Chapter 0144

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0144: Wu Nian Academy

“Are you called Yue Ying, the one who has the different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root?” The purple robed wearing woman with a veil on her face immediately came in front of Yue Ying and asked.

Yue Ying and Ruimu Danqin were almost similar in age, although she was much more mature than Ruimu Danqin, but because they were of the similar ages, so they still had a lot of things to talk about, and at this time she was happily chirping away with Ruimu Danqin. But now a strange woman suddenly arrived in front of her and immediately enquired about her Spiritual Root, it immediately made her surprised.

Although one’s Spiritual Root was actually not something secret, but it still could not be casually mentioned to a complete stranger.

Although this purple robe wearing woman and the middle aged male cultivator had arrived just a moment ago, Ning Cheng had already taken note of them long before, as initially he also saw the two of them during the time he was mining.

Yue Ying’s age, when compared to Ning Cheng, was only 2-3 years younger, but it looked like Yue Ying really was too small when compared to Ning Cheng’s projected age. Since a few people were making inquiries, so of course he also came forward.

“Who the heck are you, to want to ask about Yue Ying’s Spiritual Root?” Ning Cheng also spoke the same language, and spoke without any respect towards the purple robed woman who asked about Yue Ying.

Ning Cheng was a person who came from Earth, so he was someone who firmly believed in mutual respect, since the opposite party did not respect them, then he also did not need to respect them. Only in the face of a person whose cultivation was far above him, would he politely refer to them as ‘Senior’, except for that there would not be any other exceptions. The opposite party consisted of just a True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator and a Late Stage Essence Building Realm Cultivator, how can he be looked down upon by them.

Even if this Late Stage Essence Building Cultivator was not simple, Ning Cheng still did not care about him.

“Your Concealment Cultivation Method is good, I really did not realise if back when you were mining whether you had the cultivation of True Condensation 9th Level, or were already at Essence Building Realm.” This purple robe wearing woman with a veil on her face spoke not because Ning Cheng was impolite in his words, but on the contrary was making a reference to Ning Cheng’s Cultivation Method. She absolutely did not believe that Ning Cheng, who half a year ago, was only at True Condensation 3rd Level, but now had already advanced to the Essence Building Realm. Although a person could theoretically cultivate quickly, but it was simply impossible to be this fast.

Ning Cheng had indeed thought correctly. These two people were indeed at the place he was mining at. He simply spoke in an outright manner, “At that time when I was mining I was already at True Condensation 9th Level. At that time, in the Spirit Stone Mine, I was able to dig out two Best Quality Spirit Stones. Later, I used those two Best Quality Spirit Stones to successfully break through to the Essence Building Realm.”

When she heard Ning Cheng say that he had been able to dig up two pieces of the Best Quality Spirit Stones at that time, the purple robe wearing woman with a veil on her face, had a trace of longing flash through her eyes. But when she heard that Ning Cheng used those Best Quality Spirit Stones to advance through to the Essence Building Realm, her eyes then immediately revealed a flash of irony, and spoke in a light voice, “Advancing to the Essence Building Realm with the help of Best Quality Spirit Stones, moreover with two pieces, this is the first time I heard of it, it seems that you really are very rich.”

Ning Cheng did not care about the satirical way that this purple robed woman with a veil on her face spoke. He simply turned his head towards Cang Shuo and the few people with him and spoke, “Let’s go, let’s go in front of a hill and see if we can make a small fortune or not.”

“Wait wait, Yue Ying has still not answered my question.” This purple robed woman immediately blocked the way of Ning Cheng and the others with him.

Ning Cheng frowned, and spoke in an unhappy tone, “Us few have nothing to do with you, nor have we ever seen you, why should we even tell you about our Spiritual Roots? Or do you think that you can just force someone to do something against their will?”

That middle aged male cultivator seeing Ning Cheng and the purple robed woman failing to reach an agreement, quickly stepped forward and cupped his fist and spoke, “Please do not misunderstand my friend, we are people from the Wu Nian Academy of the Le Continent. We only came here, when we heard someone say that Yue Ying had a different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root, and just wanted to inquire about it, if Yue Ying really has a different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root, then my Wu Nian Academy would be extremely happy to let her join our Academy…….”

When he spoke those three characters ‘Wu Nian Academy’ all the people suddenly turned silent, and the gaze that they used to look at the purple robed woman and the middle aged man immediately turned into a gaze filled with respect and worship. Some of people looked at Yue Ying with envy, as they very much hoped to immediately take Yue Ying’s place instead of her.

