Chapter 0159

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0159: Extreme Scum of the Society

Inside the tomb, there was a slanting staircase descending down, but Ning Cheng did not sweep too far with his Spiritual Consciousness, and just extended it to the range of 10 meters. But the staircase was definitely more than 10 meters in length, because of which Ning Cheng also did not continue to search for the bottom. Since at the moment he was in the territory of a Profound Congealing Cultivator, he had to be extremely careful with his actions.

Ning Cheng carefully reviewed every inch of the stone staircase with his Spiritual Consciousness and came to the conclusion that this stone staircase was not build by this Profound Congealing Cultivator. It was very likely that this Profound Congealing Cultivator had found this place accidentally, then discovered that this place was beneficial to him, and as such took it as his own residence.

Ning Cheng, as he went down the staircase of this tomb, carefully arranged an Entrapment and Killing Array along the way, then he carefully and slowly moved down the staircase. Although he was not much dependent on this Entrapment and Killing Array, but just in case he had to escape from his opponent, this Entrapment and Killing Array could at least buy him the precious time that he needed to escape.

This stone staircase was very long, the downward they went the more humid and dark it became. Ning Cheng was really wondering why a Profound Congealing Cultivator would even choose this kind of place. Was cultivating in this kind of place that good?

However, as Ning Cheng went farther down, he slowly understood why the other party would want to cultivate here. This tomb was not only deep and humid, but it had an extremely rich and heavy Spiritual Qi. But this Spiritual Qi was filled with a very vile and evil aura, which made Ning Cheng really uncomfortable.

This was also felt by Meng Jingxiu, but because her cultivation was too low, she could only follow Ning Cheng from behind and as such did not have to bear the brunt of it.

They walked very slowly, and after the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu finally stepped onto the bottom of the staircase. There was a small stone structure that was similar to a stone hut in front of them, and at all the four corners of the stone structure, there was a burning stove.

Although this stone structure had four flaming stoves, but Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu still felt a chill. Even the fire in those stoves was giving out an incomparably cold feeling.

There was a corridor on both sides of the stone structure. Ning Cheng was thinking that he should pick the corridor on the left, but then the corridor on the right gave a “Shen Yin” sound. Ning Cheng hinted at Meng Jingxiu to keep following him, as the two of them carefully ducked into the corridor on the right. At the end of the corridor were two more stone structures similar to houses, that “Shen Yin” sound was coming from one of the stone structure.

[TL Note – The part “Shen Yin” in the above lines was actually written in the raws in English, so we chose to let it be like that. For those who are confused about it, ‘Shen Yin’ roughly means “To moan/To groan”. For more information, you can even google it and see.]

The stone structure did not have any doors, moreover the restrictions placed on it were also not broken in.

Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu hid behind the left most corner column. From this point they could clearly see the scene inside the right stone structures through the window like slits on the walls.

But when Meng Jingxiu looked at that scene, she immediately turned red in the face. Fortunately, she was aware of what kind of place they were in, as such she immediately concentrated on concealing her aura. One had to say, Ning Cheng’s Concealment Cultivation Method really went against the heavens, as to whether or not the opposite party had any idea about them, she did not know, but at least for now, Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu were not discovered.

In the stone structure that was across from them, there was a dishevelled man and the green robed woman Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu had seen earlier, pressed against each other on a wooden bed. Moreover, they seemed to be shaking their body with all their might. That green robed woman’s robe was already torn to pieces, and was lying on the wooden bed crying out “Shen Yin”, they simply did not know if she was crying out in pain or in bliss.

As for that woman from the Wu Nian Academy, the one wearing a veil on her face, she was simply left at the foot of the bed, it seems that the man did not have the time to even look at her body.

Ning Cheng had come from Earth, as such he also had seen some small movies of such things, but this man did not even have half the appeal of the men in those movies. It just made him completely despise him in his heart. But this man’s cultivation was formidable, Ning Cheng guessed that the Spiritual Consciousness that swept out before was originally from this person.

