Chapter 0148

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0148: Killing Intent Restriction

Meng Jing Xiu also did not speak anymore nonsense, as she immediately guided Ning Cheng towards the entrance of that Immortal Mansion, but at this moment there were almost 1,000-2,000 people gathered in front of it. This doorway to the Immortal Mansion had a small plaza in front of it, but even with so many people here, it still not appeared to be crowded.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, I remember that there were much more number of people who entered this place, so how is it possible that there are only these many people here?” Ning Cheng did not think that there were too many people here, on the contrary he felt that there were far too fewer people here.

Meng Jing Xiu pointed towards the front of the temporary plaza and said, “Although this stone door is not obstructing the people, but unless a person does not have a certain strength, they would not be able to enter, it is similar to the hill that we entered back then, that was blocked by a layer of Killing Intent. But some of the people present here, who understood Array Formations, said that this is not a simple Killing Intent Barrier, but rather a Killing Intent Restriction. Relying on just one’s Imposing Manner would not be enough for a person to go through, moreover the time I have been here was simply too short, and the people who were able to go in all had high cultivations, moreover they all were those who had some understanding towards Restrictions and also some of the Cultivators even displayed some comprehension towards the Axe Intent.”

Ning Cheng nodded, although this stone door was not blocking people, but there was a much more powerful Killing Intent surrounding it compared to the hills they have been at. What Meng Jing Xiu had said was right, this Killing Intent surrounding it was not formed at will unlike the hills, but rather according to certain rules and regulations laid down during the arrangement of the Array Formation.

If it was like this for a long time, then the Killing Intent would have already dissipated, moreover the Restriction here was damaged, otherwise for an ordinary Essence Building Cultivator, even if they formed a team of four people, they wouldn’t be able to go in.

“As for the rest of the people, after probing it out and finding that even by forming teams they would not be able to go in, in the end they all left. Some of them went to other places, while some of the them went into the depths of this Angry Axe Valley.” Meng Jing Xiu said as she pointed to the far end in which this Angry Axe Valley extended.

“Let’s go take a look.” Ning Cheng said, as he already started walking towards this stone door in front of him, at this moment there were four True Condensation Cultivators collaborating to break this Killing Intent Restriction.

Seeing this Ning Cheng simply stood to one side, once these four people gave up, he would then come and try it himself.

These four people were Late Stage True Condensation Cultivators. After eating failure several times, one of them finally lost his patience and resorted to directly using his Magic Weapon to directly blow past it.

“Peng” When this person’s Magic Weapon collided with the open stone door, it issued a muffled ‘Peng’ sound, but the Magic Weapon did not go through the open front door, instead it was rebounded by the Restriction on the front door, and with an even stronger force hit the chest of this cultivator. This cultivator who was hit by his own Magic Weapon tumbled through the air as he spouted out numerous mouthfuls of blood. The cultivators observing from both the sides immediately retreated on seeing what happened to that cultivator. Moreover, more than dozens of people silently departed the square after this scene.

When the three other companions of the cultivator who flew out tumbling saw his state, they also temporarily stepped aside from this stone door.

Just as these four people left the vicinity of the open stone door, Ning Cheng quickly stepped up directly in front of the door, while simultaneously took out his Golden Great Axe.

Some of the people recognized Ning Cheng, and immediately got out of his way. As to the many people who did not know Ning Cheng, they simply secretly shook their heads, wasn’t a guy recently hit with his own Magic Weapon because of the rebound from the Killing Intent as he tried to force open the door injuring him severely. Moreover, this guy also dared to resort to his Magic Weapon to do the same. With this type of Killing Intent Restriction, even a receiving a severe injury would be considered as light.

Ning Cheng did not directly attack. He felt the open door in front of him with his Spiritual Consciousness, and immediately sensed an aspect of the Axe Intent in it. While at the same time he also felt that there was some kind of confinement. This Axe Intent seemed to be bound within the range of this door.

In only a short time, Ning Cheng was already clear, there truly was a Killing Intent Restriction placed here. But because this Killing Intent Restriction was placed many years ago, so its power was not at its full 100%. If this Killing Intent Restriction had even 1/10th of its former power, then he was sure that nobody here would be able to pass through here.