Ning Cheng and the people beside him, other than Cang Shuo, although they were all from the Hua Continent, but they were obviously country bumpkins, as such they had not even heard of this Wu Nian Academy.

Cang Shuo knew that Ning Cheng and the others did not know about such a thing, so he immediately spoke in a low voice, “I heard that the Wu Nian Academy is not only one of the three largest Academies in the Le Continent, but even in the entire Yi Xing Mainland, they are ranked among the top three Academies. Even amongst those strong Sects and Academies that are as common as the clouds in those Advanced Class Continents of the Yi Xing Mainland, they still have a much higher status. However, I heard that requirements of the disciples that the Wu Nian Academy recruits are very harsh, without some certain qualifications they would certainly not accept them. But once taken in, the vast resources of the Academy would be instantly made available to them.”

“You are wrong, after joining the Wu Nian Academy, you will not be given all the resources, as all the resources would be used to cultivate the core disciples. As for the ordinary disciples, they need to struggle for themselves, even for obtaining resources to cultivate.” The purple robed woman seemed to have heard Cang Shuo’s words, and immediately refuted his claims.

Ning Cheng was actually moved in his heart, no wonder this purple robed woman was strung on a high horse, evidently she really had the qualifications and the backing to do so. If Yue Ying could join the Wu Nian Academy, then she would be similar to the floating clouds for that old man surnamed Kang.

“Yue Ying, you can truthfully give an answer to her.” Ning Cheng looked at Yue Ying and said while nodding.

When Yue Ying saw Ning Cheng nod, she then gave a normal customary greeting to the purple robed woman and said, “Returning to Elder Sister’s words, I do have a different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root.”

At this time the purple robed woman and the middle aged man finally understood that Ning Cheng was the head of this group. But when they heard Yue Ying confirm that she indeed had a different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root, their eyes immediately flashed with excitement.

This kind of different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root, the Wu Nian Academy really did not have any one.

“Are you willing to join my Wu Nian Academy?” The purple robed woman had not even discussed this with the middle aged male cultivator beside her, as she anxiously looked at Yue Ying and asked.

Then, as if she remembered that Ning Cheng was the person who called the shots around here, she then quickly spoke to Ning Cheng, “My Wu Nian Academy is one of three strongest Academies in the Yi Xing Mainland. With Yue Ying’s Spiritual Root Qualifications, only in the Wu Nian Academy can she obtain the greatest improvement.”

In Ning Cheng’s heart, he really hoped that Yue Ying joined the Wu Nian Academy, as he knew that the trouble following Yue Ying was not small at all, moreover at present he himself did not have the strength to resist against that cultivator surnamed Kang.

Yue Ying also heard Cang Shuo’s words as he spoke them nearby to her about the introduction of the Wu Nian Academy, and in her heart she also very much wanted to join the Wu Nian Academy. However, she knew that Ning Cheng had also offended that cultivator surnamed Kang.

Thinking till here, Yue Ying hastily spoke, “Many thanks to Elder Sister to pay such attention to me, but Ning Cheng here is my Senior Apprentice Brother, I hope that he can also join the Wu Nian Academy…….”

At this time, she also remembered Cang Shuo and the others, and immediately supplemented, “A few moments before, he also offended the Red Heaven Academy, therefore I would like to ask them to join together……”

It was as if Yue Ying also wanted to give some hope to Cang Shuo and the others to join the Wu Nian Academy, so when the purple robed woman heard the meaning behind Yu Ying’s words, she suddenly frowned. She herself knew that the recruitment of disciples for the Wu Nian Academy was very strict, and not everyone could casually join, even if she herself recommended someone. Ning Cheng had used two Best Quality Spirit Stones to advance to the Essence Building Realm, so his Spiritual Root Qualifications seemed to be barely enough, but it was still a strange affair.

The purple robed woman turned her head and glanced at the eyes of the middle aged cultivator, then looked at Ruimu Danqin and the others and spoke, “What are the Spiritual Roots of you people?”

Ruimu Danqin was the first to speak and said, “I have a Pure White Fire Spiritual Root.”

“A Pure White Fire Spiritual Root? Good, with you Spiritual Root you can definitely join my Wu Nian Academy’s Inner Court.” The purple robed woman’s eyes once again flashed with a sense of joy, if the rest of people present here had a Spiritual Root that was just as good, then she could still call in some favours to let them join the Wu Nian Academy together. In such a case, that Yue Ying would also surely be able to join the Wu Nian Academy without any worries. However, among these few people, to have such a good Spiritual Root, seemed to be very unlikely. At the very least, they should have a Spiritual Root similar to this Senior Apprentice Brother Ning of theirs, the one that called the shots among them.

