Chapter 0154

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth
Sponsored By – Persona, Pedro Chaves, William Tan, Ron S.

Chapter 0154: I Also Use The Fist

The two people’s reaction was very quick as they came over, while simultaneously speeding up their speed of collection of the Spiritual Grasses. Unfortunately, the two of them did not have skills like Ning Cheng, and as such they were not able to dig out the Spiritual Grasses properly from the Medicine Garden, because of which they discovered that the Spiritual Grasses that they collected in a hurry did not even contain a tenth of their efficacy.

Looking at the now already bare Spiritual Grass Garden, both of them looked at each other with blank faces, as they thought that this Ning Cheng was a little too ruthless. Not only was he ruthless, even his table manners were unsightly.

Because of this incident, the impression of Ning Cheng on the two of them changed a lot. These two guys were the geniuses of the Le Continent, and as such were always complemented and thought highly by everyone. But under such circumstances they knew perfectly well that because they had increased their speed to dig out the Spiritual Grasses improperly, as a result they had ended up destroying most of their loot. Of course, it was also possible that the two guys eat him up, and then take the Spiritual Grasses acquired by him, which would ultimately end up helping them.

“Brother Ning, you really have quick hands and feet.” Cui Nie Ping saw that the Spiritual Grasses collected by Meng Jing Xiu were also given to Ning Cheng, and could not help but speak out sarcastically.

Ning Cheng gave a laugh, “I have never thought that the two geniuses who came from such prestigious backgrounds would also come to small places like these to loot from the other cultivators, fortunately the good things here have now been divided up evenly. Previously when you came here, you proposed a spar, if you want to I can spar with you now, but if you do not want to spar then I am afraid that I will have to take my leave from this place.”

Cui Nie Ping sneered and spoke, “If Brother Ning can equally divide the good stuff here then it would really be good, since Brother Ning arrived here first, then I think that the things inside the log cabin were also taken away by Brother Ning, right?”

Ning Cheng did not deny it, and instead spoke in a very generous manner. “Ah yeah, the little things inside the log cabin were all taken away by me…….”

“Well then, let me have a small gamble with Brother Ning, since this is better than sparing, I hope you can bring forth a few of your gains……”

Ning Cheng immediately knew what Cui Nie Ping meant, but still he very carefully nodded his head, “Brother Cui’s proposition is good, since this is a gamble, then one must bring forth their respective bets. Since Brother Cui was the one to propose this contest, then the bets will be decided by me.”

Cui Nie Ping had not said anything about the bets yet, since Ning Cheng on his own initiative spoke the words that he wanted to speak.

Cui Nie Ping thought that since they had no means to dispute the claim, as such he could only put forward a gamble of sorts between them. Ning Cheng said that the bets would be decided by him, this was not strange to them. Since Ning Cheng was not the one to propose the gamble, then he could definitely decide the bets.

But then he frowned, according to this way of thinking, even if Ning Cheng lost he would definitely not bring out the things that he obtained from the inside of the log cabin, rather he might only bring out the Spiritual Grasses that he obtained here. But he affirmed that he would definitely not lose, therefore he simply did not think that he should be the one to put up something first.

Thinking till here, he simply took out a few inch-tall Jade bottle and threw it out casually. That jade bottle smoothly fell to the ground several dozens of meters away on a stone, “This is my Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence that I had obtained in the Angry Axe Valley, moreover this is a full bottle right here, I do not know if Brother Ning can come up with something similar in value to this Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence.”

When Ning Cheng heard the words ‘Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence’ he was immediately surprised in his heart. He knew that the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was a Rank 8 Spiritual Medicine. Moreover, its inherent nature was ‘constant growth’. Even the highest bidder in the cultivation world of the Yi Xing Mainland would not be able to acquire such a thing no matter how much he bid. But at present an Essence Building Realm Cultivator had actually come up with such a good thing, it proved that there evidently really were more good things in this Angry Axe Valley, and it was not just he who had harvested such a good fortune.

Moreover, this Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was considered as the highest quality Spiritual Medicine that could be used to repair a cultivator’s broken Meridians. If at the beginning when his Meridians were shredded in the Thunder Fall Desert, if there was no Mysterious Yellow Origin to remould his Meridians, then he could have similarly used this Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence to repair his Meridians. But who in their right mind would come up with Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence to give to a common cultivator to repair their meridians? The value of the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was simply countless times much more precious than compared to a True Condensation Cultivator.

