Chapter 0145

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0145: Detonation of the Axe Intent

Ning Cheng cupped his fists and spoke, “I have a Multi-Line Hybrid Spiritual Root, I do not want to go to the Wu Nian Academy, nor do I want to go work in any shops.”

“Big Brother Ning……” When Yue Ying heard that Ning Cheng did not want to go to the Wu Nian Academy, she immediately became anxious in her heart, and called out.

Ning Cheng hinted to Yue Ying to not to worry, and spoke in a gentle manner, “Yue Ying, for you to go to the Wu Nian Academy is the best thing for you. If you went to the Wu Nian Academy, then you can speak out freely about your own affairs. Being in the Wu Nian Academy, you would even be someone who called the shots, so you do not need to conceal anything about this matter. Moreover, I also have my own things to take care off, surely you also very clear about this. Maybe in the future, when I come to the Wu Nian Academy with Luo Fei, then perhaps I can meet you two siblings.”

Although Ning Cheng explained it like this, Yue Ying was still very anxious in her heart, and hastily spoke to the purple robed woman, “Elder Sister, although Big Brother Ning has Hybrid Spiritual Roots, but he is astonishingly strong. Moreover, he definitely cannot be compared to ordinary Essence Building Cultivators, moreover, moreover Big Brother Ning also……”

The purple robed woman spoke in a light voice, “The reason why my Wu Nian Academy is in such a prestigious position, is not because our people are stronger than others of the same level. What Wu Nian Academy sees is the potential of a person, if he only had at least a little potential for growth, then at least I would be able to call in a few favours for him to join the shops in the Wu Nian Academy, this is already the maximum I could do in my capacity.”

As to Ning Cheng’s strength, she thought that she was much clearer than Yue Ying. Although she had not personally seen Ning Cheng slay the two Essence Building Cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy, but during the time when everyone was rushing towards the Spirit Stone Mine, she had definitely seen Ning Cheng fighting against the six people who came to snatch the mine from him. Initially, she also thought that Ning Cheng was at True Condensation 3rd Level, but now it looked like, Ning Cheng was not at True Condensation 3rd Level, but rather was at True Condensation 9th Level at that time. It was just that Ning Cheng was initially hiding his own cultivation.

As to why she thought that Ning Cheng could fight against six enemies, in addition to concealing his cultivation from others, she thought that it was so that the enemy would underestimate him. As to the Axe Intent that he had comprehended, she was certain that Ning Cheng had comprehended this Axe Intent in the true Angry Axe Valley.

With only the ability to comprehend, he would not have a big potential in him, and as such was not qualified to join the Wu Nian Academy. Even if his comprehension ability was astonishing to the point that no one could compare to him, or even heaven defying, if he did not have the proper qualifications, then let alone advancing to the Profound Core Realm, it would be extremely hard for him to even cultivate to the Profound Congealing Realm.

Therefore, in high ranking Academies, one’s qualification was the most important thing that they first looked at, followed by other things.

Seeing that Yue Ying wanted to say something, Ning Cheng quickly stopped Yue Ying for speaking and said, “Yue Ying, if you return to the Hua Continent, help me out by going to see Luo Fei. Later you can go to the Wu Nian Academy to cultivate.”

Ning Cheng knew that Yue Ying would definitely first go to the Hua Continent, Yue Ying had a different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root, moreover her brother’s qualifications were also not worse than hers. So the Wu Nian Academy had no reason to not want to take her elder brother along with her.

“En, I will certainly go and see Sister Luo Fei, this Pearl Hair Clip, I will certainly save it to give it to her.” Yue Ying brought out that Pearl Hair Clip. Suddenly in her heart she really did not want to part ways with him. She had been together with Ning Cheng, although they spent most of their time cultivating, however, she had grown fond of that feeling of being together with him.

“Let’s go.” The purple robed woman simply spoke.

Ruimu Danqin and Cang Shuo also came over to Ning Cheng to bid their goodbyes, all of them were very clear, that Ning Cheng was extremely powerful, moreover he also had the cultivation of Essence Building Realm. But they also knew this fact that it was very difficult for a person to come to the Le Continent by themselves.

Looking at the purple robed woman and middle aged male cultivator preparing to leave with Yue Ying and the other three people, Ning Cheng had some doubts in his heart, here there were many Spiritual Grass Hills, but unexpectedly this purple robed woman simply did not even care about them?

Meng Jing Xiu was not someone who lost much, so when she saw the doubt on Ning Cheng’s face, she immediately took the initiative and spoke, “Although there are many good things here, but with the strength of the Wu Nian Academy, why would they care about these Low Ranked Spiritual Grasses?”

