Chapter 0155

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0155: I Also Use The Spear

However, using such a Sword Fist with the intention of killing him, he had grossly underestimated Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng not only did not force himself out of the scope of the Fist Shadows of Cui Nie Ping that were made from his Sword Intent, but rather took the initiative to actually allow them to surround him completely with him in the exact centre. At this moment, Ning Cheng was completely surrounded by Cui Nie Ping’s Death Qi and the Killing Force of his Sword Intent, just as the Sword Intent within started to tear at Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng also blasted out a punch.

Seeing that Ning Cheng was using a punch similar to his own type of Sword Fist to go against the Killing Force of his Sword Intent, the corners of Cui Nie Ping showed a slight sneer, as he thought that he had really thought highly of Ning Cheng before. Not everyone can get though the Angry Axe Lotus Flower Pond, and like him the only other person to do so was Gui Yu Ping.

But at this time, he suddenly felt something wrong, a fearsome tornado formed from Killing Intent crashed into his Sword Intent bursting it open like a piece of paper. Ning Cheng obviously did not use any Magic Weapon, but even then he could feel the wrathful edge of a great axe chop down at the Killing Force of his Sword Intent.

This wrathful edge of a great axe was simply too terrible, as it completely and directly blew open the Killing Force surrounding it that was made from his own Killing Intent. If it was only this, then Cui Nie Ping believed that he could still stand up to it.

But unexpectedly this was not the end, after this powerful Tornado formed from Axe Intent swallowed up the Killing Force of his Sword Intent, it once more filled the surroundings with its own Killing Force while simultaneously rolling it up and pushing it towards him while condensing it along the way to a point, before exploding onto his chest.

This was the true Axe Fist, moreover the Axe Intent in this Axe Fist was even innumerable times much denser than his Sword Intent. The two simply could not even be compared on the same level, one was like the dust on the ground while the other was as vast as the heavens themselves. Cui Nie Ping could integrate his Sword Intent with his fist, as such he could also see that Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist was somewhat similar to his.

As the formidable Axe Fist filled with Killing Intent bombed over to him, Cui Nie Peng knew that if he did not find a way to shunt this fist, then this fist was more than enough to tear him into fragments, this fist was truly extremely fearful.

Cui Nie Ping immediately resorted to his left hand, as a powerful Sword Intent that was completely invisible combined with his True Essence as he condensed it into a wall.

“Ka Cha……” Ning Cheng’s punch changed its aim to his left fist, immediately bursting open the True Essence Barrier. While simultaneously from the centre of the True Essence Barrier a Ka Cha sound emerged.

Cui Nie Ping knew that all the bones of his left hand had been shattered into tiny fragments. But on the contrary he felt a bit relieved. Because he had, in just the nick of time, as able to use his right hand bringing out his formidable Sword Intent’s Imposing Manner to block the attacking force just a short distance away from his chest.

“Peng.” But then again a loud sound emerged as the True Essence within the fist ruptured.

“Ka Cha” a sound emerged, but this time it was not the sound of Cui Nie Ping’s arm breaking, but rather it was Ning Cheng’s arm that broke once more, as Ning Cheng was simultaneously sent back tumbling.

Cui Nie Ping also backed away several steps, before coming to a stop. His complexion at that moment was also somewhat ugly, but he was not hurt much. Although his bones were shattered, but for him it was not a major injury.

Gui Yu Tang showed a faint smile as he looked at the ugly complexion of Cui Nie Ping. He spoke, “Brother Cui, I did not expect that the Sword Fist that you have been so proud of was really something so cheap, this Ning Cheng, I really would like to exchange some moves with him very much.”

Cui Nie Ping’s complexion turned really ugly, but had not replied to the words of Gui Yu Tang, as he was still in the process of recalling what had happened a moment ago in his fight with Ning Cheng.

Looking back at what happened, it looked like Ning Cheng was slightly more injured than him, but why did it feel like he was the one who was at a complete disadvantage?

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, is your hand all right.” Meng Jing Xiu hastily came over to Ning Cheng’s side, as she supported Ning Cheng up.

Ning Cheng took a few deep breaths and said, “Do you think that my arm is broken. Actually there is nothing wrong at all with my hand, it’s just this guy is very fierce.”

Judging from the surface, a moment ago when Cui Nie Ping fought, he had really been pushed back a few steps.