“Get out of the way, I want to go in.” A gruff voice interrupted Ning Cheng’s thoughts.

Ning Cheng turned around and saw three Essence Building Cultivators, and the one who spoke was at Essence Building 5th Level, while his face was very ugly and ferocious looking, and had a sturdy demeanour. Behind him, there was a male and a female cultivator, the male cultivator had a slender frame, with a small white face almost similar to a gigolo, and had the cultivation of Essence Building 6th Level. While that female cultivator was wearing a red dress, and unexpectedly turned out to be an extremely attractive young girl, and similarly had the cultivation of Essence Building 6th Level.

“You can go in, but you will have to wait till I go in, moreover isn’t it always first come first serve.” Ning Cheng flatly said as he saw the three people.

He also stood in line, and only came up after the four people in front of him failed, and only then did he took his turn to come to try and open this restriction. At the moment he had not even started, so since it was already his turn, so why would he even give it to others?

The people nearby seemed to know the origins of these three people, and as a result they soon started to joke among themselves, “This fellow really acts recklessly, he even dares to compete with the people from the White Moon Sword Sect and the Twin Star Academy for an early entry.”

“That young girl should be the White Moon Sword Sect’s He Lian Gu Lan, right? Then beside her should definitely be the Twin Star Academy’s Wu Shu and Zuo Hong Xuan. If they really are those three people, then that person is really courting death.” Some of the nearby people echoed out.

Some of the people who immediately recognised Ning Cheng said while gloating, “Who will die and who will live, you’ll see in a bit, as the strength of the Twin Star Academy and the Red Heaven Academy are really similar.”

“What is the matter? Is this person’s background something great?”


“Are you really looking to die? If so then let this father chop you up……” That ugly and ferocious looking cultivator heard Ning Cheng’s words, and immediately flew into rage, he immediately raised his hands, while at the same time a copper gong appeared in his hands.

The red dress wearing girl frowned and said, “Hong Xuan, there is indeed the policy of first come first serve here, after he has tried, it would not be late for us to try again later. Moreover, we just arrived here, if this place was really easy to open, then many of the people would not have left this place.”

When that ugly and ferocious looking man heard the words of this young girl, the anger on his face was immediately replaced with gentleness in just a moment and he spoke, “Since Junior Apprentice Sister Gu Lan had said so, then I will listen to your words.”

Saying that, he immediately angrily called out to Ning Cheng, “It would be better if you moved quickly, we don’t want to waste a lot of time to wait on you.”

Ning Cheng simply did not bother with it and ignored him, as he spoke to Meng Jing Xiu, “Junior Apprentice Sister Meng Jing Xiu, we can go in.”

“Senior apprentice Brother Ning can you really open this?” Meng Jing Xiu asked with surprise.

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile and spoke, “Of course I can.”

Saying that, he lifted his hands as he grabbed one of the Array Flags, while also simultaneously raised the Golden Great Axe in his hand.

“Friends, please wait……” An anxious voice immediately sounded out, which immediately made Ning Cheng’s hands stop.

“Do you have any business with me?” Ning Cheng looked over at this cultivator and asked, this cultivator already had the cultivation of Essence Building 7th Level.

When this cultivator came over, that ugly and ferocious looking cultivator, unconsciously stepped to one side. When he looked at Ning Cheng’s cultivation it appeared very vague, but when he looked at this cultivator he could say without a doubt that he was already at Essence Building 7th Level. Moreover, he himself was only at Essence Building 5th Level, and as such deferred by two levels in strength from that cultivator at Essence Building 7th Level.

In the Yi Xing Mainland, the strong were always respected, moreover this principle was applicable anywhere.

“I have seen you twice before, but you probably do not remember me. The first time was when we were mining together, but at that time I was busy mining myself, and did not have the time to come and greet you. The second time was in front of me when we were trying to seek out Spiritual Grasses on the hills, therefore I am already somewhat already familiar with you.” This Essence Building 7th Level Cultivation was very polite, and talked to Ning Cheng in kind words.