“Brother Ning, I also want to go seek out some Spiritual Grasses.” Seeing Yue Ying and the others leave, Situ Yu immediately came over and spoke.

Ning Cheng patted Situ Yu on the shoulder and spoke, “Go ahead, if anyone tries to snatch your Spiritual Grasses, you can come look for me.”

Situ Yu’s heart was filled with joy, what he wanted to hear were exactly these words, Ning Cheng had already killed the two Essence Building Cultivators from the Red Heaven Academy. So he knew that from now on no one would dare to look for trouble for Situ Yu.

Seeing Situ Yu leave, Meng Jing Xiu took the initiative once more and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, do we go somewhere else, or do we find some other Spiritual Grass Hill?”

Ning Cheng gave a light smile, “Since we have already come here, let us try and get some Spiritual Grasses first. This place kind of suits me anyways.”

Here in the Angry Axe Valley, the Spiritual Grass Hills were surrounded by the Axe Type Killing Intent on the outside. As to the Axe Type Killing Intent here, Ning Cheng believed that with the Angry Axe Type Killing Intent that he had comprehended before, he believed that he would be able to break open the Killing Intent surrounding the hill. If it really did not work, then he would simply go out and form a team with other people.

As Ning Cheng brought Meng Jing Xiu and left, the surrounding cultivators also dispersed. Each one either seeking their own Spiritual Grass Hill, or to find someone who could help them break through the Killing Intent surrounding them.

As to the matter regarding the deaths of the disciples from the Red Heaven Academy, it was obviously not a big deal to them. Even if they had to deal with Ning Cheng, they could only be able to deal with him after he left the Angry Axe Valley.

“Let’s just choose this one.” Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu stood in front of a verdant green hill and spoke.

Meng Jing Xiu gave a simple ‘En’ sound, and started to reposition herself with her long halberd. She had seen many cultivators use their magic weapons, and by relying on their Killing Force of their magic weapons, they would try to break open the Spiritual Grass Hills.

Ning Cheng immediately stopped Meng Jing Xiu and said, “You just follow behind me, if you use your magical weapon to try and break through the Axe Type Killing Intent here, then even if both of us work together we definitely will not be able to break open the hill, it would be best if I was the one to give it a try.”

Saying that Ning Cheng proceeded to take a few steps forward. When he approached the hill, a formidable but boundless Killing Intent came crashing down on him. If it was before, then he would have definitely been ground to dust when this formidable Killing Intent came crashing down on him suddenly.

Meng Jing Xiu was following behind Ning Cheng, but the Killing Intent was completely blocked by Ning Cheng, and as such she was not aware of what was going on with him.

But then she began to have some doubts, as she actually saw Ning Cheng’s entire body trembling. But before she could even ask what was wrong, Ning Cheng unexpectedly took out his Golden Great Axe and sent out an Axe Chop.

A pale Golden Great Axe Trace flew across the sky, as if cleaving it in two, as it descended in front of Meng Jing Xiu’s eyes. Meng Jing Xiu sluggishly looked at the Golden Great Axe Trace, while her heart was still in a daze. Didn’t Ning Cheng say not to attack with one’s magic weapon? Then why did he attack with such power?

At this time Ning Cheng had already forgotten about the words he had spoken just a few moments ago, as he returned back to scenario when he was in the true Angry Axe Valley. It was as if there were innumerable ways in which the Axe Trace was taking form from the Axe Intent as they bombarded his consciousness, if he did not resist against them, then he would also end up like that Lan Yu Chen, and would finally be killed by this formidable and powerful Killing Intent.

His reaction at that time was completely unconscious.

Because Ning Cheng had killed four disciples from the Red Heaven Academy, and a few of his companions were also taken away by the Wu Nian Academy from the Le Continent. As a result, all the people there, regarded Ning Cheng as a celebrity. As such his every move was paid attention to by the people, when they saw Ning Cheng and his companion try to break open the Killing Intent surrounding the Spiritual Grass Hill before them, they did not care much about it. When the people first started to come here, many people had tried doing the same thing, so when the Killing Intent came crashing down on them, they knew that it would be stupid to try and confront it, and would immediately take the initiative to back down, and then try to find someone to team up with them.