After Ning Cheng took a few more deep breaths, he once again returned to his original position as he looked at Cui Nie Ping and said, “Brother Cui, although I was the one who stepped back a slight distance more than you a moment ago. However, you have an arm broken, which is one more than when compared to mine, thus it can be seen that you are at a disadvantage. So, I think that you really have lost this challenge. What do you say?”

Meng Jing Xiu looked blankly at Ning Cheng, she had always thought that Ning Cheng’s way of handling things was very realistic. Even if she could not see what happened a moment ago, Ning Cheng looked slightly worse off than his opponent. Regardless of the conditions of the ‘spar’, this was still the result in the end. She had never thought that Ning Cheng would simply reverse the result and speak about it in such a way.

Let alone what Meng Jing Xiu was thinking, even Cui Nie Ping’s face changed continuously for a while, as he spoke, “Yes, I truly fell back a moment ago……”

“Well then, I’ll just help myself.” Ning Cheng did not let Cui Nie Ping finish his words, as he immediately took away the things placed on the stone.

As Cui Nie Ping looked at what was happening his heart immediately started bleeding. He had just said that he had been pushed a few steps back, but he had not said that he had lost, but this guy had already swept away the things.

However carefully looking at the situation from a moment ago, he finally could not raise any objections. He could sense that these things were not as he had felt them to be. He was certainly clear about his injuries, that his arm bones had definitely been shattered to pieces. But Ning Cheng had said that he had one more broken arm than him, didn’t this imply that Ning Cheng’s arm had never broken from the beginning till the end?

If Ning Cheng’s arm was not broken, then why did he hear the sound of his arm breaking twice?

Gui Yu Tang also looked at Cui Nie Ping, as Ning Cheng put away the things, as he saw Cui Nie Ping had not even raised a single objection, this seemed really wrong to him. By rights, Cui Nie Ping should have continued to fight again.

“Brother Cui, you let him win, it looks like the things that you obtained in the Angry Axe Valley, are far more than just this.” Gui Yu Tang also found it very strange, as he knew that this Cui Nie Ping was not such a nice person.

He was still hesitant, when he once again heard Ning Cheng saying, “Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, this time I have obtained many Spiritual Grasses, moreover I even obtained a ring, it looks like we can go now.”

“Wait Wait, Brother Ning, with that fist that was brimming with Axe Intent a moment, the one that made Brother Cui to admit defeat on his own initiative, this made this Gui Yu Tang to admire you extremely. I would also like to have a spar with Brother Ning, I think that Brother Ning will also not dare to refuse it?” Gui Yu Tang saw that Ning Cheng wanted to leave, as he quickly stepped up and spoke.

Ning Cheng frowned, and only after a long time did he speak, “Just now when I sparred with Brother Cui, I’ve seen the powerful strength of such a genius, if not for being envious of Brother Cui’s Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence, I would have definitely not sparred with him, you know, my ring comes from an ancient cultivator……”

Gui Yu Tang laughed, as he raised his hands and threw out a block of a dark stone like object and said, “This is Yi Xing Mainland’s top Crafting Material, True Burning Star Sand.”

Ning Cheng was feeling extremely depressed in his heart at the moment, these guys really have obtained some really good things, this True Burning Star Sand was actually a Rank 9 Crafting Material, even if Ning Cheng was not in contact with those hot shots of the cultivation world, he knew that if even a word of such a stuff ever got out it would immediately lead to a large scale war.

“This True Burning Star Sand was something that I found in the depths of the Angry Axe Valley, you have to know, that if my Clan came to know that I had taken out the True Burning Star Sand for a wager, then even if I was a core member, I would inevitably have to suffer harsh punishment according to the clan rules.”

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile and spoke, “This True Burning Star Sand is truly precious, But I’m only an Essence Building Cultivator, what would I even do with such a thing? Moreover, even if your object is something even more precious, but the price that you brought out is still not enough. Perhaps inside my ring I may even find dozens of blocks of True Burning Star Sand, for you to make a bet with such a thing, do you take me to be stupid?”

Gui Yu Tang sneered but still spoke calmly, “The inside of your ring may indeed contain more than a dozen blocks of the True Burning Star Sand, but there is also a possibility that it does not contain anything, and is empty inside.”

