Chapter 0153

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth
Additional Consultation – Deceptioning, Etvolair, Premonition, etc.

Chapter 0153: Genius Killer

Meng Jing Xiu spoke to Ning Cheng in a low voice, “I know these two people, one of them is a genius from the Dragon and Phoenix 9 Star Academy, Cui Nie Ping, and the other is a genius from the Gui Yuan City, Gui Yu Tang. They were the first people to enter through the Killing Intent Restriction on the stone door.”

“9 Star Academy?” Ning Cheng repeated the phrase in surprise. When he was still in the Cang Qin Province, he had read some notes on the 8 Star Academies in the Yi Xing Mainland, and now people from even the 9 Star Academy appeared before him.

Meng Jing Xiu gave an ‘En’ sound and continued, “Along with the 9 Star Academy, I heard that these two places, along with the Wu Nian Academy that Yue Ying entered, are the Le Continent’s three major powers.”

Ning Cheng then asked once again, “You say that this Gui Yuan City is also very great? Moreover, on the same level as a 9 Star Academy?”

“That I do not know, I only know about them because I heard the talks of the people around me when these two people broke through the Killing Intent Restriction placed on the stone door of the Immortal Mansion. I just heard that Gui Yuan City was not just an individual city, but rather the fact is that this Gui Yuan City is completely owned by the family clan with the surname Gui.”

So that was the case, for a family clan to be on an equal footing with a 9 Star Academy, it seems that this family clan really was very remarkable. Ning Cheng then suddenly smiled and said, “This family clan should be one of the largest family clan in the Yi Xing Mainland, however the last name is really lamentable.”

TL Note – That because the character Gui ‘s meaning is ‘to return/to go back’.

Meng Jing Xiu was stunned for a moment, but soon she understood the meaning of Ning Cheng, as she whispered again, “I heard people say that Cui Nie Ping and Gui Yu Tang are one of the ten most monstrous talents under the Profound Core Realm in the Le Continent, and as such they are the main focus of cultivation for their respective backers.”

“But if the point is just cultivation then why don’t they stay in their respective Academy and Clan to cultivate like Junior Apprentice Sister Danqin? Why would they come to the Angry Axe Valley?” Ning Cheng subconsciously returned a question. All the core disciple of the Academies that he had met till now had given him the same impression, as their natural qualifications went against the heavens, the Academies would do everything to protect them, and not let them run around in the grassroots like this aimlessly.

Meng Jing Xiu shook her head, “That is not the case, I heard that in real large Academies, the disciples with more heaven defying qualifications are encouraged to go out and experience the world while simultaneously cultivating and training. However, the trump cards that they hold in their hands are many, and as such it is very difficult for them to fall. As for them staying indoors and cultivating, although they may be able to achieve a high cultivation, but then they would lack competitiveness which is a must for all cultivators.”

The two cultivators who were confronting each other moved towards Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu, at this moment they were only ten meters away from Ning Cheng before they stopped.

The man on the left was wearing a brown cultivator’s robe, had slender eyebrows, with a clean and white face, with bright eyes, and had a peaceful looking expression on his face. But his whole body was giving off a cheetah-like dangerous aura. While the person on the right had a slightly shorter figure, and had a bronze like skin, with thick lips. But what was different in him from the person on his left, was that the aura in and around him was constantly exploding out in pulses which could even be seen externally, any person who looked at him would immediately realize that this person was simply not to be trifled with.

“Who are you? I believed that as long as …… Why have I never seen you?” The brown robe wearing cultivator on the left with a white and clean face stared at Ning Cheng and asked with a deep tone.

While simultaneously staring at Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu with suspicion in his eyes. Although he had seen Meng Jing Xiu a few days ago. Back at the time when he had broken the Killing Intent Restriction on the Stone Door this woman seemed to have been around that place. But this woman only had the cultivation of True Condensation 6th Level, so how could it be possible for her to come inside?

But he soon ignored Meng Jing Xiu and had only spared a glance at her, he could guess how Meng Jing Xiu came inside, it seemed that she had some kind of relationship with Ning Cheng. He was already using his Spiritual Consciousness to carefully observe Ning Cheng, but even after a long time he only got a vague feeling that Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Early Stage Essence Building Realm.

He had a feeling that this Ning Cheng was the one that he had to watch out against. While at the same time he also understood what was the matter, although this place did not have Rank 7 Spiritual Grasses, but there were still many Rank 6 Spiritual Grasses. These things were of much use to him, of course, whether it was a single person or a few people in front of him, it did not represent the same thing.

