Chapter 0147

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0147: Axe Line

All the people swarmed towards this Axe Valley, only Ning Cheng did not go in. He simply sat outside the Axe Valley, and had completely immersed himself in the new type of Axe Intent.

Only a small amount of time passed by, when the hustle and bustle previously all around him had already disappeared. Only Ning Cheng was sitting around the outside the Axe Valley, and was surrounded all around by the Axe Intent from the valley, it was similar to the Killing Intent that was wrapped around the hills. As the trace of Axe Intent was gradually forming in Ning Cheng’s consciousness.

Ning Cheng was just about to clearly form the third type of Axe Intent of the Angry Axe, when the numerous cracked Axe Traces all around the valley continuously interrupted Ning Cheng in his consciousness, he had never seen this kind of coherence. To Ning Cheng, the more he thought about linking up with this Axe Intent, the more difficult he felt it to be.

Ning Cheng did not know how many times in the past few days that he probed the cracks in the Axe Valley with his consciousness, but was still unable to thoroughly link them up, and change it into the true Angry Axe Killing Intent. If he could not link up those cracks, then he knew that he would not be able to comprehend the third type of Axe Intent.

This way was absolutely not good, Ning Cheng thought as he subconsciously tried to forcefully link up these cracked Axe Traces, but just as he tried to gain some understanding, a huge explosion rocked through his Sea of Consciousness, and rendered him defenceless. Ning Cheng directly spouted out a mouthful of blood, as in his mind the somewhat clear Axe Intent once again vanished without a trace.

But Ning Cheng did not open his eyes, he once again used his Spiritual Consciousness to time and time again explore this Axe Valley. Ning Cheng suddenly shuddered, he felt the most profound thing.

This feeling was not something he himself could believe, and he finally opened his eyes, and stubbornly stared at this Axe Valley in front of him for a long while, and then slowly gave out a pained sighed. He once again closed his eyes, and let the Axe Intent that had dissipated to once again gather together.

He finally came to understand what the matter was, this Axe Valley in front of him was false. But the numerous cracks around the Axe Valley were true cracked Axe Traces. In other words, these cracks were true, but the Axe Valley was false.

Such a contradictory thing, there could only be one interpretation, the Axe Valley in front of him simply did not exist, but the cracked Axe Traces were created from a formidable Axe Intent. Moreover, these cracks could be linked up with each other, although he did not know why, but it seems like it was created by a peerless expert who had come here before. He deliberately split these Axe Trace cracks, for forging this special Angry Axe Valley. In fact, here there were already marks of an Axe Line present here previously, before this Axe Valley had appeared. It was precisely the opposite of what many had thought.

Because Ning Cheng comprehended two types of Axe Intents, so just by sensing around for several days, he was able to understand this truth.

To Ning Cheng, as long as he understood this truth, the following matter would be much easier. He once again immersed himself in the middle of these Axe Trace cracks once more, as to the Axe Trace cracks in the middle of that false Axe Valley, he had already abandoned them. A cracked Axe Trace formed out of thin air, in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness. This original cracked Axe Trace that were destroyed in the Axe Valley, once again started to connect the cracks on the two sides of the Axe Valley.

The cracked traces were gradually becoming clearer, as the Axe Intent was also slowly getting highlighted. This time the Axe Traces stimulated from the cracked traces in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness were different from the original. However, the third type of Angry Axe that manifested was something that reflected Ning Cheng’s heart.

When these cracked traces were getting more and more complete in Ning Cheng’s consciousness, Ning Cheng’s Third Form of the Angry Axe finally started to take shape.

At this time the final image of a complete Axe Intent finally formed in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, as Ning Cheng immediately leapt into the sky without warning, immediately brought out the Golden Great Axe on his back.

As he blasted out a lacerating and twisting Axe Shadow, this twisting Axe Shadow directly encompassed everything in its path into a fist sized ball before directly shattering it into a fine powder, moreover even in the air, the distortion created by the Axe Shadow trace could still be seen clearly. Around this trace, one could even see flashes of tinier cracks. Just like how thunder and lightning drops down, there would always be small arcs of thunder and lightning around the main lightning flash.


