Type Killing Intent. As to how to deal with the Axe Type Killing Intent, he already had some experience with it.

“Thank you, Brother Luan, for placing such importance to me, but I have no intention of teaming up with others.” Ning Cheng cupped his fists and spoke.

Luan Hong had some regrets, but he still did not lose heart and tried to persuade him once more, “Friend, the Killing Intent here is not something that a single person would be able to fight against. Previously, there were several Essence Building Cultivators with even more powerful cultivation level than our own, but when these people tried to resist the Axe Type Killing Intent by themselves, the result was that they were directly killed by the counterattack from the Killing Intent, and did not even have the ability to resist it for even half a moment.”

Luan Hong had seen Ning Cheng fight, Ning Cheng’s Great Axe was able to bring out a formidable Axe Type Killing Intent, if Ning Cheng were to join them, then their success probability to break through the Killing Intent surrounding the hills would definitely be increased at least by two times, if not by three. Moreover, this kind of result was definitely much better than Wu Zhen and Ren Wan Yu combined.

Ning Cheng still smiled politely and spoke, “Thank you, but I still do not have any intention to team up, moreover I have a few Junior Apprentices with me, if I had to team up, then it would be alongside them.”

Luan Hong then looked at Cang Shuo and the others with some regret, and said, “Such being the case, then let’s forget it.”

Although Ning Cheng was quite good, but because Ning Cheng wanted to bring Cang Shuo and the others to team up with them, it was simply not something that he was willing to do. If a few individuals did not work, and even had to be allocated the Spiritual Grasses, how can there be such a good thing?

“Brother Ning, congratulations on successfully entering the Essence Building Realm.” Seeing Luan Hong leave, Situ Yu immediately came over to say hello with a smile on his face.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, before when Senior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu and Senior Apprentice Brother Cang were seriously injured, only Senior Apprentice Brother Situ came over to help. He gave us two healing pills……” Ruimu Danqin was very grateful towards Situ Yu, now that Situ Yu came over, she quickly spoke in Ning Cheng’s ear.

Situ Yu was embarrassed as he spoke, “I really am ashamed, my strength is limited, and could only leave behind two healing pills, and then helplessly watch Senior Apprentice Brother Cang and Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu get bullied.”

Ning Cheng quickly said, “Thank you, Brother Situ, with Brother Situ’s cultivation, already extending such a helping hand really shows your feeling towards us, this Ning Cheng has already noted it down.”

Ning Cheng was very clear about the situation here, he would not blame the other people from the Hua Continent for not trying to help, because he knew that if they tried to interfere, then the only thing that they would receive would be death. Although Situ Yu came forward and gave them only two healing pills, it already showed the sentiments of extending a helping hand.

Regardless of whatever the outcome, at this time Ning Cheng looked full of power and prestige, which was more than enough to shock everyone here.

Of the cultivators who came from the Hua Continent, other than Yong Gu Yun who found a backer for herself, the rest of the people did not have any kind of backing. So now they all wanted to come and say their greetings to Ning Cheng, while also looking towards him as their powerful backer. But thinking about how the disciples from the God Wind Academy were bullied again and again, while none of them even came to help, they simply did not have the face to come up.

As to that short cultivator called Lao Sheng, who was standing alongside Yong Gu Yun, at this moment both their faces were really ugly to look at. He had thought that he could have easily killed Ning Cheng, but now he finally knew that Ning Cheng was the one who could easily kill him. He knew that he himself was not an opponent for Wu Zhen, but not only Ning Cheng easily killed Wu Zhen, but he even killed him while the two Essence Building Cultivators collaborated to kill him. With such a cultivation, why would he even care about an Early Stage Essence Building Cultivator like him.

As for Yong Gu Yun, she was staring at Ning Cheng in shock, she really had never thought even in her wildest imaginations that Ning Cheng would have already successfully enter the Essence Building Realm. Does this guy really have a Hybrid Support Spiritual Root? Wasn’t his cultivation speed simply too fearful?

Others were not very intuitive about Ning Cheng’s cultivation, as the other people from the Hua Continent even thought that when Ning Cheng arrived at the Tournament in Mo Ze Grand Plaza, he was already hiding his cultivation. But only she was very clear, Ning Cheng had never concealed his cultivation, not only did he not conceal his cultivation, but he also went from the cultivation level of Qi Gathering Realm to advancing to Essence Building Realm, moreover he had done this feat in just an extremely small amount of time, a measly two years.

Yong Gu Yun obviously knew a lot on how to deal with people, so when she glanced at Lao Shen, she immediately thought about the words that she had spoken before to Lao Sheng, and knew what was going on in Lao Sheng’s heart. She hurriedly tried to comfort him in a loud voice, “He only has a Hybrid Spiritual Root, but he must have obtained some good opportunities in the Angry Axe valley, and as such was able to rise to his present cultivation level. Once he comes out of the Angry Axe Valley, didn’t you say that he would be chased down by the Red Heaven Academy. Even if he was not chased down, with his intelligence and qualification, he simply would not be able to enter any Advanced Ranked Academies or Sects, so for him to advance any further, I think that it would be very difficult.”

Lao Sheng clearly knew that Yong Gu Yun’s words were meant to please him, but his complexion still eased a lot. He then nodded and spoke, “You’re right, this kind of opportunity to cultivate would only come once or twice in their life, one cannot always be accompanied by good fortune. That’s right, that girl beside him, are you sure that she has a Pure White Wind Spiritual Root?”

“That’s right, Yue Ying definitely has a Pure Wind Spiritual Root, but in the test for the Spiritual Root it was different and had a pure white colour…….” Yong Gu Yun confirmed.

A different Pure White Coloured Wind Spiritual Root? Lao Sheng was not Yong Gu Yun, as he almost cried out in shock. He knew that in the Ping Continent, as long as the Main Spiritual Root achieved a cloudy white colour, it could be called a Pure Spiritual Root. He had previously thought that Yue Ying’s Pure Wind Spiritual Root was also cloudy white in colour, at most it would only be slightly whiter in colour, he had never expected that it would really be a pure white in colour.

“Whose Spiritual Root is a Pure White Wind Spiritual Root?” A cold voice resounded beside Yong Gu Yun and Lao Sheng.

Immediately a girl wearing a purple robe with a veil on her face appeared in front of the two of them, she had the cultivation of True Condensation 9th Level, and had a middle aged male cultivator by her side. Lao Sheng only knew that this middle aged cultivator was stronger than him, but he was like the other people as he could not see at what level in the Essence Building Realm he was at.

“I am Lao Sheng of the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy…….”

Lao Sheng had not finished, when the girl in purple robe wearing a veil on her face interrupted him, “I asked you who is the one who has a different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root, I did not ask who you are.”

For a True Condensation 9th Level cultivator to speak to him like that, Lao Shen unexpectedly subconsciously shivered in fright, as he hurriedly spoke “Her name is Yue Ying, she….”

Yong Gu Yun immediately understood that the two people who appeared in front of them absolutely did not have any common background, and quickly spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying and I are from the Hua Continent, and she indeed does have a different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root, she is over there….”

Saying that, Yong Gu Yu pointed out with her hand towards Yue Ying who was still speaking with Ruimu Danqin.

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