“I have also not seen you, what is so strange about it, the Yi Xing Mainland is very big, does one know every genius there is out there?” Ning Cheng also spoke loudly.

The person in front of him had not finished his words, when he already understood the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words. That is as long as they had skill, then he would have definitely known about them, or rather he should have known about them.

“I was given a nickname, called ‘Waiting for you every day, who asked you to come’ killer……”

TL Note – Yes that’s what he said, I crosschecked with the Qidian Source along with a few of other translators (Premonition, Etvolair, Deceptioning, TaffyGirl) for this headache inducing line.

Ning Cheng had not yet finished speaking, when the fair and clean looking cultivator, frowned and mumbled to himself, “‘Waiting for you every day, who asked you to come’ killer …… Is it possible that this friend has been here for a few days, and every day was waiting here for other people to break through the Angry Axe Lotus Flower Pond just to prey on them?”

“Therefore, I just shortened it out to just ‘Genius Killer’….” Ning Cheng just finished his words, when the man who was mumbling to himself also just finished.

Hearing that term ‘Genius Killer’, this fair and clean looking cultivator understood that Ning Cheng was making fun of them. Ning Cheng definitely knew that they were one of the ten monstrous genius cultivators from the Le Continent below the Profound Core Realm.

Angry Axe Lotus Flower Pond? Ning Cheng had not thought that the place that he had rushed through that was as scary as hell itself initially, could still have such an elegant sounding name?

The reason that Ning Cheng had spoken in such a manner was because he was already prepared for a fight. These two guys were at Essence Building 7th Level. So if he had to fight, then Ning Cheng was not afraid of them, but he was worried about Meng Jing Xiu.

“Ha Ha……” This fair and clean looking cultivator laughed and suddenly said, “Genius Killer, this friend’s nickname is really good, I am Dragon and Phoenix 9 Star Academy’s Cui Nie Ping.”

With him speaking up, the other cultivator who was slightly shorter in stature who had a similar cultivation of Essence Building Realm came forward and spoke, “Le Continent’s Gui Yuan City’s Gui Yu Tang.”

Ning Cheng had thought that when he had seen these two people, they had initially seemed to have a bit of confrontation between them, and were almost on the verge of fighting, but now when they saw a stranger that tried to meddle in their affairs, he thought that they would immediately begin fighting with them. But he had not thought that these two people not only had not begun fighting, but rather they immediately brought out their respective Sect’s name, and moreover were also looking very serious.

“God Wind Academy’s Ning Cheng.” Ning Cheng was already well prepared for a fight, but since the other party did not have such an intention at the moment, he would also not continue to cause trouble.

“God Wind Academy?” Cui Nie Ping and Gui Yu Tang immediately spoke out simultaneously as they looked at each other, moreover there was even doubt in their looks, as they did not have the slightest impression of the God Wind Academy.

They immediately realized that this God Wind Academy must be a common Academy, as such Cui Nie Ping also no longer continued to inquire, and instead smiled as he spoke, “Since Brother Ning can cross the Angry Axe Lotus Flower Pond, and is also nicknamed as the Genius Killer, then presumably you are not a common person. This Cui is really ashamed of himself as a man, as I barely could scrape into the ranks of geniuses from the Le Continent, moreover I barely was able to force my way through the Angry Axe Lotus Flower Pond, thus this Cui wants to ask for advice from Brother Ning who is also renowned as the Genius Killer.”

Cui Nie Ping’s tone was very humble, which in fact implied his arrogance, it showed that he basically did not put that so called self-styled Genius Killer Ning Cheng in his eyes. But his cultivation seemed to be good, and was not pointing noses to satirize a challenge. But the words he spoke, although he himself issued the challenge, it was no different than a pointed nose challenge.

When he had issued the challenge, Ning Cheng’s face remained calm, while in his heart he slightly frowned. Cui Nie Ping finally raised his eyebrows, “Brother Ning, is it possible that you do not put Gui Yu Tang and me in your eyes, and as such disdain from having a spar with us?”

At the same time, the slightly short cultivator laughed and said, “If you want to challenge me, then first try and defeat the first hurdle called Cui Nie Ping, otherwise I have no interest to spar against losers.”

Ning Cheng did not think that these two guys would not put the Spiritual Grasses in front of them in their eyes, not to mention even try to grab the Spiritual Grasses in their path, but rather unexpectedly wanted to spar with him, without even asking him about the things in the wooden cabin behind them. Associating this incident with the purple robe wearing young girl with a veil on her face who was from the Wu Nian Academy, he silently wondered in his heart, are all the disciples from the large academies extremely rich? So rich that even with Rank 6 Spiritual Grasses in front of them, and the good things supposedly within the Immortal Mansion, were not something would faze them?