Ning Cheng also directly took out a ring and threw it on top of the stone. “This ring is the thing that I had just obtained from the log cabin, as to what is inside, I did not have the chance to look at them.”

When Cui Nie Ping saw Ning Cheng actually throw out a ring, his eyes immediately shined and said, “Good, so you really are going to use this ring for your bet.”

When they came here, Ning Cheng had not yet collected the Spiritual Grasses in the Spiritual Medicine Garden, presumably because he did not have enough time, so he assumed that Ning Cheng had also come here not much earlier than them. Moreover, since he certainly did not arrive much earlier than them, then there was a good chance that the ring had not yet been opened. Since this was a ring from an ancient cultivator, then even it only contained a Cultivation Method, he would have definitely made a huge profit. Originally he wanted to agitate Ning Cheng to the point that he would take out all the Spiritual Grasses, but he had never thought that he would rouse Ning Cheng to such an extent that he would even take out the ring.

Not to say him, but even the one on his side, Gui Yu Tang, both his eyes were shining brightly, it was obvious that he had taken a liking to that ring that Ning Cheng brought out.

Ning Cheng gave a chuckle. “My bet is indeed more than enough, but Brother Cui, how can you use a mere bottle of Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence to bet against my ring? One has to know that since this is the ring of an ancient cultivator, as such it is many more times incomparably precious than your Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence. Or is it that Brother Cui wants to bully me because I come from a small place, and have not yet seen the world.”

Cui Nie Ping really had such an idea, but now that he was called out by Ning Cheng, his face immediately turned red, as he quickly said, “There is no such thing. This ancient senior cultivator has been dead for so long, even if the inside of the ring contained precious pills there is a good chance that they have already turned to dust, how can they be used?”

Ning Cheng also spoke in an unhurried manner, “Brother Cui you are just guessing, as for whether or not that ancient cultivator died or not, Brother Cui I think that even you can’t dare to be sure. Perhaps this belongs to somebody else who died recently? Besides even if there were no precious pills inside the ring, but what about the countless Spirit Stones, Magic Weapons, Cultivation Methods…… hey hey, do I need to say anything more? Moreover, it’s not like you people do not have other good things, why don’t you bring out the Best Quality Spiritual Artefact that was used as an Array Flag for the Killing Intent Restriction?”

Only now did Meng Jing Xiu realize what Ning Cheng had said was the truth, the owner of this ring really might have passed away.

Cui Nie Peng suddenly frowned, he also knew that what Ning Cheng had said was right. When he entered the Immortal Mansion, was it not just for taking out the ring that was in Ning Cheng’s hands? Thinking till here, he once again threw out a jade bottle, along with two Storage Bags as he said again, “This jade bottle also contains the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence, I only obtained two full bottles, and all of it is out there. As for the two Storage Bags, one bag is full of Spiritual Grasses, while the other is full of Spirit Stones.”

Anyways he was sure that he would not lose, so he would only have to wait for a while before taking them back with a huge profit.

Ning Cheng saw that Cui Nie Ping was really no longer going to come up with anymore of his stuff, so he could only forcefully nod his head as he spoke, “All right, since that is the case, then Brother Cui, please begin.”

When Cui Nie Ping saw that Ning Cheng had agreed to the bet, he no longer spoke anymore nonsense, as he was already drunk on his assumed victory. His whole body took a flying leap, as he threw out a punch at Ning Cheng.

“Yi! Does Brother Cui likes to use his fist? Well I also like to use my fist.” Ning Cheng saw that Cui Nie Ping had sent out a punch towards him, but even then he simply spoke calmly, as he also blasted out a punch.

Cui Nie Ping and Ning Cheng were only a dozen meters apart from each other, so when he had only casually taken a step forward, he had already come in front of Ning Cheng. When his punch bombed out, the space all around him instantly became steaming hot as the Spiritual Qi all around was converted into Killing Intent, which completely covered Ning Cheng. Moreover, this Killing Intent was not only fierce and vindictive, there was not even a bit spilling out. As such Meng Jing Xiu and Gui Yu Tang who were standing at the side could only feel the steaming hot wind that was blowing off from it, as for the terrible Killing Intent they simply could not feel it at all.

