Chapter 0149

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0149: Expensive Admission Ticket

Ning Cheng glanced at the Storage Bag with his Spiritual Sense, although there were not many Spirit Stones in there, but it was filled to the brim with Spiritual Grasses, and most were not even low ranked ones, so he then put away the Storage Bag and said, “Good, you can take one of the spots.”

With these two Essence Building Cultivators coming at the beginning, a few of the cultivators present there who knew about Ning Cheng’s skill, one after another, immediately started coming forward, while also bringing out many things for Ning Cheng, all in order to enter the Ancient Immortal Mansion.

Many of the cultivators who did not know Ning Cheng, totally could not understand the scene happening in front of them, as they all kept thinking what the hell was going on? One person said that he can break this Killing Intent Restriction, so why the hell did so many people believe him? One must know that this was a ‘Killing Intent Restriction’ and not a ‘Killing Intent Barrier’, even if some of the Essence Building Cultivators teamed up, even they would not be able to break it? How could people be deceived with such a lie?

In just a short period of time, Ning Cheng received seven or eight Storage Bags, seeing that there were still people coming in from behind, Ning Cheng quickly said, “Wait wait, let me first open the Restriction on the stone door, and let the first batch of people go in.”

“That’s right, this should be done first.” Several of the cultivators who came first hurried up and echoed out, they were afraid that they would only be able to obtain less if they go in later.

But the red robed woman who was standing behind the ugly and ferocious looking cultivator suddenly came up to Ning Cheng and said, “You said before that you would go first, and now you get so many people to come in, should these people really jump the queue? Did you forget the words that you yourself spoke a few moments ago? If you really think that it’s easy to bully us, then do not blame us for making a move.”

While speaking till here, the expression of this young girl immediately turned ice cold.

Ning Cheng knew that if their side went all in, then that really would be wrong. He quickly held up his cupped fists as he hastily spoke, “Then I will ask this younger sister, how much time would you require to open this stone door?”

“Who is your younger sister, watch your mouth.” The red robed woman had still not answered, when the ugly and ferocious looking cultivator at Essence Building 5th Level once again came up to Ning Cheng and snapped.

The red robe wearing young female cultivator waved her hand, she immediately understood Ning Cheng’s meaning, as she stared at Ning Cheng and spoke in a light voice, “For me, at most half a stick of incense is enough.”

She knew that if she said that she required an hour of time, Ning Cheng would also probably say that he also required an hour of time.

The corners of Ning Cheng’s mouth showed a faint smile, this young girl was simply a braggart and only liked to bluff. He had comprehended three different types of Axe Intents in the Angry Axe Valley. Moreover, his understanding towards Restrictions and Array Formations was also close to a Tier 3 Master, so he truly had the confidence to open the Killing Intent Restriction on this stone door. But for this young girl to say that she only needed the time for half an incense stick to burn, was definitely a bluff.

But he still shrugged and said, “Well, as long as I have the time of half an incense stick to burn, then during the time it takes for half an incense to burn, no matter what, I can open this stone door however many times I want. If I cannot open this even once, then I will give this position to younger sister.”

The red robed wearing young girl flashed a smile, “Yes, you can attack first, while I wait here.”

Saying that, she also threw an incense stick holder to one side. Then stretching out her hand, she placed an incense stick in it that she then ignited.

Aromatic smoke rose up from it in coils as it diffused into the surroundings, after the surrounding cultivators smelt this fragrance, their spirits immediately shot up. All the people who could judge the quality of goods, immediately understood that this incense that this young girl brought out was not a simple incense stick, but rather it was clear that it was a rather expensive incense stick.

She really was filthy rich, using such an expensive incense stick to measure the time.

But Ning Cheng did not care about it. As he stood in front of the stone door, he raised his hand and immediately shot out a dozens of Array Flags. When these Array Flags entirely disappeared into the surroundings of the door in front of him, Ning Cheng immediately chopped down with his great axe, sending out a Light Golden Great Axe Trace, splitting open the stone door’s Restriction in a very inconspicuous place.

“Ka” A light subtle sound conveyed out, the people outside immediately felt that the Killing Intent Restriction in front of the stone door immediately stagnate, and immediately a rich Spiritual Qi hit their faces from within.

Ning Cheng then took a step forward, raising his hands to press the void in the middle of the Stone Door, he immediately turned back and said, “The first four people go in.”