However, Meng Jingxiu was different, she had never seen such kind of thing, so just seeing this kind of thing even for just a short while made her whole body feel somewhat weak. In the beginning Ning Cheng had not minded Meng Jingxiu movements, for a while he even considered Meng Jingxiu to be a man on the outside, as such he had thought that even if she saw such a thing she would not make a fuss about it. However now that Meng Jingxiu’s blood flow had rapidly increased, wouldn’t this invite trouble for them?

The opposite party was a Profound Congealing Cultivator. But he had not yet discovered Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu, it was not that their cultivation was powerful, but it was because the Concealment Method employed by the two of them was simply too heaven defying. Furthermore, the two people were doing their utmost to not be noticed, otherwise they would not have been able to reach this far.

It can be said that Ning Cheng’s plan was already half done, if at this time, because of Meng Jingxiu’s accelerated blood flow, it implied that her heart was beating a lot faster than normal, as such it was likely that they would be found out. If they were discovered by this person then they would be completely finished.

Ning Cheng immediately grabbed Meng Jingxiu’s hand. As he carefully channelled some of his True Essence into her to calm down her accelerated flow of blood. But at this time, he did not dare to use his Spirit Cleansing Technique.

Fortunately, Meng Jingxiu also knew that it was an extremely serious matter, as such she forcefully stabilised herself while borrowing the help of Ning Cheng. As her heart’s restlessness finally calmed down, she once again completely hid herself in the surroundings along with him.

Ning Cheng heaved a sigh of relief, fortunately this cultivator at the Profound Congealing Realm was completely high on his enjoyment. Otherwise, it would not have been something good for them.

Meng Jingxiu thought that Ning Cheng was going to begin at this time, as according to her it was the best time to make a surprise attack. In actuality, even Ning Cheng, at that time, was taking this into consideration, but the present scene that he was seeing was not something in his calculations. Moreover, he was certain that if at this time he really started acting out his plan, then he would certainly be able to make that Profound Congealing Cultivator eat a huge loss.

As Ning Cheng hesitated whether or not he should act, an angry voice exploded from the outside. Ning Cheng also heard this cold and angry voice, and immediately suppressed his desires of acting out his plans.

That haggard looking man was almost finished, but when he heard the cold and angry voice, he immediately got down from the green robed woman. Before he could even speak, a woman wearing a blue dress immediately landed on the opposite side of the room.

When Ning Cheng saw this blue robed woman, his heart immediately sank, he did not dare to sweep this woman with his Spiritual Consciousness. However, he was sure that the cultivation of this woman, was at the very least at Profound Congealing Realm. If there was only a single Profound Congealing Cultivator, he could still dare to act, but now that there were two Profound Congealing Cultivators here, he began to consider if he really should back away.

“Sikong Kai, you son of a bitch, this old lady had painstakingly helped with all your hard work, and you even carried off this old woman’s slave behind my back…….” This blue robed woman’s expression was extremely angry at the moment, as she even raised her hands and gave two slaps on his ears.

This man called Sikong Kai gave an awkward laugh as he spoke, “Jiao Jiao, I have waited for you for a long while, but you did not come back, moreover this was not something that you wanted to do, so I first……”

“Dog shit……” The woman called Jiao Jiao shouted angrily, as she lifted her hand. The green robed woman seeing her immediately sat up as she awkwardly tried to hide her naked body, but before she could even do anything, that green robed woman was immediately cleaved in half.

This Sikong Kai’s complexion immediately became ugly, but he did not attack, but rather said, “Jiao Jiao, since you have killed that person, you should have calmed down right?”

“Sikong Kai, you shameless thing, although this old woman has just killed her today, but tomorrow you will bring a few more here, these kinds of bitches I have already killed too many……” The old woman was still extremely angry.

Sikong Kai grunted, but did not argue, as he turned to that purple robed woman. He casually picked her up from the ground, and threw her on the wooden bed and said, “I heard that this woman has a high quality Spiritual Root, and so will…….”