But those who were paying close attention to Ning Cheng did not ever think that Ning Cheng would not only not back down, but rather even resort to his own magic weapon. Some of them could not even bear to look anymore, as they thought that as long as he would back down, then at least he would not end up with nothing. But once he resorted to his magic weapon and tried to confront the boundless Killing Intent, the only fate left for him was to end up dying. Previously, several powerful Essence Building Cultivators had also tried to depend on their powerful strength, but ultimately even their bones were not left behind, just because they dared to resort to their magic weapons to resist the formidable Killing Intent here.

When Ning Cheng resorted to use his Golden Great Axe to go against the Killing Intent here, it was not something impulsive, as he had also encountered the same situation in the true Angry Axe Valley. He was vaguely aware that the Axe Intent he comprehended before and the Killing Intent here seemed to have some kind of resonance with each other, which completely separated him from the other people. If it was before, then it was highly likely that this Axe Intent that was coming from the hill was more than enough to kill him. What the Axe Intent of the Angry Axe Valley emphasized on, was to always continue forward, and never go back.

“Ka……” a slight almost inaudible sound rang out, which was not expected by the rest of the people.

Although Ning Cheng’s Axe Intent was powerful, and properly speaking, his Axe Trace should have produced a loud crack created from the detonation of a large amount of True Essence, which would then be followed by Ning Cheng being killed by the explosion of the formidable Killing Intent.

But none of them could think that Ning Cheng’s Great Axe would only create such a light and almost inaudible sound, if one did not concentrate, then they would not even be able to hear this fine sound.

A vague thought emerged in Ning Cheng’s consciousness, but this feeling was something fleeting, Ning Cheng did not have enough time to analyse it, before it disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng sighed, he understood that this was definitely a new kind of Axe Intent, but it truly was a pity that this Axe Intent was something incomparable to the true Angry Axe Intent in the true Angry Axe Valley, and as such he knew that he should not take hold of it.

After this fuzzy feeling disappeared, Ning Cheng suddenly saw the result in front of him. In front of him the Killing Intent had completely disappeared and could simply not be perceived anymore, it was as if there was giant invisible hole in front of him that could not be seen by anyone else.

“The Killing Intent is gone, let’s hurry up and go inside to collect the Spiritual Grasses.” Ning Cheng spoke in a pleasantly surprised manner, he absolutely did not think that just with his simple axe he would be able to break open the Killing Intent Barrier around the Spiritual Grass Hill before him.

“Yi! he was not killed by the Killing Intent, and could actually even go in.” Seeing Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu enter the hill, it was immediately noticed by someone.

Some of the people wanted to take advantage of this, and immediately rushed out to follow behind Ning Cheng, their thinking was very simple, although Ning Cheng would snatch away the High Ranked Spiritual Grasses, but at least Ning Cheng would definitely not snatch away all the Low Ranked Spiritual Grasses.

However just when these people rushed towards the foot of the hill, they were immediately thrown back by the formidable Killing Intent that came crashing down on them.

“This damnable Killing Intent is still surrounding the hill, just how in the world did they go in?” Some of the people instantly understood this point, and immediately called out in a horror stricken voice.

Before in all of the hills, only after the Killing Intent was broken through by the unified Imposing Manner of numerous cultivators, would they be able to go through. Moreover, once they broke through, the Killing Intent would immediately dissipate. But it was absolutely not the case with Ning Cheng, although his Axe Chop was able to open the Killing Intent surrounding the hill before them, but it did not dissipate the Killing Intent surrounding it.

“I understand, it is because he had comprehended the Axe Intent in this Angry Axe Valley, and could use this same Killing Intent to blow open this Axe Intent surrounding the hill.” The cultivators here were not stupid, when they saw Ning Cheng use his axe technique before, they immediately deduced that he definitely was in possession of a formidable Axe Type Killing Intent.

Now that Ning Cheng was able to use his Axe Trace to go through the Killing Intent Barrier in front of the Spiritual Grass Hill, this was simply not a difficult conclusion to come to.

“That’s right, originally the best way to fight the Killing Intent Barrier in front of the hills, is to comprehend the Axe Intent here, rather than using the Imposing Manner of the people to break through.”

Now that someone understood how to break open the Killing Intent in front of the hills, some of the cultivators immediately sat down in front of the Killing Intent Barrier with their eyes closed, as they tried to comprehend this Axe Intent.

But at this time Ning Cheng was wantonly collecting the Spiritual Grasses with Meng Jing Xiu, here this hill was rich with Spiritual Grasses, moreover there were only two people collecting the Spiritual Grasses. This was simply the long awaited dream of Ning Cheng. He had only one though in his mind at this time, and that was waiting to get out of this place, so that he could then finally refine these Spiritual Grasses into Pills.

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