All the people were aware that a gap had opened up in this Killing Intent Restriction on the stone door. The four people who were already waiting for some time were all Essence Building Cultivators, and did not need to be reminded by Ning Cheng’s words, as they immediately moved sideways and disappeared through the door.

The cultivator in the fifth place who had also handed over the Spirit Stones and Spiritual Grasses hesitated, but finally did not go in. He was afraid that he might violate the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words accidentally, and would be directly eliminated from his spot. In any case, he could still go in with the next batch.

But at this time all the cultivators near the front entrance were totally in shock at Ning Cheng’s skill, just what kind of ability was this? Before some of the people had even formed a team, and every time that one of the teams managed to passed through, they all ended up having to struggle desperately before they were able to go in, so how could this Ning Cheng be so carefree in such a way? He only sent out a few dozen Array Flags, and then an Axe Chop to open it up, just how was this possible?

Even though there were some cultivators here who knew about Ning Cheng’s ability, but even they could not believe what they saw. Although they thought that Ning Cheng would be able to go in, but it would have still costed him at least a few hands and feet.

Because of this even more people began thinking of collecting many Spiritual Grasses and Spirit Stones, so that they could enter this Ancient Immortal Mansion.

Similarly shocked was the red robe wearing young girl as she looked at Ning Cheng with an extreme shock in her eyes. She had never thought that even if they were able to break open the Killing Intent Restriction of this Immortal Mansion, moreover even if she herself was able to break it open, it would be absolutely impossible to do it as easily and as simple as it was done by Ning Cheng. Originally there was only disdain in her eyes towards him, but this time there were slight changes as she looked towards him.

After the four of them went inside, Ning Cheng once more loosened his hands, and once more resorted to his Golden Great Axe, then sending out another Axe Chop, he once again turned to the four other cultivators who paid him in Spirit Stones and spoke, “You can go in.”

When these four people heard Ning Cheng’s words, they with the maximum possible speed rushed through the middle of the opened stone door. Ning Cheng opened his palms, then lifted them up to take back the dozens of Array Flags that he had thrown out, and then immediately stood to one side, and he spoke to the red robe wearing young girl and said, “The following half of the incense stick is yours.”

In any case at this time the incense stick that the red robed wearing young girl burnt was already a little less than a half.

On the surface Ning Cheng did not look like as if there was any change, but the fact was only known to himself, as he had consumed too much of his Spiritual Consciousness. When he had placed his hand on top of the stone door, he had to use it to resist the Killing Intent Restriction on the stone door.

“My friend, these are my Spirit Stones, next time please give me one of those places.” A True Condensation 9th Level cultivator, seeing Ning Cheng easily allow eight cultivators to enter this Ancient Immortal Mansion, so he quickly took out a Storage Bag with both hands and offered it to Ning Cheng.

But Ning Cheng did not take the opposite party’s Storage Bag, after he glanced at it with his Spiritual Consciousness, and spoke in a light voice, “To open this stone door, my consumption is not small. Therefore, to enter through this stone door you will have to bear the expense of at least 50,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, or Spiritual Grasses of the same value, otherwise it would only be a waste of time.”

This Ancient Immortal Mansion’s entrance had a Killing Intent Restriction placed on it, so once they entered inside this Ancient Immortal Mansion, it would really be strange if there were no additional Array Formations or Restrictions inside. Ning Cheng was not in a hurry to go in, what he needed the most were Spirit Stones for his cultivation, moreover even for Alchemy he needed a lot of Spiritual Grasses, so it would be better if he first fished for these things. As for the things inside the Immortal Mansion. As long as there was a similar kind restriction placed on them, then he would be able to obtain it.

The surrounding cultivators sucked in a mouthful of cold air, who among the few people here could come up with so many High Grade Spirit Stones? Except for a few people who were able to find the Spirit Stone Mine, only a few core disciples of 7 or more Star Academy would be able to take such an opportunity. This admission ticket was a little too high, right?

This red robed young woman gave a nod, as she arrived in front of this stone door, and said to the two people with her, “I’ll feel it first, and see how to open this stone door.”

She believed that since Ning Cheng was able to open this stone door within the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, then she certainly would not have any problems in doing so. Before she came here, she had also similarly heard that this stone door had a Killing Intent Restriction placed on it. The others may be worried about this Killing Intent Restriction, but she was not even worried about it for even half a moment. As a core disciple from the White Moon Sword Sect, her understanding about Sword Intent was something that could not be compared to that of an ordinary person, even in terms of her cultivation regarding Restrictions, she was also much stronger than an ordinary cultivator.