This was no longer a contest as it had completely turned into a brawl, once someone was trapped in this kind of Killing Intent, then they would only end up with a fatal ending.

Although Meng Jing Xiu’s cultivation was extremely poor amongst them and could not feel the Killing Intent from Cui Nie Ping’s fist, but that did not mean that she could not see what was happening. If Ning Cheng was to be struck with this fist, then even if Ning Cheng did not die, he would at least lose a layer of skin.

Meng Jing Xiu had seen Essence Building Cultivators fight with Ning Cheng, and although she was not as good as the two Essence Building Cultivators fighting, but even she could tell that Cui Nie Ping’s fist was indeed powerful.

Compared to Cui Nie Ping’s fist, Ning Cheng’s fist seemed extremely unremarkable, it was like comparing a tiny boat to the vast and boundless crazily surging sea, if it was any other time then Cui Nie Ping’s powerful fist’s aura itself would be more than enough to strangle a person to death.

“Hong Hong Hong……” As the two fists collided together, an intermittent bone cracking sound emerged. The power contained in the fists, because of the collision with each other, immediately burst out. The wind immediately carried the Imposing Manner of the fists as the power contained in them was unleashed, it made Meng Jing Xiu feel as if she was being stabbed in her consciousness, as such she immediately subconsciously withdrew more than a dozen meters back.

Gui Yu Tang shook his head, he discovered that he had overestimated Ning Cheng. Cui Nie Ping’s fist was clearly just a test punch to probe him out, just this probing punch was more than enough to break Ning Cheng’s arm, as such he simply had no chance for him to fight against Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng also flew out tumbling, while in his heart he was secretly startled. This Gui Yu Tang was not weaker than the present him. After seeing the result of the fist attack, his understanding of Gui Yu Tang immediately became a bit deep. Just know he knew that he had not given his best shot, rather it was just a casual punch without any power behind it, moreover he also knew that Cui Nie Ping had also thrown out his punch to probe him out.

Just a moment ago the sound of bones fracturing was not from Cui Nie Ping, but rather was something that came from his arms.

Cui Nie Ping spoke in a mild tone, “If you have only thing kind of ability, then I would be very sorry for you.”

As he spoke, Cui Nie Ping once again jumped, and once more sent out a fist. But this punch was completely filled with a deadly aura, showing that he was obviously planning to kill Ning Cheng.

It was because when he had met Ning Cheng, he had thought him to have almost the same strength as him, as a result he had proposed a contest, but now that he discovered that he could easily kill the opposite party, then this Cui Nie Ping would absolutely not be lenient.

This time when that crazy fist shadow emerged, it actually brought out an inexhaustible amount of Fist Shadows. These Fist Shadows were almost as dazzling as Sword Lights, and were extremely eye catching. Moreover, it brought up a majestic Imposing Manner and Death Qi, which immediately enveloped Ning Cheng among these Fist Lights.

An Ice Cold Sword Intent that had the capability to seep into one’s marrow was leaking out. Under the invasion from the Killing Intent in these Fist Lights, Ning Cheng’s way out was already completely sealed. Ning Cheng at the moment had only one path to walk upon, and that was to enter the middle of this Ice Cold Sword Intent, and be at the mercy of the Death Qi in the Sword Intent that could tear him into pieces.

No wonder these people were able to come here, turned out this person had such a high level of comprehension towards Sword Intent, Ning Cheng finally came to understand. Moreover, he could also stir up Sword Intent through his fist, this was similar to his Axe Fist in general, which he used to stimulate the Axe Intent with his fist. Thus it could be seen that Cui Nie Ping’s primary weapon of choice was not a fist but rather a sword.

The first time he had punched out with his fist was only a probe, but now that he finally discovered that he was not his opponent, he simply decided on killing Ning Cheng with his fist. Although he had used his fist, but what came out was an Ice Cold Sword Intent.

These disciples from the large academies really were very superficial, if they met someone for the first time then they would speak politely, moreover they would always reason out and be courteous everywhere. But when they really fought, then counting on them to show mercy, was simply a dream. Once they think that they can massacre you, then they absolutely would not show even a half a moment of soft heartedness or even pause for a single moment.

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