Chapter 0150

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0150: The Strange Immortal Mansion

“Idiot.” Ning Cheng was speechless as he shook his head, he could understand with a single glance that this guy liked that girl who was called Gu Lan, but his IQ really was worrying, moreover this young girl apparently did not know what she meant to him.

As for this fellow who had been deceived, Ning Cheng also understood his meaning. His Axe Chop had obviously opened a hole in the Restriction, and this Zuo Hong Xuan also had attacked at the same place that he had used the Axe Chop on, but the result was he was counter attacked and suffered injuries, moreover he almost had even lost his life. This guy could obviously would not blame this red robed girl, and as such could only speak out with the artistic flair of rare and beautiful flowers saying that he was the one who had deceived him.

But Ning Cheng was simply not interested in his criticisms, since this Zuo Hong Xuan said that he had deceived him, why couldn’t he even think that the red robed woman was lying to him? With this kind of worryingly low IQ, combined with that gigolo looking male cultivator called Wu Shu and the red robed young woman, Ning Cheng really felt a bit sorry for this guy.

All the people around were speechless, as they silently shook their head. This fellow had obviously been clouded over by his companion, moreover he also did not seem like a person that liked to be reminded by a woman, and as such he ended up confusing the person to direct his hate.

Fortunately, this guy knew that after the injuries that he suffered, he simply was not Ning Cheng’s opponent, so after calling out, he also found that his companion had also not echoed out with him, as such he could only feel dejected as he focussed on his own healing.

This red robed young woman also looked at Ning Cheng with a bit of prestige in her eyes. She had already taken up the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, as such she did not dare to continue forcibly occupy this stone door. Although she was sure, that if she was given enough time, then she could definitely open the Restriction on this stone door.

Ning Cheng once again stood before the stone door, and although there were many cultivators who wanted to buy tickets from him, but only an extremely few people could come up with the 50,000 High Grade Spirit Stone price to purchase an admission ticket from him. Besides the eight individuals from before, only two more cultivators were able to come up with some things worth 50,000 High Grade Spirit Stones for Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng received the things, and then once again said to the two cultivators who had given him the Spirit Stones, “This time the four of us will go inside. Once the door is opened, you can advance first. Me and my Junior Apprentice Sister will follow behind you.”

Ning Cheng already had the experience of opening this stone door twice. As a result, it was much more easy for him to break open this stone door once again. The instant the stone door opened, the two cultivators who gave him the Spirit Stones quickly rushed into the stone door, but at this moment just as Meng Jing Xiu was preparing to rush through the stone door, when suddenly a silhouette of a person flashed by her side. Clearly this person wanted to seize this opportunity to enter this Immortal Mansion.

The Imposing Manner of this man who was rushing towards the door was extremely powerful, moreover his speed was also very fast, although Meng Jing Xiu was unable to react, but subconsciously she immediately moved towards the side.

This person’s shadow almost passed by Meng Jing Xiu’s side, while at the same time arrived at the entrance of the stone door.

But at this moment Ning Cheng’s response was very quick, it was as if he really did not see this rushing cultivator, and just waved his palms slightly.

“Peng……” A dull thumping sound was heard, as the cultivator who was rushing towards the door was directly pushed away as if was he round ball.

But unlike what the other cultivators expected, after he was pushed away, he did not fly far away, and only a went a few feet back, before he fell to the ground.

The surrounding cultivators then came to understand, that this person wanted to cut in.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, you can go in.” Ning Cheng called out to Meng Jing Xiu in a deep voice.

Meng Jing Xiu immediately came to understand. As she hurriedly rushed inside through the stone door, while Ning Cheng was the fourth one to go in. But before going in, without taking any extra trouble, he simply recalled the Array Flags that he had thrown out previously.

The Killing Intent Restriction on the stone door once again was restored back to its original state, at which point they discovered that that cultivator was thrown back several feet once again by the Killing Intent Restriction on the stone door, moreover there were even a few deep gashes on that cultivator along with many nearby to him, and only until this time, did they notice that the ground beneath them was completely cracked open, and was filled with blood dripping from them.