Ning Cheng seemed to behave as if he had not heard the words of Gui Yu Tang, and simply did not give an answer.

Gui Yu Tang saw the way Ning Cheng acted, and knew that his chips were really not enough to move him. Thinking till here, he clenched his teeth as he took out a rusty and stained furnace and said, “This is also something that I had obtained in the Angry Axe Valley, even I cannot estimate its grade, it should be enough, right?”

Ning Cheng immediately used his Spiritual Consciousness to inspect this stove, and immediately his eyes lit up, and he suddenly laughed and spoke, “Since Brother Gui has said that it was enough, then I am sure that I certainly have no comment. Then, Brother Gui you can begin first.”

Gui Yu Tang was waiting for Ning Cheng to speak exactly those words, and just as Ning Cheng’s voice fell, a Spear with an almost entirely blue body fell into his hands.

“Yi! Brother Gui also uses a spear, I also use the spear.” Ning Cheng spoke as he raised his hands, and the broken spear appeared in Ning Cheng’s hands.

When Cui Nie Ping heard Ning Cheng’s words, he even more firmly believed that his choice a moment before was the right one. Ning Cheng was absolutely not similar to him in his use of his fist, so it was possible for him to not use the Spear in the same way as Gui Yu Tang. Only such kind of a person, was the most fearful. Even he felt somewhat afraid of this person, moreover the Spear in Ning Cheng’s hands was not a complete one, the Spear Head and the Spear Tail even looked decrepit.

When Meng Jing Xiu heard Ning Cheng’s words, she almost laughed out loud. Fortunately, there was no one with an Axe here, if there was someone with an Axe here, then she thought that Ning Cheng would certainly once more say ‘Yi! You use an Axe ah; I also use the Axe.’

Gui Yu Tang seemed to have felt that there was something that was not right, but now that he had challenged Ning Cheng, he would absolutely not flinch away. He shook the blue Spear in his hand, as it immediately transformed into a spear that was more than 10 feet long.

“First eat my spear……” Gui Yu Tang was a very decisive person, so almost at the same time that Ning Cheng brought out his spear, he simultaneously thrusted out with his blue spear that was in his hand.

Even a naked eye could see the blue ripples that appeared in the sky, these ripples were like the ripples formed in the water as a stone dropped into it.

Cui Nie Ping who was standing at the side was completely flabbergasted as he looked on, he could never think that Gui Yu Tang would immediately resort to his Spear Technique in such a situation. As these blue ripples condensed out of thin air, it was the sign of the culmination of his Spear Intent.

Once these ripples of Spear Intent wrapped around the opponent, then that scene would be completely directed by Gui Yu Tang.

But Ning Cheng actually did not care about this for even a single bit, as the Spear in his hand transformed into 30 Ice Cold Spear Shadows one after another, these Spear Shadows immediately formed into a Spear Network.

Gui Yu Tang’s ripples of Spear Intent were still spreading into the surroundings from it as a centre, but Ning Cheng’s Spear Network had already formed from the Spear Shadows that had emerged from the Spear that he had taken out.

In only a short time, the two Spear Intents collided together. After the blue ripple like Spear Intent and Ning Cheng’s 36 Profound Ice Spear Shadow Technique collided, loud intermittent explosions could be heard as the Spear Shadows burst.

The blue ripple like Spear Intent when collided with Ning Cheng’s Spear Network, it instantly broke apart under the explosions, but the broken down blue ripples had not dissipated, rather they turned into innumerable blue flashes of light as they immediately approached Ning Cheng.

But at this moment Ning Cheng did not even have the slightest fear, after his Spear Network shattered Gui Yu Tang’s blue ripple like Spear Intent, it had also not dissipated, rather it spun around, and immediately blew apart the innumerable blue flashes of light.

But at this moment Gui Yu Tang was actually shuddering, as a terrible bone piercing chill invaded his bones from the air, which he was unable to completely block. The Spear Network that Ning Cheng shot out immediately shrunk, forming a single thick Profound Ice Spear Shadow that immediately flashed towards him.

At this moment, how did Ning Cheng even look like his True Essence had depleted and was gasping for breath? Gui Yu Tang now fully understood why in the previous fight between Ning Cheng and Cui Nie Ping, although Cui Nie Ping did not eat much of a loss, but he still threw in the towel.

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