“I have an Earth Type Main Spiritual Root that is cloudy white in colour, but it is also a Pure Spiritual Root.” Cang Shuo also quickly added.

The purple robed woman’s eyes revealed a trace of disappointment, but she immediately spoke, “Only a ‘Pure White’ Spiritual Root can be called a Pure Spiritual Root, even Ruimu Danqin’s White Fire Spiritual Root, from a moment ago, is still something that cannot be called a ‘Pure White’ Spiritual Root.”

Cang Shuo spoke in a puzzling manner, “But when I tested my Spiritual Root, it was the only Main Spiritual Root.”

The middle aged man showed a faint smile, “That is Because the Spiritual Root Testing Artefacts in the Hua Continent contains some errors, as long as the Main Spiritual Root protrudes slightly, then the Support Spiritual Roots are not very obvious, so some of the Support Spiritual Roots would not be able to be tested out. It precisely because of this, that the people with the so called ‘Pure Spiritual Roots’ in the Hua Continent are as numerous as the hairs on an ox.”

Cang Shuo looked at the happy expression on the corners of the mouth of the middle aged man, how could he not understand the meaning of the opposite party’s words, as he immediately felt his face grow hot. He was a core disciple from the God Wind Academy, not because his father was the Dean, but because he truly did possess the qualification of having a Pure Spiritual Root. He had not thought that the Hua Continent’s Pure Spiritual Root, and the Pure Spiritual Roots of the Advanced Class Continents would have such a big difference between them.

The purple robed woman spoke, “Nevertheless, you are still eligible to join my Wu Nian Academy’s Outer Court, as to becoming a disciple of the Inner Court, it would only depend on the diligence and hard work you can put in yourself.”

Even if it was being an Outer Disciple of the Wu Nian Academy, Cang Shuo was 100% willing to and was the happiest person in his heart, moreover he also understood most of what was to be understood of the Wu Nian Academy. However, at the moment Yue Ying has still not given her approval, so he also could not reveal his approval, and could only thank the opposite party. But he had already made up his mind, as long as he could join the Wu Nian Academy, then he could request Yue Ying to help him procure a Profound Secondary Rainbow Pill from the Wu Nian Academy.

But then Meng Jing Xiu spoke in a somewhat depressed way, “Although I have a Gold Spiritual Root as my Main Spiritual Root, it is also cloudy white in colour, but I also have a three-line Hybrid Spiritual Root……”

The purple robed woman frowned and said, “You have no way to be even qualified to join the Wu Nian Academy’s Outer Court as an Outer Court Disciple, but if you do not mind, I can arrange for you to do some chores in the shops in the Wu Nian Academy.”

Meng Jing Xiu had always been a proud and arrogant person, how could she accept to do odd jobs in the Wu Nian Academy? After returning a respectful salute, she said, “Thank you, Senior Apprentice Sister for your deep affection, but I have already decided to just focus on my cultivation.”

Originally Meng Jing Xiu was going to return to the God Wind Academy, but now that she had experienced many strong people from different Sects and Academies in the Angry Axe Valley, as such she now did not have any intention to return to the God Wind Academy.

The purple robed woman nodded, as she took out a Healing Pill and gave it to Meng Jing Xiu saying, “This Healing Pill can restore your injured arm to its previous healthy state in the shortest amount of time, moreover it also would absolutely not affect your future cultivation.”

But after hearing that, the few people surrounding Meng Jing Xiu were also somewhat worried about Meng Jing Xiu, although she would be doing odd jobs in the shops of the Wu Nian Academy, she would still be able to learn the ‘average’ fighting skills and cultivation methods of the Wu Nian Academy, while also making at least a few allies, and still would be able to increase her cultivation my countless times. But this stupid idiotic woman, unexpectedly refused such an offer.

Ming Jing Xiu quickly took the Healing Pill, and thanked her once again. In the face of such a good thing, she would not reject it. Once rejected, it was similar to playing a joke on her own small life.

But at this moment Ning Cheng’s heart had some doubts, Meng Jing Xiu also had Hybrid Spiritual Roots, so how could she see some of the changes in that leather like parchment? Even if she only saw two changes, after all, it was still a change. According to his previous idea, having a Hybrid Spiritual Root, one would not be able to see even a single change in that leather like parchment.

“How about you?” The purple robed women interrupted Ning Cheng’s thoughts and asked.


TL Note – Truthfully it’s kind of ironic to name an Academy as ‘Wu Nian Academy’ as the characters that make up the name, when translated to their English equivalent, becomes ‘Studyless Academy

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