All the people sucked in cold air, this kind of counter attack from the Killing Intent Restriction was simply extraordinary, not only did it not kill just a single person, it had brought death to many. However most of the cultivators were excited by the Killing Intent that had exploded out in a counter attack, and even created an obvious scar with the Killing Intent. At this moment the cultivator who had tried to cut in was already sliced into several pieces, such a sight was simply unprecedented to them.

That red robed young woman called Gu Lan, when she looked at this cultivator who was thrown to the ground not far from her, even her eyes flashed with a trace of fear.

However, she quickly calmed herself, she did not even turn her head towards her injured male cultivator before saying, “Senior Apprentice Brother Wu, I will use my own Sword Intent to resist the Killing Intent here, you keep notice of the Killing Intent Restriction loosening up, once it appears that it has loosened up, I will also remind you right away, and you can immediately begin.”

Wu Shu spoke in a very crisp voice, “OK, Junior Sister Apprentice Gu Lan can certainly open this Stone Door’s Restriction.”

“Although I would not be able to support you with my full strength, but to deal with this Restriction on the Stone Door, I can at least offer some strength.” When Zuo Hong Xuan heard that Wu Shu and Junior Apprentice Sister Gu Lan were going to collaborate together, he immediately became anxious in his heart, and as such quickly spoke up.

Wu Shu was just about to speak, when he heard the red robe wearing young girl nod and speak, “You also can help us, although Hong Xuan is injured, he can still follow along and attack at the Senior Apprentice Brother’s position.”

Hearing that he can also get involved with them, Zuo Hong Xuan slapped his chest indicating that it certainly would not be a problem.

This time there was no time limit on the red robed young girl, as a result she simply stood in front of this stone door for an entire half an hour, while constantly using her Sword Intent to probe the Killing Intent Restriction on the Stone Door.

After half an hour, the red robed wearing young girl’s expression was already pale as she pointed towards a particular spot and said once more, “Right there, attack……”

Zuo Hong Xuan and Wu Shu almost simultaneously resorted to their magic weapons as they immediately exploded out at the spot pointed out by the red robed young girl, but then a fearful Axe Intent burst out, which completely engulfed the young girl’s Sword Intent, the powerful Axe Intent immediately set the three people flying, and did not even allow them even half a moment’s lag to let them escape.

Zuo Hong Xuan was already seriously injured, so this time when he was once again blasted at by such a powerful counter attack, he was immediately thrown to the ground, as he continually vomited out blood but simply could not get up again.

The red robed young girl was also not in much better shape, as she was also thrown back by this formidable Killing Intent, as a nearly foot-long bloody gash appeared diagonally on her chest, as it directly cut through her undergarments down to the bone.

The one with the lightest injuries was Wu Shu, unexpectedly because the main brunt of the attack was bored by the other two, as a result Wu Shu suffered only a scar on his arm, moreover it was not even a major wound.

Wu Shu basically did not look at anyone else, as he quickly arrived by the side of the red robed young woman. He immediately took out a healing pill and anxiously spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Gu Lan, take this Healing Pill. With this your injury should not matter right?”

Seeing Wu Shu’s extremely serious demeanour, the red robed young woman took the pill and said, “I’m fine, but this time I brought trouble for you.”

Seeing Wu Shu and Junior Apprentice Sister Gu Lan console and comfort each other, although Zuo Hong Xuan was lying on the ground, he also wanted to be comforted by Junior Apprentice Sister, it was a pity that the injury that he suffered this time was simply too serious.

“Never mind me, we can try and see again.” Wu Shu waited for the red robed young woman to bind her wound and spoke.

The eyes of the red robed young girl flickered with sadness, as she shook her head and said, “It would be needless for us to try again, this Killing Intent Restriction is not something that I can break open. If I could break open this Restriction, then at this moment all three of us would be inside the Immortal Mansion. If I had known that this would happened, I might as well……”

The red robed wearing young girl did not finish the rest of her words, but even then Wu Shu could still understand her meaning. If they had known about this then, they would have definitely offered some Spirit Stones to that damned guy, and could have bought the admission ticket, but now it was simply too late.


After Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu entered the Stone Door through the Killing Intent Restriction, they immediately felt an extremely rich Spiritual Qi, it almost made both of them want to go into closed door cultivation then and there.

The place the two of them were standing was in the middle of a circular room, although they looked all around the room with their eyes, but they could not find any passage.

“What happened to those people who came with us?” Meng Jing Xiu glanced all around the room only to find that there was no one besides them, even the two people who entered with them were nowhere to be seen.

Ning Cheng had also simultaneously discovered this issue, but his reaction speed was much faster, so much so that Meng Jing Xiu simply could not compare to, as he immediately pulled Meng Jing Xiu back and held her to his bosom. Meng Jing Xiu had not yet reacted, when she felt her whole body covered in a light, while at the same time she immediately started feeling a bit of dizziness.

Although Meng Jing Xiu was also a True Condensation Cultivator, moreover even for a True Condensation Cultivator, her comprehension ability was also very high. So in this kind of situation how could she not know that she and Ning Cheng were being transferred away by a Transfer Array? She immediately understood that when Ning Cheng hugged her, it was to prevent them from being separated from each other.

Because of the intense dizziness that was spreading throughout her, it made Meng Jing Xiu’s consciousness somewhat fuzzy, even Ning Cheng could only hold onto a shred of his consciousness, before this Space Transfer Array sent them away.

“Bang” Ning Cheng felt as is his entire body go loose in an instant, as a result he could not help but involuntarily fall down, as he appeared on top of a bulging blue rock.

Ning Cheng’s body shook a few times, as he almost took a few steps forwards because of the inertia. Perhaps if he had not been aware of his position, then he might have already involuntarily taken a few steps forward.

At this moment, the place he was standing at only had a radius of less than one foot, but even with a person standing on this big rock, they simply would not be able to see the deep black chasm that was in front of them immediately.

Ning Cheng suddenly broke out in cold sweat, he knew that the place that he appeared, if he had taken even one step forward in any direction, he would have fallen into the endlessly deep black chasm that was in front of them.

Not only the black chasm was endlessly deep but even when using his Spiritual Consciousness to his maximum he still could not sweep out till the end, moreover there was even a gloomy Killing Intent emanating from it. Because of this Killing Intent, Ning Cheng felt that once he fell into this chasm, he would certainly die, moreover even his bones would not be left behind.

Ning Cheng subconsciously shivered as he thought, what the hell was this place? It resembled the description of the netherworld hell that he had read off, is this Ancient Immortal Mansion really such gloomy place? In this terrible place, if he had not hugged Meng Jing Xiu, then with Meng Jing Xiu’s strength, if she were to be sent to a place like this, then she would have definitely ended up dead. Once she arrived here she really would not have been able to stabilize herself.

He once again swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness but found that his Spiritual Consciousness could only come out with great difficulty, moreover he could only sweep out to a certain extent, and no matter what he did he could not extend it any farther than that. In his sweep with his Spiritual Consciousness’ range, all he found was an empty dark chasm. Not only that, from the depths of the chasm, there seemed to a be suction force pulling on them.

At this time Meng Jing Xiu finally came around, as she took in the situation around her, she asked in a trembling way, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, where did we ended up transferred to, how could it be so fearful?”

Ning Cheng had already calmed himself down, it seems that whoever arranged this place wanted the people who entered to die, well regardless of it being so troublesome, for them to be transferred here, there should have been a special reason. He spoke as he held onto the hands of Meng Jing Xiu, “Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, with your cultivation level, you would not be able to do anything in this place. Either you can wait for me here or I carry you on my back, moreover whatever the choice, you still would have to be extremely careful here.”

Meng Jing Xiu had already calmed her down, and even her expression turned gentle as she spoke, “I know, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.”

Ning Cheng, displaying extreme skill, placed Meng Jing Xiu on his back, and at the same time secured Meng Jing Xiu to him with a strap to keep her fixed in place.

Seeing with how much skill Ning Cheng was operating in, Meng Jing Xiu suddenly asked, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, do you often carry people on your back?”

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