This red robed young girl closed her eyes as she stood in front of the stone door, all the people present there knew that she was looking for a gap in the Killing Intent Restriction present there.

Just as the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn almost passed by, she suddenly opened her eyes. She found that the time it took for her half of the incense stick to burn was simply too short for her, she figured that she would require ten times the amount of time than the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, before she could even do something. But because she had already boasted about it, there was simply no room for her to change it.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Gu Lan, how is it?” The ugly and fierce looking man hurriedly asked in an anxious voice, while his expression was as if he also cared very much about her.

Ning Cheng who was standing to one side could clearly see what was happening, after the red robed young woman opened her eyes, she frowned slightly, it was apparent that she could not find a way to break open this stone door. But that man with a small white face who looked like a gigolo was quite sly. At this time, he did not even speak a few words.

“Let’s attack this place together.” When the red robed young woman heard the words of that ugly and ferocious looking man, she suddenly pointed to a spot on the stone door and said.

When Ning Cheng looked at the spot she had pointed to, he laughed inwardly, this girl simply could not find a better location, but in order to not wanting to lose face, she simply pointed towards the spot on the stone door that he himself had used to break open twice.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Gu Lan, if all three of us attack together then I am afraid that the attacking power would simply be too big. It would be better if I alone among us try and attack that spot and see what happens.” That man cultivator who looked like a gigolo, suddenly opened his mouth, and spoke with a very gentle tone.

When the ugly and ferocious looking man heard this gigolo looking male cultivator speak, he also hurriedly spoke, “Wu Shu is right, let us first try. Wu Shu, although your cultivation is a little higher than my own. But your True Essence is not as rich as my own, so let me be the person to try it out first.”

That gigolo looking male cultivator called Wu Shu, unexpectedly nodded and said, “All right, Brother Zuo Hong Xuan is a cultivator who likes to use brute force. Perhaps there may really be some miraculous effect.”

Saying that, he pulled himself to the side, along with that red robe wearing young woman called Gu Lan and stood to one side. Ning Cheng at the moment was laughing inwardly, this person called Zuo Hong Xuan simply not only sold himself, but also needed help to count his money.

When Zuo Hong Xuan saw the two of them believe in him, he became even more confident, as he directly resorted to his copper gong, and then banged it directly at the spot that the young girl had pointed to.

The copper gong had quite the Imposing Manner and although it emitted a very powerful sound out of the blue, but that attack did not even open half a crack on the vast stone door.

“Crash……” But the next instant a sound similar to the one that was produced by the copper gong exploded out, some of the nearby cultivators, even had to cover up their own ears, as that sound was simply too terrible.

Almost the next instant the Crash sound emerged, with an extremely fast speed, even more faster than the original, approached towards Zuo Hong Xuan. Before when Zuo Hong Xuan pounded out with his copper gong, he did not have any formidable Killing Intent in it, but this attack that approached him was filled a formidable and boundless Killing Intent, as a result this attack directly crashed onto the chest of Zuo Hong Xuan. Moreover, this Killing Intent was even felt by the cultivators who were still a bit far away from him.

Zuo Hong Xuan did not even have the ability to resist such an attack for even half a moment, as he was immediately thrown out by this powerful counter attack by the shockwave that was similar to that of the copper gong.

“Puff……” A bloody light could be seen, there was an extremely deep bloody mark on the chest of Zuo Hong Xuan that was created by the incomparably sharp edge of the copper gong, and the blood simply shot out like a fountain from it.

The young girl was simply shocked, as she hurried over to him. She lifted her hand and selecting several Pills, simultaneously poured them into Zuo Hong Xuan’s mouth.

One had to say that the efficiency of the Pills that this young girl had was really extremely astonishing, as in only a short time, Zuo Hong Xuan’s cut chest immediately stopped bleeding, and even Zuo Hong Xuan stood up albeit in a trembling manner.

But the next instant, the people never thought that, the first thing that Zuo Hong Xuan did when he stood up, was to point at Ning Cheng and unexpectedly speak in a hate filled voice, “You son of a bitch, you dare to deceive me, Zuo Hong Xuan.”

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