As Sikong Kai spoke, he had already pulled the veil off the purple robed woman’s face. But when he saw the appearance of this purple robed woman, he immediately became stunned, as he completely forgotten the words he wanted to say.

Not to say that Sikong Kai was completely stunned, but even the woman called Jiao Jiao was also stunned as she looked at the purple robed woman on the wooden bed. This woman was simply too beautiful, both of them could swear that they had never seen such a beauty in their entire lives.

A face so perfect that it could be said to have come from a beautiful and exquisite painting of the fairies. This simple yet unparalleled beautiful face, even with her eyes closed, would not let a person allow them to shift their eyes from it, once this woman wakes up and opened her eyes, wouldn’t her beauty entrance the entire world?

Even Ning Cheng who was looking from afar, was also extremely shocked, but fortunately he knew what kind of danger he was in at the moment, as he immediately curbed the shock in his mind.

Although he had also seen a lot of beautiful woman, his former girlfriend Tian Muwan, as well as An Yi and Yue Ying, and even Meng Jingxiu and Meng Yujing, all of them were extremely beautiful girls. However, Ning Cheng believed that even these beauties were inferior to the purple robed woman before him. Before when he saw only the woman’s eyes, he could tell that she was very beautiful, but now the sight in front of him was extremely stunning.

No wonder she must use the veil to cover up her face, if such a beautiful and exquisite face was revealed to the world, it was completely capable of bringing disaster to even an entire country full of people.

“So pretty……” For a moment Sikong Kai muttered those words to himself in a daze.

Jiao Jiao’s eyebrows immediately pricked up, she reached out her hand to grab this purple robed woman, as she said, “Since you were saying to me to come earlier a while ago……”

Sikong Kai quickly stepped in front of her, “No, this woman, I have to take this one, after this, I guarantee to you that……”

“Dog shit……” Jiao Jiao immediately called a second time Sikong Kai as ‘Dog shit’, while she simultaneously raised her hand as a flying sword immediately appeared, the next moment the flying sword immediately released a sword light as it cut towards the purple woman’s neck.

“Dang” an impact sound resounded inside this crypt, as it instantly reverberated into a louder sound.

This was because of Sikong Kai using his Magic Weapon to block the attack from Jiao Jiao, it was obvious that the purple robed woman’s attraction on him was simply too great.

“Good, Sikong Kai, you unexpectedly dare to lay a hand on this old woman, you, you……” This effeminate woman called Jiao Jiao was really angry, but then she actually turned around and rushed out of the house, and soon disappeared.

Ning Cheng secretly relaxed, he knew that the woman had left this crypt. He only hoped that that woman never comes back during the time that he had to deal with this Sikong Kai.

When this woman left, this Sikong Kai did not care at all, as once again, his eyes fell onto the body of the purple robed woman, while his eyes simultaneously flashed with a joyful and vigorous light. At this moment, in his eyes, there was only the purple robed woman. Ning Cheng patted Meng Jingxiu’s hands, as he hinted her to temporarily not move, while he himself carefully moved towards the entrance of the opposite stone structure.

Since he had to sneak attack, then he had to be closer. He knew that at this moment the only option was for the sneak attack to succeed, if it failed then it was quite possible for the three people here to die.

Sikong Kai stared at the purple robed woman for quite a long while, finally he was unable to dispel the fire in his eyes, as he raised his hands and immediately tore off his clothes. Before when he was doing the deed with the green robed woman, he had not taken off his clothes completely, but at this time he simply could not bear to completely strip himself naked.

Ning Cheng was secretly despising him in his heart, with this kind of innocent look on the face of the purple robed woman, the first feeling that cropped up in his heart was that he could not bear to let her get hurt. Moreover, this Sikong Kai simply did not even attend to the corpse of the green robed woman who he was just enjoying himself with and was just killed a moment ago. What was even more disgusting was that he was still in the mood to go on, this kind of guy was simply the most extreme scum of the society that could ever exist.

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