But when this twisted Axe Shadow exploded on the ground, it had an appearance of a clear and smooth Axe Trace. But on the edge of this Axe Trace there were countless twisted lines, it resembled the ordinary tiny fissures around the Giant Axe Valley in front of him.

Ning Cheng once again took back his axe, as he closed his eyes to ponder for a long time, as he once again put the Golden Great Axe onto his back, he spoke to himself, “This is my Third Type of Angry Axe, Axe Line.”

In the Angry Axe Valley, not even the shadow of a single person could be seen anymore. All the people in order to comprehend the Axe Intent in the Valley, had already gone deep inside the valley. But outside, there was only a single person who was precisely Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng quickly entered the Valley, he was going to see how far Meng Jing Xiu’s comprehension of the Axe Intent went along, if she had almost comprehended it fully, then they both can then get down to business. If she was not able to comprehend, then he would have to persuade her to leave. Originally this was a false Axe Valley. So there was basically no Axe Intent inside that could actually be comprehended.

Just as Ning Cheng left, suddenly an obscure human figure rose from the earth without attracting any attention. This figure quickly arrived at the place where Ning Cheng left the Axe Trace, bent its body, as it reached down and carefully stroked the Axe Trace for a long time. Then placed its hand on its nose as if he was sniffing it.

He soon got up, with an extremely ugly look on his face, as he muttered to himself, “That person’s progress is simply too frightening, not only did he reach the cultivation of Essence Building Realm, but was also able to comprehend such a formidable Axe Intent in the Angry Axe Valley. I’m afraid that I am not his match……”

He stared at the place where Ning Cheng disappeared in the Axe Valley for a long time, and then turned around and walked away. Although this was the first time that he saw the Angry Axe Valley, but he was the first cultivator who did not go in.

If Ning Cheng was here, he would have immediately surely recognised this cultivator, who was known as King Xiu Xiu.

After Ning Cheng entered the Angry Axe Valley, he did not go much further on the path, when he could see countless corpses along the way. Initially Ning Cheng did not care much about it, as he understood that trying to comprehend the Axe Intent here was a dangerous matter, so for people to fall down dead here was not strange.

However soon Ning Cheng felt that something was not right, the cultivators here mostly died from not being able to comprehend the Axe Intent, but rather seemed that they had died fighting mutually.

Ning Cheng was a bit worried in his heart, although all the people here knew his name, but in the event of if something good appeared. And no one knew who Ning Cheng was, then if there was no one in conflict with him then it would still be ok, but the prerequisite thing would be for a precious thing to not appear. Once a precious thing appeared, then who would care about him being Ning Cheng?

Ning Cheng wanted to hurry and leave this place, but this Axe Valley was unexpectedly very long, even with sweeping out with his Spiritual Consciousness he was unable to locate the end. But fortunately flying through the valley for almost half a day, Ning Cheng finally was able to see a living cultivator.

“My friend, can I ask you if you have seen my companion? Moreover, where did the rest of the people who entered here go?” Ning Cheng directly landed in front of this cultivator and asked.

This cultivator had the cultivation of True Condensation 5th Level, seeing Ning Cheng’s Imposing Manner when he arrived, he knew that he was far from being an opponent to him, as immediately stared at Ning Cheng with an alert expression, as he slowly spoke, “I don’t even know you, so how would I even know who your companion is?”

“Do you not recognize me?” Ning Cheng asked as he frowned.

He had killed the four disciples from the Red Heaven Academy, moreover rejected the invitation from the Wu Nian Academy, so how was it possible for the other people to not know about him?

“I do not recognize you, when the Angry Axe Valley appeared, I and several other companions of mine came here to try and comprehend the Axe Intent. My companions wanted to look for Spiritual Grasses, but I was able to sense a hint of the Axe Intent here, so I stayed behind.” The True Condensation 5th Level cultivator saw Ning Cheng’s face did not have the expression of pretending, so he took the initiative to explain. At the same time, some doubts appeared in his heart, if this person was really powerful or not? But if he was then how could he have not heard of him?