This Cui Nie Peng and Gui Yu Tang may not care about the Spiritual Grasses, but that did not mean that Ning Cheng did not care about it.

As Ning Cheng thought till here, he cupped his fists as he spoke, “Since Brother Cui wants to challenge me, then I would certainly not refuse. However, I am a person who has not yet seen the world, unlike Brother Cui and Brother Gui who come from large Sects. Here there are many Spiritual Grasses that Brother Cui and Brother Gui do not care about, as such I actually do not want us to fight here, which would end up destroying these Spiritual Grasses.”

Saying that, Ning Cheng basically did not wait for Cui Nie Ping and Gui Yu Tang to answer as he directly turned to Meng Jing Xiu and said, “Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, these two talented individuals despise these Spiritual Grasses, in order to avoid being destroyed by our spar, we will have to hurry up and first go and dig them all up.”

Meng Jing Xiu laughed inwardly, she with a cry of acknowledgement, rushed into the Spiritual Grass Garden and began to dig out the Spiritual Grasses. Ning Cheng also rushed past, but still did not forget to turn his head towards Cui Nie Ping and he spoke, “Brother Cui, please wait for me for a short while, once I get done with these Spiritual Grasses, I will right away come to you to exchange some pointers.”

Cui Nie Ping already was looking blankly at the already steadily upturning garden as he watched Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu wantonly dig out the Spiritual Grasses, as he mumbled to himself, who said that they did not care about these Spiritual Grasses? Rank 4 and above Spiritual Grasses, even in sect comparable to a 9 Star Academy, is also a good thing, how can there be any reason for them to be not concerned about it?

Of course, since they were disciples of large Academies and Sects so the amount of resources provided to them was certainly quite large when compared to other disciples from other Academies, as such they had proposed a competition among them. If they won, then they would obviously receive more of the Spiritual Grasses, while the loser would receive less or almost no Spiritual Grasses from here. But they hadn’t even started competing, when these people had already started to loot the Spiritual Grasses here, this Ning Cheng was simply too straightforward and petty, right?

Gui Yu Tang also almost ran behind Ning Cheng into the Medicine Garden as he spoke, “Brother Cui is from the 9 Star Academy, so of course he wouldn’t care about these Spiritual Grasses here, but I need to find my own resources to cultivate, as such these things here have a great utility for me.”

As he spoke, he already was simultaneously digging out the Spiritual Grasses.

Cui Nie Ping also immediately rushed inside as he knew that if Ning Cheng ended up on top, then dividing the Spiritual Grasses would simply be impossible. At this time if he acted with modesty then he really was an idiot, and as such he also did not hesitate as he rushed into the Medicine Garden, as he smiled and spoke, “Rank 4 and higher Spiritual Grasses are crucial for me, how can I let go of this opportunity. Although the Dragon and Phoenix Academy is rich, but they are the resources of the Academy, and not my Cui Nie Ping’s.”

Ning Cheng cursed in his heart, as he looked at those two act without constraint, now that they were digging themselves, they immediately exposed their original face.

He saw that Meng Jing Xiu’s digging speed of Spiritual Grasses was simply too slow, and as such simply did not bother to dig stub by stub anymore, as he directly sent out a punch facing the front of the Spiritual Grass Garden.

The formidable Axe Fist was filled with a powerful Killing Intent as it directly seeped into the floor of the Spiritual Grass Garden, this was his Axe Line formed from Killing Intent that he had recently comprehended. This Axe Line loosened all the mud and dirt underneath the Spiritual Grasses allowing them to be freely picked under Ning Cheng’s formidable control with his Spiritual Consciousness, without causing any injury to the Spiritual Grasses.

Once all the Spiritual Grasses came loose, Ning Cheng simply stretched out his hand, and the numerous Spiritual Grasses immediately flew out towards him, getting rid of the residual dirt, as they fell cleanly into Ning Cheng’s hands, and in an instant were immediately stored into Ning Cheng’s Storage Bag.

Ning Cheng felt a bit pleased in his heart, luckily he Spiritual Consciousness had risen sharply in that Angry Axe Lotus Flower Pond, otherwise he would not have been able to make such a move. But he did not halt his pace at all, as he once again arrived at a new lush green place, and once again blasted out a punch.

Cui Nie Ping and Gui Yu Tang looked blankly at Ning Cheng’s rogue-style looting of the Spiritual Grasses, while in their hearts they were thinking that this person was simply too shameless.

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