Ning Cheng nodded, the first few words that this man spoke were really polite. At the time he was mining, there was simply no time to greet anyone, moreover everyone disdained each other at that time and personal talk was simply useless between each other at that time. With regards to the former, he had killed four disciples from the Red Heaven Academy, including a cultivator at the Essence Building 7th Level. Moreover, he was also able to break open a passage for himself in the Killing Intent barrier surrounding the hill very easily, it seems that this person also certainly saw it.

Perhaps this person came here in wanting to take advantage of what he had seen in the past, as although the Killing Intent Restriction on this open door was damaged, but without understanding Axe Intent and Restrictions, even if that person was at Essence Building 9th Level, even they would not be able to go in.

The man had just finished, but did not wait for Ning Cheng to speak as he directly took out a Storage Bag as he handed it to Ning Cheng and said, “Here are some of the stones that I collected, why don’t you take a look at them my friend?”

Ning Cheng received the Storage Bag, which was filled with 1,000 High Grade Spirit Stones.

For an Essence Building Cultivator, 1,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, was not a small sum of wealth. But after Ning Cheng swept out at this Storage Bag with his Spiritual Sense, he simply returned that Storage Bag to this cultivator. He understood the meaning of the other party, they were both in the Angry Axe Valley, and for a thousand High Grade Spirit Stones, he wanted to enter an Ancient Immortal’s Mansion, this kind of offer was simply too cheap. Besides this person had definitely mined in the Angry Axe Valley for a long time, so he should at least be having several hundreds of thousands of High Grade Spirit Stones on him.

With so many Spirits Stones on him, he only took out a paltry one thousand, for Ning Cheng to accept such a thing would really be a strange event. Moreover 1,000 High Grade Spirit Stones for Ning Cheng, simply would not serve any purpose.

Seeing this the man was somewhat surprised, but then Ning Cheng spoke in a light voice, “Here is an Ancient Immortal Mansion, even if you grab any of the Best Quality Spiritual Grade Artefacts here outside this Ancient Immortal Mansion, you would be easily able to get hundreds of thousands of High Grade Spirit Stones for it, so for you to come up with this kind of stuff, moreover to enter the Immortal Mansion, is simply too……”

This Essence Building Cultivator suddenly came to understand that Ning Cheng had also mined in that place, so giving a trivial 1,000 High Grade Spirit Stones to someone like him was really something not worth looking at.

Thinking till here, he put away that Storage Bag, and once again took out another Storage Bag, as he handed it over to Ning Cheng and said, “Here are the things, do you want to have a look?”

Ning Cheng received the Storage Bag and looked inside, there truly was many things inside, around 10,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, moreover there were even many Spiritual Grasses, the total value almost added up to about 30,000 High Grade Spirit Stones.

“If you can take out things more than double this value, then you can come in with us,” Ning Cheng once again gave back the Storage Bag to this Essence Building Cultivator and said.

Since he was a cultivator in the Angry Axe Valley, Ning Cheng estimated that this really was a small exchange. Moreover, he had been in closed door cultivation for too long, as these people wandered about, who knows how many good things that these people collected? If he did not seize this chance to get some compensation for his own, then who knew when he would get such an opportunity? Besides, even if he asked an even higher price, after the people entered the Immortal Mansion, perhaps they would even gain more than ten times of the both the capital and interest combined.

This Essence Building Cultivator clenched his teeth, as he took out even more Spirit Stones and Spiritual Grasses as he handed them over to Ning Cheng.

This time Ning Cheng finally accepted, then he cupped his fists in front of him and spoke in a loud voice, “We are going to open the Killing Intent Restriction on this stone door, when the stone door is finally free of the restriction, then four people can go in at one time, at the moment there is still a spot left, if anyone wants to come in then please speak up.”

This action from the Essence Building 7th Level Cultivator, made Ning Cheng actually think of a way to earn Spirit Stones and Spiritual Grasses in a fast manner. Because at the moment he really did not have any Spirit Stones, moreover to breakthrough to the Essence Building Realm he had even borrowed 20,000 Spirit Stones from Yue Ying, and had still not returned them back to Yue Ying. After all he had a terrible rate of consumption for the Spirit Stones to supplement his cultivation, so he had to get these things from somewhere, right?

“This senior, I want to go in.” Another Essence Building Cultivator arrived, while he carried a bulging Storage Bag in his hands.

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