“Were you not there at the Spiritual Grass Hill before coming here?” Ning Cheng asked once again.

This True Condensation Cultivator shook his head and said, “I do not know of these Spiritual Grass Hills that you speak of.”

“I see, thank you.” Saying that, Ning Cheng immediately quickened his pace, as he vanished into the depths of the Axe Valley.

This time he really understood, that the explosion accident that happened in the Angry Axe Valley was definitely not a small accident, this accident had caused this false Axe Valley to be revealed. Because so many cultivators in the Angry Axe Valley saw this Axe Valley, they all entered this Axe Valley with the intent of gaining some insight into the Axe Intent. That True Condensation Cultivator that he saw a moment ago, should have come from another entrance.

After Ning Cheng walked for another two hours, he finally saw Meng Jing Xiu. But this time Meng Jing Xiu was rapidly escaping in his direction, behind her there seemed to be a True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator chasing her.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning….” Meng Jing Xiu immediately saw Ning Cheng, and with great happiness, hurried towards Ning Cheng’s side.

That True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator who was pursuing Meng Jing Xiu, seeing that Ning Cheng came over, moreover knew that he was with Meng Jing Xiu, immediately became uncomfortable as he spoke some unhappy words, as he immediately turned around and walked away.

“What is the matter?” Ning Cheng didn’t pursue the cultivator who had already turned around and walked away, and immediately asked Meng Jing Xiu about how she ended up in a conflict with that person. It stood for reason that Meng Jing Xiu’s injuries were already healed, otherwise under normal circumstances she was not a person to end up in a fight with other people.

Meng Jing Xiu eagerly spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, here we found an Ancient Immortal Mansion, moreover this Immortal Mansion appears to be of a peerless expert, and many of the people have already gone in.”

“An Immortal Mansion of a peerless expert? How do you know?” Ning Cheng asked with some doubts.

Meng Jing Xiu quickly spoke, “There was an Array Formation outside the Immortal Mansion, but suddenly for some reason it fell apart. As such some of the Array Flags of the Array Formation were revealed. Do you know what those Array Flags were made of? The lowest quality among them was a Low Level Spiritual Grade Artefact, and they were even a few that were High Level Spiritual Grade Artefacts that were made into Array Flags. But an Essence Building Cultivator from the Feng Continent, was even able to grab a Best Quality Spiritual Grade Artefact that was made into an Array Flag.”

“Best Quality Spiritual Artefact?” Ning Cheng immediately repeated those words in shock.

“It definitely was a Best Quality Spiritual Artefact, moreover this was outside of the Immortal Mansion, also the doorway to the Immortal Mansion exudes an extremely rich Spiritual Qi, so it is obvious that the inside of the Immortal Mansion would also have better things.” Meng Jing Xiu said as her face flushed red.

“Why did that person from a moment ago chase you?” Ning Cheng pointed in the direction that the Late Stage True Condensation Cultivator retreated in and asked.

Meng Jing Xiu quickly spoke, “Many of the True Condensation Cultivators formed teams, of at least three people, that person wanted to draw me in to form a team together with him. But I did not pay attention to him, moreover when that person tried to invite me, I really was not in the mood, and directly said, to go and piss on himself…….”

The following words Meng Jing Xiu really did not need to explain, as Ning Cheng already understood, and as such Meng Jing Xiu also did not need to speak the rest. If you don’t want to go then you could have directly said so, why speak such words? Moreover, such words that could easily offend someone. Moreover, saying those words in such a fierce way.

Seeing Meng Jing Xiu embarrassed, Ning Cheng spoke, “Let us also go and have a look, we have already been here for several days, so how much of the Axe Intent here were you able to comprehend?”

Meng Jing Xiu shook her head, as she took out several Spiritual Grasses and said, “There were many Spiritual Grasses inside, I was also able to find numerous Spiritual Grasses, including the Rainbow Light Grass that Cang Shuo was looking for, but as for the progress with Axe Intent, there simply was no progress in that regard.”

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